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  2. Kraken Help Needed

    Also I heard adding baking soda to the super glue gives a stronger bond.
  3. Kraken Help Needed

    I'll try that. Thanks!
  4. Kraken Help Needed

    You could use a tiny dot of green stuff and then some superglue. Most of the times this works for me. You might need to support or hold on to it for at least half a minute or so.. Also scrape off paint where you want to glue. Paint comes off when glued, you need the Bonesium to bond.
  5. Those look great! The Bret archers are old favorites of mine, and you've really made them look nice.
  6. Volkor character S&S

    Amazing! Well done!
  7. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I tried explaining that to my dad, and he just went off about how porn sites are teh devil, and I should do the responsible thing and use newsgroups instead. It was a really tedious conversation. But it explained why my dad always kept a copy of Newsbin Pro installed on every computer he ever owned. It also left me somewhat mentally scarred. But I've seen things involving my parents that no child ever wants to see, at an age when no child should ever see them, because of a whole bunch of unlabeled VHS tapes of home videos and my wanting to find the video of my cousin crying when he opened up his Tonka truck box only to find a 5lb chunk of coal... The PD I worked at has a raised floor under their comm center/front desk, which was where I was at. I would never want to be the person who has to go through there and organize it for that very reason. Heck, for 25 years that comm center was the backup location for the county 911 system, and we had an old, mid-late 80's dispatcher panel setup in there just in case something took the current 911 call center offline. The way you switched from their handling the 911 calls to us handling it was a single, free hanging, poorly wired switch connected to a phone line. I was working when that switch went bad and nearly brought the entire county 911 system down through interference. That was when they decided that, since the county 911 system hadn't gone down in about 10 years thanks to the installation of a bunch of backup equipment at their main location, we were getting rid of our status as backup 911 center. And to make things even more fun, there's a drop ceiling in there too, with just as many wires routed through it...
  8. Kraken Help Needed

    Hey all, I'm looking for advice on gluing the spar that holds the Kraken up. I tried super glue, but when I actually put the Kraken on it, it came loose. More super glue? Hot glue? What has worked for others?
  9. Bones Gryphon - Finished.

    Love it! And a great base to top it off!
  10. The Kraken

    Great Progress!
  11. Volkor character S&S

    Volkor ready, one of the kickstarter characters. Wanted a golden look of the draconic mini, a practic for bigger models, very happy how it turned out, just as planned so to say. Base colors with airbrush.. And that an attempt for glazing. C&C welcome
  12. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    You should have seen the 3" of cabling that was under the raised floor in the server room at my office... Everything from AC to Thick Coax cable, even some optical fibers... Most of it went nowhere, it was just there from earlier installs, and had been left in place because it was too difficult to get it out. I started on it by picking one end of a cable, pulling out and untangling as much as I could easily get, then coiling it tightly and leaving it under the floors. Then picking another cable and doing the same to that... and so on... now and then untangling of one end would free up a portion of another cable I had started on earlier... Oh, and the Thick Coax I used the biggest cutter I could find for... It's easy to remove when there's no piece longer than 2'...
  13. Some advice please

    It's an awesome mini! A- Does the mini just fall over when attached? B - Or are you afraid the parasol will break off? If A - put a weight under the base to keep it from falling over ( something like pennies, fishing lead) If B - you might want to pin.
  14. Today
  15. 77255: Bronzeheart, Minotaur Hero

    He looks great! Unusual colours indeed, but they work! Very cool!
  16. Awesome work on both!
  17. 01568, Lou the Chibi Cthulhu

    Awesome! The eyes are wonderful and I love the green!
  18. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

  19. 77604 Bonesylvanians - Jack

    Great paintjob and an excellent base!!!
  20. Kristof's Cars - finished

    Cool stuff! These make great additions to a gaming table!
  21. Night Goblin Warrior

    To clarify, this is a Night Goblin. Warhammer Lore tells about tribes of Goblins who live in caverns, their shamans eat magic mushrooms to gain magical powers. Sometimes when they eat too much they turn into a magic mushroom themselves. The Nightgoblins keep Squigs as pets/attack creatures ( the one on his belt is either a trophy or a plush squig). They dress predominantly in dark nightshade colours. Yours is perfect! He would fit right into a Night Goblin Army.
  22. Ral Partha Ki-Rin

    Another one! Very good! You guys don't mind me stealing some ideas, right? I want to paint mine soon for the new project. Zenith Miniatures has a slender Ki-Rinn in their Kensei range. Dark Sword also has some Ki-Rinn, two poses. Just so you know...
  23. Happy Birthday Magesmiley !

    Happy Birthday @Magesmiley !!!
  24. Happy Birthday Basilisk !!!

    Happy Birthday @The Basilisk !!! Have a wonderful day!
  25. KDM: Zachary

    Did some more work, still have to detail lantern and do the highlights on the cloth
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