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  2. i've really derailed my own thread haha but this is all really interesting to read
  3. Started sculpting again... kind of.


    So I've been working on a group set of eight minis, and one of them is Statuesque Minatures's Bella the Partisan.


    She's a decent sculpt, finely detailed, no flash, But among the set are some Corvus Belli Infinity female minis... and they kind of show up Bella a lot. Finer details, more dynamic poses, more unified design, less of skimpy crop tops and short shorts... and the thing that bugged me most about Bella, some meat on their bones. Bella is fashion-model thin and rail-lean.


    So, to fix that, I broke out the Procreate, and added some flesh to her hips and thighs. And then I decided I didn't like Bella's head that much, and I'd gotten some of Statuesque's extra heads, so why not swap for this head? And while I'm at it, her arms aren't very dynamically posed, snip snip...


    That leaves me with two sculpted legs and a torso. Honestly I probably would have been better off with a maquette. But seeing this has given me ideas for refining my own maquette proportions, so it's not a total loss...

  4. Oh my gosh, that SHIELD!!! It took me several moments of staring to convince myself that you didn't actually use metallic paint! (...I mean, I don't think you did... ) I think what truly sells it is the fact that the specular reflection (I think that's the right word) isn't straight, so it really does a gorgeous job of convincing the eye that it's a curved shiny metallic surface. Is there a tutorial you followed or some secret technique you can share? :) There are so many other spectacular parts of this figure, but that's what really caught my eye the most. Outstanding, exceptional work! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  5. Shift just ended. Between two seconds at the moment. Tic ... I am writing this message. Tac ... I am falling asleep. Have a wonderful day everyone and ... We can dance ... We can dance ... Good night!
  6. I just remembered a weird sequence of dreams I had when I was ~8 years old. They were awful. I wasn't really present in the dreams, as much as over-head viewing for a documentary. All the unicorns were dying because the ground was lava and volcanos everywhere. Distinctly dead unicorns. >.<
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  8. I like the stones a lot. None are really the same color but they aren't drastically different either. Nice work!
  9. I tend to have my dream, then it repeats. I know how it should go and it's inordinately frustrating how it invariably doesn't.
  10. My kid's first baseball game of the season was tonight. They won 7-0, he scored twice and stayed in as catcher the whole game. I has a proud. Better though, his energy was completely different. He was excited, he was participating, and he was ON. Considering last night he was trying to get me to fight him (for real) over us saying no to bedtime chocolate, I'll take this win.
  11. My wife got me a hot dog duffelTM for my birthday.
  12. I read that Stephen King's plots come from his dreams. Glad I'm not a famous horror writer if that's true. I don't sleep well as it is without that on top of it.
  13. Husband is at school and I don't really know what to do with myself. I've already done some hobby-ing and am currently making dinner. Now to figure out what to do with the last hour and a half before he gets home.
  14. Pen & Paper RPG: Haven't played in quite a while - the most was a 13th Age game. I still want to play Estern, not in the least because of the amount of money I've dropped on it over the years. Video games: I keep coming back to Granblue Fantasy, even though the grind makes me put take a break from it now and again. I completed the first story arc (which I presume the recent anime covers, though I haven't seen it) and moved onto the second arc. I have a whole list of never finished single player games that I should get around to finishing one of these years. Tabletop: I've taught myself a little Infinity but mostly I just paint the minis. There is a game shop that does Infinity every week, but it would be way too long of a round trip on a work night to actually attend.
  15. @Evilhalfling Well, trying to go brighter at the tips, with a little nod to NMM in how you highlight the scales, but that seems pretty ambitious! I wouldn't try to sell it as polished silver since the idea is tarnish. Maybe a dark wash in the body creases (arms/legs where they meet torso) would suggest really heavy tarnish in those areas. One final thought would be a few scrapes that are gleaming bright where rocks gouged off tarnished metal leaving the pure silver exposed? I'm just "stream-of-consciousnessing" here...
  16. I've kind of started on the diorama, I have at least started painting the mini for it. I've yet to finish that PC mini but said player has changed his character so he's not using this mini anymore so I've shelved him for now, probably until like December at this point.
  17. I think these just keep getting better and better!
  18. FROSTGRAVE!!! Well... the gaming is not currently being had, but I have two grad students and my student worker all interested in playing. Out of the four, I think one will actually try to play regularly. Good enough for me! I did not have a warband but I did have a box of old D&D minis (horribly prepainted)... even if I had painted the half of my warband that I started earlier this year... a group of twenty somethings is not the ideal group to use metal minis with. Two of them would not have proper respect. I have enough for all my essential roles and some spares for when things go bad eventually or good and I can improve my troops. Now I have to cobble together some terrain (my cedar rounds of varying sizes is going to be a rather large "druids tower", and I pulled out the sticks I collected for my SoloStove to create some broken down timber walls, and I'm going to be doing something with some cork tiles). MASSIVE DARKNESS!!! My wife and I and another couple she met through acting have played two games of Massive Darkness. We are now trying to decide if we want to limit ourselves to a single character and begin a campaign or to keep trying things. We've had some good luck... but I expect there is a dark day in our future soon and it will be interesting to see how they fare when the Lightbringer goes dark. Until then, I'm having fun and looking forward to painting some of the minis after ReaperCon. Fall seems to be kicking off in a good way for a change. I still miss RPGs, but I'm gaming and can't complain at all!
  19. interesting, no idea what my dreams would have to do with my relatively mild day to day activities though xD i have some real action-adventure plots in my dreams
  20. At work since 05:30pm (17:30), now it's almost 4 am. Working on the PC since then ... only a few short breaks. Lot of stuff to do and still 2 and a half hours left. Sniff. My brains feels like being in an endless loop of playing Safety Dance 8-bit version ... Well then. Let's have another short break and then tackle the last few hours.
  21. I prefer not to color it so I can wait thanks for the info iber
  22. That's an excellent idea. I wonder if I could get the rest of the family into that.
  23. Awesome work, Corporea. I really love it!
  24. INCREDIBLE! I love it!!
  25. Yeah, REM sleep is the least deep of sleep in terms of brainwave patterns, neural activity, and heart rate. A standard human goes through one full REM cycle every 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the person and how many REM cycles have already been experienced that sleep period. You remember your dreams if and only if you wake up while in REM sleep. Otherwise the brain dumps the memory as unimportant. The wave patterns in REM sleep have been associated with complex learning and intricate tasks. It's thought that the brain uses dreams to go over the events of the day, to rearrange memories into proper order, and to cement learned tasks into long term memory. This has led to a lot of comments among researchers that all the rats are dreaming about mazes (rats experience these wave patterns during and after maze runs, especially when put into new mazes).
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