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  2. Talae

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    What an odd email. I expected the same as the pre-shipment email. Thanks!
  3. Doug Sundseth

    An appeal for civilty

    Well said. FWIW, I've been one of those people who have left for a time because the tone had become unpleasant (or perhaps that simply my perception of the tone had changed to where it was unpleasant). Each time this has happened, it's taken me longer for the negative reaction to subside to the point that participation here is fun again. Specifically for me, when you make a post that assumes your audience will share a controversial opinion of yours and use that as the basis of a statement (technically a logical fallacy called "Begging the Question"), you invite two sorts of responses: direct refutation of your underlying assumption (a directly political post) and comments that assume the opposite point of view (politics by implication). Neither the original post nor these kinds of responses make this a more congenial place. These days, rather than responding, I'm trying to simply report the post and move on. FWIW, I seldom go back to check whether something has been done. When the same people are involved repeatedly, I've also started blocking their comments. That said, at some point if such a thread of comments continues after being reported, I will assume that the moderators think my impression was incorrect and that the subject is fair game. At that point, I become much more likely to respond -- or take a break from the forums. I don't particularly want to do either.
  4. For years I used 6000-6500k CFL daylight bulbs. They were quite serviceable. I switched to 5000k LED bulbs three years ago and have been very pleased. The LEDs have good color, less heat and throw plenty of light (with 2 overhead arm lamps and one clip-on lamp that I only use occasionally).
  5. Talae

    Overturn Rising Sands

    I don't get a slimy used car salesmen vibe from those comments. I do get a sense of uninformed novices.
  6. PurpleLlama

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    The shipping email comes from ofweb@williambmeyer.com. I don’t remember if mine came in my spam folder or not, but people in the comments section on KS suggested to keep an eye out there. I think I got my shipping notice 2 or 3 business days after my pre-shipment.
  7. Talae

    Atlantis Miniatures Ogres

    Definitely look intriguing. Will be watching.
  8. Chaoswolf

    An appeal for civilty

    I've noticed a disturbing trend around the forums lately; there seems to be a growing amount of combativeness here. Perhaps 'combativeness' isn't the correct word, maybe saying that there is an underlying tension is more appropriate. In the past several weeks, I have noticed an increased amount of moderator involvement in various threads. Warnings to cease a certain line of conversation are being made (sometimes more than once), posts are being removed, and reminders to be nice to one another are being made with more frequency than I have ever seen since joining the forums 5 years ago. The mods ask us to keep things family friendly/PG rated; I have seen an increasing number of cases where this is pushed to the very limits. People have posted saying that they're 'looking for a fight' (not in those exact words), there have been instances of one poster making an inappropriate/highly snarky reply to another posters' comment, or even making an attack on another poster. These things aren't going to make this a better place; quite the opposite, in fact. It used to be that the mods were mostly invisible; they'd make an appearance to edit someone's post because they posted a commerce link or goofed and posted pics of a nude figure, sometimes they'd prune a whole bunch of off topic or excessively silly posts from a thread. Every once in a while they'd need to step in and remind us all to play nice, but it was quite infrequent. It hasn't been lately. (No, I'm not going to cite specific instances, the point of this is to hopefully make things better, not call people out. If you hang out here with any regularity, you've probably seen some of what I'm referring to.) I've made a fair number of friends in my time here, and I've seen too many of them leave because of the previously mentioned things. ( I asked some of them.) That's sad, not only because they were my friends, but also because they were very talented painters. That's a loss to the community as a whole, IMO. When I migrated here, it was after already having been a member of several other internet painting/modeling forums; this place was DIFFERENT, and I mean that in a good way. Even though there are award winning painters here, everyone was ( and mostly still is) very welcoming and inclusive. There wasn't any 'you're doing it wrong' (not in a negative fashion, anyway), 'that's not good enough', or any of a plethora of other negative comments that I saw posted elsewhere. The people here wanted to help each other get better and find more enjoyment in their hobby. That, at least, hasn't changed. Now, I'm not saying that this place has turned into a wretched hive of scum and villainy; it hasn't, but I see it heading that way, and it scares me. I don't want to see that happen here. I'm guilty of some of the above; for that I apologize. I'm going to do better, and I'd like to ask you to do so, too. ---Keep political/real world highly polarizing issues in BeeKeepers (if you don't know, BeeKeepers is a special area of the forum for discussing sensitive topics. You need to have 100 posts and specifically request access to it. Even then, the basic rules (be respectful of one another) still apply). ---Express your opinion, but don't bludgeon us to death with it. Saying it 67 times isn't going to make me more likely to agree with you. It's ok to disagree with each other, but keep it civil. ---It's hard, because we're all separated by hundreds of miles and all we see is an avatar on the screen, but before you type out your response, stop and ask yourself if you'd say that to the person's face. If you wouldn't, you probably shouldn't type it, either. ---if you're being a smart-alec, purple is your friend, it denotes sarcasm/silliness. The smilies work pretty well for that, too. If you think you've overstepped, apologize. I've sent PM's to several people to do exactly that. Thank you.
  9. Talae

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    No update on shipping since the pre-shipment notice.
  10. Rainbow Sculptor

    AoW - Orc Shaman

    That's actually not true. Even in traditional drawing/painting you will never draw attention by having less saturation or contrast. You can use either technique or both to great effect on your focal point but in order to draw the eye you need something eye catching.
  11. NecroMancer

    Atlantis Miniatures Ogres

    Couple more pics
  12. I really, truly wish that the novels in the John the Balladeer series would show up on Kindle. The short stories are available for free - Baen put them on the CD that was included in When the Tide Rises, along with a lot of other good books. When a fan asked Jim Baen what was to stop him from copying the free CDs that were included in some Baen hardcovers, he replied 'The CDs are advertising. If you copy them and give them to your friends they become free advertising'. And from that point on, Baen made sure that the CDs had that permission printed right on them. The world is lesser without him. *EDIT* If you like the John the Balladeer series, then you might also enjoy Old Nathan - which is also on that CD. The Fifth Imperium maintains an archive of the CDs. *** I have this horrible urge to watch the terrible, terrible movie that was made from the John the Balladeer series - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwS46mr2kHc Have I mentioned that the movie is bad? A lot of the early Honor Harrington books are also on the CDs archived at Fifth Imperium. Not a huge fan of the Honor Harrington series, truth to tell. *EDIT 2* Currently rereading Henry Mayhew's books on Victorian London - great books. The Auld Grump
  13. LordDave

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I have submitted 3 dnd 5e games!! One Thursday late, one Friday Late, and one for kids Saturday morning. All three should be great fun! hope to see some returning players as well as a few new faces.
  14. Before I moved I was working on a RPG campaign concept that I have not been able to get off the ground since I moved so thought I'd kick the idea around here in the off chance it might start a fire with someone else ... So the game starts in an alternate reality with the gaming group stating them selves out as starting players, not 100% accurate but an alternate reality version of himself that fits into a starting player profile for whatever game system you like to use ... Once stated out the players will get together for game night, in the alternate reality version of where your group gets to get her to play ... you get the idea, your playing a alternate reality version of you, but this alternate reality gets interrupted by an mini zombie apocalypse, a freak storm and weird lightning bolts that turn people into zombies ... Being game nerds your group react accordingly and start putting down the zombies and figuring out what's going on ... a great opportunity to have some fun with the local peeps ... the players lern that the trouble is ruminating from a mysterious tower that appeared out of nowhere at a local golf course / sports field / etc large open spot ... the players gear up and do what players do, poke their nose in to fine a much queen rounding up zombie slaves to take back home with her ... Only once the players take the evil much queen out do they discover her life sustained the tower in this plain, at the moment she died the tower and all inside return to her plane of origin ... the fantasy world of ... The players and whatever firepower they have ammased now find themselves in a new world full of new challenges ... filled with your favorite minis of course ... they will have to find and ally with some locals to eat/learn to survive in their strange new world ... As the year rolls round one customer seems to stand out more and more, the clan / tribe / town your players allied with are obsessed with collecting the skulls of their enimie race works/ lizard folk / whatever you have handy ... they must collect s quota for their gods before they return and time is running out ... the players must prove their worth and bag some skulls soon. On the appointed time they come ... your allies see their gods descending in a chariot of fire ... your group see a drop ship with a party of powered armored warriors here to collect a pile of skulls and thank the locals for keeping the hostile race numbers down with a few thank you trinkets. The warriors from space are sure to see you are different and take you with them to the stars ... and so begins the 3rd phasebofbthe game, space, the next frontier... Start with zombie apocalypse, take you time ... Shift to fantasy (magic = psychics) take more time ... Shift to science fiction with alien vertions of the fantasy world ... all agreed to a wager over the planet, most skulls wins or something like that but limited to primitive tech only ... on the planet ... some argue the players are cgeaterd but thay have seen things wail on the planet that exsposes others as cheats ... thing go from bad to worse ... in just the way a GM can get some mileage out of ...
  15. Rahz

    77279: Narthrax WIP

    Very neat!
  16. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Close - Gypsies. The Auld Grump - Megan got back from the baseball... things did not go well for the home team. But at least there were fireworks.
  17. Today
  18. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    June 22: Are there any content creators (videos, blogs, etc) that you follow online?
  19. Sirithiliel

    77279: Narthrax WIP

    he'll ideally be my demo dragon for my class, showing out of the box color design, how to do black, dark shaded limbs, light shaded limbs, horizontal color gradient (Tail tip to tail base) and vertical color gradient (spine to belly), how to do white (tail tip), etc
  20. I just love what you have done with your rhino ... he will defenetly stand out in the crowd , in a very good way ... and probably be coppied in one way or another (to flatter you) .
  21. wickedshifty

    Kev!'s 77162: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant

    She's so hot. Nicely done!
  22. wickedshifty

    Frost Giant Queen

    Thanks everyone!
  23. CorallineAlgae

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I wasn't going to add any of the owls, but that tiny archer might get me. Very nice concept art. Dynamic pose. I just have the crouching female thief, the dwarf ranger, the goblin archer and the kobold fighter at the moment. Can't wait to see the sculpt for this one.
  24. Marvin

    RIP Koko, dead at 46

    Let us take comfort in the knowledge that to be absent from the body is to be present with Harambe. God bless.
  25. CorallineAlgae

    Kev!'s 77344: Ice Troll

    I dunno, this guy looks upset about something.
  26. CorallineAlgae

    Frost Giant Queen

    Beautiful paint job! I like her face, especially the way you painted her nose. Also like the way you brought out all of the different doodads on her belt by painting them as different types of leather.
  27. CorallineAlgae

    Kev!'s 77162: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant

    My favorite giant! Nicely done!
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