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  2. GorkaMorka/ Necromunda/ Ash Wastes

    Octo-Mortar wants a HUG! That is one seriously strange model. Octo-Mortar wants a HUG! That is one seriously strange model.
  3. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    That thing looks like a sci fi writer’s concept art of an interstellar ship. ETA: and apparently I have been ninja’ed by a whole clan of ninjas.
  4. The Rules Of Bad Film

    I've met Stephen King! He was one of the writers that would sneak into Border's and sign books. He's actually a great guy to talk to. I always wanted to see King and Bruce Campbell, together, talking about bad movies. They missed each other by half an hour once. King LOVES bad movies!
  5. Tiik

    Mmrrrrgggglllleee! They remind me of murlocs.
  6. Angry, Cheerful.... Psychotic? A very confusing cleric.

    He looks great. The decidedly manic look in his eyes should help with Intimidation checks ; p ( I would put the last part in purple but, alas, I am on a crappy phone )
  7. My country would be taking over the Black Hills of South Dakota. Importing fun fruits and vegetables would be a must. It would be Lapisland. My flag would be blue, with a rainbow. Under the rainbow would be a crossed hammer and chisel. (All of this subject to me changing my mind later).
  8. Twisted Films

    How about...Italian? We watched Troll Hunter last night. It was like seeing a pickup game of D20 Modern. The trolls smell Christianity. I'm Muslim, does that count? I... have no idea.
  9. Friar Stone

    I really like how this one turned out. I wasn't too stoked on it at first but he really grew on me once I got some paint on him.
  10. Ditto. It is mounted on a new holder too. But other stuff is in his way
  11. We watched a couple of Scandinavian fantasy movies last night. Nothing new, Troll Hunter and Thale. The trolls are, well, mythic style, and can SMELL Christianity. And some are REALLY big. The most enjoyable of the two movies. Might be good for a game.
  12. Sigurd, Mercenaries Sergeant

    Awesome! How is your mission to paint all the things going?
  13. Twisted Films

    "I'm gonna eat your face like a chicken."
  14. My advice is .... don't. I too held back on painting my "really good" figures with the intention of building my skill set before applying my improved skills to the figure. What I learned was that I want to paint a figure I want to paint -- not some old figure that I have lost interest in. And I also learned that getting involved in a figure I want to paint really focuses my mind and stretches my skills. But, if you must, strip and prime the figures first. I don't strip and reuse figures so others here can refer you to threads where stripping is discussed.
  15. The Rules Of Bad Film

    King's been pretty vocal about that one. Y'see his first publisher sorta scroodled him out of some rights in their contract, which is why so many of the stories in the Night Shift collection got turned into cheap movies. But the only one he ever SUED was Lawnmower Man, originally released as Stephen King's Lawnmower Man, because aside from his name and the title, the movie had NOTHING to do with his original story. Regrettably, guys like James "Avatar," "Aliens," "Titanic" Cameron cannot truthfully DENY that he did in fact direct these movies that he directed...
  16. Parway Ambercane Gnome Druid 03226

    Very cool!
  17. Sigurd, Mercenaries Sergeant

    Wish I had the metal version of this one I think. When you look at all the detail that was lost in the bones model...ugh he is a smooshie duckling. Good enough for an NPC though. Also sorry about the camera picks being a bit out of focus. Did them with my phone and I see now that the manual settings I was using were a little off. I was using autofocus but I don't think the camera in my motorola is any better than the camera on my old Samsung Note 3. In some ways I think its inferior.
  18. arctic explorer

    You mean painting up the explorer like this?:
  19. 77209: Arran Rabin

    Very cool! I really like his cloak and the highlights you added to it!
  20. Atypical Hobby Behavior

    Even better than the 2600 was finding out that my cousin in New York paid $50 to get us a copy of Missile Command one year...
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