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  2. I've been called to jury duty lots of times. Back in college the call came like clockwork every July (I got the first summons deferred because of the school year). For a while I just assumed one got summoned every year. Things tapered off for a while after that, but the call still comes sometimes. I was on an actual jury I think five or six years ago and summoned again this past summer.
  3. Hi, I love my work. Can't say that enough I'm working with a commission, that were given by a local company. They are manufacturing cheese...I do hope to get a sample of their products, when this is done- perks of the trade! What they are asking is an old fashioned milk churn, that could be used as a pendant or to store small items in, so it will have to have a working lid. The items are going to be cast in both silver and bronze: 5 silver churns to be given for their employees and x-number to be made to their store. I'm excited, because this is something I'd never even thought of making myself. People are great with their ideas! What I've done so far: I made a rough shape of the churn by using 50/50 mix of both normal super-sculpey and the firm ss. I like the mix, but I have to say that it was kind of an accident find. The normal has always been just a little too soft for my liking and the grey stuff that I have is good for small detail on it's own, but it's way past its life cycle, and just kind of my panic-side took over and mixed stuff together and behold, it works! The shape were done by wrapping the clay around an old micron-pen. What I don't have is an oven to cure the clay, so I cure these by placing the objects into boiling water- it does make the material a bit brittle, so just have to be a little careful when handling these. Next step is to make the small handles and start to refine everything with green stuff. When making casts and especially when I know I'll be making a mold later, it's good to keep the thickness around 1mm to ensure that the objects fill completely- the model will be hollow, so once I get everything sculpt, I need to harden the surface with epoxy and saw it in there's still that moment of horror ahead. Oh, and I'm designing a new model of an eagle. I finished a painting for a client last week and I still have quite fresh image of the whole bird anatomy thing, so going to use it for my advantage. And I still have the line drawing, too Here's the bird painting: See you later, ~Julia
  4. *** WOOF announces a succesful strike!!!*** You're welcome, Hopjes are coffee flavoured candy. Take good care of Ambassador Lupus!
  5. Theme song isn't quite as catchy.
  6. Sometimes we all need a little distraction now and then.
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  8. Looking forward to see them painted. Animals are fun to paint!
  9. Awesome diorama so far! Patience, the water will cure!
  10. I like the new species! Impressive creatures!
  11. Happy Birthday @Generic Fighter!!! Have a wonderful day!
  12. Happy Birthday @Evilbob !!! Have a great day!
  13. Great composition! Cards look better now. Some ideas: Maybe a purse or little bag? How about adding a cat or dog? A piece of cloth. Awesome idea.
  14. Great way to get back into painting! They already look great! As for the Basilisk Claws how about a dark red?
  15. Live

    Posting the relative pictures here if people wish to make multi-part plastic female paladin armies (both sci-fi and fantasy) a reality! Thank you in advance for your support! :)
  16. Well done!
  17. Very good job!
  18. I keep checking in and looking at your projects. It's is a very creative world with the right mix of silliness and horror.
  19. Definitely don't feel bad. I have thought it since I started but I really did not want to sculpt new ones. You saying it just reinforced that I should.
  20. Very good work on the stones!!!
  21. If I have to, I will.. But as for now I'm fully content in not doing business with a company who is solely active on Facebook.
  22. I can move the dream posts to their own thread if you'd like. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  23. I've finished (I think...) the modifications to the figure. I've added the covers and hinge plates over the shoulder, elbow, and forearm using thin sheet plastic embellished with some engraved 'panel' lines, wine bottle foil, thin slices of octagonal rod for bolt heads, and some putty for a glove over the mechanical hand. Priming and painting next. More later.
  24. Someone went all in with pocket aces and lost Looks good. Looks like there's a story behind it.
  25. i've really derailed my own thread haha but this is all really interesting to read
  26. Started sculpting again... kind of.


    So I've been working on a group set of eight minis, and one of them is Statuesque Minatures's Bella the Partisan.


    She's a decent sculpt, finely detailed, no flash, But among the set are some Corvus Belli Infinity female minis... and they kind of show up Bella a lot. Finer details, more dynamic poses, more unified design, less of skimpy crop tops and short shorts... and the thing that bugged me most about Bella, some meat on their bones. Bella is fashion-model thin and rail-lean.


    So, to fix that, I broke out the Procreate, and added some flesh to her hips and thighs. And then I decided I didn't like Bella's head that much, and I'd gotten some of Statuesque's extra heads, so why not swap for this head? And while I'm at it, her arms aren't very dynamically posed, snip snip...


    That leaves me with two sculpted legs and a torso. Honestly I probably would have been better off with a maquette. But seeing this has given me ideas for refining my own maquette proportions, so it's not a total loss...

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