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  2. 1 wk old primer still tacky

    I did not scrub the mini first, I've never done that with Reaper or GW mini's. I'll will do it next time though. Thank you for all the great advice. I'll keep a heat lamp on it tonight. I didn't realize I bought a semi-gloss until I got home. Thought what the heck, I'll try it out.
  3. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    They are endangered. Low in numbers. The only feasible way of saving them is to treat them much the way expensive livestock (such as racehorses) are treated. Hence the studbook. Mostly used by and intended for zoo directors and conservationists.
  4. Hunting Horror

    LAST ONE FOR THE NIGHT I PROMISE. Sorry I had a bunch of stuff I hadn't taken any pics of in ages so I figured I'd dump them all on here. Thanks for any c&c is offered, you guys are great!
  5. Alright go these guys to a serviceable spot for a test game tomorrow. Forgot that there was a third one, I know I had it when priming and pre-shading, probably the hounds of tindalos again. DAMN THOSE CORNERS. Btw does anyone have any suggestions, beyond "just don't touch them," for playing games with half painted minis? I don't want to varnish them and was hoping there was a better way. @Talae I know you play while wip, do you do anything special?
  6. Frostgrave Ghouls (or zombies)

    Like these
  7. Frostgrave conversions and Arabian crewmen

    Good point! I think it is meant to be the edge, fringe of the beard but should have a look.
  8. Nyarlathoptep

    Ok so progress, possibly. Working on the eyes atm, I think I've kinda stalled on the big center one. Not sure if I need a touch of soul in there or if I should do something else first. The bloodshot effects are as good as they're gonna get though, I do not have the brush control neither the brushes to do thinner blood vessels. Hopefully it gets the point across. As for the rest of it, I think I'm pretty much done, I could go and do some further green shading on the shadows but... that way, madness lies. Spent too long on this guy already.
  9. Bones 1 Dugeon Dressing

    Nice terrain, I always like seeing terrain painting. Good detail on both pieces.
  10. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I paint to game. But I'm so green that even the miniatures where I'm trying to go "all out" would still not count as display pieces. I'm getting better at quick, batch painting kind of scenarios. Oh, and I've abandoned the idea to only buy the minis I need for my current DnD campaign and paint them in any logical order. I just finished some Wizkids braziers and a cart yesterday, so now I'm going to paint some elves up as drow.
  11. Today
  12. Finally got to The Black Panther. Visuals are /jawdropping/. I mean, they went for it with both hands, and then borrowed some hands when those weren't enough. And I'mma have half the background music stuck in my head for days; all the drums! Whee! But that giant fragging' plot hole is still leaving me scratching my head going 'WTF, man' ...
  13. 1 wk old primer still tacky

    I read on The Miniatures Page how a Rustoleum Satin resulted in a tacky miniature. Dunno if it's relevant, though. http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=474210
  14. Hasslefree Miniatures - Village Kiddies

    Very cute! You painted them up nicely. I have painted the Hasslefree Jedi children so I know how tiny they are.
  15. 1 wk old primer still tacky

    Did you scrub the minis with detergent before priming? Sometimes the mold release agents can cause this sort of reaction. Personally, I've never had a problem with Krylon Primers. But I do always use the flat primers, the sandable primer for preference, with light multiple coats shot from several different angles to get into the nooks and crannies, with a short drying time [3 - 5 minutes between coats]. I try for a thin even coat and then check that I have gotten all the mold lines/imperfections detailed before going any further. You might want to try a heat lamp cure before stripping and starting over. Nothing fancy, just an incandescent light as heat source and some sort of containment to keep the heat from disipating too fast. Too much humidity or too low a temperature when the primer is applied can affect how long it takes and just how the paint will set up. Good Luck and keep us posted on your progress/frustration/ what you find out. GEM BTW Welcome to the Forums. we're not all crazy but most of us are willing and even eager to try to help out.
  16. Awesome LED lamp by Adam Savage

    It seems to me that he could have used more armature wire. Maybe a single strand for the full length with a double up for about 2/3 the length. It just seems like there's a lot of extra wobble that even he was a tad annoyed by. But it is super cool, and really tempting to do.
  17. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Today started as a fairly normal trip to see the Kids and Grandkids. All went well till we got to Tehachipi and then the whole trip went wahoonie shaped. Somebody rolled a big rig and managed to close both westbound lanes of a mountain highway, with concrete K-Rail median and it took several hours to get enough heavy lift equipment up from Bakersfield so the mess could be cleared up. We ended up with a near 4 hour delay to our travels and almost a hundred miles of backtrack and detour to get around th wreck and through the mountains to I-5/SH99. I waited till the last possible minute to call an audible/change of route, so we ended up going straight to the twins [youngest two of three grandkidlets] school fr their school play instead of our normal go to their house and have a few hours to rest and visit. This years play was Peter Pan Jr., which turned out to be a mash-up of the Peter Pan story, stripped down for gramar school production with Hooks Pirates doing the Yo-Ho Song from Pirates of the Carribean and some other PotC schtick. Was a fun production, particularly when the two Tinker Bells [one for each of the two acts, they doubled most of the parts due to huge interest in the school play {thank to Mrs. Letty the Director and Project Leader} each year] got out the Magic Fairy Dust, which was a sizeable container of GLITTER that was liberally applied to the cast, and to the people in the first row [guess where we were sitting 8^), fortunately at the very edge if the effctive blast radius]. Grandson, who played John in the first act got a heavy dose, it will be a week or more before all the "glitter dandruff" is out of his hair, and younger grandaughter will have a sparkly face for a while as she was one of Tinker Bells fairy entourage. A good time was had by all, I'm beat from 12+ hoours behind the wheel and then The Show, with Ice /cream afters. The kidlets were, naturally, too wound up to go to bed at anything even remotely like their normal time but it is now just short of 11:00PM and things are finally getting quiet.
  18. First time forum user... I primed a couple dozen minis last weekend and it's been seven days. Every mini is still tacky to the touch. Any ideas as to why? I used Krylon Color Master semi gloss primer. The minis are from the Dungeon Furniture Pack - Dungeon Saga, Zombicide 3D Doors, and some Space Hulk minis. I'm thinking I'll have to clean them all and prime them a second time (with a different primer). I'll probable try to paint one and see how that works, it'll be frustrating to have to clean them all.
  19. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    It's a southern thing, to my understanding, and I personally love it. But I'm also a fan of coleslaw on BBQ sandwiches, chili-slaw hot dogs, pickled eggs, pickled sausages, and pickles in general. Also, Chik-Fil-A is best when you cover it in their Polynesian sauce, and you eat the fries with the Polynesian sauce as well. In fact, the Polynesian sauce and the waffle fries are really what make it a place worth going to. Well, that and their milkshakes are pretty good too. Busy night at work tonight. But now it's over and I start a 3-day weekend. I think tomorrow I'm going to try and hang out with a friend for a little bit and show her some stretches to relieve/prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. She's been doing a lot of artwork recently, and she started complaining that her wrist was cramping up and her thumb was going numb. I learned these stretches years ago when my excessive computer use started giving me signs of CTS, and putting them into practice regularly eliminated that issue entirely.
  20. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Got my Dragon King, Gorm, and Flower Knight today. They will have to wait on further invoicing and assembly until later. Still unpacking.
  21. Human Rangers

    This is an interesting pair. One is fairly typical for a Ranger charater, the other, a bit more imaginative than usual.
  22. Bones Fire Elemental

    I attempted to make this guy stand out a bit more than the translucent orange it was cast in allowed. I was...somewhat successful.
  23. Bones 1 Dugeon Dressing

    Nothing terribly special. Just got a little tired of painting humanoids, so I dug these out of my box of Bones minis from the 1st Kickstarter.
  24. More Dwarves

    Thanks! Those spell effects are kind of growing on me. It's nice to have spellcasting characters that are actually doing something instead of gesturing awkwardly at nothing! Thanks! Thanks! The Nolzurs (and Deep Cuts) lines are swiftly becoming my favorite range of minis. Especially for characters. Though their monsters are pretty great as well. Thank you! Yeah, it's a pretty decent little battle force, isn't it? Kinda makes me wish Chainmail were still a thing so I could put 'em to good use!
  25. Mother Nature Bust

    First and foremost whoooooooo foxes! Secondly, that is a gorgeous bust! As for the cats... I'm neutral on it and so will second what DragonWyrm has said about such, in that it kind of feels like it takes... something away from the impact that the trash pile conjures up.
  26. Bloodbite Goblin Painting Guide

    They do make them in various sizes! There's a quarter lb (so just slightly more than you'd get buying 90g of ProCreate, the 36" strip of greenstuff (or the much preferred tube form), or just over half of the 200g Magic Sculpt sets that come in metallic tins), 1lb (which is usually fairly cheap, even here in Canada, and is typically sold as a much better deal overall than the 1/4lb sampler), 4lb, and probably even larger... As a note, it also depends on how many bases you want to make. I got my 200g of Magic Sculpt a week ago, and I've already burnt through half of it just making bases for various armies (2x 60mm, 3x 40mm, and apparently 43x 25mm bases).
  27. Excellent work here, will follow with much interest!
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