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  2. 89029 - Hellknight, Order o/t Scourge

    That's a fantastic paint job!
  3. 77609 Bonesylvanian Lou

    Good job!
  4. Critter Kingdom figures

    Very nice work!
  5. Happy Birthday Aryanun !!!

    Happy Birthday! Are you officially old yet? The Auld Grump <- officially old since he was sixteen.
  6. I liked Van Helsing, too. And for the same reasons. The remake of Wicker Man... is an example of the new people just plain not getting what they are working on. Missing the danged point. Speaking of remakes, I am hearing and reading rumors that Universal's Dark Universe of remakes has already been killed by the first release - The Mummy... which had none of the charm of either the original or the Brandon Frazer remake... or of even the Hammer spins.... The remake of The Bride of Frankenstein has been sent into Limbo. The Auld Grump
  7. Goblin Archer

    Second one today I was in the mood...
  8. Low Troll & Fire Elemental

    A couple more finished!
  9. Happy Birthday Aryanun !!!

    May the Anniversary of Your Natal Day bring joy and happiness. Also many good things to eat and share with friends, and lots of presents. GEM
  10. Malcom Young (ACDC) RIP

    So young. :(
  11. Feya looks great. I like the colors you used. The 2nd figure is a KS3 arcane duelist. I love what you did with his cloak.
  12. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Lemon cake for the coffee gods... good choice. Need to figure out dinner... Thinking pasta. Need to go get some bread. Green, red, or white sauce?
  13. Malcom Young (ACDC) RIP

    I never got to see AC/DC play live. RIP
  14. 77211: Gauntfield

    Wanted to paint up some halloween themed minis in October so I painted up Gauntfield. He's on a base from Secret Weapon. He was a lot of fun, thanks for reading!
  15. Painted up Feiya for my tempest cleric and painted up this other miniature that I don't know the name or number of (unreleased as of now I think) for my husband's rogue. I tried to paint his poncho sort of like schemes from Clint Eastwood's characters in the Sergio Leone movies. Feiya's base is milliput using a Green Stuff world roller (aztec) and the guy's base is one of the (again, Aztec series) Dragon Forge pre-made bases. Thanks for reading
  16. Today
  17. Demogorgon From Fractured Dimensions, My after ReaperCon project

    You're speaking monochromatic? That's a new trick to me. Must be Aameul doing the talking, he's the smarter of you two.
  18. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4942588/malcolm-young-dead-acdc-dementia/ As a fan of heavy metal/rock music, this one hurts a bit. Thou Malcolm had suffered from dementia the last few years (my grandmother suffered from that before she died), almost a blessing in disguise. RIP Mr Young, your music will live on forever.
  19. Ottlites. After using one, you'll see the blue and yellow flavors of other lighting systems. I generally dislike most LEDs, as they tend to be blue-white and really cold.
  20. We are speaking monochromatic worm......
  21. For Science! Green Stuff Working!

    Thanks! The base will be treated as part of the WiP, and stages done bit by bit....
  22. Ask Froggy Anything

    Would the response to that request be something along the lines of Eeep ohp ork ah ah?
  23. For Science! Green Stuff Working!

    I really like the concept. Can you show us what the base looks like after all of the blending has been completed? And, perhaps. after a base coat has been laid over the entire base? I'd really like to see a "final product" before the landscaping is underway. Really nice post.
  24. New England Paint Day

    I too was at work.... Hope yall had fun!
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