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  2. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Here's a WIP of my entry. Hopefully I'll have access to a better camera when the time comes to show the finished product...
  3. More cards for my Bigger Blacker Box! The period pack came with a pad and a chocolate. The weed pack came with an extremely nontypical black card and some.... paper. Thin paper. The cards are excellent.
  4. Acrylic Color Change When Dry

    I'm no expert but I actually noticed this when I tried to use acrylic to paint canvass shoes. I can't find the right remedy to lighten the color again except for overcoating it with a lighter shade.
  5. It is not Benzene, but benzine. Benzine does not contain much benzene. It smells really bad and maybe not good for health too, though.
  6. Dirty Rats!

    Awesome work!
  7. Eyebeast / Beholder SKU 77023

    Gnarly! I like your rendition. I'd hate to run into him in a dungeon... but would love the treasure
  8. Caught up! I'm overwhelmed by all the wonderful things you've accomplished since my last visit and don't even know where to start. The mushrooms, the trees, the Monk, the Blight, the Witch's Hunters... I'm sure I've forgotten any number of things I wanted to mention. Your work is a real inspiration to me. Several times over the last few months I've thought about your incredible work and found the motivation to get more of my own work done. What always astounds me with your work is the depth of character and story in each piece. You don't just have a horde of goons, you have a collection of individuals with a range of attitudes and quirks that work together and enrich each other. You don't just have a bit of city, you have interconnected yet vastly different buildings that combine to tell a fascinating story. I admire and greatly appreciate your work, my friend! And I can't thank you enough for sharing all this beauty and wonder and charm (and creepiness) with us.
  9. Shambling Mound

    The details got picked up a lot with the wash! I like it! I'd do additional washes, but place them more carefully. The first got your detail. If you apply more in the broader creases, you can simulate shadows from stuff like the vine-arms and under the yellow fungus stuff. Do you like what the wash did?
  10. 77421 Monk

    He looks great! I would suggest bringing the robe highlights up a notch. Blend base + white or tan and glaze at the peaks (different for respective regions). I'd also suggest a brown shading bit in the creases of his muscles. It will make the muscles pop really nicely. The multicolor robes are splendid, the gray underlayer rocks, and I really like the white trim on the belt. The black dashes between color sections is also a really good idea. Certainly a figure to be proud of!
  11. Today
  12. No current murders, although a friend did recently uncover some disturbing family secrets. Surreal times. We are holidaying tomorrow. Cheers!
  13. Happy Birthday Cassu !!!

    Happy birthday!
  14. Sweet/candy exchange

    This was another hint. I had previously listed Beagles box weight as 7lbs and 7ish ozs. Which is 3.37kg. Given the diffference in units, I had a feeling you wouldn’t have caught the different weight. Your box was 2.4kg. Sorry you had a bad week, glad it relented before your birthday. My current favorite breakfast is Chocolate Lucky charms, but I do also like just regular Lucky charms. The smog balls are supposed to be intolerably sour. So caution is advised. They are made by the same company that makes the super sour candy “toxic waste”. Aldo which of the Starbucks hot chocolates did you try, you got one package each of two unusual flavors: Marshmellow and Cinnamon Dolce.
  15. 77421 Monk

    I think this monk's done! Unless anyone has any last minute critiques for me.
  16. Happy Imperialism Day Beagle

    Happy birthday!
  17. Happy Birthday Doug Sundseth !!!

    Happy birthday!
  18. ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    Managed to grab a little more time to rough out the general shapes:
  19. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Hope everyone had a decent Thanksgiving. Or at least didn't murder anyone. You never know with family gatherings. Ours went pretty well. A good time was had by all.
  20. I'm going back and forth between a dark sword rogue and one of the figures from the learn to paint kit. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get done this weekend since I'm headed to family's tomorrow and work on Saturday, but I hope to finish at least those two this weekend :)
  21. Can I keep this from breaking?

    I attach tiny metal spring clamps, the ones shaped like capital “A”s with rubber tips, to the ends of wire before I cut it. They hold it, weight it down, and keep shrapnel from flying.
  22. Dirty Rats!

    Well, thanks all! It's good to see that I can still paint after not doing much for a few years (not to mention my eyesight slowly getting a little wonky up close - time for reading glasses, I think). Forgot to mention, this is the dreaded Warpington Ratskins team who have been skittering around the pitch since 2nd edition - mostly in an unpainted state. The Boy is interested in playing the latest edition, so I'm finally getting the rats and another team painted as soon as I'm able. Edit: Hey, 300 posts - only took me 11 years, too!
  23. 77492 Behir

    It's not retail release yet. I got mine in the Bones 3 KS rewards.
  24. Darklands Savage Hordes

    Well if you hated the old werewulf unit you won't anymore. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mierceminiatures/darklands-savage-hordes/posts/2053136
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