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  2. I don't have Nethyrmaul to compare, just Kally and the zombie dragon. The ZD is very distinctly zombie at least. Could probably also be used as a smaller dracolich, but c'mon, if you're a dragon and intend to become a lich... gotta get bigger first. Can't become a dracolich when a human is still a choking hazard!
  3. I believe they go on the back of the boat all around the edges I'm working on figuring out the anchor now Got it! Not perfectly mounted, but you get the idea:
  4. Sirithiliel

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    we can agree to disagree the only flesh she has is in her neck and ribs, and tattered wing membranes. And i have always viewed the body filling as just not wanting to make it hollow, otherwise i'd think there'd be flesh on the legs, on the vertebrae themselves, or anywhere else on the body other than inside the ribcage but it can be either, and we all have our preferences regardless, the new zombie dragon blows both kally and nethyrmaul out of the water
  5. I disagree. Kally has a lot of flesh still left on her. She's more of a longer-decayed zombie dragon to me. I'll be using her as a dracolich personally.
  6. Sanael

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    I don't watch often, but rugby is definitely my "move a ball down a pitch" game of choice. For a wide variety of reasons, I don't have any desire to play such games. I do love Ultimate Frisbee, but have not played in some time. I also enjoy watching tennis. I liked playing, too, but my knees do not. My primary physical activity now is walking, and sometimes I ride my bike to work.
  7. Spent this evening glueing my fingers together partially assembling the Stygian Barge. Two things are giving me trouble On one of the sprues has a looped bit of rope, that I think is supposed to be fouled around the anchor. Somehow? Maybe? I can't get it to attach right. There are two sprues of flat bits? Not seeing anything like them in the models or pics online, so have no idea what they are, or if I should worry that I'm missing a bit?
  8. I really like Rangers of Shadowdeep so I'm going to try and do AARs for the campaign we are running right now. Trying to get better about taking pictures but that's still a work in progress. We started tonight and I took a few pics and kept some rough notes to help me make a better write up. This is a longer mission which can be up to 9 scenarios (battles) long. Lighting in my basement is lousy for photos but I'll see what I can do. Another ranger traveled near the convent of St Emillia and noticed that it appeared to have been sacked. This convent was famous for it's healing arts and a magic item, the decanter of St. Emilia. Our superiors have decided to send our group to recover the decanter if possible as it would be a valuable asset in the war we are losing. After a weeks travel through enemy occupied territory we arrive at the gates of the convent. A quick scout reveals that we can enter through three different points, the main gatehouse, a hole into the courtyard or through the ruined walls of the chapel. My partner rangers elected to try the gatehouse as their strategy generally runs to "hey diddle, diddle straight up the middle". The approach to the gates. L-R Seb, Merengorath, Nameless, Ardella, Rognvald, Harry, Nicolan, Danny and Jeff. As we enter the gatehouse Merengoth and his bloodhound (who for some reason looks like a massive warhound ) make a tracking roll and hear an ogre in the far corner of the room to the right. A ghoul is also spotted nearby to our left. The starting setup before the ogre's and ghoul's position were determined. The ghoul is spotted. More to come...
  9. Sirithiliel

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    i dunno if that' sa fair comparison though, Kally is a skeleton. It'd be fairer to judge her next to the new skeletal dragon =P but on terms of zombie dragons, i think the new zombie dragon beats out Nethyrmaul in terms of detail for sure
  10. I just primed mine a few hours ago, next to Kaladrax. It is really amazing how much detail got into the zombie dragon, which is missing on Kally. Kally is great but... wow if she'd been made now? The zombie dragon's quality knocks Kally on her tail. Kally will still look great due to size. The zombie dragon will look much more small-scary, due to the detailing.
  11. Sirithiliel

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    ah man this zombie dragon is a great sculpt i think i want to take this one to ReaperCon
  12. The XL is just slightly too large to hold with my index finger but I can use my middle finger just fine. I'd test it out with painting but, alas, everything is packed.
  13. Out of everything I didn't get, that snek is the one thing I really regret. I went back and forth so many times, but settled on "we've got SO MANY big minis now, and how likely is that to see play at the game table?" I shall wait patiently for retail. :) Hopefully that one won't be too difficult to package and will therefore come out soon-ish, it's pretty much just one solid piece. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  14. Sirithiliel

    Zombie Dragon (Bones 4)

    Alright here is the progress so far with it basecoated The frostbitten flesh is 09443 Warrior Flesh, with shadows of 09679 Drow nipple pink and slight touches of 09460 gnoll pelt for the green the underlying muscle is 09602 and will have darker shadows of 09022 nightshade purple eventually bones are 09143 yellowed bones, and the scales are 09683 morning after blues and 09708 surf aqua
  15. Othikent

    GW Dreadblade Harrows

    Nice job! Simple and effective.
  16. Various Mounts: Rhino, Ostrich, etc. Spells: Fireball, Water Wall (DnD spells) Convert the Metal Shark Characters to Bones (please).
  17. Zink

    77464: Werewolf

    Painted this guy for a game this week.
  18. Zink

    77446 Werebear

    I needed a couple werewolves for a game this week but only had one so I decided to paint and use this guy. Then at the last minute I found another wolflike model and used it instead. Still like this mini and how he turned out.
  19. Zink

    75505: Dragon plant

    Using this as a dark root plant for Rangers of Shadowdeep. In Shadowdeep the main plant is immobile but they have tendrils which can move around and attack the heroes. So here she is with the tendrils I made out of apoxie sculpt.
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  21. Zink

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Football Canadian style although I don't watch often anymore.
  22. Cyradis

    Airbrush protection discussion

    I'll have you know that one of those bottles was for non-boozy ginger ale! I took the mask for a spin. It mostly seals. I had some small paint-spots by my eyes and the tip of my nose, but after blasting for at least two hours, none of my snot is colored. Sir Cyr smelled the primer, but I got no whiffs. So... mostly successful. Sir Cyr now says that I should get goggles. **cries** Why must this take so darn much equipment?!
  23. @Ratmaster2000 Thanks! I'll give it a shot when I next mess with her
  24. TGP

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Dermatologist ?
  25. Unruly

    Kings of War

    Yea, I've been waiting for these to be released. The whole set is pretty awesome. Too bad that I don't have any money now that they're hitting the shelves next month. In Warcraft 2, the game that introduced the goblins, the goblin units were the Zeppelin and the Sapper with their building being the Goblin Alchemist. In Warcraft 3 they got the Shredder, which was a wood harvesting mech. They were basically the Horde version of Gnomes, just a lot more reckless and haphazard. World of Warcraft made then even more so, but since Warcraft 3 they've been a neutral party in the war that sells to both rather than taking one side.
  26. So many things I wish I had gotten duplicates of as I sort through the box... (And yes, the scale reference was intentional )
  27. Got the 3E version of this which I think was Wolfgang’s second ever patron-funded campaign (manually run on LiveJournal), so I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with a 5E version.
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