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  2. Sadly, I'll probably be the most identifiable of the players.
  3. Excellent news!!! (Happy dance)
  4. - Tolkien's works - Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher - Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher - Harry Potter series - The Elenium and Tamuli series by David Eddings - The Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn
  5. I'm a pretty good shot actually. And why they're here I can't tell. Anyway, when is the BBQ? That's it for is done.. No kittens or puppies were hurt in the process! Going home for dinner!
  6. 'Tis the plan, and repeats what I managed to do last year. Can't remember how many individuals I had last time. Aha! Found my notes. Those say I had 38 people on the cards last time. So we have the same number now as last year, and still have four days until I have the thread locked.
  7. To teach you guys how to shoot...
  8. I resent that! We are perfectly willing to attend a BBQ!!!!
  9. It's the difference between wholesale and retail.
  10. You go Mr Boot Chair Force motto: 3 hot meals a day, inside 2 hot showers A bunk with clean sheets No weekends Or it's someone else's war...
  11. Actually...we have Army too on my base because of reasons..
  12. Pre-launch

    yes 9/29
  13. Sorry! I changed the folder structure on my webhost to have images a little more organized and had forgotten to update the links in the original post. You should be able to see them now :)
  14. scifi: either William Gibson, The Peripheral, or Iain M Banks, The Player of Games fantasy: not really much of a reader of fantasy. hobbit? definitely not lord of the rings. nonfiction: guns germs and steel? Not really my favorite, but the only one I can remember the title of at the moment.
  15. You're just grumpy that soldiers have to do maintenance in the mud while airmen mostly get hangars. And hot food. And barracks rather than tents.
  16. Pre-launch

    I think the 29th.
  17. The following new release items have a hard release date of Monday October 2, 2017. Reaper Package Assortments 97402___ Bones 3 Monthly Assortment Package - October 2017 Box $135.40 Please see attached for more information on the Bones 3 Monthly Assortment Package Reaper Master Series Paints 09970___ Reaper Master Series Starter Set $34.99 Contains 13 Master Series Paints featuring essential colors for miniature painting: 9402 Heraldic Red, 29809 Pale Saffron, 29811 Turf Green, 9418 Oceanic Blue, 29819 Twilight Purple, 9028 Muddy Brown, 9044 Tanned Skin, 9039 Pure White, 9089 Cloudy Grey, 29843 Solid Black, 9435 Skeleton Bone, 9450 Dragon Gold, 9452 Blade Steel This Master Series Paint Set comes in a black hard plastic carrying case and is an excellent way to introduce new customers into the hobby of miniature painting, or for veteran painters who need a quick way to restock on their favorite colors. Reaper Bones Plastic Fantasy Miniatures 77440___ Masumi, Demon Hunter $2.99 77441___ Ostarzha, Elf Cleric $2.49 77444___ Goblin Warriors (6) $4.99 77445___ Goblin Skirmishers (6) $4.99 77446___ Werebear $3.99 77447___ Werecrocodile $3.99 77542___ Marthrangul, Dragon $29.99 77595___ Bonesylvanians -Tish $2.79 77596___ Bonesylvanians - Sandy $2.79 77597___ Bonesylvanians - Tut $2.79 77598___ Bonesylvanians - Van $2.79 77599___ Bonesylvanians - Cal $2.79 77600___ Bonesylvanians - Max $2.79 77601___ Bonesylvanians - Gus $2.79 77602___ Bonesylvanians - Morty $2.79 77603___ Bonesylvanians - Bart $2.79 77604___ Bonesylvanians - Jack $2.79 77605___ Bonesylvanians - Mel $2.79 77606___ Bonesylvanians - Gil $2.79 77607___ Bonesylvanians - Patch $2.79 77608___ Bonesylvanians - Jaques $2.79 77609___ Bonesylvanians - Lou $3.29 77610___ Bonesylvanians - Esme $2.79 77611___ Bonesylvanians - Lon $2.79 77612___ Bonesylvanians - Drak $2.79
  18. MrBoot was notified yesterday that his work contract has been renewed through March 2019!! The relief this brings, especially when it's been a year and a half coming, is very very sweet. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  19. Has this been sent out yet?? We gotta get this box moving. It’s been with you a long time, bro.
  20. You only get to kick air force pukes...
  21. Yes. When we first brought him in, he seemed fine. Hissed at the other cats, attacked my foot a bit when I tried to step over him, but he didn't seem too upset. I defer to Hubby in matters of animals, because he's had so much more experience with them than I. He's never had an issue like this with cats, and I didn't know that they need to be kept separate for a while. But Sir Growlsalot is slowly getting more comfortable. Kitty treats help.
  22. I'll join to! Klarg1 / Avatar / The whole con
  23. Rob Dean box received from Nomad Zeke on Monday, 9/26
  24. Games? I mostly play D&D 5E. I DM a group whose campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms. Currently, they consist of: A crippled tiefling warlock that pretends to be a crossbowman A deep gnome cleric whose god is Callahan Smoothhands but is somehow of the life domain (I didn't catch this error because I thought his god was made up due to the name) A lightfoot halfling bard who once drank a potion that now makes him randomly teleport to different locations A half-elf rogue whose player is convinced the party needs to kill the tiefling A Firbolg Paladin who convinced me to let him use wisdom instead of charisma, due to his oath being to the gods of nature and whatnot. Sometimes, I wonder if my players go out of their way to make my life more difficult. I play a rock gnome clockwork wizard who is obsessed with learning and dissecting things in another campaign... Additionally, I've been playing Pokemon Silver on my 3DS (thank you for that one, Nintendo!) and have the 3rd gym badge. Additionally, I've played around a 100 songs from Project Diva X (trying to make my way through that gigantic catalogue). I've also got Final Fantasy XIV in the wings, for when I motivate myself to get back to my Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon Thaumaturge. Wow. I am so ADD. My boyfriend also sometimes wins out to get me to play one of his many board games. I'm not going to attempt to list those. My number 1 recommendation is always, ALWAYS the book "The Mists of Avalon". Sci-fi, I recommend either "The Time Machine" or "Brave New World". If you ask me for a non-fiction, I'll probably point you to one of many "in a Nutshell" computer sciences books.
  25. hmm. that makes sense, Brad.I like the idea. but what color? the color wheel gives me a violet to create a triad with the green and orangey red. I can give that a go, and if I need to I can just paint it over with a pale brown. or, I can go with a yellow-orange belly and skew the red toward violet. I think I like that better. I'll give it a go, and the red-violet will go on the claws, too. Three hours to lunchtime!
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  27. Assuming this was an adult person. Fantasy: The Night Circus Sci-fi: Arthur C Clark, Andrea Norton, or Issac Azimov. Non-fiction: well, I really enjoy A History of Western Philosophy. So if it was just for some interesting and entertaining reading, that. Whatshisface has a really enjoyable writing style.
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