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    • Hey!   Andy, it sure does save a LOT of batteries- it does help if you clean the tip with a brass brush once in a while, the wax tends to build up and burn, making the burner less effective. The wood burner sounds interesting, just thinking that will it be too hot for wax? If there's smoke, it means that the wax is burning and that changes the wax structure somehow. What I've gathered from the casts gone bad, it may be a reason for porous bits along the sprue channels. I've had it happen to me once, but there are so many things that can go wrong, that it's difficult to say what caused it.   Wang, wow..googled the wax pen, never realized it shares a name with a vaporizer. Oops, heh. What I used before was a Matt speedy wax pen, it's great when fixing and melting small bits of wax, but when it comes to building a tree, it takes ages to get everything attached. So, $29 is just about the right amount, plus taxes and shipping. DIY is the best    Mori, it's nice to meet you too! Did you happen to finish the elf yet? Eagerly waiting to see it painted!   Strawhat, thank you!    I kind of locked myself into the workshop for couple of days; had a maddening phase of procrastination. It's driving me insane to get stuck on everything I try to accomplish; my head is as useless as trying to catch farts  So at the moment, it's pretty much a big no-no to read the forums before I get to work. Oh well, this usually doesn't last more than a week (hopefully): can't wait to be able to function again! But thanks to the lockup, I did manage to make a new model of a raven. The model has a bird on both sides and I'm thinking that I'll make yet another spoon collection...or a really fancy fork... or a hair pin? Well, something usable anyway. I'm going to try the medallion idea next, just to see what it looks like after it's cast.      
    • Sat down to paint on a little mushroom guy. Started it yesterday, and whipped out the green paint to start the base...   ... and I now have dried brown paint on my fingernails. There is no brown paint open. Just one of those things at ReapeCon I guess.   /No, no one painted them. It’s an honest mystery.
    • Thinking about my advertising golem idea in my last post, I really enjoy the thought that this iron golem comes into town, all polished up like chrome (or maybe all painted up like a NASCAR uniform), with Dick Clark's voice proclaiming the travelling Brelanian Bandstand show will be in town in two week's time, then Don Cherry's voice announcing the upcoming Blitzball exposition match in nearby Macalania...all the children flock around it, it's big enough they can even climb on it a bit.   So then I thought farther about how this would work in the real world. Like freight trains, these golems move through a town, stop long enough to do their job, then leave. And every town has hooligans. And in a magic-prevalent world, every hooligan has Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments! So now I need to get the bones Iron Golem, put an LED ticker-tape sign across its shoulders and a bullhorn over its face, and then put graffiti tags all over it.   And more adventure hooks: Obviously, berserk robot. Boring trope, but useful adventure. More difficult because the advert company will sue if you destroy the thing. No kittens in trees here, but the party needs to rescue a child that climbed too high, got frightened, and is now three miles outside town and headed toward the Haunted Woods on the shoulder of an implacable, uncaring metal hulk. Golem got tripped up by a confused assassin vine in the woods, is now lying at the bottom of a ravine, covered in frustrated murder-plants. The advert company will pay good money for the party that finds and either retrieves or repairs the golem (the company can provide its route, and knows it was last seen in Thusandsuch Village, but doesn't know the actual situation). A few golems have gone missing, the advert company wants them found. Somewhere along the route, a group of salvagers has managed to find a way to disable the golems. They won't stop, so the party has to bring them to justice...possibly this just means kill them, but this is a more difficult (and I think interesting) adventure if it's made clear that illicit salvage and vandalism are crimes, but aren't punishable by death, so the salvagers need to be apprehended and transported alive to town if the party wants a reward and not a hanging.
    • I couldn't find it in a quick check of my dice storage, but my spawn have been known to play with my dice.  It could be anywhere.    Mine was more purple, and smoother faces, but that looks about right.  thanks !