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Waterdeep --- A Notebook

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Posted 03 August 2007 - 04:24 PM

Hiya all:

Lorderl will be the man of the hour <if he still wishes>

The Stage is yours and thnks for the assistence my friend....
"Station is the paradox of the world of my people, the limitations of power within the hunger for power. It is gained through treachery and invites treachery agaist those who gain it." Drizzt Do'Urden [R.A Salvatore - Homeland]

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Posted 03 August 2007 - 08:01 PM

GM : Rylek

Vinny: Vargos Derylian (Human, Paladin of Helm)
Unglef: Darius Gamor (Human, Ranger of Silvanus: Animal Companion: Horse (Gordon))
Spike: Kurith (Half-Orc, Barbarian3/Ftr1)
Styates: Eligos Cain (Tiefling, Sorcerer of Thay)
Qwyksilver: Rothgar Darkdelver (Dwarf of Clan Stoneshaft, Scout3/Fighter1)
Shakandara: Tempest

Rocky: Dagan MuHillin (Human, Ranger of Mielikki: Dalelands: Animal Companion: Pug Dog (Ogre))
Ashkyrpt's Crew: Rein (Human, Monk)
Dharman07: Toldin Ironheel (Dwarf, Cleric of Moradin)

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Attack, Skill and Saves posting form
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Save: XX (Roll: X, +mod)

Invisible Castle Online Dice Roller

Spike's Map page for latest Combat Map

My Download Page for other useful game downloads

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You'll never truly appreciate the SWEET until you've tasted the BITTER

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Waterdeep Notebook Thread

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Posted 03 August 2007 - 08:04 PM

Source Book = Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting by Wizards of the Coast

Waterdeep Background Part I

Population: 1,347,840 (64% Humans, 10% Dwarves, 10% Elves, 5% Halflings, 5% Half-Elves, 3% Gnomes, 2% Half-Orcs)
Government: Oligarchy
Religions: All
Alignment: All

"Waterdeep is a major cosmopolitan power of Faerun. It benefits from an excellent harbor, wise rule, a tolerant spirit, and a powerful magical tradition that generally produces more good wizards than evil wizards." pp.178 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

Major Organizations:
City Watch - functioning police force
City Guard - professional soldiers that defend the city, protect the gate, and guard important citizens
Guilds - organizations
Lords Alliance - oversee themselves as well as the merchants
Lords of Waterdeep - 16 member council (anonymous) - who are the main ruling body of Waterdeep

Major Areas:
Castle Ward - Waterdeep Castle Location
Dock Ward - Most dangerous place of Waterdeep
North Ward - Home of Wealthy, Middle Class, Lesser Nobles, and well-to-do merchants
Sea Ward - Wealthiest Ward of the city - houses the noble families
Southern Ward - aka Caravan City - loading unloading zone for caravans (trade)
Trades Ward - commercial section of city - "City that Never Sleeps"

Waterdeep Background Part II

Waterdeep Houses of Influence
House Adarbrent: Proprietor of Adarbrent Shipping Company, 3rd Largest Fleet in Waterdeep.

House Amcathra: Notable due to its skills in: Armory, Locksmiths, Finesmiths, Distillers, Brewers, and Stablemasters.

House Moonstar: One of the oldest families in Waterdeep. Has strong connections with: Church of Selune, Mariners Guild, and Surveyors
(map and chart makers) Guild.

House of Thann: They are the leading Winery of Waterdeep having strong ties to the Distillers and Brewers Guild.

House Wands: Leading Magecraft clan of Waterdeep. They have strong ties associated with, Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors as well as Blackstaff Towers.

Other notable Minor Houses:
Anteos, Brokengulf, Gundwynd, Stormweather, Talmost, Thorp, Hawkwinter, Raventree, Roaringhorn, Rosznar, Silmerhelve, Thunderstaff, Ulbrinter,
Urmbrusk, and Wavesilver.

Waterdeep Background Part III

Waterdeep Churches
Largest Temples:
Font of Knowledge (Oghama)
Halls of Justice (Tyr)
House of Hero’s (Tempus)
House of Inspired Hands (Gond)
House of the Moon (Selune)
House of Wander (Mystra)
Shrines of Nature (Silvanus and Mielikki)
Spires of Morning (Lathander)
Temple of Beauty (Sune)
Tower of Luck (Tymora)
Plinth (All Faiths)

Major players in Waterdeep
Church of Cyric
Church of Gond
Church of Lathander
******Order of the Aster
******Order of the Sun Soul
Church of Loviathar
Church of Mystra
Church of Oghma
Church of Selune
Church of Shar
Church of Talos
Church of Tymora
Church of Tyr
*****Clergy of Tyr
*****Holy Order of the Knights of Samular
*****Order of the Even Handed
*****Church of Umberlee

Waterdeep Background Part IV

Waterdeep Rogues and Ruffians (A Simple Thieves Guild Background)
Agents of the Eye: AKA Xananthar Thieves Guild – operate most of the slave trade within Waterdeep
Black Boar Tribe: One of 2 Barbaric Gangs that runs in the Dock Ward.
Bull Elf Tribe: Rival Gang of the Black Boar Tribe that runs in the Dock Ward.
The Shadow Thieves: Only “Recognized” Thieves Guild of Waterdeep. Waterdeep tries very hard to keep this guild repressed from operations but are not able to do so. It dominates all criminal mischievous activities in the Dock Ward, South Ward, and Trades Ward.
Independent Agents: Is a sect of thieves that pursue their own agendas.

Waterdeep Secret Societies:
The Harpers
The Knights of the Shield
The Kraken Society
Red Sashes
The Tel Teukirra

Waterdeep Background Part V

City of the Dead
The City of the Dead is located to the East of the Trades Ward. It is basically walled off from the rest of the city. During the daylight hours the gates are unlocked and citizens of Waterdeep are free to roam the grounds. It is actually a pleasant place during daylight hours --- peaceful, serene, and brings a little bit of nature to the inside of Waterdeep. You may see both the Guild of Chandelers as well as the Lamplighters around the area during the daylight hours keeping the torches lit around and inside some of the tombs. However at night a totally different side of the City of the Dead rears its ugly head forcing the gates to be locked.

Notable Structures
Roads End
The House of the Homeless
Ahghairon’s Statue
Merchants’ Rest
Warriors’ Monument
Lords’ Respite
The Hall of the Sages
The Hall of Heros
Deepwinter Vault
Sultlue Vault

Other Parts of the City
Deepwater Harbor
Skull Port

Unique Aspects of Waterdeep
Urban Dangers
Ilvastarr Vault

You'll never truly appreciate the SWEET until you've tasted the BITTER

Jal the Hexblade * Campaign Rolls & Pathfinder SRD
Waterdeep Notebook Thread

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Posted 03 August 2007 - 08:06 PM

The Underdark: Tavern level (Cellar)

Posted Image

A1: Entrance to The Underdark Tavern
H2: Stairs up to street level
J7: Stairs up to Inn section of building
A10: Secret room: Rungs at A10 lead up to hidden trapdoor
C(8-10) – F(8-10): Banquet Room
A8 & B8: Restrooms
G(8-10) – H(8-10): Storage Room
I(8-10) – J(8-10): Private Office with heavy wooden door

The rest of the space is the tavern itself including the four wooden support columns
The tavern is at basement level with 5ft high ceilings, so no windows. The floor is worked stone as are the outer walls (though they may be covered with wood). All other walls and doors are made of wood.

Each square equal 5ft.

You'll never truly appreciate the SWEET until you've tasted the BITTER

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Waterdeep Notebook Thread

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 10:57 PM

Bellrose Street Battle

Posted Image

ok, this is a rather large map. The letters and numbers grid didn't work out becaue of it, but its 68 squares by 120 square. To give a location start with the height then the width. example 34h-76w.

I believe it would be simplier to use the map provided by Spike

You'll never truly appreciate the SWEET until you've tasted the BITTER

Jal the Hexblade * Campaign Rolls & Pathfinder SRD
Waterdeep Notebook Thread

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Posted 17 August 2007 - 12:15 AM

Main Battle Area Map

Posted Image

You'll never truly appreciate the SWEET until you've tasted the BITTER

Jal the Hexblade * Campaign Rolls & Pathfinder SRD
Waterdeep Notebook Thread

#7 Spike


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Posted 22 August 2007 - 11:03 PM

Regarding Spike's Map Page

My Map Page is a homebrewed attempt to create a virtual tabletop map for online roleplay games. It is powered by several javascripts which are fully credited within the source code for anybody who cares to duplicate the program.

Each player pawn can be moved by means of the cursor. Just drag and drop. Changes made by you the visitor are not "saved", and the map pieces return to their original positions if the page is reloaded.

In addition to being draggable, each character token has a mouseover hover-up description. Just hold your mouse over the token and you should see a popup box with a quick description of the character's actions.

In the area to the left of the map (which I call the parking-lot), you will find small text boxes above each stationary token. Not only can each of these boxes have text added, but they too can be dragged and dropped. They are there mostly for anybody who wishes to do a screen-capture of a map and place short character notations next to any of the pieces.

Below the parking lot, there is a small form where players can type in their characters' names and actions. It is basically a CGI guestbook hosted on my subdomain, and you should have no reason to expect any unsolicited emails or popup ads. Your response is limited in size though, and cannot be edited or retracted once posted by you. I can, however, edit the page on which entries are displayed. If you post something in error, just send me a private message and I will fix it.

If there is a part of the map you have difficulty reading because the numbers or letters blend in with the map image, there is a "Toggle Grid View" link above the parking lot that makes the map temporarily vanish so that the grid can be more easily read. The tokens will remain visible. Click the link a second time and the map will return.

Once a player posts (in game or on my map) their action, I will update the map accordingly. The actual updating is done using a spreadsheet-type program called Adobe InDesign that is able to generate a layered HTML document that displays each image layer in a specific position. Thus I can upload the new map and everybody can start the next round from the position at which they ended the last round.

The Map Page is a work-in-progress. I'm no programmer..oooh not by a looong stretch, but I am always trying to find helpful new features to add to it to make it better. IF SOMETHING ISN'T WORKING RIGHT, feel free to send me a message. Chances are I fixed the darn thing to death. I have, however, learned from past mistakes and keep a backup file on hand before I start messing with the codes.

Check this post for any future Map Page updates.

__update Sept 9___

I made a few superficial improvements. The page now has a nice serene parchment background, and I tweaked the whiteout overlay so that it aligns better. I am now working on a "doodle layer" for lack of better words on which I can draw circles lines and arrows to illustrate spell effects. I'll keep y'all updated.

___update Orctober 17_____

I've decided that since HTML files are relatively small that I will begin uploading new files for each map update rather than replacing the one file each time it is updated. This will make it easier for players (and readers) to use the maps to follow along with the in-game action.

Also, I have streamlined the codes a bit and added a few new drop-down-content features, one of which is a map key which can be dropped down for easy refference.

The other is something that makes the program much more useful to those who want to use it but do not have a spreadsheet editor that can export layered HTML files like the one I use. The "Pixel Grid" can be activated for anybody adventurous enough to experiment with the source-code and have a try at manipulating the token positions on their own. If you know a little bit about HTML and can read some CSS ..and you can plot X/Y coordinates..you might find my pixel-mapper handy. PM me if you want to give it a try and I'll send you more info on how to setup the page for your own needs.

Oh.. the link..almost forgot. Here's today's update from ERL's little side adventure.

Downstairs map updated

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