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Echidnox and the Echidnid Race

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Posted 12 August 2009 - 04:29 PM

Echidnox as a deity, part of the backstory for the character I am going to build around my Echidnox mini. The character is Thomas Wikkid, Paladin of Echidnox. More on Tom later.

Echidnox Level 34 Solo Awesome
Small natural humanoid (spiny, immortal, divine)

Initiative: +29 (and see Drunk Midget Surprise) Senses: Perception +30, low-light vision, tremorsense 10
Aura of Mighty +5: Aura 6. Anything totally bummed out within the aura is at -5 to all defenses and anything that's rolled on a d20.
Bummet Detection: Aura 10. Anything within the aura is vulnerable 10 to all weapon attacks by Echidnox.
HP: 1,300 Bloodied: 650
AC 50 Fortitude 49 Reflex 47 Will 47
Immune Traffic, Poison. Resist 15 Force, 15 Thunder, 50 Bummets
Saving Throws +5
Speed 7, climb 7
Action Points 2 (and see Drunk Midget Hop)

Strike of Minty Freshness: Standard action, at-will. Melee 1. +41 vs. AC. 2D8+13 damage and the target gains vulnerable 20 cold and a fresh cool scent (save ends both) and one target adjacent to the first takes 10 cold damage.

Deep Into My Eyes: Standard action, recharge 5-6, close blast 5, all enemies in blast. +39 vs. Fortitude. 2D10+10 force damage and ongoing 15 balls damage (save ends). The target is knocked prone.

Echidnox' Disapproval: Minor action, encounter, close burst 6, all enemies in burst. +38 vs. Will. Target is totally bummed out and slowed (save ends both). Automatically recharges whenever Echidnox is hit.

Icy Glare: At-will, minor action, ranged 15. +37 vs. Reflex. Target takes 2d10+5 cold damage and is weakened (save ends). +2 to hit any totally bummed out targets.

Reveal Thy Bummet: At-will, standard action, ranged 10. +38 vs. Reflex. Target reveals its bummet. It is restrained and embarassed (save ends both). Special: the target must spend a standard action attempting to cover its bummet in order to be permitted to make a saving throw on any given turn.

Stop Bugging Me: Encounter, minor action, close burst 20, all enemies in burst. +38 vs. Will. Target stops bugging Echidnox until the end of Echidnox' next turn.

Your Friend: At-will, immediate reaction when an enemy finishes an action granted by an action point. Ranged 10, target: any enemy but the one that used the action point. +37 vs. Will, target is dominated until the end of Echidnox' next turn.

Drunk Midget Headbutt: At-will, free action. Melee 1. Trigger: Echidnox is hit while under any status effect that normally denies him any kind of action (dazed, stunned, restrained, immobilised, etc). +38 vs. AC. 1D4+8 damage and Echidnox ends all conditions affecting him.

Drunk Midget Hop: At-will, free action. Whenever a character within 10 squares of Echidnox uses an Action Point, Echidnox ends all conditions affecting him and gains a move action.

Drunk Midget Surprise: Encounter, immediate interupt. As soon as initiative is rolled, whether he wins or not, Echidnox gets a full turn. Combat then proceeds as normal with Echidnox coming up again on his initiative.

Spiny Roll: Recharge 6, move action. Special: Becomes at-will when Echidnox is bloodied. Echnidox shifts 7 squares. He may pass through enemy-occupied squares; any enemy within that square must pass a saving throw or be knocked prone and take 15 damage.

Alignment Good Languages Common, Echidnid
Skills Intimidate +32, Acrobatics +34, Athletics +35, Nature +29
Str 36 (+30) Dex 30 (+27) Wis 24 (+24)
Con 32 (+27) Int 20 (+22) Cha 30 (+27)
Equipment: Sword of Minty Wonder, Teapot +3
Echidnox, L34 Solo, for 4th edition D&D. Keep looking for my stats on the Echidnid race, Echidnox' channel divinity feats, and more!

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Posted 13 August 2009 - 11:10 AM


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Posted 17 August 2009 - 01:36 PM

The Children of Echidnox are a hedgehog-like race of humanoids. Stalwart homebodies, they are fierce warriors when threatened, but rarely choose to venture beyond the safety of their burrows. Almost all Echidnids revere Echidnox with a sort of strange combination of respect, adoration, and constant criticism. Everything bad is blamed on Echidnox not paying enough attention, and good things are usually grumped at ("Coulda made my corn half so good last season, Echidnox!"), but any outsider to dare critique the deity risks open derision at the very least.

Echidnids are surface burrowers and almost entirely subsistence farmers. Tradesmen and crafters are rare, found almost exclusively in Echidnox' religious centers (more on those later), though wood and stone carving are common skills found in farm villages and shared by all. They are simple salt of the earth, commonly ignored by other species. They're too fierce and spiny to be tempting to goblins, and too small and introverted to trade with the major races.

(reference note: think tolkien hobbits with quills, the temper of the fightin' irish, and slightly less interest in social strata)

Racial Traits
Height: 3'5 to 4
Weight: 90 to 130 lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Wis, +2 Cha
Size: Small
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, Echidnid
Skill Bonuses: +2 Nature, +2 Intimidate, +8 Teamaking
Resist traffic equal to 5+1/2 level
Quills: You may use your quills as a weapon. Some racial abilities and feats allow you to use your quills in unusual circumstances.
* Echidnid Quills: +3 Proficiency. 1D6 damage. Light blade. Range 5/10. Off-hand, light thrown.
* Special: Your quills gain a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30.
Spiny: If you are grappling with a creature at the start of your turn, you may make a quill attack against that creature as a free action.
Unlikely Grip: You may wield weapons as a medium-sized creature: the normal penalties for being a small creature do not apply.
Racial Ability: Choose either Teamaker or Quillroll. Once chosen, this may not be changed.

Quillroll: Encounter, move action, personal. Move up to your speed +2 squares. As a free action, you may make a quill attack against any creature that makes an attack against you during this move.

Teamaker: Given access to hot water during a short rest, you can brew delicious tea (make a Teamaking skill check to determine the deliciousness level). The drinker may make an extra save vs any diseases afflicting him or her; failure on that save does not move the drinker down the disease track.
You may also brew one batch of cold tea per short rest. This tea must be kept in some kind of vessel (approximate cost 1sp) and consumed as a potion. It grants the imbiber a saving throw. A given creature may only benefit from one drink of cold tea per encounter.
Add any enhancement bonuses on your teapot to the saves granted by your teamaking ability.
Echidnox, L34 Solo, for 4th edition D&D. Keep looking for my stats on the Echidnid race, Echidnox' channel divinity feats, and more!

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