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Tickets - The Big Day! Reapercon 2023

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Class / Game / Event Tickets


Hello Adventurers,

In today's update, we wanted to talk about the release of the tickets for ReaperCon 2023! Tickets will be going on sale on June 16th, 2023 at 12:00 pm Central time.

You will need to have a Badge of any type in order to be able to purchase tickets!

  • EVENTS PAGE - You can look at all the available tickets here. Start planning your schedule today, and be prepared for when tickets go live.
  • Ticket buying Help - Here is a helpful page for people new to Tabletop.events. Step by step on how to get and share tickets with others.

Please keep in mind we are still adding events and adjusting prices leading up to when the tickets go live. So be on the lookout for additional adds to the list.

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