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Update on all things Reaper! January 2024.

This announcement is no longer active


Dungeon Dwellers Role Playing Game

  • The Pledge manager for DDRPG is now live! - Please check out Update 44: on how the pledge manager works! 
  • You can still get in as a late pledge if you missed out on the campaign during its run time. 
  • We expect the pledge manager to stay open until about May/June. Stay tuned on more updates as we get closer to those dates. 


Bones 6: Tales From the Green Griffin

  • The Pledge Manager has closed on Bones 6 - we've sent the final numbers to our partners and they have started production! 
  • We are getting in samples of the boxes, expansions, and PU samples of the models weekly! Please check out all the updates on the Kickstarter page to see these samples. Most recently being the "Expansion: Briarwood Vale"
  • We have started casting/Printing the models we are producing here in our Texas factory. 
  • The expected fulfilment date of April 2024 is still looking likely but we will update you if we expect any delays. 

New Releases

  • The previews section on our website is a good way to look at what is coming up in the coming months.

Recently Released


Releasing on January 29th, 2024



ReaperCon 2024

As you all know, our contract with the Denton Convention Center ended last year at ReaperCon2023. We have approved the initial new contract and are currently waiting for the final draft to be signed, sealed, and delivered! So please wait for announcements coming very soon! Hotels, Class/event submission, Volunteers, and much more very soon! 


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