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  2. Survey time. Which means it won't be long now before a flat, red cardboard box shows up in the mailbox.
  3. Sun, Sea, BBQ, long walks with Brutus, Hiking with my girl, flowers, birds and butterflies in the garden, scantily clad women in the streets, beaches, icecream, daylight till the evening, not having to wear a jacket or sweater outside. I love Spring/Summer not looking forward to the rainy/cold/ dark days.
  4. You're right! The same with her horns. And the Agrath, or is ir Argath? bust has the same issue. (Honestly, doesn't anyone do a proper read-through before they post updates?)
  5. You might be right, I've made a little list of things to do, since this is a leakage it has priority. I also made a little list of things I already did in this house, it helps me to see that I CAN do stuff. Still...it's not my hobby and it never will be.. I hope I have found the spot and that it will be solved like this. And then on to the next project...
  6. Blinding sun, oppressive humidity, and stinging, biting insects. It went from 88F to 58F last night. Today is going to be beautiful.
  7. I think the steel looks pretty good! It reads as a blackened with razor edges to me, almost like Stormbringer from the Elric novels or something like that.
  8. A quick drybrush of her base later and she's done:- https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96899-44123-frost-giant-heroine/
  9. Presenting the Frost Giant Heroine from Reaper. Not my best work, I'm still not great at getting all the mold-lines off these PVC minis, plus I was painting her to help work through some issues I was having so she's a bit on the rough and basic side. Was still a lot of fun to paint up though, I'll have to get the other one done now. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  10. If you wanted to cut out a step, I wonder if you could use magazine adverts rather than printing out the picture? This looks amazing!
  11. Great piece, I really like the "No we didn't" graffiti.
  12. It means that the rain is vaguely warm, as opposed the cold winter rain
  13. Today
  14. Did the cloth part of her cape in Hexed Lichen, shaded with Hexed Lichen/Pure Black (I also used this on the inside of the cape), highlighted with Hexed Lichen/Ghost Grey and Hexed Lichen/Ghost Grey/Off-white and glazed with some Purple Wash. Get that sword done next.
  15. "Would you like chips with that?" I did watch Sunday's episode of One Piece through "unofficial" means if that counts. Getting unnecessarily hot and sweaty plus the horror of mowing the lawn.
  16. Waaaay too hot and humid! Especially here in Florida.
  17. Heat, humidity, chores. There's never enough time to get the chores done between spring and autumn, and I'm prone to heat exhaustion. One reason I loved the Modesitt book Fall of Angels. The 'angels' come largely from a planet that is much colder than the one the Saga of Recluse is set in, and can't function well outside of their mountain home. I feel that. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/185224.Fall_of_Angels Winter means cozy woodstoves and maybe 15-45 minutes of snowblowing a week, with many weeks requiring almost no outdoor chores. Also, the hordes of folks prow
  18. One thing that sticks out to me, The hair doesn't look right around the ears, almost as if it's flowing through them instead of around them...
  19. If by back you mean I am lurking around like a spooky ghost, then yes, I am doing that. I am so happy that you got to go to Reapercon and Buc-ee's! I hope you had the best time! I hope that the stars align properly so I'll get to meet you there next year! I'm more of a learn by doing type person myself, so trust me, I have done plenty of diving in with half-assed attempts. I think it's important to be brave and try stuff even if you don't feel like you have a firm grasp on it. Much of getting better at painting is just building your confidence level and you can do that very ef
  20. I've decided to reread Dune, as the new movie is coming out and the last time I read it was Grade 9.....
  21. Saturday in Turn 7. Looking up stream, you can see the stands for 6, 5 and that corner in the distance is 4. And Sunday in Turn 9. You can see the stand for Turn 7, where I was the day before. I greatly enjoy Marshaling, but it is a strange "hobby", often hard to explain to others why we like. Most folks who come either come once or twice and then disappear, or they are hooked for life. Why I like it? I like helping out. Without marshals, they can't race. I like being out in the sun (or whatever) all day. I like being in the know on what is
  22. Ok... Twisted Translations is some quality broccoli and I've spent way too much time this morning watching them.
  23. The smell of water from a sun warmed hose. The feel of the still air like a hot wet blanket. Hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. Fireflies in the twilight.
  24. Sweating and doing outdoor house maintenance. And fresh local vegetables. I was going to say bikini season... though I've yet to ever wear one.
  25. Green fields of barley and yellow fields of canola. Silage Season, for weeks and weeks. Lots of memories of the old farm crew, before we sold it. I helped cook and run the packer tractor.
  26. @AussieAusbornThanks mate! Hoping the purple adds a nice contrast. On to hour three, which really comprises of the red bits. It took an entire hour because I re-did it a few times. I am thinking that I need to make the gems a different color? Green maybe? Also, the glowing runes on the sword... was going to originally make them red, but now I am thinking green as well? Thoughts?
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