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  2. I've been following the designer's blog a bit. http://abillionsuns.space/category/design-blog/ I'm very interested it it. Even though I still haven't gotten to play Gaslands.
  3. Which one is the smaller companion? Trying to check the catalogue, but not seeing anything obvious.
  4. Some people LIKE snow and the white wonderland it brings!
  5. The cat looks somewhat less blissful, lol... Anybody know which Sierra Entertainment videogame this guy came with? I just picked him up off of EvilBuy. The listing says it's manufactured by Reaper.
  6. I have no random items in my wallet. Just my cards and some photos.
  7. Great job on this guy. Excellent NMM.
  8. Brutus has allergies, so it's difficult to find new treats that he can eat. Found some! Lamb/Sweet Potatoe snacks. He loves them.
  9. The vile stuff has invaded my area, gladly it's thawing already. I expect this atrocity to be gone tomorrow.
  10. Scale 75 Deep Blue Reaper Creamy Ivory Scale 75 Decay Black Scale 75 Black Leather Scale 75 Inktense Wood Andrea White
  11. I have a new (2 years old) wallet that is neat , organized, & contains nothing superfluous. HOWEVER, my old wallet is a totally different story. It is probably forty years or more old. It holds all sorts of things that might be consider trash, but actually are necessary items. Let me explain: There is a Suffolk County disabled/elderly bus pass & a Social Services ID that I may never need again, but they bring back memories of hard times & a realization that in the hardest of times there is still joy. I have my original Social Security card from my early teens. It represents long years of working less than pleasant jobs, but it brings me memories of people I worked with who I loved & respected. There is a Mensa membership card that expired in 1972. While it might have some snob value, it has a sobering effect in that it points out all I might have been & didn't become. The bag of little rubber bands that I used to wrap brushes & balsa wood into bundles that wouldn't get wrecked in transport; it might not be used again, but who knows?. I think I will use the new wallet & treasure the old one.
  12. How did you do the base on the rat-man? I love dungeon tile bases and that is significantly better than what I'm using. I see what you like about these minis. The Evil Elven Assassin looks amazing
  13. I also took some time to finish these Bloodreavers that I started a long time ago.
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  15. She was always one of my favorite cast members.... She had some of the best dialogue in the entire series. And ye gods, she was beautiful.... RIP
  16. Based on those criteria, I'd go with dill. (sorry, dill lovers). It is a vile weed that the mere smell of makes me nauseous. And "clever" cooks are constantly stuffing it into dishes where it doesn't belong and never put that fact on the menu. One of the reasons I'm not much of a fish fan is that so many dishes have been ruined by "Surprise! Dill!" Probably the Opus metro card for Montreal. I haven't been there since 2018 (this year isn't looking good either).
  17. Expired business cards; expired appointment cards; membership cards; credit cards; driver's license; medical insurance card; medical info card; spare house key... But the most random is a single, folded, US $1 bill. I haven't carried paper currency or coins in years, let alone foreign currency, unless a special need arises. According to what's written on the card, I still have $1 at the liquor store. Luckily, gift cards from specific places don't expire around here.
  18. Thank you, Glitter. I am happy you like him. I did just enough modifying to fix my assembly flubs AND make him uniquely my own creature.
  19. Great job! Love the additions/alterations you made. He's quite the character.
  20. AVG? I cannot seem to find them neither on patreon or just a google search. Could you please spell out their name? What are they called, and which site are they to be found? Thank you in advance
  21. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  22. Thanks @malefactus @Jeepnewbie and @Chris Palmer Construction has begun on my next ship. This is a small personal shuttle, with basically enough power to get you up to orbit and back, but not enough for interplanetary travel.
  23. This is the last of the G.W. Goblin Personalities that I have. He is their Loon King, although I think of him as The Mayor...he reminds me of a New York City Mayor from my misspent youth. The miniature is modified quite heavily from the original. He has a new face & furs...partially necessitated by some poor assembly work on my part.I have shown him on the Spooky Woods Stage: Now on to other things.
  24. AND, after a touch up, here is The Mayor on the Spooky Woods Stage: There you go. The Mayor is the last of the G.W. Goblin Personalities, or, at least, the last of the ones I have, Now it is on the other things...at last.
  25. AND, after a touch up, here is The Mayor on the Spooky Woods Stage: There you go. The Mayor is the last of the G.W. Goblin Personalities, or, at least, the last of the ones I have, Now it is on the other things...at last.
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