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  2. Interestingly enough, that was the exact text description for the 65% body fat box on the chart I tried to post. So now it lets me post the chart.
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  4. Alright! #2 is up! This one is only eyes. I practiced mainly the second and the third approach taught by Geoff Davis in the video suggested by @Samedi. The photo depicts the 3rd approach. I must say, I used to paint the whole face skin and then try to do the eyes. As mentioned in the video: do the base face color first, then do the eyes, then do the rest of the face. Obvious! Right? I've never thought about this before 🙂
  5. Good news! Apparently I am a verified human on here and can post images again! Anyways, a while back Wizkids came out with this mini that is related to some version of D&D I have ignored over the years. Despite not knowing exactly where it fits into that universe I found this little guy quite charming and will figure out a use for him in my own games. I'm fairly certain he'll fit right into the weird and wonderful stories my gaming group and I tell together. Cheers all and thanks for looking!
  6. A little bit. Some times when it's dreary out I'm more likely to just hang around the hobby room painting and whatnot instead of doing adulting stuff. Rainy days always seem like a good excuse to blow off whatever I need to do and just relax. Which is sometimes good for my mood.
  7. right, Cats range from svelte hunters and silent stalkers to 'Oh Lawd, He Comin" but no Chonky.....
  8. Wouldn't want to meet them in a dark woods.
  9. You don't. Just make a post like you would normally do, and you'll get a screen for a split second that says something along the lines of verifying you as human. I'm going to try screen capture right now when making this post. EDIT: And success. So I wrote the above text. I clicked the "Submit Reply" button. The next screen I saw looks like the screenshot below. Then that goes away and you see your post posted. That's it. You don't do anything special.
  10. That is MEOW's work. There is no such thing as a "Chonky" cat... You will suffer retribution for saying such a thing.
  11. Not my mood, but man I hate the weather swings and how it affects my banged up framework.
  12. I tried to post a "Chonk Chart" from a Veterinary Office illustrating the various percentage fat levels of "Chonky" Cats. As you can see, I'm still being Error Coded. 8^(
  13. Yeah, somewhat. But growing up in coastal Oregon meant you were just kind of used to being cold, wet and depressed. That's how grunge happened! I do okay with it, but I find a lot of transplants to this area (we're up in the Puget Sound now) really struggle with the winter day length, especially in their first year. It's funny when it's still raining and cold in June, but we hardly notice that.
  14. I'd rather it was cold than hot, and if I have to go out drier is preferable, but doesnt really cause my mood to change. Days when the weather is in Flux are the ones that affect me. Screwed up sinuses run in my mom's family, and I have them. Narrow openings and one that's only half normal size. Makes my head a fun barometer, measured in pain. Today the weather went from mid 60s F and rain to freezing and wind. I got as far as the library this afternoon before the severe stabbing pains hit. Post office was achieved, but not the grocery store. Head still achy. Thank goodness I can finish February's rcl tomorrow.
  15. Sometimes. My mood is my mood, and weather never seems to improve my mood, but it can dampen it some. Especially cold, dreary (grey) days can slow me down and make it so that I want to do nothing more than read, doze, and watch some TV.
  16. I still can't upload pictures, and I can't seem to get the site to even verify that I am human. I can post text all I want, generally without verification. It seems the site trusts me completely, but also does not trust me at all.
  17. I was able to post a picture by doing this: Create a new topic Enter text submit get verified as human then.... Edit post add photo upload save edit
  18. Couple more speed paint do-overs. Originally the little knight was very rusty looking and brown, and like the others needed to be brightened up. Same with the little cutpurse. Red maybe isn't the best color for blending in with the crowd, but it looks good on the table and that was the goal.
  19. Six more goblins from a manufacturer that I refuse to promote. These are metal and it was refreshing to do some metal figs.
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