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  2. Have the weapon sprues from Bones 3 ever been released? If not, those would also be on the list of "never to retail". While I ordered everything I want from Bones IV, it'd be a shame if so many great centerpiece models would be left out.
  3. I wish I could have spent the evening painting, but.... All my paints are packed up in plastic crates. Pencils and other tools are in yet another couple of crates, and the minis are... yeah, packed down, too. Except my painting desk. That has been demolished. Now I'm working on designing a new desk. One with storage space for ALL the paints... Without wasting all the space like the old one did. (Lots of HobbyZone racks) I hope to start cutting parts on the CNC this weekend...
  4. Ebonwrath, limited palette challenge. Main color: Alien Goo Green. Secondary colors: Fireball Orange and Nightmare Black. When I only had the basecoat on, it looked like it was wearing bright onesie pajamas.
  5. It's known for the univeristy and the free speech movement, but the most interesting thing to me is the hundreds of paths and stairs hidden in the hills, some leading to really nice spots. wish I had more time to explore them
  6. Considering the amount of settlements that existed since antiquity and are still around, the title of "oldest" and "continuously inhabited" must have a lot of contenders.
  7. Thanks! Yeah. I need some sort of little photo booth for the minis.
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  9. I have two, one I started during Christmas break that I never was able to get into, and then the mini I've been painting recently. Uh... my average midwestern town is super boring... Uh... my average midwestern state is pretty boring... Uh... Lemme do a quick Google search... We somehow have more shoreline than Florida, which doesn't seem possible, but that's what Dr. Google says. So that's something.
  10. The roof part is glued, the gables are cut but not attached, need to cut cereal box, glue then maybe modge/basecoat tomorrow? Friday? No pics until later
  11. Varnish is deting. Will do 1 matte coat before choosing my flock and other garnishes.
  12. Very clever and very amusing XD Love it! Well done!
  13. No problem. We've had a few sneaky bots or bot-adjacent spam come up, so it's a big help if people notify us if anything looks fishy. If it is, we can deal with it and if it's not, then we can make that determination too. Some of the attacks can be fairly clever.
  14. Sorry about that. Was wondering how to notify a mod, and it didn't occur to me to search for a report button. Also had started answering sincerely before I realized it was probably a bot.
  15. Ipswich (The one in England). There's definitely been something here since Roman times, it's before that you enter dubious boasting territory.
  16. Thanks! A bendy brush! I will have to see if I can find one. Finished my skeletons, no piccys yet though as everything is packed away at the moment (We've got builders in for a few days). Also rolled for the next mini, fate was determined I paint another skeleton (I rolled the Guard Captain, the Guard Sargent and even the Hanged Men AKA Dangly Skeletons) but wasn't in the mood. Finally I rolled a 1, Jelsen Darrock - Grizzled Vampire Hunter, who I will start next week when everything settles down.
  17. Not all game players consider it a responsibility to bring figures or terrain. Some folks are quite happy to play without them, and to use a gridded map, or play "theater of the mind" style. Not every game needs to be a big production, a simple paper map can be just as entertaining as a massive 3d dungeon set-up. Not everyone wants a big figure collection. Lots of people don't like to paint. Even fewer people make terrain because it is hard to store. (They see the crafting hobbies as separate from gaming) These people bring themselves and their enthusiasm to the table. I thin
  18. Looking for some folks who attended in 2019. I GM'd a game of A Thousand Dead Babies using D&D BX for you. One of your group drunkenly threw one of my vintage dragon lance miniatures across the table. You also played my Dragon Lance game. It was a fun time, if you were a part of that group and going this year DM me and lets set up some more late night drunk sessions.
  19. If I'm not misreading this, I'm probably more of a 'host' player; I have a decent collection of NPC minis and some terrain, because I like to use those things even if I'm not GMing. This is convenient when Andi is GMing, but not always when someone else is. Depends on the person GMing; I have an agreement with most of my group where, if they need something for a live game, they can ask and I'll bring it, no questions needed. ... although I might have a concern if they need a five-headed dragon, and I /might/ have to ask if they want the adorable little Wizkids prepaint, or Ma'al......
  20. My state has had seven US presidents born in it (2nd to Virginia). However, it also seems to have the highest number of presidents elected (not necessarily born here) from it die in office (4 out of the 8 to pass in office).
  21. Amongst other things, my state is known for its temperate rainforests. And I live near enough to one for a visit to be a day trip, if I were so inclined.
  22. Brinewind Studio Presents - Miniatures Den! #030 Started at 1:57 PM. SKU: 77163, Storm Giant. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
  23. Not sure if it's a weird scheme, but I painted a friend a group of minis in the old Degeneration X colors (bright green and black) once. He's a big wrestling fan. I did not pull it off well, the black looked horrible.
  24. Isn't it about time for your yearly shower anyway?
  25. I dont remember seeing a basilisk mini without legs. Interesting choice on the part of Epic.
  26. Now I want donuts. And I can get donuts, there's a donut shop behind my house. But it's raining. You're gonna make me walk in the rain for donuts. It's practically like taking a shower! Well if I die of soap poisoning, I hope you're happy.
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