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  2. I have the original Crooked Dice Paranormal Investigators. Still thinking about the female ones as well.....
  3. He’s a very good boy, and just wants to be loved on and be able to chase a ball. He’s also very supportive of miniature painting and encourages me to buy more.
  4. No,no,no. It's ' in accordance with the prophecy '. Do try to keep up, please.
  5. Fulfilling what has been her dream for most of her life, Stina's first novel is about to be published! It's a fantasy adventure called Waking the Burning Valley, and it goes live for purchase at midnight tonight! I won't link directly to the shops, but her website can be found [url=https://christinadickinsonwrites.com/]here.[/url]
  6. I've been watching the same sort of thing on the local news all day. I worry for friends who live in the area (had some over eager protesters with a gun driving around their neighborhood) and friends who have businesses downtown. We had a nice walk around our own quiet neighborhood after dinner. The caution tape has been taken off the playground equipment and there were a good number of kids out.
  7. probably some more zombicide invader minis, try and finish up my necrons, paint some bones, maybe paint the murder hornet if it's released in time.
  8. needing to convince certain people that "no we cannot meet in person under the current situation".
  9. Today
  10. Will get next post up hopefully tomorrow.
  11. Will get next post up hopefully tomorrow.
  12. I don't have much trouble recognizing who's who, mask or not....but unless I've given them a name I never remember what it is. The same goes for others recognizing me, I tend to make an impression it seems, for good or ill.
  13. I need to walk the dogs. All I can hear from my window is a police helicopter overhead and sirens up by the park a block away. I don't really want to go outside right now. The NYPD isn't exactly acting friendly these days (not that they ever did).
  14. This happened to me before face masks were everywhere. When a teenager, I worked all day with a girl and didn't recognize her because she'd gotten a haircut. When...not...a teenager, I failed to recognize to the gentleman behind me in the grocery store and we'd been sitting next to him at hockey games for several years. It wasn't until he said something while I was looking at him that I put it together. People at the office recognize me all the time, and it's a little disturbing. I mean, I'm tough to miss. I'm one of only a handful of guys my size and I'm the only one in a Star Wars face mask, but still...
  15. I... have not yet noticed this problem? I recognize people by voice. I haven't gotten the 'omg is that you?!' yet, instead I've had people recognize me by means other than my face (voice, food order, glasses, hair, etc). That or other people are really good at covering their butts and pretending to know who I am.
  16. This has happened me me a couple of times with my neighbors.
  17. Completed the other side, now I'm adding in the colors. Starting with some pretty solid glazes.
  18. Discovered a funny little quirk of social distancing and masks. Had to make a quick run to the hardware store today. Stood in line about 6 feet from everyone else, all of us in masks, for about ten minutes. When I got to the cashier I looked back and noticed the guy standing behind me had a charity bike ride shirt on from a very specific and not well attended event, not a shirt you see every day. Then I took in the size and shape and general baldness of the guy behind me and said "Daryl?" Guy looked me over and said "Tom?" Turns out it was a fairly good friend and we'd been standing next to each other the whole time without realizing it. I'd even walked past his wife who was watching their bikes out front of the store on the way in. This is making me wonder if I've not recognized folks before. Now I'm going to be unintentionally eyeballing folks trying to figure out if I know them.
  19. Oops. Didn't realize there are curfews in cities. Hope everyone is looking up if there area is affected with the curfews. Bay area is 830pm to 5 am. Stay safe.
  20. @Sirithiliel I’m sorry to hear about you gecko friend About the only thing I’ve ever agreed with in parenting book was that kids grow healthiest when their parents demonstrate a healthy, loving, stable bond. It rough watching that sort thing Thank you for that! You can get a poster of his map for $25 too! My mom was really excited to see that article.
  21. Folks, stay safe. If you need to chat about events, life, whatever, ping me on here, or FB.
  22. Things painted in may, 48 Reaper: 5 bones 4 crab man modified scifi sophie bones 4 super villain modified vending machine modified maria android games workshop: 9 5 necrons with poking sticks 2 necron deathmarks psycher conversion inquisitorial acolyte conversion CMON: 19 11 zombicide invader driller minis 9 zombicide invader player characters 1 zombicide invader alien thing? privateer press: 1 1 modified cyris robot worlds end publishing: 4 gasmask girl wasteland doc doc bot discobot mantic: 4 docbot 2 dreadball cyborgs modified dreadball ref dont know: 6 wrath of kings mini modified to wasteland warlord 5 small lizard people
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