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  2. Have nearly finished her, I think, but I am scared about shading her by using a wash. I might just work up more highlights. On the other hand if I did a careful, weak black wash, there would be some extra definition. I think brown or sepia would just dull everything down. What do people think?
  3. I started going through my collection to find possible crewmates, and I COMPLETELY forgot about the miniatures from the Star Saga kickstarter. I was initially a little disappointed in them when they showed up because the sculpting wasn't as good as some of the CMON minis from various boards games I had backed. But upon a second glance, some of them are about equal to some of the pre-painted collectible Star Wars minis, and with a little work, some of them will definitely be on the crew (or as replacements as crew are killed off, assuming it has a similar mechanic to Frostgrave). So, bonus freebie score!
  4. Yeah, I thought the buildings seemed a tad odd. I do like a few of the minis, so sEt a remonder to look at it again toward the end.
  5. I'm hoping there will be some sort of normalcy returning to the world. Not holding my breath. Pretty much the same as any other day I'm in the house with more sleeping and less moving. Youtube, Netflix or videogames, maybe painting a bit if I can be upright. Food would be mostly the same as always but with higher levels of garlic, honey with cinnamon and liquid soups. I tend to prefer thick soups over hot, salty water most days. 90+% of the time I just drink water but with a bad cold I'll sometimes drink more tea with honey (especially if I have a sore throat) and sometimes a big shot of vodka with black pepper before bed.
  6. I have these new faces in the Faeries in the Works thread as well as here: I don't want you to miss them...the likes are my motivation.
  7. There are four new heads awaiting bodies: There you go until whenever.
  8. There are some new faces in The Hood: When they get further attention is anyone's guess.
  9. I'd probably be watching cartoons. I've got a couple seasons of Clone Wars left, and then Rebels, and then the Resistance....... But if I get really sick I often can't really focus on TV, so then I just leave it on a discovery or history channel and watch the bits when I can focus. If I'm that sick, probably toast. And drinking diet pop or tea, maybe some juice.
  10. Oops, rather important typo. Thanks for the catch Jon. Looking forward to it.
  11. Don't worry about the playdough look. More layers of paints and washes will remedy that. Remy will be the pinnacle of colorful odd in the midst of muted light blues.
  12. Hello everyone, something different today. Because adventurers also need a reward, here are pictures of 02313, Treasure Hoard (third from the set) sculpted by Bob Olley.
  13. Nov. 5th* and just so happens to be at the same time as reaper live, but Grimm told me that it is something else.. :)
  14. As for the trasimission for grim; it's a scavenger hunt through the catalog. If you search Birthday in the store, you will get sent to Alice and White Rabbit. If you look at the tags under that fig, you will see a message and follow on instructions. End result is that something will occur on November 6th at 6:00. I'm assuming it's the 100th* episode of Reaper Live. *as they have been on 99.x for a bit now
  15. Yesterday my tests came back negative and I was cut loose from self-isolation, Public Health said it was alright to go out in public and be a nuisance again.
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scale75/minipedia-by-scale75
  17. When I started self-isolation I bought enough food to last me the entire time, and also snacks and energy drinks to get me through it. Currently reinstalling Skyrim, I spent a lot of time making it look pretty and now I'm spending time making it sound pretty.
  18. This one looks better back-lit. Only the shadow knows... 77098 Halloween freebee Death Shroud. Regular model 77636 And finally, an old Ral Partha set, Lord Soth's Charge, 10-566. I finally pulled out the box and painted them up. I hope you have a fantastic Halloween. Comments, criticisms and questions welcome.
  19. Yeah, Remy is currently looking like a close relation of Mr. Bill. Yup, they must be brothers.
  20. RTB Pro Tips! More Gemstone Dragon! -- started at 11:37 AM. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
  21. Today
  22. Kev White is just a sculptor for HF; this KS (Artemis) is not a HF project. Different people responsible for fulfillment, only the guy doing the sculpting is the same between both projects. Frustration is understandable, but misinformation is not.
  23. And 6pm... is midnight here, so... Maybe I'm still awake by then... Not going to bother playing this game.
  24. That makes a lot of sense. I bet it's easier to make the whole cohesive unit look good, as opposed to one tiny figure.
  25. The endless struggle. I look forward to seeing this guy come along! If you're struggling with any other color choices, I recommend throwing in some neutral colors to cut back on the primary color overload of the Red, Blue, Yellow.
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