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  2. Printing something bigger today to see if that will work also.
  3. Question 146: Category: Food You Might Eat or Want to Eat What menu item do the British call a "chip butty"?
  4. Nobleknight order came today! Army Painter spray primers: black Bone Chaotic Red Also, Reaper miniature: Neroli, half-orc paladin #02946) came with the order. She will be for a pre-gen character for one of my RCon games this year. Also, out of the blue, a hobby order I placed with Spotmodel in Spain arrived today as well. Fast shipping! Order was placed on the 17 (shipped the 18), so 7 days to get from Spain to eastern OR. Not bad, not bad at all!! Studio27 carbon fiber decals for 2000 F1 Ferrari I said I wasn't going to CF this kit, but after seeing the sheet be reproduced, I jumped on it. Nice sheet that'll look nice with Ferrari red paint job. Honda RC211V motorcycle (2006) Anther sheet that was made awhile back but sold out & Studio27 reprinted again. I didn't want to miss this one, so ordered & recieved. Kinda of a small sheet, but what gets CFed on a 1/12 scale motorcyle kit isn't all that big. Number 5 brand paints F1-2000 red Pink Base Coat Both colors, (airbrush, lacquers) are for the F1 build above. Ferrari changed the base red a few years after these, so I wanted accurate shade of red for it. Looking forward to see how these will spray. Pink is for under the red. Helps bring out the vibrancy of the red & helps with laying down the red vs straight white. D.A.B. model bonnet aka hood pins. I noticed the last time I was working my Lotus 7 that there was a latch on the hood & this detail isn't included in the model. These are 3d printed. I think they'll add a nice detail to the model.
  5. Thanks. I hope GF is okay. If you do send the box, I realize it's a bit selfish to ask, but could you either skip any spiders or label them wrapped up so I don't see them? I have a severe case of arachnophobia. GF was understanding when I pm'd them with my info before things went haywire.
  6. .. and now I have another reason to make my own mayonnaise. Also, kinda horrified, thanks.
  7. @TGP - the proper answer to your mayonnaise quandary is *Japanese*. It's mayo, but more so.
  8. Geographical note: Helman's is an "East Coast Brand". The same product "out west" is Best Foods. GEM
  9. Speaking of HD glasses, I actually found my readers the other day. I knew they were in the garage as that was last place I had them, but where who knows. I was gathering up minis I knew I had for the RCon games & lo & behold, there was the case. I really like those & funny thing is there are a .25 less then my current ones, but they just feel better on my eyes. Decent game at the FLGS tonight. It was loud tonight thou, as the Commander (MtG) players were loud & there was anther D&D game going too. I had a headache too, so it meant trying to hear my players was a bit harder. One of my regulars didn't show but she sent a text to anther player, saying she had a migrane that had knocked her out for the count. Totally understandable there. As for the game itself, with it being so loud, some of my players are soft-spoken & anther is a "garble" talker, so there were times I just kinda nodded my head when they said something. We did finished up the AL game I started last week for them, so those characters are level 2 now. I'm thinkin it may be this game vs my regular Saltmarsh game that makes me feel a bit different afterwards. I enjoy both games, but the Saltmarsh game just has a better feel to it. One of the players who is around 13/14 brought a friend who plays, but I felt like she didn't truly understand what she was doing at times. As the game went on thou, the "teen" in her started to come out, so had to deal with that. Luckily I can either brush those things off or ignore them completely (having older kids helps with that aspect). Players enjoy the adventure of the game, so looking forward to when we play this adventure line again next month, but next week we are back to Saltmarsh & the Yuan-ti dungeon! I was disappointed in the FLGS a bit, as I'm waiting for the new Unpainted wave to arrive & they still haven't got anything in for it, nor the 2 Nightmares I ordered awhile back. Both should have been here by now. I guess I'm just wanting them to come in, so I can have them, but there are a couple minis I need for RCon games.
  10. From my chef friend. You want Helman's mayo, either regular or olive oil, there's no difference really. Simplest and best mayo on the market. I've heard of punishment details that went something like that. I would have made a terrible instructor.
  11. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. [?] Just add one clueless Griffin. I guess I have some salt…but I never add that to foodstuffs. I bought in on the whole there is too much salt in all the foods message. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ G.R.F.F.N Food Log Stardate: 20220509 This is from about two weeks ago. There was an attempt to make things with eggs. But the eggs turned out to be frozen!! Do you know what the internet says to do with eggs that have frozen? It says, put them in the fridge to thaw. My fridge was the place where they froze. Frozen eggs show a remarkable visual resemblance to Orange Sherbet. Perhaps my mistake was not making Mayo out of them?? I firmly believe that only those who know what they are doing should be allowed in kitchens. But sadly, I know exactly what I am doing anytime I am in a kitchen: at best, narrowly averting disaster. Worse, there is no one else to leave culinary tasks to.
  12. Thinking she's about done. Next up is Caramon (that'll finish off the Innfellows), then Tika and Riverwind (that'll do it for the Heroes of the Lance). Better pics tomorrow when I pull out my lightbox.
  13. Don't forget the Moustache of Magnificence.
  14. yes the google search revealed many possibilities. Thanks!
  15. Get some rest. Taking care of yourself counts as "doing something". I hope you feel better tomorrow.
  16. Early, I'm going to be traveling during my normal posting time, edition. Mix of easy wins and experimenting this go around with an overall pretty good output. I feel like I'm SO, so close to making a breakthrough with my technique. Group Shots: Reaper Yephima, Female Cloud Giant (77162) Reaper Drunken Skeleton Pirates (04058) Reaper Ratpelt Kobod Warriors (07054) Reaper Goblin Pillagers (07042) Reaper Brinewind Bed (Bones V 723) Archon Studio's Dungeons and Lasers 2 Stretch Goals and Mantic TerrainCrate (tent, stocks, glowy rock) WizKids Deep Cuts Executioner Nolzur's Bearded Devil SodaPop Mistmourn Troll DIY Ochre Jellies Reaper Townsfolk III (02655) Wizkids Pathfinder Gargantuan White Dragon
  17. I’m gonna give it a Groucho Marx nose/glasses, and a fez, and a leopard skin coat, and play Digital Underground as it makes its appearance on the battle map. Do the Humpty Flumph, got to do the Humpty Flumph.
  18. So since I don't have enough on my plate.... I decided to paint all the Duskwardens, since they are my faction... So Damaris Walmynd was the choice And her little (NOT!) dog too!!!! Pinning her wrist was.... fun.... The Drow
  19. Look MA! No Broccoli!!! So I cut it off last night and this evening, did some mold line extermination and re primed him... The Drow
  20. First off, how dare you! Second, the real question is, how many copies of Denizens are you going to buy to get more flumphs?
  21. Yeah...the green on the cape and skirt looks great. You did an awesome job sculpting the hair. It gives him a totally different look. Nice work on a fun model.
  22. Great work...the purple undertones really bring him to life.
  23. Migraine has gone away at this point. I still have not gotten anything productive done. Probably won't get much done for the rest of the night unless I get a wind and feel up to doing things. I'm so tired, probably should have napped earlier in the day.
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