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  2. Quizzle for 23 March, 2023: What is your favorite memory of one of your pets?
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  4. Unfortunately, there's not much journalism left in local news in upstate NY, the channels are locked up by Sinclair broadcasting. We're a couple reporters at a single very small station and a dying newspaper away from no local news or accountability. From the schedules for local farmer's markets, new business openings, births/obits, political news (the paper still runs a full profile on each candidate for every cycle, top to bottom), etc. Local news is essential for a civic life, and it's on the cusp of disappearing. Some people supplement some of that stuff with social media, but sourcing is difficult and overall I believe social media is a huge mental health and societal issue and avoid it as much as possible. Since we already had better methods to spread this info without destroying our society from the inside. I may feel strongly about the topic.
  5. Sweet, thank you! Hecks yeah! Thank you! Lovely to wake up to her all funded, and dang I needed that sleep last night. I've added captions to the images of the minis now, saying how big the monsters are, and how many pieces, metal or resin etc - which I just ran out of time for yesterday, it was very much typing and photoshopping frantically right up to launch. I'll be doing more tinkering and tidying today on there as well double checking for typos and clarity and all that. So what new goodies are there...... TURKEY MAN! 1 x Pewter Miniature, one piece. Sculpted by Phil Hynes. 43mm from base to top of head. Not all constructs work out. Some end up twisted, distorted and longing for the sweet release of death. Not Turkey Man of course, he has a wicked time. He's currently being cast, and with a painter lined up, we should see him in grisly flesh colours next week. Why Turkey Man? He makes a great construct or encounter and you've definitely never seen one before. Now when I work late, I imagine Turkey Man prowling the corridors. Thanksgiving is forever ruined. How big is he? At 43mm to the top of the head he towers over standard 28mm miniatures but not to a mega gigantic level. He can still fit into cupboards, ready to leap out at you. How do I add Turkey Man to my pledge? You just increase your pledge by £8, you do this in the "manage my pledge" section. You can do this as many times and at any point before the end of the project to add whatever you like. If you are in at the Pick n Mix Level, this is especially important for helping unlock more minis. Basically you just add up the total of what you want, then it's afterwards you let me know, and you'll be guided through that at the time. What's the next stretch goal? MUMMIES! 3 x Pewter Miniatures, all single piece. Sculpted by Shane Hoyle. Currently the centre mummy is cast and in a painting queue, we've had her a while [unreleased] but I like to release some minis with friends, so Shane is currently finishing off her friends to make a pack of three. Here is an artist's impression of how the far left one will look.... It's very sophisticated behind the scenes here! Painted Goodies I had an ogre in my pocket at Vapnartak trade show last month to slip out and show people who had been good, one of which was Ralph Plowman, who has previously painted for us. He was very enamored by her and convinced me to let him take her, as well as one of the standard minis. They arrived yesterday and I took this quick picture to show the scale of the big girl Luda, as well as the lovely paint jobs. The others we have so far are with the painter (John Morris) but I can play with these and the existing horror minis to make some nice scenes for future updates. Scenics and Animals Did you know we make a whole heap of scary scenics and ...alarming animals? I'll be making some bundles for these as well today and adding them to the add on section. We even have a lab to build Turkey Man in. Thank you! Keep spreading the word, Bad Squiddo Games is just one person (meeeeeeeeeee) so there's only so much promo I can do by myself - hence using KS to help get the word out there - Hello people of the internet - we have great minis! Annie Boss Lady
  6. He should have taken better care of himself, he looks so run down and beat to death…..
  7. That's right, change it up by dressing as a mime once in awhile.
  8. Good job, he definitely looks like he's up to no good!
  9. You might be onto something. Printing two or even three copies of the same puzzle in one edition would enable sharing amongst friends or family. Printed publications desperately need to find simple ways to add value. This function has mostly become the province of local TV stations if they have a local news department complete with investigative reporters.
  10. I got mine! I'm not certain when I will have the time to try them out, busy with house stuff.
  11. I need to get in on that. I was very impressed with how crisp Danarel is ....it just makes painting more enjoyable and gets great results
  12. So with the season finally switching over to Spring, I'm wanting to start spraying my models & other stuff outside again. Now I've had this model for a couple years now, one of the reason for not starting is the paint scheme: Yah, that is a chrome body with florescent red decals. I've got the decals, it's just the chrome paint that has holding me up. Chrome paint is one of those holy grails to a modeler. Find the one that will hold up the handles of model building. Now Green Stuff World aka GSW has airbrush Chrome paint & I thought about trying that one out, as a couple of videos I've watched show a fantastic finish using a gloss black undercoat for the chrome to do it's magic. Has anyone tried spraying GSW chrome for airbrush? Curious about what your reaction with the paint was/is. There is anther I think I'll trying from C1 Models called C1 Metallizer. It's a powder you buff into the paint. The darker the base paint & how much you buff into that, gives you a brighter finish. Again, what I've seen in videos, it's looks amazing. Both paints are made/from the UK, so either one will require a overseas order, unless I can find a dealer here the US. It would be nice if I could find one that stocked both. ha ha. Also, I almost forgot to ask this, but has anyone tried their Dipping Inks line? I'm assuming they are their version of Speed-Contrast type paints. I'm wanting to try all the available lines out there, so I thought I'd ask first. Thanks!
  13. Replace the swishy sword with a knobbly club and I can definitely see that as a possibility. GEM
  14. That actually is pretty good line art. I instantly saw the Reaper miniature in it. Thou, now I need to have that guy as the bouncer for a brothel.....
  15. Well we all know how dysfunctional trains have been these past few months....... Ordered a few weeks ago, picked up at the FLGS before the game, a set of Chessex I don't recall ever seeing online, ha ha: I think these are them (I left my gaming stuff in my locker at the store). Luminary Sky Silver. The pic shows a solid swirl, but mine had a swirl in them, but it wasn't as solid.
  16. The one thing you have to remember is Reaper isn't using printers that most Etsy dealers are using to sell their wares. I do believe starting next month they are going to showcase the 3 sets in Bones 6 Kickstarter that will be 3d printed at Reaper. The next 3 months will have a bugbear, lizardfolk & orc? to show you want you'll be getting from the KS. They've said they are the "missing" minis from those sets, as they'll be different then the sets.
  17. And I forgot to mention the route the locomotive took to get here. Georgia to Nashville, to Memphis, to Little Rock, to Los Angeles [?!?], back to Little Rock and finally here. Los Angeles?
  18. I thought he was a half-orc or orc zombie. That’s how I painted him at least. 😂 Either way, I love what you did and agree that the rust is top notch!!
  19. In Alaska they have a "Puppy Bus": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00NUDgkLEzM GEM
  20. Yes, it's a 3d printed figure. Reaper is using very high end professional machines. The first 3d printed figures they released were last year during Reapercon.
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