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  2. Got the latest Reaper paints in the release of paintRack rolling out right now (from the Virtual conference). Thanks to Chris for sending in the photos!
  3. In-progress shot of Aeowyn. The green is too bright and the red pants aren't working, but it's the 4th color I've tried and I'm stuck. I like how her hair has turned out and the leather bits look good. All the grey spots are going to be silver.
  4. Thank you! You've convinced me do a combi-post of "What I did for the League this month" in the show off thread The scarves were actually a happy accident- I was considering trying to make some when I realized that the scarves were kinda the right shape, so why not? They'd definitely look better that whatever misshapen horrors I could make, lol
  5. Well our county is being downgraded to Moderate tomorrow which means restaurants are going to have indoor dining again. My wife & I are gonna go celebrate by eating at a place we haven''t been to since early November. 2nd FLGS announced they are going back to live events at the store next week. Yeah!? more like errrr ehhh ok. I just watched a video on bookeyface & some guy named "Jay" I guess is taking over the D&D games. *I guess since I didn't support their Leagues initiative during the holiday lockdown I guess they don't feel like I wanna run games for them*...eh oh well. I've got my Saturday game which now becomes even more important to me. Funny how all this time I've said I hope to run games again at the store. They must have short memory loss up there. I'll still support them with purchases, if it's in store, but currently I'm not real happy with them. *speculation on my part* EDIT: Apparently "Jay" is a new employee they hired (he's never there when I've come into the store). I know the guy from his time at Gamestop, he's a likable guy, but still doesn't change how annoyed I am over this.
  6. Thank you, sir - when I started the model, I wasn't sure I would be able to recover it. It was totally covered in thick email colour. To be able to restore it up to this point is something I am very proud of. The figures were a challenge as well, and I not very satisfied with the outcome, but then again: 1/72 scale - and I painted them using an airbrush. At least partially. Haha. That was super fun and I helped my try out some things I could not try out on bigger minis. It was a good challenge and I had a lot of fun! Glad you like it. Thank you! To be honest: It was an accident: I used NOCH water effects, but when I applied it, it was too strong, so I toned it down using AK interactive mud wash. It was too dark, so I used NOCH again, and it was too shiny. So I used mat lacquer, which destroyed the whole effect, so then I applied NOCH again in very small amounts, until it suddenly worked. Thank you. It was quite a lot of work to figure out all the little details. I am glad you noticed them!
  7. I really wish Tiny Epic Pirates was delivered already. Overall, I was pretty well satisfied with how that campaign unfolded, and I'd like to consider adding a couple things I passed on during that campaign. But starting another KS while the las hasn't delivered (or even started delivering) doesn't sit well with me. I'm not suggesting that anything improper is going on, I just don't like it. And a dungeon crawler that you can play in an hour-ish? That's mighty tempting.
  8. He looks great, that mini is an unforgiving one! The yellow blending into the orange is particularly nice.
  9. That's totally worthy of a Show Off, especially if you are happy with her! She's awesome. If I had chosen Ursula for that mini, I would never have thought to try to make her scarves as the eels. That's genius creativity.
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  11. 1992--Pantera released 'Vulgar Display of Power' @MusicalFeline--that's a bummer, very sorry you had to go through that. I'm glad it wasn't any worse, though. In an effort to better fit into my new surroundings, I am having BBQ for dinner!
  12. Thank you very much. Parts of it look better in that photo, and parts look worse, but again, that pic has a lot of light reflecting (those white lines near the hem of his robe between orange and blue, that's pure reflection).
  13. Vanilla Wood smoke the Forest Autumn The Ocean (Especially waaaaaay out in the middle of it) I totally get that. My grandparents lived in Vermont and they had some neighbors that lived a few miles up the road. They had a small farm, which had cows. They also had kids that were relatively close to my age, so I spent a fair bit of time at their place playing. So, like you, that smell reminds me of all those good times long ago.
  14. I think I'm gonna add anther "favorite" smell. I have no idea what the tree is, but it blooms in June or July. The smell it produces, I absolutely love & take it fully in when I smell it. Nice thing is there is a couple trees at different spots on my walk to work + back in the 70's/80s when my grandmother had a house in a small town, those trees were everywhere around the house. Takes me back every time I breathe it in.
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  16. Thank you! They were a bigger project than I had intended but I'm really proud of them! I love the dedication you put in to finding a unique meme for every "Excellent." Thank you!
  17. I'm not sure this mini is worth a Show Off post, but I'm really happy with how she turned out. I tried to make her scarves look like Ursula's pet eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, but it was not entirely successful. I would have spent longer on her, but its a short month and @ManvsMini needs some usable pics to work his photomanipulation wizardry on!
  18. I agree with @Inarah. Further, I love Pure White. I'll probably have that in my arsenal forever. The clear bright colors are great for shifting hues around, I would suggest clear Magenta specifically to help get good purples. Other than that I'd just grab some colors you like and have at it. The two lines coexist together very well.
  19. This one took a bit longer than I had planned. She had some big gaps, and more than a few air bubbles. Some of the detail was extremely sharp, so much so, that getting paint to sit on it and look proper took some amount of effort. It's a commission for my Paint Club, and the Apprentice for a Frostgrave Warband. I painted his Wizard a couple years ago from the same line of models. Pretty happy with how it turned out.
  20. Umm.... chocolate! Wait, no, old bookstore! No, no, clean linens. Or maybe the smell of mangos! The smell of spring! the smell of autumn! Theres too many good smells! One that I like, but that doesn’t like me anymore, is woodsmoke. Brings on an instant sore throat and headache. Sadness.
  21. I backed for the EB. One of these days, I'm going to sit down, watch some videos on setting up my 3d Printer, and get around to doing so... Just need to figure out where in the house I can situate it safely.
  22. No worries on not rushing. You cut through the tough webbing, inside the first cocoon is a red goblin (like the ones before) wearing a tattered human-sized shirt that he has cut the sleeves off. He is quite dead as he is slightly a different shade of red (poisoned). Surprisingly inside the vest is a intact bottle of wine. The plain white label with blue lettering says "Tears of the Goddess". The other corpse is also a red goblin that has been poisoned by the spider. He is clutching a bottle of wine as well. Apparently the goblins felt like protecting their booze then their lives. This bottle has a gold foil label with the words in similar gold foil on it & is of a almost black color. The label reads "Dragonscale Black". Both bottles still have their seals intact. Poor goblins, they didn't even get to sample their treasures before feeling the bite of the spider!! Feel free to roll a Intelligence check (anyone) or (Nic) Lore skill to find out if you've heard anything about these wines.
  23. on a positive note: after 14 months my kidney results finally have come back as good. Recovery from the damage of last years failed cancer drug achieved! I am once again at the point where you would never know I was sick unless you could look inside.
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