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  2. Not sitting around eating candy by myself might be a boost to my self-image, lol. Technically I'm not alone with Molly and Dixie always at hand for food, but the canine companions can't partake in the candy. One of my least favorite. It's like a Snickers bar without the peanuts, and that's just settling when you really want the Snickers. Now, Milky Way Dark is another story... And have you ever noticed that, when you buy an assorted bag of candy, the ratio breakdown always has the most of the one type that is your least favorite? Whoppers always dominat
  3. And the Signum guys took it one step further... Coming to your MMF library next week... if you've been a backer from the beginning...
  4. Nice work on a delightful mini.
  5. Yay! I'm so glad to see this many comments on that eye. I was really having a hard time with it.
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  7. I grew up about half an hour northwest of Lubbock and we regularly took trips into New Mexico up around Taos, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque for family vacations. Still one of my favorite parts of the country. Sure, the mountains are bigger in colorado but there's just something about New Mexico. There's a Scout camp about halfway between Taos and Mora that backed up against the Pecos wilderness and we a few times did a day trip over to the Angostura trailhead to hike up to Jicarita peak and back. It was an all day outing but incredibly fun and is probably one of my favorite wilderness areas.
  8. Good job, the lanterns look great.
  9. ok, so came across the newest Cowboy Bebop trailer, I'm not entirely sure what I just watched but it it was fun and I think i'd like to see more. https://youtu.be/o3aEXTUj9Ek
  10. Is it bad when I did my Ghoulie Bag orders with the BoGW so close I avoided ordering the Bones USA that had been promos since I figured there was a good chance they'd show up for trades?
  11. The Crafty Creative! With Josh Foreman - Sanding, Filling, Priming, Painting. Start screen up at 1:47 PM. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
  12. Presenting the Chubby Lamplighter, along with his friends Skinny Lamplighter and Lady Lamplighter (who I haven't painted yet), who are part of the Jedza set from the game Malifaux by Wyrd Games. Despite loving Malifaux figures I stopped buying them because they just look so awful when I paint them up, but after seeing this set being unboxed on Youtube I had to pick them up. Not my best work in general (I think I spent more time reattaching the incredibly fragile dangly bits on his staff than painting him), but much better than I usually manage with the Malifaux range.
  13. Beautiful - that eye is almost like a marble - such depth
  14. Beautiful! Great work making the skin and clothing distinct greens and love the base
  15. Thanks! Painted his pet eel (I found something called a Leopard Eel on Google), the skin is Iraqi Sand/Yellow Ochre with Bonewhite highlights and a Sepia Wash, it also got Bloody Red eyes and markings made out of dots of Saddle Brown with Pale Yellow centres. Now I've gotta paint his robe.
  16. It finally happened. I managed to use a prompt from @TGP's list. Korgug is here under protest... Inktober, Day 21. Under Protest. Prompts: Fuzzy, Primal Path, Bugbear, Candle. Ink on 100lb Bristol board. I have no idea what foul magic (or cursed logic) got a bugbear anywhere near soap, much less a brush, but I'll bet there was excrement involved...
  17. Gadgetman!


    I've already backed. Just didn't have the time to post about it before now.
  18. FW Daler inks are just high flow acrylic paint. Anything you can do with acrylic paint should be fine with them. Instead of matte medium you can just add a matte additive. It already has medium in it so adding more medium will dilute the pigment. Add something like a heavy body matte medium you'd basically have what you'd consider normal acrylic paint.
  19. Yeah. If I'm getting a new Resin printer I need some new busts to print... OK, that was lame. Still getting the 'all busts' set.
  20. I continue to be surprised at how well frostgrave/stargrave conversions work out.
  21. Iagree with everyone else, that eye is fantastic! Great figure overall!
  22. Took me a while to get everything in, I had to keep packing and unpacking until I got it somewhat straight! 😄 Nice to see you snapped up the bugbear I left in there.
  23. Toss all the innards out for the local wildlife population.
  24. I have texted. About once a month. To both of them. One was dealing with wisdom teeth and I forgot to get in touch last month (life got in the way) but we lose touch here and there, he usually texts back after a few. The person I haven't heard from in months is (was?) working odd hours. I texted him yesterday. If I don't hear back, I don't hear back. I can't force stuff like this. I also have something of his that I've been trying to return and... People come, people go. Such is the way of life. I've done my bit. If they don't want to get in touch, I won't force it.
  25. I really like how you painted the "main" eye, the overlapping iris lines create a lot of depth.
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