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  2. Did some work last night. The dress, skin, horse skin, horse hair are pretty much done. Not sure on the skin yet, as I said before I am not used to painting such fair skin. Any advice on how to shade it better? Better way to make it just a little more rosy on the face? Do I need to bring out the red in the lips more? What do you think?
  3. Saturday's edition of trivia for July 24th: 1487 – Citizens of Leeuwarden, Netherlands, went on strike against a ban on foreign beer. 1969 – Apollo 11 splashed down safely in the Pacific Ocean. 1987 – Hulda Crooks, at 91 years of age, climbed Mt. Fuji, becoming the oldest person to climb Japan's highest peak.
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  5. Absolutely agree. I'm probably not the only one who struggles using the triangles and the block to properly tell me how big something is. The prices definitely give us something to go on (e.g. Kyphrixis at 20 bucks, Blightfang at 30 and T'raukzul at 50, that tells me something about their relative size.) Ideally, I'd like to end up with a bunch of dragons of different sizes. A set of new chromatic wyrmlings might be cool to have, though I understand also that young dragons aren't quite as impressive.
  6. Beautiful technique and results. The grey stones feel a bit out of place, but otherwise super smooth. And the teeth are on the nose.
  7. This is the front half of a two-part ruin from Printable Scenery, printed on my Ender 3. It's scaled for use with 28mm figures. I had originally intended it as a vehicle for using my new static grass applicator, but that turned out to be such a useless piece of junk that I reverted to my old favourite, foam flock. There is a bit of static grass on there, but it was applied via the old sprinkle-and-blow method, rather than via this new-fangled static electrickery.
  8. Full preview of Titan Forge for August, I am hoping there will be a version of the elephant without the armor and platform: The whole set is pretty awesome, but this one is probably my favorite, it also has an unmasked version: Also full preview of Cyberforge's space Egyptians/Stargate: An actual stargate as terrain is included: Also, they had some cheeky fun:
  9. Today I found a label on my Maple Leaf brand ground pork proclaiming it was "gluten free". Way to go Maple Leaf. I'm going to write a letter to Alberta Beef Producers and ask them why they aren't on the bandwagon. This is almost as good as the sustainably fished logo on Milo's beef canned cat food. Yeah, MEOW is certainly behind this...
  10. That is a thing of beauty - I love it! It turned out sooooo good!
  11. Yes. I've made a few crappy minis completely from scratch using putty. I've done resin and metal casting of minis. Now that I have a 3D printer I've also kitbashed and designed a few things with Blender and Meshmixer. For me there's a big difference between designing/creating a mini and copying/printing one. I think I'm pretty good at kitbashing and modifying existing minis/stls and making copies of them. But I struggle a lot with making a completely new mini without taking parts from something else.
  12. Very cool! 🙂 It has that cartoony look to it that I like a lot in the miniatures. I'll be painting my Halloween things from Bones 5 in October - sticking to the plan! 😉
  13. Nice job! A quality photography job always amplifies the paint job (great or poor - doesn't matter). I see this online all the time. I see it in my own work frequently. Correctly pointed light source highlights and darkens all the right parts, even if the paint job doesn't. On OSL - I just had my first attempt a couple of days ago. I think yours went much smoother 🙂
  14. Thank you for the comparison shot. Reaper really needs a good seize comparison shot for the dragons, it is so hard to tell on the webstore and in the kickstarter.
  15. luv the way the huge gem looks ! kudo's
  16. Swung by the f(ns)lgs this afternoon, saw their new location for the first time. It was purty nice. Got stuff: First time buying Magic cards since about 1995 lol (or, well, bought a Commander deck a few years ago but never played, so never mind that). It was a lot of cards! I found it kind of tiresome just opening them all up and digging through. Anyway, was gonna share the cards that really stood out to me--I have no idea which are actually good; I've just been enjoying looking at the art and seeing old-favorite monsters &c. in
  17. lol Go for it! I painted the teeth white first as a basecoat for the other colors. He looked fine with white teeth but I do prefer the candy corn!
  18. @Glitterwolf Hahaha, this one will be challenging, as most of my mini's are on the darker side as well! Laid down some base color, I think it is the right direction? Any pointers before I really begin on the fine lady?
  19. Got a email today saying I'm rescheduled for Monday (vs Tues) as well.
  20. I already told @Pochi this, but just to put it on the record, I'm going to shamelessly steal...ahem, use this photo for inspiration when I paint mine.
  21. I'm just guessing here, but I believe @bojesphob pic has the big dragons from the Options list, the sea dragon from dark depths, the dragon from daimyo, and all of the dragons from the core set.
  22. Very inspiring! Lovely lovely job.
  23. Dang nice. I hope my turns out half as good as yours.
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