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  2. Only two Elementals to go and I'm all done with painting up this game!
  3. Since the spreadsheet is updated with bones 5 listings, should we start putting in what we ordered or wait til it shows up? I didn't order all of it, but I got plenty still to work on when something is chosen that I don't have. All the painted ones in the picture are the rest of my old Mageknight minis that still need to be stripped, painted and put on proper bases.
  4. I just tried Krylon Matte Finish 1311and I have to say it's really pretty good IMO. It's not as matte as Dullcote but its pretty close. WAY better than any of the Rustoleum things I've tried.
  5. That black coat is amazing. I like the smooth, subtle highlight you did on this model. I also like the Thor's hammer pendant and the rings that he wears on his fingers, great details.
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  7. I've yet to look inside my printer, much less yours, so I'm just guessing here. I can't really judge visually, but google tells me that model is an 80mm fan. Have you tried searching a computer parts site for an 80mm case fan? It will give you a decibel rating on the site. For example, this fan that popped up on newegg says its 20.9db.
  8. Thanks Rigel! I tried to work a couple of colors into the hair as I didn’t want it a pure white kind of affair.
  9. ALL THINGS BARBECUE!!!!!! Ah, I see that @buglips*the*goblin is displaying his vaunted negotiating skills.
  10. @TGPsince the Bones 5 set is locked, it's going to be an unchanging list. The current bones 4 (and others) list is a compiled inventory of what everyone has. Once we're in bones 5 mode, it's all hands on deck to paint that stuff, which was the goal with Paint Club. Not to say we can't sprinkle in some others, but that bones 5 list should be locked. Make sense? I'm also open to suggestions here since this isn't exactly a dictatorship. @Inarahthanks for getting rid of the green. Odd how it was there. I tried to get rid off it a few times, but didn't know why it was showing up. #spreadsheetqueen We're only weeks away though...so excited!
  11. She's got a talent for eyes! Good reptilian pattern on the body, too.
  12. The white hair and black coat make a great contrast!
  13. I am super excited for this kickstarter. The sculpts look amazing so far.
  14. Lovely basing and owl eyes! Kitties do be like that, it's true.
  15. Patchwork kilt looks great, and so do those groady bandages!
  16. I like it. But I'm a bit biased. I once proposed a similar idea for "group" minis (i.e. town guards, mass thugs, etc.) to get a little more variety. I really dislike duplicating figures.
  17. Hello all you Reaper folks! So was working on another Reaper figure, actually finished two Reapers within a month's time, doesn't happen too often! This one is Mike Noe, Biker Boss, a nice modern figure, also something I don't do too often! Used a pretty limited palette as requested by the person I painted it for! Painted the t-shirt, coat and rifle all black, but separately, trying to make them a little different from one another. Can you at al tell differences? Anyhoos, enjoy!
  18. This seems like a major Eberron rip off.
  19. Might not get around to it until the weekend, but I'll definitely give it a shot!
  20. Ok, so next week I'm gonna be replacing the LCD in my printer finally, but I'm also gonna replace the noisy fan on the very bottom of the printer. I finally found a good shot of the guts from the bottom: Now the fan I ordered a few months ago is definitely not the one I need as it's one of the filter fans. So I'm gonna have to order a fan this week. That is why I'm posting here. What fan is good for this? I've read where someone has modded theirs to run a 120mm fan, I just wanna do a direct replacement of it. One caution I have is the connections. Does the fan just clip into one of the white connectors or is it one that the wires go into the posts that screw down (like on a Ender 3)? Funny how now I find this site vs trying to find anything these past few months: (note the fan wire, it clips into one of the white connectors (yeah!!) Any help will be appreciated for this.
  21. Ratmen. Now I am printing the failed base and a town (since I had a failed base followed by a failed rat king print).
  22. Ok, first off always odd to see a state of Oregon commercial on Idaho stations but just seen one showing a baby shower outside with 6 women & it's pouring down rain. The message was about social distancing & such.
  23. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skies-of-sordane/airship-campaigns?ref=bd1m6p Pretty cool stuff, I'm not sure if I'll pledge or not. I have one of their skyships I picked up during one of MMF's holiday sales last year. I should try & print it out sometime.
  24. I think I'd pledge for this over a static miniature. I can print out minis with optional hands/weapons etc, but overall I think this aspect of the hobby is best left to actual physical miniatures. I hate printing out tiny stuff on my printer. Supposedly the argument is gamers just want minis they can plop down on the table & play. I say learn how to do put things together, get over the fear! Hell, if I can do it, everyone can do it!
  25. If you have steel pots, a portable induction burner or two work really nice. For work surfaces maybe pick up a couple of big cutting boards. We use our old school slow cookers for stews and pulled pork and lots of things. Haven't looked at getting a multicooker yet. Plan ahead for simpler meals (not so fancy you!) , and assuming you have a freezer, wouldn't hurt to prep some meals in advance that can just be thawed and heated.
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