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  2. This is what I am working on. Letting the pumice paste dry now.
  3. **wraps a feathered wing around kindly Druid**
  4. So how’s this for a nest in your window box https://returntonow.net/2020/06/02/giant-owl-chicks-hatch-in-mans-window-planter-and-now-they-watch-tv-with-him/
  5. There's never a Rust Monster handy when you need one most. Does anyone in the party have any kind of a spell in their spellbooks that might weaken the metal of the collar/chain? G'Luck GEM
  6. No oven, no baking... That could happen... Not impossible... There’s no one around to play one with... Not ever again...
  7. Is that a giant flying stand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  8. This guy has a nice patina.
  9. WEEKEND CHALLENGE June 5th / June 7th. With many of us under Lockdown and all, many of us started to bake more, write more, hobby more etc etc... Show us what you're doing this weekend. ( Bake a cake/paint a mini/ write a story/pics of boardgames/ hikes etc etc) I have decided to build a bridge out of it. It is sized for a dragon to sit on as mini -spawn wants more terrain for the dragons, and I really wanted a bridge.
  10. My wife started cooking in defense of flavor. Her mother wasnt a terrible cook but she did not know how to flavor anything and all was bland colorless and tiring. Which is unsurprising because her mother was one of those people who ate because the body needed fuel, not because she enjoyed it. In these modern times she probably would have lived off of ensure and energy bars and never give a thought to cooking ever again. I started cooking because my mother insisted and it was fun. My family liked to see something new on the dinner table at least once a week. Some of it worked, some not so much (the less said about the green jello potato salad the better!) Overall though both me and my brother wound up being able to cook, i enjoyed it much more than he did though.
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  12. So was mine - that's why I started cooking. *** Rather than wait for the orcs to attack our camp again, we are tracking them. I was expecting a fort or a fortified camp. What we found was a dungeon... with a troll chained outside of the entrance like a watchdog. His flesh has grown over the collar, so the chain is actually going into his neck. I have no idea what he would do if we somehow manage to shatter his chain - but I think he will just attack whoever is nearest. His neck is seeping. There are also some barricades in front of the entrance, facing the path - but they are not manned, right now. We are at full HP, and only down a few low level spells - we are deciding whether to attack now, or rest and regain the spells - the weight of opinion seems to be... ... ... get pizza and make the decision as we nosh. (But leaning towards kill them now, not later.) Svenlinda - Julie's witch - has a Fireball prepared. That is it for fire damage, so if we attack the troll, it will be a hard fight. I don't know what her hexes are, aside from Cauldron and Cackle. No Alchemist Fire. And if we want to sneak... torches are a no-no. (We are attacking by day - so if the orcs come out to play they will suffer from the daylight.) We have the party, Sera, and two dwarfs - the giant stayed at the village to help guard it, and to be fed for his aid in the battle against the orc raiders. The Auld Grump
  13. I had a hard time not taking them all. Here's a couple of pieces from the bits bag. If for no other reason, giving me the guns to mod another bones goblin for my time traveling goblins made this worth it.
  14. Doing what I normally do, probably nothing. No lockdown for me!! "Essential" (yah right) worker here.... Thou I can't wait till the end of July to re-start my painting (ie vacation time so I can clean up/re-organize the hobby room) so I may try to attempt to start that.
  15. I couldn't have said this any better. I attribute my love for charcoal to you! I wish I could sculpt traditionally more, as that's something I love too. But digital really helps with physical issues. @TaleSpinner I have such fond memories of growing and canning produce with my grandparents! Even in an apartment, I still at least grow and dry my own herbs. I love the weekend challenge! I'll share what I've been working on lately after we come back from camping :)
  16. I was getting more painting in for a while... for the past month though, it's been overtime, and there will be more of it this weekend BUT I will try to get more paint onto a mini.
  17. Seriously thought about stopping at B&R (inside a Chevron station here) later. I may have to see if the wife & kids wanna tag along. Mint sounds good right now.
  18. All the talk of ice cream has made it necessary for a pilgrimage to the Blue Bunny section of the frozen foods aisle. With a stop at Menchie's [fro-yo] on the way back. GEM
  19. North Alabama search warrant nets meth, body armor, and a squirrel
  20. Those are actually just generic party favoresque toy robots from Amazon. I first saw them on an episode of Miniature Mashup and couldn't resist getting some. In all honesty I threw a few into the box thinking no one would be interested, guess that shows what I know. Sir Forscale shows they are somewhat smaller but definitely close enough as far as scale goes. Their real appeal comes with how easily they can be used to create a robot horde for sci-fi games.
  21. Not a bad thing to remember your mistakes, so you can improve. I like to say something like, "Do it wrong, fix it, do it wrong again, fix THAT, until you do it right. Easy!" Maybe move the Ottlite quite a bit farther away, and/or use a diffuser? Someone on the forums this week posted a shot of their simple photo set up. I'll link it if I find it again.
  22. On one hand I'm glad he can't because his mother is a terrible cook. ETA: carbonara is delicious.
  23. Very appropriate, considering Jason is from Washington state where the Murder Hornet was first seen in the US. Looking forward to these! (I just hope those hex bases fit a plastic round base.....)
  24. Dunno if it had been shared already, but from Jason Wiebe's Facebook "Death comes to Beetown-- client:Reaper miniatures"
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