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  2. I've been quite good at sticking to projects this month. The pig faced orcs are done, the Bones IV creatures and trolls, and now some pirates. I am looking at some really nice undead humanoids that I got from Diehard miniatures. They are all primed and washed so would just need to rattle through them.
  3. That seems to be the most common modification done to said dragon.
  4. Thank you! It's just modelling paste for the beach, drybrushed with tan earth and then banshee brown. The water is just mid/light blue, blobbed on, and then a quite a thick layer of Gloss mod podge. It then dries back with ripples. Thank you! I have a cheap lightbox somewhere so need to get myself organised. I also tend to go for a muted end result so things can look dull.
  5. Excellent! You really captured the look and feel of it.
  6. Just got this guy as my freebie. Not sure what I'm going to do with him yet. I found your picture while doing a Google Image search to see a size comparison after I placed my order. I might end-up using him as a bogeyman that keeps coming back from the dead and hounds the party. Really depends on whether I decide to treat him as a Medium or Large creature when I compare him to some of my others, as that particular reoccurring villain is Medium. I particularly like the red eyes on him in your pictures.
  7. These are some cool cats and kittens...
  8. Those resin pieces are awesome but wow are they expensive! I am thinking of going for Heart of the Wilds. It plus some water tiles and maybe some strategic tray add ons would make most outdoor builds possible.
  9. Today
  10. Didn't need to click the link - I love PMJ. *EDIT* But I did anyway! The Auld Grump
  11. I seem to have a minor sinus infection and just cannot sleep this week. Even with Benadryl. My day off, I get maybe three hours. This is going to be a fun night... Maybe I'll see if I can take a nap?
  12. I laughed all the way through it, as I have that John McClane reflex, but it was really, really, really, not funny. I was v. lucky.
  13. Been watching all the old UPN sitcoms on Netflix. Good times. Hear they're losing The Office, prolly for a while at the very least (seriously, broccoli you, NBC, I'm not doing another broccolity broccoliing streaming service, and broccoli you too, Disney and HBO and CBS, while we're at it here, I was literally threatening just to go back to cable at this point earlier tonight lol, thank you for attending my parenthetical TED talk), so think I'll restart that again here soon. It's become one of my regular go-back-tos, so will miss it.
  14. Unforgettable, and "something for the never again bucket list" is how I'd describe that.
  15. Not the way die Familie Strawhat does it. Sugar or syrup on the outside, sometimes both, maybe apples or cherries on the inside--unless you want more sugar or syrup, that is. It's an idea, but I fear Grandpa Strawhat would spin in his grave...
  16. Hitting black ice at fifty miles an hour is an amazing experience even on a flat, empty road, I can report.
  17. These are amazing! I love them!
  18. Oh I've got one of those, even has a mulcher attachment to it. Just somedays, you just wanna be outside in the backyard with very little noise going on. It was actually nice today, outside with a short sleeve shirt. Mornings the last couple have been cold, like lower 30s. It's cold right now. Thumper is inside as well. While she's stayed outside in weather like this, with us having her fully in our care now, we decided she wasn't going to be outside when it got real cold. I think she is enjoying herself this time around. She even enjoys it more if you put a warm from the dryer towel in her pop up cage (made for a medium size dog) we put her in at night. We let her roam the house in the day.
  19. This past Spring. Although a few days ago was close to one. Insomnia.
  20. Finally got back to painting tonight but I didn't get much done. I basecoated all the green skin with a few models even recieving some blue on their clothing and weapons.
  21. four wheel drive does not equal four wheel stop. A lesson a number of folks around here seem to need to relearn every winter. 'Am I on the road" is a game I do not like, and is part of why I don't drive much in the winter. I've had the slip and slide feeling a few times, and it scares me too much.
  22. Yeah, I put good winter tires on the vehicles the wife drives. Without them I even scared myself a few times. My truck has all seasons because it's 4x4. It'll move forward unless I'm bellied out in a bad drift which has happened but sometimes stopping is not quite what I'd hope for. Just a couple days ago I made a really wild turn at a stop sign when I stepped on the brakes and she said, "Naw, not right now." Luckily traffic here is almost nonexistant a lot the time.
  23. How have I not seen this before?! Pinky and the Brain and PMJ? And then to get Rob and Maurice on top of it all? Rob was actually at a local con a few years back. I still regret not going there and getting him to autograph my P&tB DVDs (well, a box or something).
  24. [?] SAvory crepes with meat inside of them. Nix the internal. interior carbs in the crepes.
  25. Added a rust wash ala Erick's Hobby Workshop to a bunch of stuff. Pay no attention to the over chipped hut in the back.
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