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  2. ReaperLand #072. Started at 3:10 PM. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
  3. Yeah, I've only started using it too. Much better than bowls of soap and water and lots of scrubbing. List of the minis:
  4. That looks great. Did you do a lot of drybrushing?
  5. So far my day has involved coffee, a cinnamon bun, a call with my therapist, and losing my mind chasing other people's cows out of the yard.
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  7. To be precise, it's a Scarab from the Necron Army, these were used in swarms and to adorn bases as well.
  8. Great work! Now excuse me while I go order a truckload of bugspray!
  9. Cool to see how you developed your skills. Looks good!
  10. I agree with your thinking...one of the reasons I got two of this encounter to begin with. That being said, I can’t imagine there won’t be entrepreneurial types who will be buying the Encounter sets and breaking them up for resale on the usual secondary sites.
  11. There's this new girl in town, a lovely young woman who likes to make dolls for the children. She doesn't sell them though, she gives them away. What a noble soul she is.
  12. Printed stuff ( after some troubleshooting) and primed. Here's a little set up, hope I can finish it this weekend.
  13. Hey everyone, here are pictures of the Tabletop world Cottage I painted this week. I painted it mostly with Reaper MSP paint. The stones were painted with 9088 Stormy Grey and 9089 Cloudy Grey. The shingles were painted with 09028 Muddy Brown, 09030 Leather Brown, 09031 Tanned Leather and 29825 Tusk Ivory. I also added rust effect on the metal parts using 09028 Muddy Brown and 09469 Fireball Orange. I finally added shading with a 09255 Black Wash on some areas to give more contrast to the stones and shingles.
  14. There is a lot to be afraid of, especially during the night. Vampires, ghouls, werewolves and zombies, foul necromancers and demons. But it's not just the Undead we need to be wary of. Sometimes the face of evil is not immediately recognizable. Printed after a few failures...my screen was dirty and the fep needed replacing as well. Already created a base and started with primer..
  15. It worked, that solved the problem. Prints have been perfect now.
  16. It worked!!! And now .....the project... More in my Children of the Night Thread...
  17. Only thing I can claim is finding a Baby Yoda costume for my g'niece last week!
  18. @MojoBob you might want to check out Fighting Piranha decals. I don't know if they are the right size but their stuff is first rate quality wise.
  19. Relaxing here on our last day of Myrtle Beach. Lady C and her cousin are out on the beach and I am relaxing here with a nice cup of coffee. Tomorrow we head for Atlanta and then Sunday home. Just heard from @malefactus, he is getting settled in NY and sounds quite happy! He said he will be back shortly.
  20. Well, I’m now $93 poorer. Future Merry Christmas to me, I guess. 😜
  21. This may work. I had an issue with a faulty tub of Army Painter Quickshade (on a non-reaper plastic model) were it never dried. After several day sit was still tacky. Army painter suggested I spray it with a matt varnish, they recommended I use their Anti-Shine rattle can, but I imagine any matt varnish would have done the job. It fixed it and saved me from having to repaint seven figures.
  22. This is a topic that will get you many differing answers. For my part I like to use a gloss first. Any brand is fine as far as I'm concerned. Then follow with a matt. I have used both Testors Dullcote and like it but it can be hard to get sometimes. Krylon 1311 from the art store is almost just as matt in my tests, cheaper by volume, and easy to get if you have a nearby art supply store. If you are sealing bones models just be aware some people have had issues with the model never fully drying when sprayed by a rattle can and remaining tacky to the touch. I've not personally
  23. Building a gunpla kit, working on a resin conversion for a different gunpla kit, and I should probably start putting waterslide decals into these various kits here that are waiting on such. The pile is getting a little.... Large now, lol. Pic not included due to not being available (I'm at work, and never took one), but it's something like five kits now I think, possibly six.
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