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    Painted up Jason Weibe's female Minotaur from Bones 4. She's my new character in our main campaign. A southern sweetheart with a bit of a temper. She's very impatient but has a heart of gold and endless loyalty.
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    After finishing up the ghost pirates for my ghost ship, I moved on to the next inspiration I had for my Bones 4 pledge minis, the Thunderfoot behemoth! I almost went with the Blacktooth Terror, but I need to do some gap filling on that one and figured the Thunderfoot I could just paint away since I had a little free time the last two nights. I was hoping the designs I put on before doing the washes and drybrushing would have stood out more, but overall I still like how he turned out!
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    Not quite done, but done enough for a Show Off thread. Here is my fiery Blacksting from bones 4
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    This is my take on the Bones 4 Blacksting Wyvern. Definitely not to the level of the beautiful one from Sirithiliel. But I’m pretty pleased with it. I used a lot of shortcuts to get the most bang in the least amount of time : “blending” with airbrush, overuse of washes, and “dirty” feel to hide the crimes. This sculpt was a pleasure to work on and the large wingspan really makes it stand out (and hard to take pics of).
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    Had to get my snake folks painted up. I've been wanting an army of these for 20+ years. Yay for Chris Lewis and bones 4!
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    He still needs a bit of work but he is done enough for a Show Off thread i went with white scales to offset the decay with purity, and tried to not use any red in the fleshy bits
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    Not sure if this guy has a real name, all I could see was paizo and the year on the bottom of the base. I didn't want the spell to be fire, but more of a holy light. I think it is pretty close to what I was going for. Added a couple of clear wizkids potion bottles to the base too.
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    Good evening everybody! Just finished this one up last night and got pictures taken this afternoon. This one is an old school Julie Guthrie model from her Ral Partha All Things Dark and Dangerous days. Can't say if it was originally just an archer or a ranger, but she's definitely an archer and it doesn't take much imagination to make her a ranger as well. As always, colors gave me fits, but with the thought she was a ranger, I wanted mostly greens and browns, with some pops of colors (like her lavender money bag and her red sword hilts). The hardest choice on this lovely lady was the color choice for her gloves. I finally gave up and painted her with a light green (the same green that I'm using for the interior of a cloak on my next figure). So anyway, I took a bunch of angles of her, hope you like her!
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    Hello all, want to share the last minis I've painted: Alice and White rabbit. I was inspired by the color choice of the 50's Disney animated movie, so blonde air, azure dress and white apron for Alice; no more space for other colors but the jade-green vial, and the brown boots. Red, blue and yellow is my color choice for the White rabbit; instead of white, I opted for a more natural "leprous" looks for the fur. I keep my search for the "add more contrast quest"... little by little I think I'm achieving it Quite Happy of the result Let me know what you girls and guys think about them. As always every advice and critics is more than welcome. Thanks for watching.
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    Not much time to paint lately, but I did manage to give this about 30 minutes of attention last night. I absolutely love this sculpt. And I am eagerly anticipating someone with better skills painting this up in the future so I can fully appreciate it!
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    Delivered by c-section (), 3:59pm May 8, 2019, 7lbs 10oz, 20 inches. She started out purple, but quickly turned pink.
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    Third mini for now. This one has sat on my shelf of shame for a long, long time and has changed from a brown, to grey, to finally a snowy owl. The miniature is absolutely stunning. So much detail and magic to this piece it has overwhelmed me for years. But no more! I found a look I liked and brought it into the light of day. I really love this piece Unfortunately the original rider did not survive the trip down the timestream. I substituted a miniature I had from the first metal castings of the first Toughest Girls in the Galaxy kickstarter. (darned if i can remember the company name) These minis are pretty nice if a little fragile. so once the owl was done i fashioned up the lady with a trident and a net and set her in the missing riders place. Hope everyone enjoys this, I certainly did!
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    I got this old GW Mordheim Witchhunter Wardog from a BOGW, he came primed black. Decided to paint him as an Akita so he could be included in my Nippon Project as Mariko's companion. WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/&page=10&tab=comments#comment-1829755 Here he is and in the last pic he's shown with his friend Mariko.
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    This project was initiated by a little failed experiment with 2 parts epoxy resin (for water effect) that snowballed into a completely unrelated diorama. I put a kelpie in a clear tube and poured epoxy resin on it. There were too many bubbles in it. But this reminded me of the round aquariums so often pictured in mad scientists’ lab. The closest mini for scientists I had, were 2 chronoscope Bones. The furniture and decor is a mix of handmade (foam, clay, random recycling), Boardgame spare pieces (Dungeon Saga) and Bones. C&C welcome.
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    It's here! It was a struggle, but thanks to the boyfriend and a trusty IKEA bag we were able to carry it home. The box was standing in front of the counter in the Lotto shop, since it was too big for the shelf meant for their DPD stuff. The Lotto lady was highly amused but overall very nice. Now we'll wait until tomorrow, 7 PM, to open it up. And, because there is demand for more cat content, here is Nox being the first to inspect their new box.
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    Recently @Kangaroorex sent me a Ki'rinn for my Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon Project along with a Asian Dragon, a Chibi Dragon and some candy. I already had one of these Ki'Rinn and decided to paint them in two different versions, brother/sister? Evil/Good? You decide. WIP Here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/& Anyway, as with the Asian Dragon I wanted to show their unnatural appearance by combining normal paint with metallic highlights. So here they are. Hope you like them.
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    Picked this guy up awhile ago and decided to paint him up. He had some problems common with Wizkids' pre-primed miniatures. Mostly overly thick primer and a few fitting issues. Had to strip him and prime it over again and do a tiny bit of greenstuff work to close a gap in one of the antenna. Once that was done the paining went quickly. Added a bit of drool to add some character and action to the piece. And then I felt the base was a bit plain so I sculpted a few mushrooms and got a tad brave adding some OSL as well. Over all very happy with the mini. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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    No cats, but here is Snickerdoodle in my bones 4 box:
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    Hubby woke up and was able to send pictures. I love her expression in this:
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    Hello guys and gals, on my continuing question to keep painting some iconic and classic Hackmaster figures, I finally got this fellow finished, a barbarian that has some kind of resemblance to that one little cartoon barbarian kid in the old D & D cartoon: He's kind of lank and lean, not a huge, thick muscle bound barbarian, even though he doesn't really have any body fat going on. I wanted kind of more natural colors for him, and tried a pop of color with his moneybag, and I think I ended u with the metal being a tad too blue, but that just seems to be the way I'm doing metal nowadays. He's got his weapons, a money bag and a rope, so not too overly laden and pretty fun to paint. Enjoy!
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    These are from Kensei, I got them from their Kickstarter Wako vs Namban. I used them as Conquistadores for my Lost World Project. 5 Herruelos ( Cavalry with arquebuses). I got some great advice from @SisterMaryNapalm about the horses, I do think they look better this way. WIP here. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=143 I used resin bases and made two myself with a Rollerpin from Greenstuffworld.
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    Finally got around to taking some pictures of the work I have been doing. Some of this was done early march, some done in the few minutes when i wasn't either sleeping or working. This has been sitting on my "want to do this shelf" (different from my 'tried and failed shelf of shame' Anyway there was a little picture that someone put together of the Jungle titan rocking out on a photoshoped in guitar and the temple dragon as the lead singer. So i took this to the logical conclusion and created the band "Punk Lizards" they use the dragon plants as part of the light show. This is not the greatest work, but it was fun and i will enjoy having it up and on display! Hope everyone enjoys!
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    So I finished this one two nights ago, didn't get around to taking his photo yesterday because I got home too late last night and it was just too dark to take advantage of natural light. Here is another Julie Guthrie Ral Partha classic from the eighties a hooded fighter/warrior/ranger with sword and shield. Being he was originally listed in the eighties as a ranger: I wanted to give greens and browns, but nowadays being he is just being called a hooded fighter, I still wanted to keep some natural colors but ended up giving him some non-rangery colors on his shield: Also his inner cloak I used the same colors and painted at the same time as the female archer I just finished (her green gloves). Anyhows, hope you enjoy another classic figure from the past! Julie Guthrie was great back then and she's even greater now!
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    I needed an evil plant for a game. One that could eat an unfortunate PC. Luckily the Death Star Lily comes in both 'open' and 'closed' configuration. Closed Open Both at the same time Since they're meant to be two versions of the same plant I painted them the same way. The underside of the open petals looks the same as the closed petals. Also, mixing various red inks from multiple sources makes for that shiny richness of the open mouth. I recommend it.