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    Quoralei the sea elf bard (03631) is one of my sculpts from several years ago that I'm finally getting around to painting. Sharing the base with her is a sea ray, one of the aquatic familiars sculpted by Julie Guthrie in the Familiar Pack VII (02948). Pics first, then some more words: Reaper released several underwater figures around 15 years ago, including Bob Ridolfi's Slithe Queen (02902), Julie Guthrie's aquatic familiars (02948) and Werner Klocke's mermaid (03078). I was inspired by the way they simulated the underwater setting and buoyancy, with coral or seaweed on the bases, dynamic poses, and floating hair and fins. I extended Reaper's aquatic offerings by sculpting a male and female sea elf in 2006. In 2007, I made a diorama of a coral reef with my 2 elves hiding from the evil mermaid and her Slithe Queen hunting-beast. I intended to populate the reef diorama with at least one of the aquatic familiars, and I prepped and primed Julie's manta ray, but I ran out of time before painting it -- the diorama was a contest entry for GenCon. (It won Best of Show even without the extra creatures!) The primed manta ray went back into my bits-box. A few years later, in 2012, I sketched a few characters for ReaperRon to review, and he liked this female bard with the conch-shell horn and a boy-shorts swimsuit. I sculpted her, Reaper released her, and Reaper's painter at the time (Martin) painted her for the online gallery. Without the pressure of painting one for the gallery myself, I left my copy of the figure unpainted and went on to sculpting and painting other things. Now it's 2021 and I'm finding new motivation to paint. I've been watching / listening to Anne's Twitch show on most days, among others. I'm clearing my backlog of figures, with the added incentive of points in the Reaper Challenge League. I painted my Frost Giant Princess a few weeks ago, for example. The casting of Quoralei had some noticeable mold-shift around her arms and hair, but used a knife and gloss sealer to fix the problems ... not perfectly for competition-level, but well enough. She already has a seahorse under her arm, but I decided that she needed a bigger companion to fill the foreground space. I auditioned some other fishes and sharks for the part, but I came back to the ray. I did a web-search for photos of real rays, and one blue-spotted ray inspired the colors that I used here. I used many of the same colors on the elf and the base as what I had used on my Reef diorama (since I still have my notes), but my techniques and eye for contrast have changed a bit. I'm especially pleased at the interplay of the blues and browns on the base. I didn't have a result in mind, but I just put some colors on my palette and mixed and stippled and glazed for a while. The colors on the conch shell and the seahorse are also mostly accidental -- several layers of glazes and fine stripes with whatever was on my palette, until I decided "enough". Enjoy, Derek
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    An experiment in NMM in an attempt to up my game on the subject. Slowly but surely I think I'm getting the hang of this.
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    Enlarge! Hello everyone, here are pictures of the 44109, Enlarged Dark Dwarf Smiter I completed last night. The size of this model allowed me to add more texture on the leather. I also added light effect on the face and the shield rivets. For those of you who may wonder, Dark Dwarves (Duergar) can once a day use their spell-like ability to enlarge themselves. This Bones Black model was sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
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    This is a crone from the Witcher 3 video game, which I got from DarkRealms on Thingiverse. This is the second version of this figure I've done. the first one was printed on my Ender 3, this one on the Elegoo Mars Pro.
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    Converted Velocthulu, Dire Crocodile, carrion worm, Dire boar, WizKids Boar Demon, Dreadmere bandit, Tavern Wench, and Dwarf Ranger.
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    Well, it's the second month of the Reaper Challenge League and its time to post my February co-op entries. A massive 'thank you' to all my partners and please feel free to post your pictures in this thread. First up is this handsome fellow, the Carrion Worm 77541. My partners with this mini were @Evilhalfling and @Pochi. I may have gone a little bit overboard with the goo, but it must be hard to use a toothbrush with those tiny little hands! Second up is my entry with @Humansquish, Treasure Rocky 77918. I absolutely adore this little guy and I'm definitely going to use him as an opponent against my players when our lockdown finally ends. Last but definitely not least is my Elf Cleric 77441, which is part of my Trio with @Thoramel and @ManvsMini, Our theme was "Disney Villans" and I decided to make things easy for myself by picking Ursula, the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. I take roughly 20% of the credit for the tentacles, the rest belongs to my Tentacle Maker from Greenstuff World. My housemate has already called 'dibs' on this mini for use as a Big Bad in their first game post lockdown Thanks for looking everyone! Any comments and/or criticism are very welcome.
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    Was painted before I tried Reaper Paints. But this is one of my favorites
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    Thank you to @Cicciopiu! I followed his tips on how to take pics with a cell phone and I am really happy with how the pictures turned out. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91761-found-new-way-to-take-minis-pics-with-the-phone/
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    I painted the Child from the Mandalorian! I got a few different sculpts printed by one of my friends, and I love them so much! Look at him! Not too shabby for a fun little speed paint! If you like him, check out my blog for more nonsense and painting and rambling!!
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    Hello, Had this on my shelf for literally over a decade. Something just didn't work with the colors I had started with and it got pushed further and further back in my painting queue. Found her again a while ago, decided to change the colors of her hair and shirt and suddenly everything looked ok.
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    A long time ago I bought a blister of Squig Herders. I wanted something easy to quickly finish in between my other projects, which seemed to take forever. Well... I painted the purple Squig in 2016 and finished the Goblins last year. The pink and the orange Squig just left my painting desk. So talking about quick... Wasn't too motivated with this project, so it's more of a get-it-off-my-desk-quality. Still, it was fun, sometimes. Enjoy!
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    Here's a picture of trainee police dog Duer, getting ready for his career protecting the people of Scotland. I feel safer already
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    Green dragons are by far my favorite of the chromatic dragons for their cunning and treacherous nature so I'm glad I finally got this one finished. In my homebrew game dragons are inherently magical creatures and green dragons use spells to enhance their trickery and misdirection.
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    There was that super embarrassing time I wrote Reaper customer service, asking why I didn't have the bones centipedes pictured in the product photo. The reply: "Rotate one 180 degrees and it will match the photo". Wow. I bet there's a copy of that email on the wall in Cust Serv.
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    And here is my entry to complete the trio I did with @Thoramel and @Kuroneko. Many thanks to my partners, this was a fun one. As we did Disney villains for inspiration, I chose Mother Gothel from Tangled. Serious apologies for the crummy picture, I have to figure out a better way of lighting them so the face doesn't get drowned out by light (bulbs may be too bright, might need cloth/cover over them to disperse the light?). Best pic I could get, the face looks worse than in person... and it's bad in person! My own critique: face is blaaaah (had a not great cast to begin with, and then I overpainted and it got chunky from the layers), I forgot eyebrows, the little hip flask needs more work. And I feel like her eyes need some type of makeup. This pic doesn't do the magenta-ish robes justice, but I am particularly proud of them. Shadows turned out real well, I would have liked to get a brighter highlight but couldn't get a good color mixed and blended into everything else. Highlights higher all the way around. And here's how my group's trio turned out together.
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    Oh, I finally read back far enough to see it in this thread. My apologies. Those dudes that pop in and repost content everybody's already seen a thousand times are the literal worst, and now those dudes are me. As penance and peace offering please allow me to share a vastly inferior meme I'm quite sure no one's seen.
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    It's a cougar! Specifically it's a firepelt cougar, from the world of Golarion (Pathfinder RPG). It's also my submission for the Reaper Challenge League under the January theme of "Ice or Fire". Pathfinder authors have described firepelts as having black-and-red or "autumnal" coloration, but I know of only one image in a Paizo book: the 5th anniversary book of Rise of the Runelords shows one as mostly black with thin orange stripes running down its back and orange rings on its tail. I used that as a point of departure, plus extra reference in the form of photos of cougars, and photos of rare recessive-gene "king cheetahs" that have stripes and large blotchy spots instead of the usual small round spots. I cut away parts of this guy's integral base, and sculpted a grouping of rocks that the cougar is descending. Enjoy! Derek
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    Just read an article on the stages of marriage. Honeymoon stage, where everything is rose colored glasses. First few years. Bickering stage, where you start to find faults you didn't notice before, about five to maybe ten or fifteen years in. Then quiet partnership, now that you know each other, and are willing to give each other room. Somehow I think Grump and me skipped both of the first two stages, and slid right into quiet domesticity. No mad passionate romance, but our bickering is mostly about rules for games. It helps that each of us knows how to blast the other out of our funks. I shoved him into the after school game, and he dropped a 3D printer on me. We were both right! We also both made damned sure we knew each others faults. Grump tried to scare me off with his! I'm so mean and nasty! Grrr! Would you like another pork chop?
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    A quicksketch idea from a warmup page that I want to evolve into a piece at some point. It's one of my favorite drawings, even in such an early stage, so I leave it on there to remember I will draw cool stuff again at some point.
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    I'm starting to think that I should make a converting shields class for ReaperCon. We could cover stripping a shield of details and adding a layer of GS to make it perfectly smooth AND adding relief details to a smooth shield.
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    Yeah. I've been trying for years. My biggest stumbling block has been that just a few years ago, I was biking several miles to work, unloading trucks, and biking back home. Now I have maybe a couple hours a day to get things done. I just hit the unlucky genetics lottery. I still want to be a sculptor! It just won't be in as much physical clay as I would like and I'll never be able to go full time. But I have my husband, y'all here, art and nature when I can, and that's enough. :)
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    I was successful on my second attempt to get out of bed yesterday and got a few things done, though I am paying for it today. I did get my papers renewed for physical therapy though, so I can call and schedule tomorrow! I'm working hard on accepting that I simply just can't do as much as I would like.... Also. Send that pupper to meeeeeee I will take care of him!!! I was just looking up German Shepherd puppy photos today, too -- I want to sculpt an adorable Cerberpuppy some time.
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    Anybody else find themselves squealing with childish delight when they open a novel and find a map drawn where the story takes place? I know I'm not the only one. Granted, that childish squeal is a couple octaves lower nowadays. Probably sounds more like a donkey these days.
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    The new shed arrived this morning! Now I can get the garage emptied and finish setting it up! Woohoo! Also, yes, do not mess with the K9s! Those fur missiles are NASTY!
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    Well. We came home with a cat. We haven't decided what we're going to call her yet. But.. already the house feels a little less weird; there is once again a black cat in residence.
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    I have my father-in-law to thank for this: In marriage the man always makes the big important decisions, and the woman takes care of the little decisions. And there ain't been no big decisions yet.
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    We have a few bird feeders, but getting decent pictures is not easy due to a pair of resident Sparrowhawks(named Wanda and Jarvis) who make all the little birds very nervous! However, I do have some other feathered friends that I feed everyday ***gets onto soap box*** Please, please don't be tempted to feed bread to waterfowl. It's really bad for them and too much of it causes conditions like the pink feathers on this poor bird. The feathers are discoloured because of malnutrition caused by too much bread and they can't fly properly, meaning that they are much more likely to be predated. This bird is now at a wildlife rehabilitation center and will remain there until they've gone through a full moult. ***get down from soapbox*** I've also been filling up a small feeder in the woods in the local park, but someone keeps knocking it down and emptying it. Prime suspect is this brazen young hooligan. The really cool thing with feeding the birds in a particular area is that they recognise you and there's a total lack of avian alarm calls when i go through in the morning. Even the jumpy birds like Treecreepers and buzzards are more tolerant of me, which is awesome! This is Tim. I've recently gotten him to feed from my hand, but he's still wary of the camera. Here he is, pretending to be shy. Totally not jealous at all You do mean these Fairy Wrens, right? We've recently found out that there's a population of Pine Martins nearby They're about cat-sized, but really only dangerous to squirrels.
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    We've been having unseasonably warm weather (not complaining). The last couple of days the bit of snow on the garage roof has thawed and the drain spout clogged so it's running down the driveway. In the evening it froze a thin sheet over half the driveway. Normally we park the third vehicle on the far side of the house in a bit of an alley on our property but the oldest has been running around with it so parked on the ice. Didn't know if was ice until I put it in park and the escape slid backwards a bit because there's a decent slope there. Ok it stopped and I got out carefully and started for the door. I started to slide so braced my feet and slide a foot or so until I barely bumped the Escape. That little tap was enough it took off down the driveway. I went with it, holding onto the hood for balance. The wife thought I was trying to keep it from rolling into the street. Laughed my broccoli off about that. It hit slush and ashpalt and stopped before going onto the street. It's a pretty long driveway. Moved it over to the other side and parked it where there was no ice after that. Gave me a good laugh at least and no harm done.
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    Deep Thoughts (that aren't really relevant 2021) by MvM: Shania Twain's song "That Don't Impress Me Much" from 1997 had the lyrics "Ok, so you're Brad Pitt... That don't impress me much." I wonder how that made Brad Pitt feel. This has been a Deep Thought (that isn't really relevant in 2021) brought to you by MvM. Think deeply, my friends.
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    Yeah, he doesn't squeal, he just: then we have to get @Pezler the Polychromatic to put him back together.
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    So, Final Fantasy Seven Remake's soundtrack just dropped on Spotify and all those other music streaming services, and holy cow, it's REALLY good. I need to play that game one of these days. And thus ends my two-day streak of bad news, may it never be broken! It's very unbecoming of me, I've discovered. I need to be on this forum more, GW. You're right. I did have an argument once here, but it was actually fun. As for the bacon, it all... how should I say, "mysteriously disappeared" I have absolutely no clue where it went. Whatsoever. The rum is also all gone, but that wasn't me. I mean, neither was the bacon, but definitely not the rum.
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    Saturday trivia for Feb 27th: 1870 – The current flag of Japan was first adopted as the national flag for Japanese merchant ships. 1900 – Fußball-Club Bayern München was founded. 1940 – Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben discovered the carbon-14 isotope.
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    The Dark SideTM we are each the other's enabler... "Honey, can I spend a couple of hundred dollars on an undead army Kickstarter?' 'Ooh! Cool! Order me the dark elves, while you're at it!' Not a random example.... (And due in the mail, any day now.) HIS HERS The Auld Grump - and it wasn't pork chops... it was pot roast.
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    the biggest problem we always had with deadlands is making everything work in the plot. we usually wound up with a Cthulhu-isk BBEG at the end trying to destroy the world because most of the time any lesser "evil" plan left the world in a better place than where we started. We had one game where the BBEG was a leader who was using evangelizing in the name of god to hypnotize and pacify the town and surrounding area. the group was supposed to eliminate him and return freedom to the town. In the mean time there were a lot (and I mean A LOT) of bandit groups and smaller bad guys around, most likely there to give the group the experience they needed to take out the BBEG. That was the plan. What actually happened was the party began smuggling the good citizens out of the town and freeing them from the hypnosis and tricking the smaller bandit parties into the BBEG's (I think his name was Jerome) sphere if influence where they would be hypnotized and trapped into working to the good of the town. By the time they were done, 2 new towns were created, and the BBEG's town had essentially become a local prison ward. They worked with the stagecoach and rail line to have the trains and coaches carrying valuables to wear earplugs and ride down through the town spur or main street to shake off robbers. In the end, they actually had to defend the BBEG's town from marshals twice to keep the status quo and prevent all the bandits from escaping. It was a bit of a weird scenario but not unusual for our deadlands experience
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    I hereby officially deny to be involved in any Glitterplosions. I present my evidence:
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    It seems most of what I remember has come from the great Canadian philosopher, Red Green. Dating advice: Relationship advice: And most importantly:
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    Ask her out. (given by my boss. She was talking about the woman who is now my wife.)
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    Here is some delightful halflings from the Townfolk #4 set from Midlam Miniatures. I love these guys and managed to finish 1 a day in December. Halfling Blacksmith (SKU HTC30), Halfling Butcher (SKU HTC17), Halfling Baker (SKU HTC18) and Halfling Herald (SKU HTC24)
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    Metal I assume? Do you have a rotary tool? If so, I recommend these: 1/8" shank carbide burrs. They go through pewter like butter. Best thing for any pewter work from mold line removal to major surgery. For Bones, use a scalpel.
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    Yeah, you do not want to mess with them. The pic was from the official Scottish Police Dog Twitter account, they use hashtags like #42ReasonsToStopRunning #YouCanRunButYouCan'tHide #TheNoseKnows (and my personal favorite) #LandShark
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    Yes I do. In the Fall, Winter, and early Spring, I feed the birds and others. I have three seed feeders and a suet block feeder on a tall pole that I can see from my favorite chair. It took me about 3 years of trial and error to make it squirrel proof. On it, I get the following species: - Northern Cardinal - Black-capped Chickadee - White-breasted Nuthatch - Red-breasted Nuthatch (rare) - Blue Jay - Red-bellied Woodpecker - Downy Woodpecker - Hairy Woodpecker - Common Red poll - Junco - Am Goldfinch - Pine Siskin - House Finch - Purple Finch (rare) - House Sparrow - Cooper's Hawk - Sharp-shinned Hawk (rare) - Eastern Bluebird (spring only) - Scarlet Tanager (spring only, rare) - Yellow-rumped Warbler (spring only) - Other warblers (rare and I am not going to list all the varieties as there are many and I can't remember which I have seen on the feeders) I also run a Winter cracked corn feeder on the ground. That feeds the following: - Mallard (I get flocks up to 100 birds every day, and because of them I go through 150 to 200 pounds of feed a week) - White-tailed Deer (I have a small herd of 4 to 5 that comes daily) - Grey Squirrel - Red Squirrel - Cotton-tail Rabbit - Blue Jay - Common Crow - Red-tailed Hawk - Red Fox (The previous two mostly pick off the slow fat squirrels) I have also made my back yard to be as inviting to wildlife as I can in suburbia. I never use weed killer and have been cultivating a multi species wildlife friendly lawn for decades (I have grass, white clover, creeping thyme, creeping charlie, plantain, and dandelion in my lawn itself). I have seen 3 different species of native bumble bees (I love bumble bees) and many other bee species. I have a wren house that attracts either house wrens or chickadees every year. The wild rose hedge and lilac hedges are brooding grounds for Brown Thrashers, Am Robins, Cardinals, rabbits, and even a fox den once (didn't have as many rabbit issues that year). Most recently, I put in a multi-level pond and waterfall. That has vastly increase animal traffic in the yard. I now get green frogs, dragonflies of several species, and even caddis and may flies all summer, in addition to all the above species taking drinks (or in the case of the Mallards enjoying the new winter hot tub; I keep it at 34 degrees F all winter). Last summer, we even got to watch a green heron hunting frogs and my goldfish. This summer, I am adding a bat house and a new wren house to the yard and may add a hummingbird feeder now that the trees in the area have grown enough to attract them (I tried years ago, but there were none back then). In my area precisely, not much other than dogs and coyotes. Up north a bit, where I spend a lot of time camping, we get black bears, wolves, and cougar, but moose are by far the most dangerous. I have seen all but the cougar in the wild myself; and have seen fresh tracks of the cougar. I tend to prefer simpler minis. I really am asking for a sculptor friend, as it was a question she asked me a week or two ago that sparked a good conversation between us.
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    Started on the dragon body. No real surprise here, going for a bright reddish orange. I think I want the wings in blue or green just to add to the contrast. Thd belly will will be a reddish ivory working up from the same dark red baseFor now though I'm deciding if the red is bright enough or if I need to come further into yellow. Anyway, here is where she stands now Looking at the pictures I think I need to go back into the shadows a bit and restore some darkness, especially on the side with the raised rear leg, the color looks too even but I will ask group opinion. Thanks for looking!
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    I took things! So, that's the loot take, this time around. I need to arrange for deposits, seal everything up, and get the address for the next person on the list - assuming all goes according to plan, this should go out Friday, presuming we don't get vast snowfall or something in the meantime.
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    That's one of those movies you can watch once a year and still appreciate it the tenth or fifteenth time you've seen it. The way life's going right now, they'd probably sue me for breaking the plow. Funny story: When I flipped my car off a ten-foot embankment onto its roof back in '99, they wrote me up a ticket for "Failure To Drive In An Established Lane". (The FAA also hit me with a citation for "Failure To FIle A Flight Plan"...) As opposed to the Jack-shaped A-hole currently being inflicted upon it? I can remember at least ten times I've done that before. Hell, I've done it three times on the same figure...
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    So yeah, a tenor banjo happened yesterday.
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