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    Commission I had done of Ashwinter ( sku03396 ) wearing the pack of Unther Godshand ( sku 03349 ) and armed with the morning star of Crusader swordsman ( sku O3829 ) and taken off the base.
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    I just got this figure last week, but it jumped the Que. I spent a few days doing prep-work and watching a video on painting fur to refresh my technique. Then looking at elephant photos and mammoth drawings. basecoat to finish was about 3 hours work. I went with Burnt umber as the base color. I do love burnt umber. - with some half steps and all dry brushing. Brownliner Burnt Umber Olive skin shadow leather brown Ivory tusk The pink tongue just makes him look Happy to me, so now he has a name. and meets all three of my art goals. My Favorite project this month.
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    Hi. I didn't want to create a topic in the WIP, as this guy is almost finished, however, I still feel like I am missing something. Do you guys have some suggestion on how to improve it? Any C&C is very appreciated. I believe I need to highlight the base more, as well as put there some vegetation. Pampala ------------------------------- Update
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    Here is Ava Justina, Female Templar from the Bones 4 core set. She is in fact figure #1 in the set. She was sculpted by Bobby Jackson and is also available in metal SKU 03746. I drew inspiration from GW's Sisters of Battle and went for a clean black armor look. Unfortunately the casting is a little soft in some areas - especially around the legs where the plates and chainmail are not so well defined. I cut her off the cast-in base and put her on one I made with the Temple roller from Green Stuff World. There are fleur-de-lis in the pattern which I thought would be a neat call back to the Battle Sisters.
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    Hope you have fun with my little story of slaughter and mayhem . My painting & photgrapgy is maybe "table-top" at best but i hope you find the conversions interesting and the story makes it a little more special. Warning, scenes of graphic fantasy violence . please stop here if you are easily upset Rugg knew what the vibrations meant. Humans on horses, moving at speed. From the pattern of the tempo he knew there weren’t many of them, this was good, but the force of the tremors they imparted into the soil could only mean one thing. Armored men on War Horses, what the Humans called Heavy Cavalry. The pounding of the Earth quickly became louder, and now everyone around Rugg heard it. Then they came into view, three of them, Lancers riding in formation. Two in the front and one leading up the rear. At the sight of only three men on Horses the war party, the Gnolls and Ogres, vocalized their excitement and anticipation. Kagunk the Ogre issued a half- roar, half-laugh in approval at the coming fight. This was going to be easy they thought, they outnumbered these men 2 to 1. Rugg knew better, he was never frightened but the Adrenalin coursing thru his veins now told the story. These were not the peasants and commoners recruited for war. Men with no training, given ill fitting Leather armor , rusty weapons, and used to fill up front lines to simply slow down an attack . This was different, something maybe only his brother understood. The men they were now facing were deadly, the armored fist of the Human army. Born and bred to kill , a sword and Lance thrust into their hands as soon as they learned to walk and ride. Rugg knew what was about to transpire and no sooner did he finish that thought and it began. He understood the tactics of three man Lancers, the front 2 would charge in Unison and pick out the biggest targets, in this case the Ogres Kagunk and his brother Ughh. The Ogre’s knew no fear but their chances were not good. As the 2 lances dropped down they glinted in the sun, metal, magical weapons. Driven by the power of a charging Destrier they would pierce thru anything, including bone, Hide, and the low grade rusty iron and corroded Brass armor scraps the Ogres wore. This was going to be bad, Rugg knew most of his Warband would not survive. What would start as a slow synchronized gallop by the first 2 Lancers would quickly become charging steel shafts aimed at heads, throats, chests. Moving too quickly for the big Ogres to even react. Then something unexpected happened, the rider on the right, probably an inexperienced youth full of adrenaline and set to prove himself, broke formation and charged first. Big mistake, and Rugg knew it was because of the war. It had not only destroyed the army he served in, it also had killed many of the human armie’s best soldiers. Now the youngster, this quickly trained, up-jumped squire, charged ahead in his bright Silver armor. The other knight in Black quickly followed, but it was too late, there was a gap now the length of half a dozen horses between them. Kagunk the Ogre, as was his want, was in the front. He raised his steel spiked Oak war club high in the air, opened his giant mouth and roared. For a moment Rugg thought the Ogre might prevail, one good connecting hit would send the youngster cart-wheeling down the road, his body broken and shattered. It was not to be, the Ogre had misjudged and before his club had made it half-way down the Lance was upon him. The Youngster was inexperienced but skilled, the point aimed squarely at Kagunk’s head. Then the randomness of war and killing transpired in ways he could not imagine. The Lance went straight into the Ogre’s mouth and blew out the back of Kagunk’s head, snapping it back with a crack. Kagunk’s giant body was thrown backwards, his war club knocked out of his right hand. Blood sprayed out in a fountain of mist and Gore directly in the direction Rugg was facing . Rugg knew Kagunk the Ogre was dead. Blood trickled down the Lance from the back of his head and bubbled up from his mouth. Now, had the charge gone correctly, the other Ogre, about a dozen paces behind Kagunk, would have been engaged simultaneously. Instead Ughh stood there and watched it’s brother die horribly. It Screamed, UGGHHHHHHHH, and then the weaponless rider was in front of him, slowed from the force of the impact. Ughh snapped his right arm out with amazing speed and grabbed the Lancers now empty right hand in a rock crushing grip. The momentum of the armored fighter and War horse spun the Ogre around as he pulled the Lancer off his horse. As he did so, Ughh dropped his war club and grabbed the youngsters other arm right behind the shield. They now both faced Rugg, the Ogre , a look of grim determination on its face as its muscles bulged and strained. The now horseless rider screaming in pain from was effectively a torture device like the one humans used called The Rack, pulling his arms with savage strength. Then there was a loud POP, and the screaming stopped. The human body minus 2 arms fell to the ground and only a barely audible gurgling sound could be heard from the helmet over the sound of Hooves. Although it seemed like All this happened in slow motion, it was a matter of seconds and it was enough to snap Rugg and Keg out of their disbelief and into motion. They started Lumbering forward, there was still 2 more riders coming.........................
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    Used a slow sunday to to pop out this guy (these guys?). Finished the base today, here's the outcome. For myself, I'm happy :)
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    This chap is a metal mini from Northstar Figures Rangers of Shadow Deep range. He is meant to represent a half gnoll beastman. Nice chunky figure shown on a 40mm base. Enjoyable to paint although am not mad on the fur. May go back in.
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    I finished this Mountain Troll. It's kind of ironic, I painted him so he gets off my shelf of shame but due to his forward lean pictures were difficult so he is photographed literally ON my shelf of shame . It's not just a shelf, I also have bins of shame in the closet but that's another topic. I originally thought I'd give him a rocky hide and a paler fleshy underbelly but the underbelly turned out a lot darker than my original thoughts, but I still like it anyway. The closeups show the transition between that tone and the hide, it's on his inner arms and upper inner thighs as well because that seemed natural to me. The thing I am unhappy with is that he doesn't "pop". I really liked the look of the craggy hide and how he looked after the Strong Tone wash so I was too scared to highlight him very much because I was afraid to ruin it. I don't drybrush very well and when I layer I feel like I'm stumbling along in the dark so you can see one layer on his hide and the rest is just some edge highlights. I'm still working on layering but it seems hard. Anyway, on to the pictures. Hope you guys like him.
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    Really happy with how these guys turned out.
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    HI all I just wanted to share how I have been coping with the lockdown and Isolation. As someone who has recently returned to the mini painting hobby after a long absence, I am in the process of trying to build several display pieces to serve as back drops when photographing my minis, this was a little practice piece to learn and polish a few new techniques. The whole thing, minus the animals and a couple of the plants was scratch built. Any critique would be welcome! Here are some better close up shots, for those inclined: Downhill stream - https://imgur.com/JDlEu0R Rockface - https://imgur.com/g2kaVRt Trees - https://imgur.com/n4Nxap5 Water- https://imgur.com/sRiES7J Animals - https://imgur.com/tB6u8N5
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    Hello again guys, so recently been a bit inspired to paint some old miniatures, ones that were nice and dark lead. Part of the reason for this is I want to get these painted before they actually disintegrate or get a lot of lead rot, so I'm going to be hopefully keep painting the few ones that I have that are really old, just to get a protective cover of paint on them, and because let's face it, they're basically just cool! So today I've got two dwarves from an old Citadel boxed set, whose name I don't remember but it was probably something like Court of the Dwarf King. Later when I get inspired I'll hunt it down on the Lost Mini Wiki. So they are two dwarves, a dwarf queen and a dwarf wizard/vizier/councilor or something of that nature. Took the photos yesterday afternoon and it was a little cloudy so the back view of the queen is little dark, but everything else worked out pretty well with the dwarf queen, I thought she had like a little mole under her mouth, which is why there is that odd line, because it might have actually just been an irregularity in the cast. Anyhoos, hopefully you guys enjoy these little gems from the past, Games Workshoppe before it was Games Workshoppe. As I find time, I'm going to be painting other great oldies as well, apart from all the Partha stuff I normally paint.
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    Here is Zadim, Iconic Slayer from the Pathfinder Iconics stretch goal to the core set. He was sculpted by Bobby Jackson and is also available in metal sku 60179. I kept pretty well to the Wayne Reynolds artwork for the colour scheme.
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    I'm collecting minis suitable for gaming in the world of Monster Blood Tattoo. This one makes a good glamgorn measuring only 24mm tall. I picked it up from Alternative Armies in Girvan, Scotland. He's pretty much just MSP dark shadow and MSP golden skin with a brown wash over all. The beard was a late change. It's MSP misty grey under the same brown wash. ...and moles are blind, so no eyes. ;-) Thanks for looking.
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    Pictures of my portable painting set up. It's pretty heavy with the pvc pipe and could be made much lighter with foam core or cardboard tubing.
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    I picked up this mini from Bad Squiddo Games. The sword is a weapon swap as the original sword bent in the blister, and she didn't have a foot. Not sure if that was intentional or not, so I added one with GS. She'll make for a great bandit leader or maybe even a PC cleric or, whatever!
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    Went on a quick bike ride today at lunch and passed a couple of those "Little Free Libraries." For those that may not know these are little boxes in the shape of a shed or house mounted on a post in some public location, and then filled with books. You can drop off books you no longer want, or grab something in the library that is of interest to you. When you're done, bring it back and get yourself something else. My wife and I occasionally go around and stock them with kids books (friend of a friend orders books for retailers and gets me a pretty steep discount). And even though those books never seem to get returned, that's okay. We live in a changing, but still pretty poor, neighborhood and so it might be the only books some kid has to call their own. Anyways, point of the story, the first one I passed had a bunch of diapers and TP rolls wrapped up in plastic and stacked neatly under it with a little sign saying take what you need. The second one I passed didn't have any books and was instead filled with canned goods. Sometimes people can be alright. And that brightened my day up just a little bit.
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    After a painting hiatus of a couple of weeks, I sat down this morning and finished off this SOLID resin building from Apocalypse Miniatures. As best I can tell, the roofing is supposed to be sawn sections of log, but, as with some of my previous buildings, I don’t necessarily want the roof to be faded to a gray indistinguishable from the stone work, so it’s a “wargame conventional brown”. So, the village progresses. This is #3 of 10 of what I got in the Apocalypse Kickstarter, and 4 of 12 of the resin building upgrade project (with Tabletop World providing the other two). I hope to have them on the table in a battle soon.
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    Well, since it's 4/26... Happy Alien Day everyone! Yes, apparently that's a thing now So to celebrate, here's a gargoyle from a Scottish Abbey that a stonemason snuck in during a renovation in the 1990's
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    Hello forum Family, Ciccio is back with more awful minis! I'm trying to get the Blood Rage minis painted ATM, and well... no problem with big guys like the troll or the frost giant, but the smaller minis... O M G! The worst sculpt I had to paint in my life... really CMON? Anyway, is a game, I don't pretend the super quality, and do not need to paint every mini perfectly... Let's get it started: the whole party (sorry for the bad pic...): The Valkyrie: The Soldier of Hel: The Volur Witch: The Dark Elf: The Dwarf Chieftan: As you can see nothing special, tabletop standard. Not so "Speed painting" cause of the lack of detail/bad sculpt, anyway from 1 hour (fro the Witch) to 4 hours (the Valkyrie). Hope you'll like them. C&C welcome as always. Thank you!
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    Finally think I got this group finished up! I've got a soft spot for the dark pulpy weirdness of the "Hellboy" universe, as we have seen. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85925-heckfella-wwwoz-lion-80058-and-rafm-hells-harbinger-raf03897 https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86757-bombshells-gillie-as-abbie-sapien The idea got into my head to do up the rest of the BPRD Special Operations crew from equally non-official sources. A few months back I got a set of 20+ very cheap miniatures for some superhero boardgame and got it into my head to use them as guilt-free conversion fodder. One of them was pretty spot-on for a younger, less jaded version of the pyrokinetic Liz Sherman. I just added a ring of flame from a Nolzur's aasimar wizard and painted her up. Sculpt was pretty basic and blobby, but I think it gets the point across. Click for turnaround: Another had a costume that looked like it could be painted as a diver's suit, so SNIP went the head, and SQUISH went the green stuff, and with a mechanical-pencil eraser cap, a jump ring, and some tiny watch parts I turned him into the ectoplasmic medium in a pressure suit, Johann Kraus. Aimed for a compromise between the movie version and the comics version. Turnaround, so you get all sides of that nice, open face: The belt pouches are chunks of sprue metal. And of course who could forget Roger the Homunculus? This was a Nolzur's Clay Golem, and the scale is a bit off, but hey. He's a hulking construct grown from blood and herbs by a deranged alchemist, and the comics are not really consistent about just how big he is. I can overlook it. Again, watch parts and sprues factored into the conversion to make his lightning capacitor chest and...other distinguishing features. I assure you, it's canonical that it looks even worse if he has pants on. You know the drill, But I know what you came here for...ACTION SHOTS! Group photo: BONUS HELLBOY VILLAINS! Waste not! The torso for Kraus lost a head, but a bodiless bald head is perfect for Hermann von Klempt, horrible head-in-a-jar mad scientist. Ape-X makes a good Kriegaffe. And this project finally gave me something to do with the third Grenadier Vile Villain: a good cultish Rasputin ready to summon some Ogdru Hem and/or Ogdru Jahad.
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    "A ship with a skull on the stern has to have some fierce sounding name like the Devil's Scorn!" The Devil's Scorn, a ship from EC3D: Depths of Savage Atoll Kickstarter. Printed as usual on my Creality Ender-3
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    The backyard buzzes once again! The lovely Italians are enjoying their new accommodations, and I’ve promised to release their queen in a day or two.
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    Did a bunch of yardwork today. Mostly prepping for the vegetable garden and a bit of weeding in the flower garden. The tiny portion of our yard given over to flowers is rather hit or miss for what will grow there. But the stuff that managed to make it through the winter was in good bloom today. Some Gallium we planted a few years ago. A bit of Wild Geranium. Some Forget Me Not I totally forgot I planted last year. And a few Wood Poppys. Even got in a bit of urban bird watching.
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    The queen has been released from her cage! She immediately went on a murderous rampage, killing a squirrel, two mice, an awkward looking mole, and a cardinal that was laughing at the carnage. Kidding. She demurely walked down into the hive and between the frames.
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    This is a Reaper Warlord mini that I painted up in quite a traditional Eastern scheme. I am going to use him in games of Rangers of Shadow Deep. A really nice one to paint.
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    i really need to invest in a light box
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    Desert Thing from Reaper Bone's Savage Worlds : Deadlands line. BTW, The updated Deadlands RPG KS is currently live. Background is from Loke Battlemat's Book of Dungeon Battlemats set. Went with the fleshy style and stole the radioactive mouth idea from another painter. Usually, I avoid flesh washes for human figures, but it works for monsters. Unfortunately, the two parts of the mouth don't fit well together, but a Reaper base will hold them.
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    "We gotta climb all that way up just to go get water? The ancients were mad!" Well of Souls, part of the Place of Power series from EC3D Design. Printed, as usual, on my Creality Ender 3.
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    I had to stop Treasure Planet and start from the beginning. My starting hopes were WAY too low. THIS was a flop?! WTAF?! This is a great movie! THIS was where Grump's Regency spelljammer game came from! This is AWESOME!
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    Because every table needs more trees, here's a set of trees from Dark Realms "Halfling Shirelands" As always, printed on the trusty Creality Ender-3.
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    Awesome Wife and I had a great anniversary (all things considered). Wnet for a walk on the Airline Trail (former railway turned into Nature Trail) and then had takeout from our favorite hibachi place. Settled in to watch a movie. I suggested something like Stardust or the Princess Bride; fun and romantic. She countered with John Wick. We will watch the 2nd and 3rd movies today. Yep, I got me a good one!
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    The tribe name kinda summing up my feelings, I'm isolated, with a tribe. mostly with the wife and spawn. but on saturday's I have the CMPA painting tribe. Meetings have moved to every week from every month.
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    I have Treasure Rocky and Annoyed Rocky. annoyed Rocky is for my niece whenever this lockdown ends and I see her again I haven't finished the red scale 'freckles' on red Rocky's right side
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    Another simple piece printed on my Ender-3, "The Smoking Hut" from Hobgoblin3D. I picked it up during the recent Humble Bundle. Definitely a prime spot to hit up for any adventurer heading back into town.
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    This meaty barbarian by Bobby Jackson is also available in metal sku 03869. I went with the typical barbarian scheme of leather and furs.
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    Spent the morning de-lily padding the pond, my poor fish had no where to surface Before and after shots
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    You'd be amazed at how many game group references suddenly made sense after I finally saw The Princess Bride. Inconceivable!
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    Like others have said, we've had to do that. For years we've normally bought 1-2 of the big packs from Costco a few times a year, and generally never let our supply get below a couple dozen rolls. We were pretty set when the shortages really began, but as time went on, our supply dwindled to that point we'd normally be buying. So now we're buying a little here and a little there if there is a decent amount on the shelves, basically just to maintain status quo, at least until we can pick up some more from Costco. The cruddy no name TP is going into the kids bathrooms, though. Oh that looks so good. So I'm currently working on a tutorial video for running and reconciling credit card reports from our system. As part of this video, I had to create some fake, but believable account statements. I wonder how many people are going to pick up on the fact that all the account numbers somehow manage to belong to Jenny?
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    Yeesh, don't check this topic for a weekend and it takes a bit to catch up.... I took a 3 day weekend to assemble some new miniatures storage: (Sir Forscale, for scale). Ok, most of it likely won't be miniatures storage, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if I end up sticking a few boxes of minis out here, so it still counts Now, to get my back functional again (I enjoy building stuff, but my back doesn't, especially with this much bend and then climbing ladders and reaching and twisting). Then to get all the crap in the garage onto these shelves. And then to get my tools actually organized and a tool bench built.
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    Well, if those were the names of the two groups, I'm not surprised, lol.
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    That's nothing. I'm older than Integrated Circuits. Elf, I'm older than transistors. GEM
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    Credit to the artist: The poem is by Catherine M. O’Meara, who wrote it LAST MONTH. This is the blog post where she posted it: https://the-daily-round.com/2020/03/16/in-the-time-of-pandemic/ Some dunderhead made fake history out of it, teaming it up with a photo of suffragists from 1913 - not even THAT has anything to do with the 1918-19 influenza pandemic. And now it's making the rounds of the internet. The language of that poem is nothing like that of 1919 and good heavens, it CERTAINLY is nothing like that of 1869. Not one thing about the post is true or authentic. As some wag said, "Apart from that it is correct."
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    The updated Deadlands RPG is live, so I figured I'd paint some twenty-three year old miniatures... Too bad western mini's aren't more popular among boardgamers. Their clothing is easier to paint than generic fantasy. No real need for a color scheme, since it's all different shades of brown, and you can pass incorrectly done drybrushing and whatnot as dusty worn clothing. Where were *you* in 1997?
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    Finally, a use for all those bottles of Breast Cancer Pink.
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    Off to a good start: Base colours established: RMS Kraken Skin with a hint of Vallejo Intermediate Green and RMS Holly Berry with some brown. The colour scheme is quite classic for claw worms in heraldy, so I thought it would suit the miniature and it will also work well with my autumnal gaming table. I also started shading the scales using a midnight blue mixed with the green. Really great miniature and not as hard to paint as I thought. The pre shading really does pay of and saves time establishing shadows.
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