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    This is the last mini I have completed this year. I started her during Reapercon Live and used her for several classes since I did not have the proper minis for those classes. I used her for Skin Deep with @Corporea and Buttery Blends and NMM Bootcamp with @Kuro Cleanbrush. If you ever get a chance to take classes with them either in person (I wish!) or online, do it!!! This is a super cute sculpt and is big enough to not feel overwhelmed with tons of tiny details. Way to go Bobby Jackson!
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    I didn't realize it had been so long since I had posted a Show Off. I have painted this year. I will post some of the stuff I painted but not all at once. No need to overload everyone! I created this Beshaba rom the Ziba model. Beshaba is the big bad in my D&D campaign. I am not a good sculptor and had a heck of a time making antlers. They are not pretty but I did learn something - find a mini with antlers and cut them off and save myself a lot of stress! Haha! Anyway, here she is!
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    Paint talk time~ From CEO Ed Pugh Greetings all, We’ve read some traffic on various social media platforms about some missing Core Colors and Triads. Everyone is correct: recently colors have been disappearing from the reapermini.com. Of course, the statement I just made is being followed with a why, and more importantly, why didn’t you notify us? After reviewing our remaining inventory of recently retired MSP Core Colors Paints, we’ve decided to extend the availability of some of those colors. This limited inventory will be available beginning October 7 at 6:00 PM central time. However, there are two caveats: The remaining paint inventory will only be available until October 31, 2020 or While supplies last; when an item sells through, it will be removed from our website. So this is the last chance to get these paints - but inventory is super limited! The numbers are listed below for your convenience. If you do not see a paint listed below, that color is already sold out or unavailable. 9073 Chestnut Gold 9093 Golden Highlight 9121 Khaki Shadow 9142 Stained Ivory 9157 Olive Shadow 9175 Swamp Green 9177 Camouflage Green 9210 Red Ink 9220 Olive Skin Shadow 9222 Olive Skin Highlight 9223 Redstone Shadow 9224 Redstone 9226 Peacock Green 9229 Worn Navy 9230 Soft Blue 9232 Bright Skin Shadow 9233 Bright Skin 9234 Bright Skin Highlight 9235 Red Shadow 9236 Black Green 9237 Violet Shadow 9238 Regal Purple 9244 Muddy Soil 9249 Sandy Brown 9250 Dusky Skin Shadow 9251 Dusky Skin 9252 Dusky Skin Highlight 9265 Deep Twilight 9266 Violet Light 9267 Sunset Purple 9268 Volcano Brown 9269 Military Blue 9270 Shadow Green 9271 Dirty Bone 9272 Graveyard Bone 9273 Splintered Bone 9277 Spattered Crimson 9282 Maggot White 9283 Old West Rose 9284 Lone Star Leather 9285 Denim Blue 9291 IMEF Olive 9292 Bathalian Chitin 9293 Alien Flesh 9295 Rach Red 9296 Malvernian Purple 9297 Adonese Green 9307 Red Liner Thanks to all of our customers for their feedback! Why does Reaper take colors out of production? Most times It’s simply house cleaning. We’re making room for new paints and future products. We’ve been doing adjustments like this periodically through the years. To date we’ve moved a total of 231 colors onto our Paint Non-Production list. A color is moved to that list for various reasons, but the most common reasons are detailed below: Lack of demand for a color. - This calculation is determined by taking the minimum production quantity divided by the quantity of annual sales. If that calculation yields a result that indicates it will take more than a year to sell that batch, then the color will find its way to the Paint Non-Production list. Supplier discontinues a material. - Sometimes a supplier discontinues a material or additive and we cannot find a substitute. The color will find its way to the Paint Non-Production list when we are unable to continue production. Cycled release or limited edition. - Some colors, like Breast Cancer Awareness Pink or holiday colors, cycle in for a limited time period. Some colors are reformulated. - Some colors leave production for reformulation using new, more advanced materials. No matter the reason, not every color is gone forever. This is why we consider them to be in the “non-production” category. Why didn’t Reaper announce this? Honestly, it just never occurred to us. So, for decades we’ve simply cycled colors out as needed. This procedure was started before the internet made communication and feedback so easy. In the past, when a color was slated to be moved the Paint Non-Production list, we didn’t announce anything, we simply let the color sell down to zero and then pulled the color out of the production cycle. Keep in mind that 90% of the colors moved over to non-production status were done so due to a lack of demand. | The only time we have ever announced colors being taken out of production was for the MSP HD line. That was a complete wholesale close out of the entire line, all at once. The reason for the cancellation was that 38 of the 54 colors in the line would not pass the test outlined above and we desperately needed the space.| In the Future. Going forward we will publish a list of paint colors that are being added to the Paint Non-Production list as soon as we determine this event is going to occur. There is not a scheduled or regular time that this occurs, but we will get the word out. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Options. IF there is a color that you must have and cannot move forward without, please contact us. If you can handle a minimum of 10 bottles of the color, AND the stars align, we can produce a small batch for you. The cost is $5.00 a bottle with a minimum of 10 bottles. To request this service please email [email protected] We will get back with you with a yes or no. Colors we will not do batches of include Cycled colors or limited-edition colors Colors we do not have supplies on hand to produce Licensed colors such as CAV, Heavy Gear, or Pathfinder Please note that it will take a minimum of 4 weeks to get your batch into the system for production. Thank you Stay safe! Below is a list of the Paint Non-production List. HD not shown but you can add them. 9073 Chestnut Gold 9079 Deep Amethyst 9080 Indigo Sky 9081 Pale Indigo 9093 Golden Highlight 9112 Red Liner 9113 Green Liner 9114 Violet Liner 9118 Dusky Grape 9119 Bruise Purple 9120 Faded Purple 9121 Khaki Shadow 9130 Clear Orange 9131 Clear Viridian 9132 Clear Plum 9139 Antique Rose 9140 Blushing Rose 9141 Porcelain Rose 9142 Stained Ivory 9145 Moth Green 9146 Spring Green 9147 Luminous Green 9151 Steely Blue 9152 Military Blue 9154 Dune Shadow 9155 Desert Khaki 9156 Desert Sand 9157 Olive Shadow 9159 Worn Olive 9166 Shadow Green 9167 Field Green 9168 Mist Green 9169 Muddy Clay 9170 Terracotta Clay 9171 Fired Clay 9172 Stormover Grey 9173 Coldstone Grey 9174 Icy Grey 9175 Swamp Green 9177 Camouflage Green 9178 Cinder Brown 9179 Volcano Brown 9180 Ashen Brown 9181 Bright Coral 9182 Saffron Sunset 9183 Cloud Pink 9184 Serpentine Shadow 9185 Reptus Green 9186 Scaly Highlight 9190 Sandy Brown 9191 Sandy Tan 9192 Sandy Yellow 9193 Stormy Sea 9194 Clouded Sea 9195 Seafoam Blue 9202 Troll Shadow 9203 Gnoll Brown 9204 Half-Orc Highlight 9210 Red Ink 9211 Green Ink 9212 Blue Ink 9213 Purple Ink 9220 Olive Skin Shadow 9222 Olive Skin Highlight 9223 Redstone Shadow 9224 Redstone 9225 Redstone Highlight 9226 Peacock Green 9229 Worn Navy 9230 Soft Blue 9232 Bright Skin Shadow 9233 Bright Skin 9234 Bright Skin Highlight 9235 Red Shadow 9236 Black Green 9237 Violet Shadow 9238 Regal Purple 9244 Muddy Soil 9249 Sandy Brown 9250 Dusky Skin Shadow 9251 Dusky Skin 9252 Dusky Skin Highlight 9265 Deep Twilight 9266 Violet Light 9267 Sunset Purple 9268 Volcano Brown 9269 Military Blue 9270 Shadow Green 9271 Dirty Bone 9272 Graveyard Bone 9273 Splintered Bone 9277 Spattered Crimson 9278 Gory Red 9282 Maggot White 9283 Old West Rose 9284 Lone Star Leather 9285 Denim Blue 9286 Punk Rock Pink 9291 IMEF Olive 9292 Bathalian Chitin 9293 Alien Flesh 9295 MSP Core Colors: Rach Red 9296 MSP Core Colors: Malvernian Purple 9297 MSP Core Colors: Adonese Green 9307 Red Liner 9325 Carnival purple 9326 Bruised Purple 9328 Black Indigo 9329 Rich Indigo 9330 Wild Violet 9334 Orchid Purple 9335 Lotus Orange 9336 Leaf Bud Green 9327 Ashen Brown 9609 Sophie Champagne 9658 Christmas Wreath 9659 Ginger Cookie 9671 Golden Glow 9681 MSP Core Colors: Prom Night Pink 9682 MSP Bones: Stark Naked 9683 MSP Bones: Morning-After Blues 9687 Holly Berry 9688 Peppermint White 9689 Sparkling Snow 9690 Hearth Fire 9691 Turkey Brown 9692 Frosty Blue 9693 Coal Black 9651 Hallowed Orange 9652 Sophie Silver 9653 Deadrose Red - HD 9654 Darksteel Purple 9655 Bubblegum Pink 9656 Elven Skin 9657 Faded Black 9658 Christmas Wreath 9659 Ginger Cookie 9660 Powderburn Brown 9661 Pirate Gold 9662 Clouded Sea 9663 Big Top Red 9664 Carnival Purple 9665 Clockwork Brass 9666 Desert Sky 9667 Rattlesnake Leather 9668 Cactus Flower 9669 Reptilian Green 9670 Pumpkin Orange 9671 Golden Glow 9672 Briar Rose 9673 Bright Silver 9674 Sky Steel 9675 Shadow Silver 9676 Frontier Blue 9677 Rich Green 9678 Aquamarine Blue 9679 Drow Nipple Pink 9680 Spectral White 9681 Prom-Night Pink 9682 Stark Naked 9683 Morning After Blues 9684 Ghostly Moss 9685 Corporeal Shadow 9686 Gothic Crimson 9687 Holly Berry 9688 Peppermint White 9689 Sparkling Snow 9690 Hearth Fire 9691 Turkey Brown 9692 Frosty Blue 9693 Coal Black 9694 Retro Emerald 9695 Retro Slate 9696 Retro Elderberry 9697 Retro Gold Silk 9698 Retro Frost Satin 9699 Retro Red Steel Paint talk time.docx
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    Hey folks, Below are a few images of my favorite painted minis from the past few months. Most are from the Bones 4 kickstarter, although there are a number of others including Vanja, Fire Giant Queen (as a Pathfinder river giant), Alaine, Female Paladin, and Bjorn, dwarven warrior (as an Azer). I highly recommend Vanja, a real pleasure to paint. Hope you enjoy!
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    Presenting Tzandi, a member of Monkey's Troupe from the game Twisted by Demented Games. Been painting this one on and off for a while, as I could only work on her teeny tiny details in small bursts (She essentially feels like a much larger scale mini that's been shrunk down). I think taking my time paid off as I'm pretty pleased with the results. This also means I've actually finished a set of something for a change (At least until Long Ma the dragon comes out):- The full Monkey's Troupe. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    I found a nice, higher res glamour shot of me.
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    Got called this morning for an interview next Monday, so here's hoping. It's a beautiful wet iconic fall day outside. My dad is prepping for a photography show which means spray lacquer in the basement, so I'm out in the beautiful day. I should get my mandolin. Oh right. I am no longer in the Charleston SC area where we have been the last 13 years. We took the opportunity afforded by my April job loss to move back to western NY where I grew up. Thus, the availability of actual seasons again.
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    Oof. Well, here’s a picture of Sephy “helpfully” sorting her clothes yesterday. The video Hubby took is better, but, well, video.
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    No "Smokey" cheddar? You know with all the fires & such. Crazy stuff in the air here. Daughter & i went over to Nampa, ID as she wanted to do some clothes shopping & I went to Lobby Hobby. Anyways, on the way over couple of cars decided they wanted to play brake tag right as we were getting into Caldwell, ID. No accidents but with traffic coming on to the interstate & us on the right side it was annoying. My first & only order with Wish was a clunker. I plaved my order & waited & waited & waited. My son ask if he was ever gonna get a Top Raman Cup Noodle sweatshirt & I just told him its China ordering. I ended up looking at my order after close to 2 months of nothing. Wish cancelled my order due to the card I used. They wanted more info about it & then would have sent the order. Yah right. One of the things I like most when hobbying outside - more time with the bunny! Oddly, she was doing a grass gathering & normally she just goes about gathering, she decided to gather & then came over for a visit, while she kept the grass in her mouth
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    Yoda and Luke are walking through the swamp. Part of their usual training course involves shimmying along a cliff ledge, but today, there's a long break in the ledge they can't cross. "Something for this, I have." Yoda says. He reaches into his bag and takes out a bunch of regular dinner table forks and a rill of duct tape. He tapes several forks together to make a bridge and lays it down, allowing the two of them to get across. When they get back to Yoda's hovel, they find that some creature has chewed a hole in the fence around Yoda's garden. "Something for this, I have." Yoda says again. Once again, he takes a bunch of forks out of his bag and, using duct tape, tapes them in to patch the hole. Yoda and Luke return to Yoda's home, where Yoda looks through his bag. He's used all his forks but one, he discovers. "That's on Master." Luke says, wanting to be helpful. "I'll write us a note reminding us to buy more." So he writes the note and uses the very last fork to pin it to the bulletin board. He looks down at Yoda expecting pride, but instead finds a look of horror. "Master Yoda!" he asks. "What did I do wrong?"
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    Oh. Oh oh oh oh oh. Oh, my story collection is finally dropping. At last. After literally years of holdup with the press. Oh, oh. Eh.
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    I was ready for the Equinox and definitely did not ignore it.
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    Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures still make some great D&D monsters, here are three more: Wave 1: Displacer Beast The Displacer Beast is one of the iconic D&D monsters, described as a six legged panther with a pair of enormous tentacles growing out of it's back. If that is not bad enough, the schtick of this beast is that is displaces. This is an ability that makes it appear as it is a few feet off from where it actually is, so while the party are slashing at the image in thin air, the beast invisibly outflanks them with it's powerful claws and massive bite attack coming from seemingly out of nowhere. Where are the mirrors I need to start breaking? I rebased it on a 40mm round. This is a Wave 1 mini, released a few years ago. The tentacles needed repositioning using the hot water/cold water technique. Wave 11: Grell & Basilisk Grell: Who names these monsters? Grell? What kind of a name is that? This is obviously the Flying Spaghetti Monster! The tentacles did not turn out all that well. The purple was too strong compared to the other colours and dried too fast to blend. Bah! Check out the big brain on Brett! 40mm base. And in the same pack as the Grell, a Basilisk: This one was significantly smaller than I expected. Please disregard the piece of flock-fluff on it's right side middle. This is a loose particle I did not see was stuck there until after the pictures were taken. I just cannot be bothered with taking new ones. Nice doggie? 30mm x 20mm oval base. Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures Wizkids I have no idea who sculpted these, as WizKids do not -as far as I know- publish this info. PVC
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    I decided yesterday to start some of my nerdy embroidery over (thanking my mom tons for buying me so much floss for Xmas last year). I think this looks much cleaner than it had previously.
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    Thanks, and she will be under general anesthesia, which she has undergone once (she somehow got a lithium ion battery out of a noise-making dog toy and swallowed it when she was 7 months old, so that was 6 hours at the animal emergency to get it out of her... and no more toys with batteries). We also opted to do the CT scan at the same time so they can get a better idea before they go cutting into her. I met the surgeon back in January when he did an extensive surgery on the cat, so I'm confident he has skills. But still... it's near her throat, and if whatever it is (currently just diagnosed as a lipoma but felt bigger a few days ago) has begun to go deeper into vital areas, she could have problems. I'm going to worry regardless. She chose me as her protector during the first 24 hours she was here, and it hasn't changed in 2.5 years (little blurry of a photo, but she's sitting right between my legs after the vacuum scared her):
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    I didn't ask how big the room was. I said I cast Fireball.
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    These have been in the WIP section for a while now and I finally finished them up. If your are curious about the process I have a complete list of links to my blog detailing everything that was done. I finished three of these but figured you only need to see pictures of one of them, they are all very similiar. The U304(f) are captured WWII French Halftracks (P107) which were armored by the Germans and served with the 21st Panzer Division in Normandy. They are among a large number of conversions of French vehicles created by Major Alfred Becker. https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/04/world-war-ii-project-return-to-normandy_30.html [The Beginning] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/05/world-war-ii-project-return-to-normandy.html [Axles] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/05/world-war-ii-project-return-to-normandy_4.html [Windscreens] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/05/world-war-ii-project-return-to-normandy_5.html [MGs] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/05/world-war-ii-project-return-to-normandy_7.html [Primer] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/05/world-war-ii-project-return-to-normandy_11.html [Base Coat] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/05/world-war-ii-project-return-to-normandy_12.html [Decals] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/08/world-war-ii-project-p107-fu304-f-21st.html [Paintwork] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/08/world-war-ii-project-p107-fu304-f-21st_25.html [Paintwork con’t] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/09/world-war-ii-project-p107-fu304-f-21st.html [Chipping] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/09/world-war-ii-project-p107-fu304-f-21st_10.html [Streaking] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/09/world-war-ii-project-p107-fu304-f-21st_17.html [Dust & Dirt] https://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2020/09/world-war-ii-project-p107-fu304-f-21st_10.html [Tracks & Wheels]
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    Also, I've been playing a lot of Five Leagues From The Borderlands. Here's the latest turn.
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    Ghoulie Bag is Returning on October 1st! The Reaper Ghoulie Bag is returning this October!This year, the Ghoulie Bag contains the Bones Ghost King injected in translucent blue! The only way to get this exclusive mini is in the Ghoulie Bag! You'll also get two great MSP Core Color Paints: Brains Pink and the newly reformulated Hallowed Orange! And it wouldn't feel like Halloween without some candy, right?How do you get a Ghoulie Bag? Easy! Starting October 1 and while supplies last, any order over $40 automatically gets a Ghoulie Bag added for FREE!*But hurry! The Ghoulie Bag is limited and will disappear like a ghost in the wind....*One Ghoulie Bag per customer per day. This is a limited item. No substitutions.
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    No, I've been listening to doors... if you ask them the right questions, they'll tell you some pretty interesting things. In a very short-lived 3.5 game I once played a dragonborn paladin who was so close to fireproof that when he'd yell, "Arclight!!!", all three of the party's spellcasters knew to drop their big fire spells on whoever was next to him... He'd regularly charge into large groups of enemies or intentionally let himself get surrounded. One time we loaded him up with a bunch of explode-y consumables and strapped a barrel of oil to him so he could charge a castle gate.
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    Fingers crossed for Molly! Here's hoping she takes it in her stride and is back with you, safe and sound, as soon as possible after the surgery. Give her a big hug from me. Thanks everyone, it's nothing serious, just something pops up once in a while and leaves me at a low ebb. Mostly over it now, thank goodness. That's pretty creepy, it reminds me of a traditional Scottish Halloween neep (turnip). In the interests of food anthropology, here's a guide to making your very own carved neep https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtsbdj7L9mY
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    So I heard part of Science podcast that mentioned lucid dreamers learn skills faster if they intentionally dream about them. So when I woke up briefly at 3am I decided to dream about painting minis. (sometimes I have full lucid dreams, but its not always successful) I dreamed (non lucid) about being on a crime scene/post mortem clean up crew, where I was cleaning up a house belonging to a dead gamer/ painter. I didn't get to actually paint anything. that dream seems a lot more morbid now that im writing it down. instead I had a partially lucid dream that I could return to a saved point if i didn't like how it was going. I dont remember any events in that dream, but it counts.
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    Don't know about books, but our local Value Village is still taking donations. We actually went there Friday to look for costume/cosplay stuff. Somehow my 18 year old was able to find a nice beige linen jacket, two skirts and a pair of pants. I guess it helps when you're around size 4, even if you are petite. (Seriously, size 4 petite khaki pants from a petite boutique? For $7.50???). She's supposed to be dressing up as Aziraphale from Good Omens, her friend is going to be Crowley.
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    I kit bashed a mini together to represent a unique creature from the adventure path I am running. It was made with the Reaper Maggotcrown Bonesack, and an Arkham Horror Dhole mini from Fantasy Flight Games. Here he is, just base-coated and color blocked (though I did pick out his teeth as well). The worm-like Arkham Horror mini was already painted. Because I need this mini done soon, I won’t be repainting it aside from a few spot touch-ups. I based the Bonesack torso in Vallejo Ochre Brown. His mouth is based in Citadel Screamer Pink, and the teeth and bones are based in Citadel Zandri Dust. I plan to layer the back/bottom end of the torso to blend toward the green tail, while layering the upper parts toward a sickly human-ish Caucasian skin tone. Lots of work to do over the next week.
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    When I original got this mini in Bones IV, I was going to try a Barbara Eden style colour scheme, however I needed something to pass for a Marid (and not the fishy 5e versions). Not wanting to completely remove the option of using her as a Djinn, and more than a little inspired by some of the lavender skinned beauties I've seen on the forum, I decided to split the difference and go for a thunderstorm Djinn. I spent quite a bit of time layering the skin tones and I'm quite happy with the result - this will probably be the shade I go for when I get around to painting my storm giants. Eyes are glowing blue white to suggest lightning and I've given the underside of the "smoke" a greenish tinge to suggest hail is on the way. I'm getting more confident with my steel/silver NMM and I'm also happy with the result here. My attempts to continuing the small tiles of the moulded base didn't quite go as planned and I initially wanted to use a Moroccan inspired mosaic pattern but opted instead for an abstract cloud pattern to go with the theme.
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    (yes, I'm late I know, but like the song says waking up is hard to do...) Behold one of the Temples of the Great Pumpkin, where Autumn never ends and foul pumpkin smashers find themselves as part of the decor...
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    It did! Congrats. Sorry, but I just can't resist an opportunity to deliver a Princess Bride reference:
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    Finally got back on the painting horse tonight! Not much: a couple touchups where the liner was showing through, the wing highlights (although I'm not happy with them, I'm not likely to redo them), and some work on the base. Still over-exposed. I've really got to learn how to take half-way decent pictures one of these days. Probably after I learn to highlight.
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    It works for Mrs. Hamster.... so yeah!
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    What a difference a door makes. Finally had the exterior door to my office replaced yesterday. The old one would not shut tightly nor seal out the weather. It was so poorly fitted that even adding extra gaskets and such made little difference. Therefore my office was generally about 10F colder/warmer than the rest of the house in the mornings. This morning it was only 3F colder, and just opening up the interior door for an hour has brought it up to only 1F cooler.
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    Louisiana or Los Angeles? 'Cause I didn't think such a gathering was much in the cards for the latter any time soon. I made a sandwich for supper earlier. Am I crazy, or was this a pretty good-looking sandwich?
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    I did a bread. .. actually, I did two breads. One of them will be nommed, the other will be chopped and dried and made into stuffing.. and then nommed. Probably with roast beef. The nice lady who does the Inn at the Crossroads blog wrote cookbooks. The bread came out of one of them... and I'm hoping it'll be good. @SparrowMarie you might want to look her up; when I tripped over her blog, she was recreating medieval recipes. Then she started doing Song of Ice and Fire food, and ... well, then there's now, and I just made a couple of loaves of Mulgore Spice Bread. >.>
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    Ugh. I need more time in the day... Too much to do lately. Then again, I was seriously slacking off the last few months because of stress. Today, I'm going to make some split pea soup. My dad dropped off a two pound bag of dry split peas, some carrots, some potatoes, and an onion. I defrosted a chicken breast and bought some bacon. Wish me luck!
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    So, after a long discussion with my client, we decided on the following changes: - Green is good as it is, no changes. - White is close to perfect, but I am going to add webbing from the head spine to the neck like in the old 1e white dragon - Blue will have a nose horn reduction and other minor head changes to make the head a little closer to the 1e style than the 3e style - Black will have a completely new head and neck frill to bring it more in line with the 1e designs - Red needs a whole new pose to make it more castable. Might redesign things a bit to reflect 1e inspiration, but I definitely won't be doing the old grandma glasses look of the face of the 1e red. I started the black, but still have a lot of details left to add to the face, fixes to the back scales, and raising the front foot so we can enlarge it by about 5mm:
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    I pulled this one out of the Kickstarter to serve as an Augnagar Qlippoth beneath Renchurch Abbey, as well as being a Chuul, should I ever need another one. I tried for the colour scheme in the D&D 3.5 Ed Monster Manual ( a dusty yellow with blue highlights) but ended up with something complete different. While not quite in the same pattern, the combination of colours reminds me of a blue-ringed octopus, which probably isn't a bad thing for a cephalopoidish ambush predator with paralytic poison. A bit rough and ready, but suitable for purpose Having a close look at that now I think I missed a third pair of eyes . . .
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    Silently making their way through the heavens, the airborne servants of the Great Pumpkin keep a keen and watchful eye upon all they fly over, taking detailed notes as to the most sincere of pumpkin patches, and their locations....
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    Hopefully the cosplayers will be incorporating masks into their costumes. Bane, Shredder, any of the ninjas from Mortal Kombat, ...
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    At least working from home is safe, and you get more time with doggo! :)
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    It tried, but was unsuccessful due to my intervention. Though the hotel tried to sneak off while I was dealing with it, and I had to admonish it greatly.
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    Yay! My movie dreams are back! This time it was about an older lady assassin who was questioning her life choices, and when hired to kill a young woman who was an important trail witness decided to protect her from all the other assassins instead. Although my brain decided it needed a gimmick, so everyone was armed with lightsabers.
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    Just finished my 8-Hour Boredom Endurance Challenge.
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    This was a fun one to paint. Instead of going all black I added some dark blue. Fun fact: dark blue does not stand out to well against black. So I gave it a light grey drybrush which I then went over with the blue to make it pop. This is also the first mini where I tried my hand at adding moss to rock. It's not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first go.
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    You've been listening at doors, you have!
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