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    I held onto this model for a long time, a few years in hopes to get my skills up to the point of being happy with him. One of my favorite sculpts.
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    Found the 3d model while browsing Pinterest and reached out to the designer and they sent me the file so I could have it printed
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    One of my recently finished miniatures, and my first attempt at doing some object source lighting. Truth be told this was all a bit of an experiment and as such the ghost was very rushed (She was 100% drybrushed), most of my time and effort went into the base and trying to pull off a convincing OSL glow effect. It is far from perfect, but for a first attempt I am fairly pleased with the result.
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    So I've been socially isolating since March 12th at this point. With working from home and all my normal events, vacations and activities canceled I've had a lot of extra time on my hands. Some of that has been filled wit speed painting through my backlog of figures. I realized recently that, except for the occasional post on the Show Off thread, many of these will never be seen by anyone but me. Especially since my gaming group has gone on hiatus while we wait this thing out. Well that seemed like a shame. And since most of these are just quickly painted, and I don't want to load up the Show Off page with my base, wash and quick detail jobs I thought putting a running log of what I'eve finished or am working on would fit in well on this thread. So here are all the minis I've both started and finished since lock down began a month and a half ago... I had no idea where I was going with this and I'm not entirely sure where I ended up. Second from the left stole my mom's haircut from the 70's and 80's. Let me sing you the song of my people. Not sure what breed this was supposed to be, but foxhound seemed about right. An Entling in a little glade from one of the familiar packs. Bad photo, but there's a little water feature in there. Yeah, this was fun but will likely never have a reason to hit the table. This is currently fighting a fat plastic unicorn on my wife's work from home desk. Iron Wind Metals, old FASA/Ral Partha troopers of some sort. It's going to get weird. Dum-dum. Dum-dum... Dumdumdumdumdumdum Craft Paint Challenge. I've got a few more on the table and I'll post them when they're done. And maybe I'll even occasionally post a WIP shot of some of the bigger stuff I'm working on.
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    This is maybe the 20th mini that I've ever painted, and my 4th mini after a 3 year hiatus. Staring at the close-up pictures is tough, because I see so many things I can improve. Nonetheless, I'm fairly proud of this one!
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    Another Bones model. A little easier to work with than the water weird, plastic was thicker and more rigid except for the gates. Overall, I like this one. Comparison shot
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    Except for a very few small touch ups and a little touch up to the waterfall (which is a little more splash effect on the bottom, needs to go a little bit further) it's done. Took a little over 10 days I believe but I took my time and I'm happy with my results.
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    On my quest for a Legions of the Dead full painted army for Saga : Age of Magic, I just finished : - a Behemoth (Colossal Skeleton from Reaper) - 2 flying creatures (skeleton demon from Ral Partha) - 2 quadrupede creatures (Skeletal War Dog and Handler from Ral Partha with Giant Skeleton Rats from Mantic) Next... Bowmen ?
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    This is 02060: Onastaa, sculpted by Sandra Garrity. The WIP thread is over here. As I said in the WIP thread: First, the pictures: (click on the pictures for larger versions) The colors used were: (all Reaper paints) Skin: 09136 Walnut Brown, 09026 Violet Red, 09232 Bright Skin Shadow, 09068 Rosy Skin (midtone), 09688 Peppermint White, and 09061 Linen White Hair and staff: 09136 Walnut Brown, 09441 Ruddy Flesh, 09490 Bugbear Fur (midtone), 09075 Buckskin Pale, 09061 Linen White Robe: 09136 Walnut Brown, 09423 Styx Purple, 09419 Tropical Blue (midtone), 09078 Surf Aqua, 09061 Linen White Robe Trim: 09136 Walnut Brown, 09142 Stained Ivory, 09143 Yellowed Ivory (midtone), 09144 Creamy Ivory, 09061 Linen White Cloak: 09136 Walnut Brown, 09137 Blackened Brown, 09199 Russet Brown (midtone), 09200 Harvest Brown, 09201 Orange Brown, 09061 Linen White Staff and clasp NMM: 09136 Walnut Brown, 09138 Intense Brown, 09074 Palomino Gold (midtone), 09144 Creamy Ivory, 09061 Linen White, edged in 09039 Pure White Gems: 09136 Walnut Brown to 09039 Pure White, with various amounts of 09096 Clear Green mixed in. Lining and runes in robe trim: 09064 Brown Liner Credit where it's due: The core of her skin colors and using Surf Aqua to highlight the robe both came from Anne's Twitch streams for Reaper (the skin colors were from streams in December and I believe using Surf Aqua to highlight came from a stream in January or February). The colors for her hair and the gold NMM were matched against photo references (her hair colors were matched against a piece of art I purchased at the local anime convention years and years ago and a photograph in The Atlas of Beauty; the gold NMM colors were matched against a photograph of an Egyptian artifact covered in gold). The gold NMM didn't turn out well. It's a small area and I don't think it went deep enough into the shadows. I'm unhappy with the basing but I'm still trying to learn to deal with flocking sanely. I feel like it's the weakest point of the miniature. (Sure, the NMM failed, but it looks okay-ish as is. It's not metal but it looks fine. The flocking though...) Maybe I should focus on flocking/basing using simple tabletop paint jobs until I'm more comfortable with it. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome! I will not be doing any more work on this mini but I can always use advice for painting future minis. And I have another copy of her in my hoardcollection so I'll be painting her again in the future.
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    My daughter painted this one up. Her first time doing lava and glow effects. Think it turned out really well.
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    This was a bones translucent blue model. Tried my best, but I find Bones just difficult to paint. Should have bought the metal one.
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    I believe this came from my 1st reaper order, maybe about 6 years ago. Finally got around to painting him. I had a reason to paint with the witch in control for our next game session. I'll be taking down my website this year, it was fun, self indulgent, but too much work for little care. You can find a WIP of sorts there with the paints I used.
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    I'm building/painting a Legions of the Dead army for Saga : Age of Magic. First, a Lich Lord as my commander in chief (Fenryll) : Then, some war machines (mobile and static) (from left to right, up to bottom : Fenryll, Ral Partha, Fenryll, Mantic) : And, a "little" bonus, a Bones Golem for Frostgrave (Reaper Bones) :
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    My friend called me in a panic and shouted, “An evil wizard turned me into a tiny harp! I don’t know what to do!” Frantically, I drove all the way to his house only to find out…
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    Another favorite model of mine, one I saved for several years to finally paint. I have another Alligator for him to control, but could not wait to take a photo.
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    Photography level up! Ok, admittedly the first one was far from ideal conditions (realized I forgot to take pictures when it was already at the show). The second is after 30 seconds with the little light box I just got. I know I have a ways to go, but it is so much better.
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    it's amazing, the total is currently sitting at £30 million!!! It's his 100th birthday today his birthday cards are currently being stored in his grandsons school. He also got given the honorary rank of Colonel Full story here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-52472132
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    I started this little guy some years ago, but then I got stuck and he just set on my shelf of shame and stared at me (I had already painted the eyes). Now I finally finished him, so it's a collaboration of Younger Samedi and Not-So-Young-Anymore-Samedi. Funny thing is, I have no idea what colours Young Samedi used, I just remember mixing some greens and browns together for the skin. And of course my all-time favourite metallic: The copper of the old Reaper Pro Paint series. Young Samedi was a keyboard player, that's why he liked this mini so much - I mean, how many minis of keyboard players are there? Not-So-Young-Anymore-Samedi plays keyboard only very sporadically. But at least he finishes his painting projects now and then... So enjoy, C&C very welcome, as always!
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    As the Deadlands RPG KS continues, I figure I'd start painting my individual 20+ year old "Deadlands : Great Rail Wars" figures. This one is a bearded dude with a pipe and rifle. I started with zenithal priming of brown then white, followed by a brown Army Painter wash, then basecoats and glazes of various Reaper browns and grays.
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    Well, this happened at work today - Sheldon: There's a crow outside drive through that is making weird noises. Traci said to tell you. Me: *Going to drive through window* That's Crazy Crow! Sheldon: Crazy Crow? Crazy Crow: Quack! (Not quacking like a duck - saying Quack! like a person saying Quack!) Sheldon: Me: I haven't heard Crazy Crow say Quack in years, but his timing couldn't have been better. The Auld Grump
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    Painted for a friend Larger pic
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    Here is the second member of the Tengu Trio: The Warrior, plus a picture of the brothers (sisters?!) adventuring together. To give me an idea of the colors I could use, I looked at pictures of the four heavenly kings often depicted in temples, who always have fierce expressions but are dressed quite colorful.
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    I definitely have all the required components.... And it's not like there are no examples of tanks anywhere nearby.....a quick count shows 35 in various scales and levels of assembly......(but I can stop printing more any time I want)
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    Currently running around the house shouting I Won! - I Won! - I Won! while tentacles flail wildly. Thanks Reaper Live! Webcast. - What is it I won? Paints? YAY!!!!!!! GEM
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    I want to say it's from the Rebellion game series, but I don't know what happened to the packaging or game cards that came with it right now. Finished up a couple more last night. First up is this creepy fungus from the Darkreach expansion in Bones 4. I decided it would make a good approximation of a Bleeding Tooth Fungus. One of my favorite finds when I'm out in the woods. One of my players has this odd phobia about mushrooms and I'm a big believer in exposure therapy. Not necessarily because I think it will do him any good, but I'll get a good laugh from it. And this is from the Chronoscope Expansion from the same kickstarter. I was feeling in the mood to paint something pink. I couldn't help but think of a Terry Pratchett quote while working on this. "Grand Viziers were always scheming megalomaniacs. It was probably in the job description: ‘Are you a devious, plotting, unreliable madman? Ah, good, then you can be my most trusted minister."
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    NUDITY Model picture link: http://desireefultondesign.com/images/Harpy_AllSides_SM.jpg Painted a harpy up for practice an am pretty happy with the results. I decided to put her on a clear base to not distract from the model. Any critiques are appreciated!
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    I screwed up the rest of dinner tonight, but I managed to make pita breads correctly.
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    Joke of the day. When I was a kid, my parents would always say, "Excuse my French!" after a swear word....
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    So, uh, dad surprised me with a package this week... Double surprise because of what was in it... Meade 400/60 f/6.7. Okay, it's a small and cute one, with an inexpensive manual mount, basic red dot sight, and basic 9mm and 25mm eyepieces, but... That's one lovely surprise to send. Getting it home was a tad awkward though, since, well, you try carrying a 3' wide 10lb box for twenty minutes. It's no 8" Celestron RASA, and it isn't an APO refractor, but hey, it'll at least let me and Rune see stuff, and that's what counts the most. Naturally, it's cloudy as all sin today, and it's tried raining a few times
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    North has a Feel. It feels North. It's that way [points North]. Magnetoreception has been shown in some neurotypical people but has never been tested in autistics. Nothing fun is ever tested in autistics You'd find absurd data if you tested someone like me
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    So... if we take up a collection to send you to Denton this fall where you take a good sniff of each attendee as they enter the building each day, do you think we could get ReaperCon uncancelled?
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    File this under signs of the times: Inspired by Crowley's tacos. GEM
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    So while Mrs. Hamster watched Mrs. America with her friends, I slapped some primer on a pair of maggotcrown ogre juggernauts, I spilled a bunch more than I needed onto my well pallet. I didn't have anything that I was planning on using that much stynylrez primer on... but my buckets of Bones are always at hand. Wanting something kinda big, I grabbed the appropriate bucket and pulled out the tree. Then the bear... I hadn't planned on working on either of these, but now that I've primed them, I kinda feel like I need to! D&D tonight was fun. The party is exploring some caves in the middle levels of Stonehell. Not too much treasure to be found, and a bunch of unpleasant beasties... So far only one party death, a woman at arms was swarmed by some rocky beetle things and turned into pulp. I think she had something like 4 or 5 HP and took 18 or 19 in one round. Also enjoyed a nice Allagash Black. I was really looking forward to ReaperCon this year. I thought I had a solid chance for Silver in Open with Kornovik. *sigh* Ah well... *Raises Glass* Here's to better days ahead. Here's to the future. Here's to my friends and loved ones staying safe, if not sane, in lock down. Here's to the digital age that allows us all to stay in touch. Cheers!
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    I took second place in the regional art exhibition with my self portrait from last year. It's cool to be recognized, but I've already exhibited enough to know it's just the whim of the judge. I'm surprised I placed, as this judge was in love with 'tool marks' (exposed paint brush strokes, rough finishes, etc) and this was my most highly rendered piece. I think maybe because it looks like a photoreal piece until you really dial in and see how much abstraction I'm actually using (that was a major part of my study last year, sorry it doesn't show up in the low res online pic!). Anyway, my second portrait to collect some awards, which is pretty amazing. So of course I just signed up for a landscape class, where I know nothing at all :D
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    Made an honorary full Colonel of his Regiment, which is the sort of honour usually reserved for Royalty and other dignitaries. Richly deserved and received with great dignity and humility.
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    Sniffing gamers may be considered cruel and unusable punishment!
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    Ordered this month or so ago when quarantine first started, it came in today. Online on its store page it says no delivery until June but I guess because I pre ordered it before all this mine shipped on time I am very picky on what Funkos I get, but some of them I can't help but want and this was one of them. He goes nicely with my sandtrooper and dewback
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    @haldir I worked retail for a number of years with a manager that always "forgot" my vacation time. I just reminded him again and took my days. His problem if he can't get the schedule right. Where are they going to get someone to work nights at a BS job like that if they fire you? They'll keep 'forgetting' and screwing you out of vacation as long as you put up with it. Lazy day here. I'm sore from working in the garden yesterday and my chemo drugs are wearing off. Doc wants to give up on that and try something new so it's steroids until the pills get here. Sorting through boxes of books and game stuff in the basement. Going to build a fire and cook a steak for dinner tonight. Potato casserole in the oven. Yesterday I made these almond flour and pecan crescents:
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    Indeed! usually I don't like the aesthehtic of asian style dragons, but this mixed form Lindworm/ Asian dragon really resonates with me. I put some more hours in last night to get a feel how much contrast I need for the head and scale to pop. I think I am getting there with the green, but the red could be further improved. I highlighted the green scales with RMS Kraken Skin and deepened the shadows with a dark cold purple and an indigo ink glaze. The red got some neutral yellow mixed in to accentuate each scale. Finally pure RMS Bleached Bone was used to paint the carapace parts, horns and fangs. The comparison with the pictures above really shows how much more it pops now. I wonder if I should add dark tips (almost black) tips to the horns?
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    A pleated black leather sleeveless dress with metal studs, silver metallic leggings, black shoes with a silver lace pattern, and a silver ankh on a black satin cord. ... I did not know this was Dress Like Batman Day. ... Also, I have no idea why my firstborn smirks whenever I say I'm not a goth. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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