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    This was one of my diorama entries for ReaperCon featuring miniatures from Dark Sword Miniatures. I had diorama ideas centered around the female figure occupying my mind for a while before I settled on this one. I tried a few other figures with her but nothing fit until I got the male figure and then added the wolf. I am very happy with how it came together and was very pleased that it received a Gold medal in the Diorama Category. I also was honored to receive second place diorama from Dark Sword.
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    Something with an autumn feel to it. When I look at this, I feel like Tobias should be holding a thanksgiving turkey and a cornucopia. Or maybe a pumpkin. I hope you like it!
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    And another one I recently finished. She comes with a cute little baboon that I was yet too lazy to paint. I originally intended to give her black hair, matching the dusky skin. But since I always paint face and hair last, my white/grey basecoat was still standing until the very end and it looked as if lighter hair would also fit, so I worked it into the colour on the pictures.
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    I got half decent photos! Aside from a little lint and not being 100%... but they're better than what I did before! I needed my dress pants for a usable backdrop, and I had to get my finger in the photo then crop it out for color balance, but it is okay! This is Aeon Trespass's Knowledge Nymph, as a demigoddess character in my world - The Watcher. Aletheia, former Loremistress who sacrificed herself for her library, and was raised as a demigoddess, then given the job of recording the history and stories of the region. Although she is strictly lawful, she doesn't really feel the need for undergarments. She likes her pajamas, and doesn't get many visitors in her "nest". Of Interest and Learning: First time painting sheer cloth. The super fine wrinkles on the small of her back made this tricky, but the rump was good for testing it out! I tried to paint the floor and her console/podium to look like marble stone, with simple paint on it. I tried to use desaturated colors for the books, so that the viewer would see them but focus on her instead. Open books shouldn't have nothing in them, so I popped on diagrams and scribbles (some roughly in Greek characters). Comments and critique are welcome! RED PEN ME.
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    “Hans, have you ever had a look at our uniforms?” “Nah. Why?” “Well it’s just... it’s just that they’ve got skulls on them.” “Yeah... so?” “Hans... are we the baddies?”
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    “Is that a troll over there?” “Oi, so, as I were sayin’, it’s like we’re the blokes doin’ all the fighting and whatnot, but they’re makin’ a lot more coin and owning all the land, see? It’s not fair, and I were sayin’ just th’other day to Mikey that we should—“ ROOOOOOOOOOOOAR “Uhoh.”
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    This is Vilthiss Snake Champion from Mierce's Banelords Range. Resin. Base is made with a Greenstuffworld Rollerpin some skulls and a few of Ristul's Fantasy Market's resin bugs. After taking the pics I noticed a little too much purple gums on the upper side of the teeth, it's fixed. He's part of my Lost World Project which you can find here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=154 This guy has some belts and buckles, If I didn't know better I would suspect it was a Klocke sculpt.. NEW PICS ADDED Fixed the teeth and added a reflection dot. First 5 pics are the new ones.
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    Finally had a chance to do a final'ish pass on Ma'al Drakar. Still need a bit more work on claws and some touch ups.
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    Had to skip a few pages, too busy to keep up here. But... I got the job!! I have to pass a licensing test and background check, but I’m hecking boring, that should be fine. I’m so excited right now!
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    Howdy, Here are a pair of budget giant spiders I made for my group's upcoming encounter in Thundertree (LMoP). These are rubber spiders from Party City. Bought an 8 pack with 4 different variants for $2 CAN and popped them onto 50mm Reaper bases built up with drywall spackle. Some modpodge, primer, a bit of paint and flocking, and there you go.
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    I have always liked black dragons with their forward swept horns. With this one I decided to also try my hand at adding a swampy base to it. The base is made of dried out herbal tea, bits of sticks and rocks I found outside while camping and some torn up pieces of cork. I made the cattails with some old resistors. I’ve been told these would be better if I add a little about my process so… here goes. First I glued the miniature to a piece of HDF scrap that I cut in a 3×3 inch square on my table saw. Then I glued a bunch of garbage all over the base. I filled the joints on the miniature with green stuff. I primed it with black primer and painted the eyes. I always start with the eyes. Partly that’s because they are the hard part and I want to get them over with. Partly it’s because once it has eyes I can see the rest of it and I know what it needs to be. This is a black dragon but I knew if it was just black it would be really uninteresting to look at… and easy to paint. I decided to paint the wings with a green gradient. Next I gave the wings some character, taking some inspiration from a certain lava dragon that I found here on the forums. Then I went back over the dragon’s scales with some green highlights to make them look shiny. Finally I added grass, cat tails, moss, pieces of skeletons and some water effect. And the final product:
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    Presenting Ballista, a Captain of the Engineers Guild team in the game of Guildball. A former siege engine designer and the father of robotics, his refusal to play Guild politics saw him fall out of favour and lose his Captaincy to Pin-Vice. Had a lot of fun painting this one, even if he came rather close to being over-detailed even for me. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    This chaos toad was another one of my ReaperCon entries, this time in the Painter's category. As I had multiple entries in the category, only one was judged and this was not the one chosen. Even though it was not the one judged, it is one of my favorites that I have painted recently. It is a fantastic sculpt by @TaleSpinner with fun details like the shrunken head and turtle shell canteen.
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    Since the wife has been informed, I can now mention my good news. I will not be getting a resin printer as a birthday gift to myself. Instead, it is now a congratulatory gift. Finally got a promotion after 17 years. So happy news. Think I may take the family out for steak. Can’t let the food discussion drop from the Randomness.
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    Painted this one up the other day at a painting day at a local games store. Very happy with the result and I couldn't resist adding a bit of drool. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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    Painting cold stuff. Super quick Yetis and remorhaz.
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    These scenery bits are from the Bones 2 and 4 kickstarters respectively. I did them quick in my go-to rock paint scheme. An uneven coat of dark greengrey over a solid black undercoat, followed by a heavy drybrush with a sandy yellow, and finished with a lighter drybrush of offwhite. Quick and easy! The colours give a much more satisfying rock finish than just using the typical monochrome greys. Too bad the colours are not really showing properly up in the photos. On each end are the Pillars of Good and Evil from Bones 2, the rest is the subset "Grave Things" from the Bones 4 core set. The Pillar of Evil to the left, the Pillar of Good to the right. They are made in the older Bonesium PVC material, and as you can see it shows. No amount of the hot water trick is going to correct that warped listing there. I have not seen the metal versions so I cannot compare them with the Bones or even say that the metal ones do no list in the same way (though I doubt that they do.) I would have thought it be more fitting if these came as a pair of each and not just one of each, but there we are. They are sold as single packs in retail anyway. 77246 Pillar of Good 77247 Pillar of Evil Reaper Miniatures, Bones 2 KS 2013 Core set, Dungeon Décor subset Sculpted by Sandra Garrity Bonesium PVC. 30mm round lipped based available from reapermini.com These are from the subset "Grave things" in the Bones 4 Core set. Listing again! I was unsuccessful in trying to unbend the batty one as it bent back over time. Should have left it longer in the hot water. Oh well. Again, they should have come in a pairs of each. It seems Bones really is not the best material for boxes with square corners and all that...must be that corrupting influence of the Warp. This one is OK and untainted by the warp though. The loose books are a nice touch. Tiny glyphs and imaginary writing that looks much better (and way more impressive) when not magnified, as does most of my painting. The page is actually about 10mm wide. The black symbols and all that are done with .01mm and .02mm pens. klatoo...berata....nih*cough cough* Ok, then, thats it! *takes book, thunder rumbles* Hey wait a minute! I said the words! I did! B4Core #126, #127, #128 and #129 Grave Things Reaper Miniatures, Bones 4 KS 2017 Unknown sculptor Bonesium PVC. 40mm 3D-printed round lipped base on the statues should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future
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    The Dragonman something from the Bones 4 core set. This mini actually comes in many parts and with a selection of different weaponry and hand-held things. I went with the bucaneery sabre and dagger on account of the high boots looking a little piratey. Also, this is what the render shown in the KS looked like. I went with a bronze / gold armour and my new darker flock mix. Turned out well in my opinion at least. The base is a 3D printed 35x25mm lipped oval as I thought a 40mm round was too large. B4Core #16 Dragonman (?) Reaper Miniatures, Bones 4 KS 2017 unknown sculptor Bonesium PVC. 35x25mm 3D printed oval lipped base should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future
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    *staggers sideways into the thread, blown in on the ocean wind, and crashes into the wall* Whoops, pardon me, I haven't quite gotten my land legs back yet. Well, I survived my first ocean-going experience, and found it invigorating, mildly alarming, heaps of fun, and exhausting all at once! Also stupidly expensive given our current post-move budget, even though SisterBoot bought the actual tickets, but in the end worth the expense I'd say. The ocean is amazing, I can see why you seafaring types keep going back to it. Y'all would have laughed yourselves silly at my reaction to getting out into deep waters, though. I did great while we were within sight of land, but when we got out into the ocean proper, the ship started rolling ponderously from side to side (and sometimes up and down too), and my typically excellent sense of balance worked against me as I kept trying to automatically right myself and instead kept overcorrecting and abruptly sitting on nearby furniture or tipping into walls. I didn't walk down the hall so much as wobble from one side to the other lol. There was only 2 days of that, though, the rest of the time we stuck pretty close to the coast. The cruise experience was...well, magical is really the only word for it! It was a Disney cruise, so not only did they take excellent care of us, there were tons of family-friendly entertainments and activities to do. The various on-shore excursions we did were all (except for one) excellent and highly enjoyable. We panned for (real!) gold flakes, met some actual Iditarod sled dogs (and puppies), briefly experienced -40*F, and saw a lumberjack show/friendly competition. The not-very-good one (a uniformly spicy and not well stocked seafood "feast" and a tribal dance experience that amounted to a 15 minute presentation by 4 teenagers that obviously didn't want to be there) was brought up to guest services, and we were assured that steps were already being taken to ensure that future excursions to that place were up to the high quality expected (we were not the only ones to have complained, apparently). We also got a partial credit, which was unexpected but nice. We also had fun wandering around historic gold rush exhibits in Skagway and seeing Dawes glacier (from a distance, but closer than I'd been expecting; it was an extraordinary experience). The food was absolutely phenomenal, the desserts especially, and I've got plenty of beautiful pictures of it to share. Once I've finished sorting through and uploading all my travel pictures to Google drive, I'll post a link so I don't flood the Randomness thread lol. Also, it's so good to be back! I'm never doing two major trips so close to each other again; I didn't really have time to fully recover mentally (or physically due to GI nastiness) from ReaperCon before heading off on this trip, and I know I would have enjoyed both much more if they'd been further apart. Right now I'm enjoying the novelty of my own (stationary) bed and the relative silence of my own house. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I painted Devil Girl's clothing in Vallejo Black and thought, "God, that's boring". So I added 1/3 Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue to the black and redid her coat. Adding the blue makes the black much richer, and I washed the black over with Army Painter Blue Tone. Her skin was done with Vallejo Flat Red, Red and Vermillion. Her hair is black and drybrushed with Vallejo Royal Purple. The lava is Liquitex Modelling Paste and the slabs are just plasticard. Her eyes took FOREVER to get right, which was frustrating as hell as they're just yellow with a thin black line. The paint scheme and base are shamelessly ripped off this one by @TheOldGuard, although he/she can do OSL and I can't (and wasn't even going to attempt it).
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    Hello everybody, first time posting here. Normally I only paint one or two minis a year for my pen and paper games, but since my skills would never improve that way I decided to embark on a quest to paint my entire stack of minis that accumulated over the years. The mini below is going to be one of my characters. I was looking for a female half-orc with a more roguish and sassy appearance than usual, since she will be raised in civilization. I found myself out of luck; most half-orc minis seem to look stereotypically brutish. So I gave this hobgoblin archer a half-orc makeover. Since I had two of them I painted both, going to use the one with the purple colour scheme.
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    Yup, it is a well, with some giant tentacles bursting forth. A kind person printed me up some 3D terrain and objects, getting around to painting them. Need to finish off the flame and water options that go with the well. Corners are also magnetized for toppers and the like.
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    This is my first attempt at object source lighting. I'm still pretty new to this hobby, so any advice is appreciated!
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    Really really liked this promotional mini. A great concept that really comes through in the sculpt. She is very tall, 45mm to top of the head, and shown on a 30mm base. It doesn't show up to much but was going for a darker/greyer skin tone to contrast with lighter/more feminine light blue and pink.