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    Soon my dnd group will be waging an assault against some Yuan-Ti cultists. Speed painted for tabletop.
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    This one stood half painted for many months, due to the severe gaps on the pre-assembled mini I lost hope it could be as awesome as the ones I kept seeing on here. I'm glad i finished her, proud of the result. Behold!
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    This is the end result of me trying ~2.5 sources of light for OSL. Red from magic runes below, teal from a flame in hand, and some moonlight from above. The character is our magic user (archivist/wizard/mystic theurge for Wee Jas), who got pretty beat up last session - but he got better. Hence title "revived". His familiar is an Aussie magpie, which was so vexing to paint, because instead of just a black bird, she has some spots. Gah! The character is pale, with black hair, and wears black and gray.... so I had a bit of an adventure trying to work around that too. The figure is a converted version of Dark Sword's Stephanie Law "Male Mage". I took it off the base and put it on a new one (I think MicroArtStudio?). I also filed off the tiny beard to make it just a little more different. I then took off the staff, and took the Bird on a Rock from that kickstarter and put it on the hand. That thing is on there with superglue, greenstuff, and prayers. The red OSL specifically wouldn't have been possible with my Reaper reds; that's Kimera paints. I tried Reaper Blood Red and it just wouldn't go bright enough. On the palette, it looks the same as Kimera's "The Red", but The Red is just sooooo much more vibrant. I thinned the heck out of it and started glazing it in. Weakest point I think is the bird, but eh, that's okay. Photos aren't perfect, but still better than what I used to get. Going to fiddle around with stuff again soon.
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    Tough crowd. Hmm. Maybe you guys need something fun and cute! Here's Yuka and her baby polar bear companion, Tuktu! This is from one of our Kid Heroes Stretch Goals. Sculpted by Christine Van Patten!
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    Here we have the Human Female Squire from Stonehaven Miniatures on a base from Micro Arts Studio. There's a WIP thread. This is my first serious attempt at NMM (barring a single sword on a recent figure). It's tricky. I think it works best from the three quarters perspective in the second shot. The view of the shadowed side in the final shot is notably less effective -- I wasn't sure what to do with that side. Also the sword blade is lousy, particularly on the back side. And the chain mail didn't turn out so well. Trying to get proper highlights and shading on such a complex surface is ... challenging. I eventually tried treating it basically as a single surface even though it's technically many interlinked rings. I also gave up and used TMM on the belt buckle at the top of her cuirass. It was just too tiny. My initial attempts at two brush blending worked notably more poorly here than they did when I tried it at ReaperCon. I wonder if it's some environmental difference? Or perhaps I made my paints too thin. I think the initial application may need to be a little thicker for two-brush blending, since you're immediately adding moisture to it thereafter. Also, it just seems really tricky on very small surfaces -- even a tiny bit too much moisture on the second brush and it floods all over everywhere. Still, it could be worse. I'm generally pleased with the faint hints of blue that I glazed onto it to get environmental reflections from all the blue in the surroundings -- the base, her clothing, the sky. I'm very pleased with the base. It came out very nicely. My only tiny complaint is that having a slightly angled surface like this made it difficult to attach the figure in such a way that she didn't appear to be pitching forward onto her face. Speaking of her face, I got ambitious. Here's an extreme closeup. This level of detail doesn't do my blends any favors, I'm afraid. I tried for a cupid's bow on her upper lip, which I generally avoid; and put a line of very dark brown between the lips which persistently came out thicker than I wanted it, until I finally gave up on it. As a result, she kind of looks like she's been eating chocolate and got some smeared on her lips. The best thing I can say about it is that she has recognizable facial features at arm's length, which is probably the best viewing distance anyway.
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    No, I had no access to any previous files. I did have the concept art for the Old Goroloth to work from as Ron wanted a resculpt of that in a more dynamic pose that would fit a 3 inch base, and with a fresh take on it. This was my first digital sculpt and I started it from scratch. They are both fish creatures though so... A couple other views for you:
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    At ReaperCon @Ludo made me do a Sophie Says painting up one of the plaster Lego men; I got to keep the Dwarven Brewer so I painted him up when I got home. He said I loved to argue and rules lawyer, or something like that, but I was too busy trying to figure out how to weasel out of painting the Lego man to listen to his reasons. Love ya man The Death Knight is a kitbash I tossed together at ReaperCon as well; speed painted here at home. Acquired Daschelle at the Con and enjoyed her immensely more than I thought I would. The Hive Warden I did before ReaperCon but was too lazy to post. The Horn Slasher was done at the Con.
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    Was so excited to do this one. Theroc is such an Iconic monster.
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    I have always liked black dragons with their forward swept horns. With this one I decided to also try my hand at adding a swampy base to it. The base is made of dried out herbal tea, bits of sticks and rocks I found outside while camping and some torn up pieces of cork. I made the cattails with some old resistors. I’ve been told these would be better if I add a little about my process so… here goes. First I glued the miniature to a piece of HDF scrap that I cut in a 3×3 inch square on my table saw. Then I glued a bunch of garbage all over the base. I filled the joints on the miniature with green stuff. I primed it with black primer and painted the eyes. I always start with the eyes. Partly that’s because they are the hard part and I want to get them over with. Partly it’s because once it has eyes I can see the rest of it and I know what it needs to be. This is a black dragon but I knew if it was just black it would be really uninteresting to look at… and easy to paint. I decided to paint the wings with a green gradient. Next I gave the wings some character, taking some inspiration from a certain lava dragon that I found here on the forums. Then I went back over the dragon’s scales with some green highlights to make them look shiny. Finally I added grass, cat tails, moss, pieces of skeletons and some water effect. And the final product:
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    Tre Manor is still working to fulfill his Warbands of the Dark Beyond across the pond, but I painted up the zombies to be a higher grade of zombie for my dnd game. I got the chaos bases at ReaperCon and wanted them to look like they were fueled with necrotic energy further powering the zombies!!
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    Greetings! Presenting the High Rollers! I wanted to keep these chaps looking bright & cartoony so I went with primary & secondary colours for their bodies & I tried to keep these colours appropriate to their character. Pyram "The Pincher" Aleon Octrox D'Tenian Thacovius Sir Vigintor Pyp Thanks for looking!
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    Hello forum family, wanna share with you my last mini painted (I'm so lazy in this time of the year...). I have two figure of Luwin, so I decided to paint it again, this time in more natural colors. It took me a good 10 hours to place the OSL, as he is plenty of details and it was no easy to figure out where to place the shadows, but anyway I'm pretty happy of the result :) Hope you'll like him too. As always every C&C is more than welcome, help me see what I can't see :) Thanks for watching
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    Presenting Volturnos, a character from the Idoneth (or Sea Elf) faction in the Warhammer:- Age of Sigmar game by Games Workshop. Not my best work, I struggled in quite a few places (particularly with the fish) so a lot of it has ended up being painted rather basically, even by my standards. But I did get it finished, so I'll count this as a partial victory. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Who wants a preview? Hercules, by Bobby Jackson based on art by Talin. *Somebody* is going to kill that hydra. May as well be Hercules.
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    Greetings! I recently bought some Greenstuffworld colourshift paints & eagerly wanting to try them out, I searched through my (huge) Bones backlog for a suitably metallic mini. I grabbed the fantastically ominious Iron Golem from the Bones 4 Stoneskull Expansion & got to work. The blue areas are the colourshift paint, all the other areas are standard paints. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's not as easy to see the effect on these pics as it is with your own eyes but you can make it out. There's no shading or highlighting on these areas apart from some silver to pick out the rivets & sharp edges on the arm plates. Thanks for looking!
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    This chaos toad was another one of my ReaperCon entries, this time in the Painter's category. As I had multiple entries in the category, only one was judged and this was not the one chosen. Even though it was not the one judged, it is one of my favorites that I have painted recently. It is a fantastic sculpt by @TaleSpinner with fun details like the shrunken head and turtle shell canteen.
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    Yup, it is a well, with some giant tentacles bursting forth. A kind person printed me up some 3D terrain and objects, getting around to painting them. Need to finish off the flame and water options that go with the well. Corners are also magnetized for toppers and the like.
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    Well after over a year I'm back to painting again. Just going to work through the pain until I can get the surgeries I need. Beats lying in bed all day and I can't stand looking at all that Bones 4 sitting there unpainted anymore. lol. Its not bad I think for the first thing I painted in over a year I think.
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    Brand new to the boards and I’m pretty new to the hobby. But a while back I saw this guy at my local hobby shop and new I needed to pick him up. Fast forward a few months and a friend won an auction with a TON of bones figs. I expressed some interest in this guy and she just gave him to me. It took me a while but I really went all out for this guy. I learned a ton and had a lot of fun. I’ve shared him on the Facebook page but since I’m new hear I thought I’d share it here too. Since this guy my wife and I dove full in and picked up a bunch of figs and we’ll be doing a full pledge for Bones 5. Enjoy!
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    I know that doesn't sound very exciting but its not your usual "miniature". In fact in our world of miniatures I would put this one in the large garage kit category. This particular piece was carved by my father sometime in the past 10 years or so for my mom. My dad passed away in 2015 and I have had Chester on site since 2016. However, events going on have made me realize that this is a piece that cannot wait. He has been sitting in the garage and my intention was to paint him there but it gets cold in the garage. While the oil and enamel paints that will be used have a pretty heavy odor we have moved Chester into the living room which will give us a more controlled environment to work on him. At this point the goal is to have him done by Thanksgiving. That is entirely doable, giving enough free time I have been able to complete a carousel horse in a about a week and a half. This is certainly not the ideal place to paint but there aren't a lot of options and moving a several hundred pound miniature up and down stairs is tricky at best.
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    Good morning everybody, so here's a figure that's actually been sitting on my paint desk for probably six months I'm guessing. I got his skin and his white beard done, but afterwards all the colors to add on afterwards were kind of stumping me, so I ended up just leaving him sitting there for months and months. For some reason though after getting back from a business trip two weeks ago, I took him up again and finished him pretty quickly. I think it was a combination of color choices and some tight spots to get paint to that were putting me off. Anyhoos, I got him figured out and finished. I gave him some pink shoes, just because I wanted to annoy the cosmic color wheel, but when I look at it, his shoes don't even actually bother me that much. So I'm not sure if I was able to accomplish anything in an attempt to violate the holy color wheel or not. He's a Hackmaster Battle Mage, probably from around 2003 or so, originally sold on the Hackmaster range and acquired a few years back from Iron Wind Metals/Ral Partha. Nice solid figure, pretty good side and despite my earlier trepidation, a pretty easy paint job to do. Fronts and back at slightly different angles, couldn't choose the best ones so threw both sets in. So anyhow, hope you enjoy!
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    I don't do that, but probably should... This is definitely accurate for my corgis... and their definition of "food" is fairly expansive... And, I just accepted a job offer for more $$ than I was asking/expecting!! Woohoo!! Bones 5 here I come!!
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    Really really liked this promotional mini. A great concept that really comes through in the sculpt. She is very tall, 45mm to top of the head, and shown on a 30mm base. It doesn't show up to much but was going for a darker/greyer skin tone to contrast with lighter/more feminine light blue and pink.
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    This is "Val", my stepdaughter's Elf Wizard for HeroQuest. Neither of us noticed the little demon on her shoulder when she picked it out, so we added her "vampire bunny" as a familiar. The base is a standard slotted blank that I sculpted grime onto. :) i have a spinny video thing but it was friggin huge when i tried to upload it. might try hosting it on youtube.... https://youtu.be/IBhgFNNr5co bah. i don't remember how to make this work haha.