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    She feared little in life. After all, death was going to come at some point. And before it came to take her, she would be sure to live life to its best. And for Kickfeather, at its best was one where she would be part of stories full of great and honorable battles where her fury and skill never wavered protecting her tribe, their values, and the People's homelands. My second Zealot Miniatures minotaur representing another WoW character of mine from back in the day, Kickfeather of the Blackhide, a Tauren warrior. Fury specced, even before it was cool, thus the dual wielding. It's this particular model that made me buy a bunch of these Zealots because I immediately saw her in it. Played around with a lot of rough blends of contrasting colors because that's become a favorite thing of mine to do. Also, I can't remember the last time I used so many colors in one mini outside of Ma'al Drakar. Maybe I went a bit crazy with this one.
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    I started a challenge so naturally I couldn't stay behind myself. Meet Agent Anthrax, my first 3D print now painted for the challenge. I figured he also deserved his own Show Off. Challenge: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91144-painting-the-pandemic-challenge-by-glitterwolf/ WIP https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91379-survivor-dog-by-glitterwolf/
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    So I started 3D printing and one of the models was a female Vampire, I scaled her down to size since she was actually a large model. I was inspired to paint her like Elvira. Elvira: My Lady:
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    HAR'KATHOR, TREEMAN OF RAGE Manufacturer: Ultraforge Miniatures Sculptor: Jeremy Glen Sleep. Rest. It had seemed an eternity since Har'kathor had walked the world. His memory was still as sharp as ever, and he recalled the hosts of Nagaroth who had invaded the sacred glade. When Har'Kathor walked the world, death and destruction came with him, and that is what he brought to those dark forces who attempted to corrupt all that he cared for. But, why now. Why was his mind beginning to stir, why did he once again sense the world. When he slept, it was like becoming one with the land around him. Pain. He felt it, all around. The glade was drowning in it. The biting of metal into wood flesh. The flesh of his own saplings, and of others around him. He slowly opened the dark caverns that housed his awareness in the form of glowing red eyes, began to stretch his great branches. Instantly he knew, a horde of the men folk were attacking him and his kin, bearing large axes. They had already cut down many. Har'kathor exploded in a great rage as he realized that the man things were busy even now cutting at his very own massive branches. His trunk was so wide that they would never have been able to cut through it, so they had apparently settled with just the lower hanging branches. Soon, the branches left were covered with red blood, with human corpses hanging from many branches and men fleeing from the glade. As his senses came completely back to him Har'Kathor realized that this horde of men was a logging party. Never had the kingdom of man ventured this far into the glades of Athel Loren. Where were the glade guard, the sworn tree kin. It was the pact that the tree folk had with the nature spirits of the woods, those elven kin who long ago had melded their existence with that of the forest. With each step forward, the movements became easier. Har'Kathor would find vengeance for this act. Vote on CMON: HAR'KATHOR
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    Second forum post in four years! I've got a bunch of Reaper miniatures to put into the next book for Zero Dark, so I thought I'd share them here and put all the photos into one thread. IMEF Bulldog The IMEF will be providing part of the OpFor in the next book, and the Bulldog stands as a truly excellent option for a Heavy Elite. All I need is something even larger to be a Defence Mech... I run a Patreon for my game design projects. Not plugging that here. But my patrons sometimes earn rewards in the form of minis - unpainted or painted. This is one of the latest painted mini rewards one of my patrons asked for. I've written a background to explain why a steampunk dwarf aviator with a minigun has a place in a hard SF, post-apocalyptic setting to go with him!
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    Finally I took some time to finish some Bones figures. I hope you like it,
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    44079 Giant Cave Sloth (#617) Fossils of Megatherium (which literally means "Great Beast") aka the giant ground sloth have been found in deposits dated to the Pliocene era 5.33 million and up to the Holocene, about 8.000 years ago. Which means it actually may have been contemprorary to early modern humans. Who in turn might even have killed them off. After all, a 4 ton elephant sized sloth might be both easy to catch and good eating. 50mm base. Sculpted by Jason Wiebe. Great Beasts indeed! From the Lost Valley expansion Bones 4 kickstarter, 2019 Reaper Miniatures Made in Bones Black PVC available from reapermini.com These models were completed the 2nd of May.
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    Hope you enjoy :) had fun painting her!
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    I found a picture somewhere online where someone had mounted a Kingdom Death mask on post like the warning masks you might see outside a tribal village. I thought this was a very cool effect, so I purchased a set of masks and painted them in this style. I'm very happy with how most of them turned out (though I think the demon is a little boring).
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    An Oldhammer Troll Who's up for some softball? Crooked Claw miniatures was a Germany-based one man (and afaik run as a part-time, hobby-style evenings-and-weekend business) miniatures company that was all about oldhammer style goblins (and a few orcs) sculpted by Kev Adams the Goblinmaster. I do not really know the backstory, but I surmise that the person running the company commissioned minis from Kev Adams, had them produced and cast up, and then sold them off his website. There was also an indiegogo campaign at one point. I believe my Crooked Claw minis are from that campaign. I bought a batch of them second hand some years ago. Crooked Claw minis sold off all stock and closed down early 2016. At any rate, the Goblinmaster makes lovely goblins in his signature style, and the Crooked Claw ones are immediately identifiable as Kev Adams sculpts. However, the troll is not. Both this troll and an armoured wolf are sculpted by Diego Serrate. I like to think I am not an elitist. This is a well sculpted lovely, even brilliant troll. But still.... not by Kev Adams. Strange how brand names can alter one's perception of a product, isn't it? more pics and painting method description beneath the click. Go on then, click it! You know you want to.
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    I held onto this model for a long time, a few years in hopes to get my skills up to the point of being happy with him. One of my favorite sculpts.
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    To my everlasting astonishment, my taters have begun to sprout! This is just one of the pots I have; all but one are showing signs of life. I appear to have stumbled on the perfect plant for me: stick it in the ground, water vigorously, and occasionally put more dirt on it. Otherwise, completely ignore it. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    44075 Axebeak (#608) Axebeak, or Phorusrhacos, was one of the great terror birds of the Miocene era, about 23-2.6 million years ago. Also it is, in fact, the direct forebearer of the modern era Chocobo bird. This Primal Chocobo was rather more bloody minded than the modern one, and would not accept any riders whatsover. The base I printed out for it is 65x35mm. Sculpted by Jason Wiebe Great Beasts indeed! From the Lost Valley expansion Bones 4 kickstarter, 2019 Reaper Miniatures Made in Bones Black PVC available from reapermini.com These models were completed the 2nd of May.
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    Complete! That was a blast to build! Cats will probably have it destroyed in less time that it took to build, but since we had a ton of fun building it, it's all good.
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    Day two in the tank factory..... My wife is till having a blast. All that neat duct taping is due to her. A break now for lunch and we are going for a drive later. Need to put in a small order with the lfgs which we will pick up as they are doing a free comic day promotion at the store, with parking lot delivers. I expect we will be back in the tank factory for a second shift today though.
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    Had some fun with these 2 mimics cant wait to see them on the game table
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    I really like this figure, so I was glad to finally paint it. This was my first time using the new Reaper non-metallic gold paint triad and I was pretty happy with how those worked.
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    44078 Giant Snake (#616) Yeah, snakes have been around since the Garden of Eden. The earliest fossils of snakes we have date from the Cretaceous period, 145-66 million years ago). Snakes seem to be a successful group of animals, still alive and slitherin'. I tried to give it a relatively realistic patterning with colouration that might work on the autumnal flock I use these days. 32mm base. Sculpted by Julie Guthrie Great Beasts indeed! From the Lost Valley expansion Bones 4 kickstarter, 2019 Reaper Miniatures Made in Bones Black PVC available from reapermini.com These models were completed the 2nd of May.
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    44082 Cave Bear (#624) The cave bear lived from the Pleistocene era (That's the Ice Ages to us normal folks) which lasted from 2.580.000 years ago to about 11.700 years ago. However, it seems to have gone extinct about 24.000 years ago. Which certainly is contemporary with modern humans. Them cave bears must have been delicious. And the shaggy furs kept us warm in those cold, cold caves. 60x35mm base. Sculpted by Jason Wiebe. Great Beasts indeed! From the Lost Valley expansion Bones 4 kickstarter, 2019 Reaper Miniatures Made in Bones Black PVC available from reapermini.com These models were completed the 2nd of May.
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    Honestly, the credit goes to my stepson's girlfriend who managed to push out to a 10 pound turkey for her first child. I'm sure my wife would have been very proud of both of them.
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    Tattoos, potatoes, biker gangs, and piercings. I had to double check to be sure what forum I was looking at.
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    Another Bones model. A little easier to work with than the water weird, plastic was thicker and more rigid except for the gates. Overall, I like this one. Comparison shot
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    What prompted the M.E.O.W. floofs to adopt mechanized warfare: GEM
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    She got in today!!! Shesaid she waited for 45 mins, as there was 3 people ahead of her. We have 6 machines but only 3 are working (ie 1,3,5). She even said some guy gifted bags to people that were there, so she got a bag out of it. She said, total for everything was around $50 bucks, so hey at least it was worth waiting.
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    Turkey was only half-thawed when I popped it open. Also it had brown feathers But! It smelled like turkey! It didn't smell like Satan's sulfurous back end! Legs have been removed and are in the freezer. Wings are in the oven. I snapped the poor bird's spine and the still half-frozen carcass is thawing in my soup pot in the sink in cold water. I'll change the water in a half hour and check for pliability. Plan tonight is to roast one single breast for dinner, the other breast into the freezer and the ribcage into stock. The pelvis I'll work on tomorrow. One thigh will roast tomorrow, the other will turn into coq au vin (dindon au vin?) on Monday.
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    The arming of the felines continues..... Off to finish the front now, and at least start planning the tracks....
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    B:GCC - Mission 21 "A Golden Opportunity" has the heroes catch Deadpool Deathstroke mid-robbery as he attempts to steal a formula for kryptonite locked behind a door. I think my favorite color that I bought from Reaper is their Hazard Yellow. It slots in nicely between yellow and orange and works wonderfully in a lot of different situations. I think it is spot on for Deadpool Deathstroke. Riddler Goons. I like the color scheme, but I debated for a while if I should switch up the colors a little to make them easier to distinguish on the board. In the end, I decided against it in favor of the K.I.S.S. principle. If I play the game enough where it is a problem, I'll be happy. Goons with Sticks Goons with Guns
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    Just before everything shut down, I ordered a Hot Wire Foam Factory kit, and picked up a few easy-to-handle 2x2 foot sections of one-inch pink board. The first warm day, I took it outside and cut a couple of trial hills: I have an FLG game mat lining my gaming table, and I hoped that the usual Woodland Scenics flock would be suitable in color. Unfortunately, with the first hill I tried flocking, I found that I had misplaced my reserve flock supply, and that I did not have any lighter green. Nevertheless, it looked close enough for gaming, so I ordered more flock. The second hill, a dedicated corner piece for my small table, was delayed until the flock arrived, but got an an attempt at a more mottled appearance. With yesterday’s remote game, I finally had a chance to open the table (which has been functioning mostly as my partner’s work-from-home space) and try the hill in the corner. I think that’s close enough for gaming, so that’s probably what I’ll be going forward with.
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    Ya think? Though, in both of the after school games, they ended up saving his life. The Auld Grump The Auld Grump
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    I have misplaced one of my nicer cameras. I thought I'd seen it since I moved in which would make sense as I have the other two... Probably going to scour the hobby room now. ETA: I forgot my mom borrowed it.
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    OMG! M.E.O.W. has a Tank!!!! This asks for countermeasures!
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    So as of today, there are no active cases of Covid-19 being treated in my province, and there have been no new positive cases in 14 days. (Also, I believe there have been 0 deaths related to covid-19; all positive cases have recovered) This is a good thing. Will be interesting to see how they deal with it, and how well everyone follows the rules. I'm happy that my employer seems more than happy to take things slow. Our department at least seems really happy with how the work from home thing has been going and seems to be in no hurry to have everyone back in the office. And I'm great with that.
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    Partner and I have finished a luxurious turkey dinner. For some definitions of luxurious. I tore the wings apart with my teeth while hunched over the kitchen sink, it was glorious One breast is perfectly roasted and I do not expect leftovers. The carcass is one hour into a three hour stock simmer. The thighs are small enough I'll cook them both tomorrow. I feel better
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    In progress painting my 3D printed Vampire Lady, paintjob inspired by Elvira
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    My recent print. I got the image from Thingiverse. The file was designed by pollygrimmart. The details were a bit shallow so the face didn't turn out as I hoped it would, but for a table top mini I got for free, I am quite pleased with the final product! As usual, I really need to work on my photo skills.
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    Between ice cream and whiskey, tonight, I chose the ice cream. Lost my afternoon to the US government, trying to figure out why Medicare is canceling part of my cancer-battling mother's coverage. Turns out she failed to pay bills that they never generated! They can't even explain what happened. We talked to them two or three times, kept get redirected elsewhere, SS office and insurers and retirement service and everyone anybody could think of to send us to, until someone at her prescription coverage provider's place finally figured out and explained what was going on. We had to talk the Medicare people through it but escalated it up to getting started toward a resolution. We think. It's not all settled yet but looks like it should be all right. They agree it's their fault, anyway. So. Hopefully. All the fingers cross and all that. Still, though. Ugh. Long day. Didn't get started on those stories but did have a nice read in the park. And a nice ride--nice sunny day for lowered windows and cranked-up punk rawk. Words and booze tomorrow, maybe.
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    This guy was a bit of a no-brainer - another giant who pretty much already looks like a cyclops. A brief bit of exacto work and a greenstuff eye and he's there. I already have him in metal painted as a Stone Giant, and there are more Stone Giants than I'm ever likely to use in the Lost Valley expansion from Bones IV. When I got him in one of the earlier kickstarters (2 or 3) I momentarily considered replacing his mace for a microphone and moulding on some cargo pants to make a little mini Peter Garrett (former lead singer of Midnight Oil and Australian politician) because he's a dead ringer for the bald bloke and the pose even looks like he has his distinctive dance moves down. I'll just have to buy another one for that project. Spent a bit of time layering his skin up and I'm probably happiest with this than the earlier cyclops. Just one more to go (and then possibly another Cyclops Lich if I can get around to ordering it) . . .
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    Ka-thud, as Jasonator used to say. Watched the extended edition of Lord of the Rings over the weekend. The 12 and 10 year olds hadn't seen it before and the 17 year old had forgotten a lot of details. Poor 12 year old was crying so much by the end.
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    I'm very excited! I'd never expected to be growing potatoes either, but apparently the random bag of potatoes I'd grabbed a few months ago were organic, and thus were not treated with a sprout inhibitor. Which is why, when I unearthed them from the back of the pantry, they looked like this: ...Apparently I've already shared this picture, but I have zero memory of having done so. So, uh, here it is again? Honestly, these silly little potatoes have been surprisingly good for my mental health, since my sense of reality has been a bit...fuzzy lately. These are real and alive and give me something to look forward to in a few months. Especially since they really can't be affected by this whole virus thing. DO YOU HEAR THAT, YOU STUPID VIRUS! YOU CAN'T CANCEL MY POTATOES! *shakes fist* Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Yep. Week in the car with a dog, a week on a lake somewhere, and a week in the car with a dog was my usual teenage years family road trip. The first time the dog was so confused. We'd only ever driven to Grandma's house in that car so for her it must have been the longest most circuitous route to Grandma's ever taken and we didn't even get there After that she got used to it and liked watching the road go by while laying on various people. Our old minivan had its own Unique Smell; oily cast iron, rocks, gym clothes, city smog, and spilled coffee will produce a true Miasma. The Weird Smell gained during the road trip merely added snacks, weak tea, spray cheese, and dog to that Miasma. If a minivan isn't used to haul things that Smell Weird then you're doing it wrong.
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    Painted this little fella up a few years back...before my skills became rusty. Now trying to get back into the game and learn new things outside of dry brushing. Either way, enjoy.
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