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    Hi everyone! Here are my 3 last minis. I didn’t want to paint them a classical frog-green, so I looked for some frogs with cool colors (which generally means they are venomous, which is cool), and I found these : https://www.canstockphoto.fr/grenouille-rouge-flèche-poison-13879876.html I really loved the color mix and the pattern on their legs and back. I really thought I would never manage to make something looking like the model, but ultimately I’m happy with it. I didn’t do the pattern all the way to the middle their back, but only on the legs and arms. I wanted them to have a bit more red. I hope you like them.
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    I built a dispensor robot out of a reaper soda machine, a brain in a jar, a pair of goggles, a battery pack, and a pair of rat cyborg arms. It'll get used for this is not a test eventually.
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    Quick paint of the dire crabs
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    HAR'KATHOR, TREEMAN OF RAGE Manufacturer: Ultraforge Miniatures Sculptor: Jeremy Glen Sleep. Rest. It had seemed an eternity since Har'kathor had walked the world. His memory was still as sharp as ever, and he recalled the hosts of Nagaroth who had invaded the sacred glade. When Har'Kathor walked the world, death and destruction came with him, and that is what he brought to those dark forces who attempted to corrupt all that he cared for. But, why now. Why was his mind beginning to stir, why did he once again sense the world. When he slept, it was like becoming one with the land around him. Pain. He felt it, all around. The glade was drowning in it. The biting of metal into wood flesh. The flesh of his own saplings, and of others around him. He slowly opened the dark caverns that housed his awareness in the form of glowing red eyes, began to stretch his great branches. Instantly he knew, a horde of the men folk were attacking him and his kin, bearing large axes. They had already cut down many. Har'kathor exploded in a great rage as he realized that the man things were busy even now cutting at his very own massive branches. His trunk was so wide that they would never have been able to cut through it, so they had apparently settled with just the lower hanging branches. Soon, the branches left were covered with red blood, with human corpses hanging from many branches and men fleeing from the glade. As his senses came completely back to him Har'Kathor realized that this horde of men was a logging party. Never had the kingdom of man ventured this far into the glades of Athel Loren. Where were the glade guard, the sworn tree kin. It was the pact that the tree folk had with the nature spirits of the woods, those elven kin who long ago had melded their existence with that of the forest. With each step forward, the movements became easier. Har'Kathor would find vengeance for this act. Vote on CMON: HAR'KATHOR
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    I've had this one in the works for a while. She's a little more cheerful and Art Noveau than most of the rest of my Miskatonic staff, but that's okay! Misk.U. cultivates eccentrics of all types. She seems to be handling the job just fine. And those pointed ears indicate she's already survived a brush with chaos, or perhaps has a little bit of eldritch in her. Her colleagues are a Stonehaven halfling librarian and a Black Cat librarian/cultist. Gave them both a minor touch-up for this shoot.
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    She feared little in life. After all, death was going to come at some point. And before it came to take her, she would be sure to live life to its best. And for Kickfeather, at its best was one where she would be part of stories full of great and honorable battles where her fury and skill never wavered protecting her tribe, their values, and the People's homelands. My second Zealot Miniatures minotaur representing another WoW character of mine from back in the day, Kickfeather of the Blackhide, a Tauren warrior. Fury specced, even before it was cool, thus the dual wielding. It's this particular model that made me buy a bunch of these Zealots because I immediately saw her in it. Played around with a lot of rough blends of contrasting colors because that's become a favorite thing of mine to do. Also, I can't remember the last time I used so many colors in one mini outside of Ma'al Drakar. Maybe I went a bit crazy with this one.
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    Happy Star Wars......oh, that's been done.....Happy Mond.....oh, that's not great either..... Happy National Weather Observers Day!!! Today has been a productive one so far. I've done my government mandated exercise, saw some newly arrived migrant birds(whitethroats, house Martin's and swifts), done some shopping for the elderly neighbors, refilled the bird feeders and watered the plants. Time to make lunch and then get down to some hobbying, I've got a newly arrived Infinity:Kladstrom box that requires my full attention.
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    My Werebear was the 4th mini I've painted after a 3 year hiatus; this winter wolf is the 2nd. C&C welcome.
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    Putting my pictures up from April painting. Tried to put some more flock/base work before taking pictures... to liven things up a bit on these large size minis.
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    More Large Mini work... this guy could/should have been on Medium base, but he seemed better suited on a Large.
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    With the tubes carrying fluid, it gave me a reason to try my new colorshift paint from TurboDork that someone on the boards recommended. Seems to work well. It is only a small area, but maybe you can tell in the pics. (3D Glasses is the color).
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    The Vancouver Vaccine Evaluation Center emailed me back. They are getting the proper approvals for a phase 1 vaccine trial and will let me know when they're recruiting. I'm going to volunteer as a participant. I have one healthy body to offer; might be Con 8, but I'm the healthiest I've ever been and don't actually have any underlying medical conditions. Gotta say, getting the email that they'll let me know when they're recruiting made me so giddy that I ended up dancing around the apartment. I need rocks for my research. They need bodies. Even if this isn't "the one", it will give researchers more knowledge on the topic, and that alone is worth thousands of lives. Don't know if I'll make it through the screening process, but I want to offer. Take whatever bodily bits needed, marvelous real-world abjuration wizards (protection science/magic - duh). I needed to say something, because I'm not really ready to tell the real-world friends and family in general, but I want to let out some of the darn feelings on it (one work group member, and my mom know, and Sir Cyr). My work friend says I'm excited because I'm a scientist and being a sample is cool. I think it is more than that. Love, pride, spite, stubbornness... I don't know. I'm feeling optimistic and I like that.
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    More April work on Large minis...
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    Just what it says on the tin. A princess from Cold War Miniatures...a SPACE princess! She looks like she'd fit in with my legions of Zarek, blue-skinned retro conquerors featured elsewhere in the Spacefuture tag. (Mostly Hydra Imperials, but some Reaper Numenera priests as well.) Here she is on a walk in the Imperial Gardens with her mother (played by Hydra's Empress Xenovia). Not sure the Empress approves of her daughter's choice of stepping-out wear--unlike the populace at large. Alas that looking at a member of the Imperial Houses without permission is punishable by a minimum sentence of execution, going up to some truly unpleasant punishments. It is estimated that Princess Khoshta is the third leading cause of death in the Citadel of Marduk.
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    Had some fun with these 2 mimics cant wait to see them on the game table
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    @Chaoswolf, good luck with the new schedule. Long day s are a pain, but that extra day off can be worth it. @Crowley, not enough COFFEE in your post. @Pezler the Polychromatic just for you:
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    Ratman.... or maybe Wererat.
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    Learning Z-Brush in under 2 months to a point where I had several models that made it into Bones V: My first Z-Brush model:
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    Tattoos, potatoes, biker gangs, and piercings. I had to double check to be sure what forum I was looking at.
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    Second forum post in four years! I've got a bunch of Reaper miniatures to put into the next book for Zero Dark, so I thought I'd share them here and put all the photos into one thread. IMEF Bulldog The IMEF will be providing part of the OpFor in the next book, and the Bulldog stands as a truly excellent option for a Heavy Elite. All I need is something even larger to be a Defence Mech... I run a Patreon for my game design projects. Not plugging that here. But my patrons sometimes earn rewards in the form of minis - unpainted or painted. This is one of the latest painted mini rewards one of my patrons asked for. I've written a background to explain why a steampunk dwarf aviator with a minigun has a place in a hard SF, post-apocalyptic setting to go with him!
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    The Pinnacle Entertainment Group Deadlands RPG continues, so I'm still painting figures from their OOP Deadlands: Great Rail Wars set! Zenithal priming of white on brown. Reaper Tanned skin and various browns and ochres. Mebbe I should paint his pants to match his vest, dunno.
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    Hope you enjoy :) had fun painting her!
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    I started a challenge so naturally I couldn't stay behind myself. Meet Agent Anthrax, my first 3D print now painted for the challenge. I figured he also deserved his own Show Off. Challenge: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91144-painting-the-pandemic-challenge-by-glitterwolf/ WIP https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91379-survivor-dog-by-glitterwolf/
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    I'm starting a new work shift today; we're going to be working 4 10s ( 4 10 hour days ) and getting every Friday off. Never done this before, it should be interesting to see how it works out. Happy sci-fi movie franchise day!
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    I’m pretty dang proud of the human I made. Granted, she’s only like a year old, but she’s scary clever, brave, learning to be kind, and oh so curious. I’m also really proud of my relationship with my husband. It’s about as perfect as it can be, and that’s because we’ve put a lot of effort into communicating and understanding each other and strengthening our bonds.
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    LOCKDOWN LETTER FROM YOUR DOG: Dear hoomans I have noticed over the past couple of weeks you have been staying in my home for extended periods of time. It is lovely having you here but I feel I should set a few ground rules. I would appreciate it if you would follow the rules whilst you are staying with me. 1. When you do pop out you will need to take me with you. 2. You seem to be eating lots of nice goodies whilst lazing about the house. I am entitled to a share of these. I won’t make a fuss I will just sit in front of you and quietly stare at you until I get my quota. 3. Don’t call me for another bath, I am clean now. Just because you are bored doesn’t mean I need a wash or haircut. I suggest you go clean the metal box on wheels outside again. Daddy human has done that a few times now even though it hasn’t moved in weeks. 4. As you are here constantly at the moment, it is your duty to let me out as often as I require. That means that even if I have just come in and want to go out again you should let me. Sometimes I miss a spot whilst sniffing about and I need to recheck. 5. When I am asleep, leave me sleeping, this isn’t a cue for the little humans to play with me. I can also sleep where I like, I don’t expect to be woken so you can move me. 6. Do not shhhh me when I am barking. As you are here more, my job of protecting you has increased. I have to listen out for every little noise and inform you of it in case it’s a threat. 7. Don’t leave a room without me, I know how sneaky you guys can be. Just the other day I am sure I heard a crisp packet being opened upstairs and no one called me to share. So from now on I will be following you about. 8. This is a very important rule. If it lands on the floor it’s MINE, if it’s in my mouth it’s MINE. 9. You will never pee alone again, you watch me pee so I do not understand why you shut me out and close the loo door when you pee. 10. If you do not follow these rules I will use SAD PUPPY DOG EYES TO GET WHAT I WANT!
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    My phone reminded me that 1 year ago today we got our Bones4 delivery. Yes, that is a cat in the picture.
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    In Hamburg, Germany this happens thousands of times a day, and nobody ever makes a Dad joke out of it. Bier ist ein ernstes Geschäft. (Beer is a serious business.)
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    Stiiiill working on my brain! Though sometimes my body parts decide they don't want to work either. I've picked up cross stitching so when I can get back into mini painting sometime soon, my hands are still familiar with small movements even if they're not steady! How have you been? I've missed you and all you lovely folks here so much!
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    Ya think? Though, in both of the after school games, they ended up saving his life. The Auld Grump The Auld Grump
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    Not sure about that. While our tastes in beer are at odds, sometimes, I have found his taste in ciders to be a lot closer. Which does not mean I won't make him drink a bottle of it. "This tastes awful, try it!" is TRADITION!
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    This guy was a bit of a no-brainer - another giant who pretty much already looks like a cyclops. A brief bit of exacto work and a greenstuff eye and he's there. I already have him in metal painted as a Stone Giant, and there are more Stone Giants than I'm ever likely to use in the Lost Valley expansion from Bones IV. When I got him in one of the earlier kickstarters (2 or 3) I momentarily considered replacing his mace for a microphone and moulding on some cargo pants to make a little mini Peter Garrett (former lead singer of Midnight Oil and Australian politician) because he's a dead ringer for the bald bloke and the pose even looks like he has his distinctive dance moves down. I'll just have to buy another one for that project. Spent a bit of time layering his skin up and I'm probably happiest with this than the earlier cyclops. Just one more to go (and then possibly another Cyclops Lich if I can get around to ordering it) . . .
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    Sparklers should be coming into stock in most stores relatively soon and burn hot enough to ignite thermite. Not going to mention how I know that aside from saying it was a controlled experiment.
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    Ka-thud, as Jasonator used to say. Watched the extended edition of Lord of the Rings over the weekend. The 12 and 10 year olds hadn't seen it before and the 17 year old had forgotten a lot of details. Poor 12 year old was crying so much by the end.
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    I'm very excited! I'd never expected to be growing potatoes either, but apparently the random bag of potatoes I'd grabbed a few months ago were organic, and thus were not treated with a sprout inhibitor. Which is why, when I unearthed them from the back of the pantry, they looked like this: ...Apparently I've already shared this picture, but I have zero memory of having done so. So, uh, here it is again? Honestly, these silly little potatoes have been surprisingly good for my mental health, since my sense of reality has been a bit...fuzzy lately. These are real and alive and give me something to look forward to in a few months. Especially since they really can't be affected by this whole virus thing. DO YOU HEAR THAT, YOU STUPID VIRUS! YOU CAN'T CANCEL MY POTATOES! *shakes fist* Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    To my everlasting astonishment, my taters have begun to sprout! This is just one of the pots I have; all but one are showing signs of life. I appear to have stumbled on the perfect plant for me: stick it in the ground, water vigorously, and occasionally put more dirt on it. Otherwise, completely ignore it. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I'm gonna ramble here for a minute, sorry in advance... Professionally I managed to finalize an agreement that will add around 400 acres of wetlands to an existing 400 acre forested public park and helped negotiate a payout by a long time polluter to fund restoration of the area's natural resources. And I got 27 acres of floodplain wetland in an impaired watershed put into protection from any future development by a power company that tried to short the state on 1.4 acres of wetland mitigation. I finished development of a new series of calculations to use when a mitigation project partially fails their goals and we are implementing it in stages this year. So far it's directed around $200K towards stream restoration projects in the state. In the past, if a company had to mitigate for wetland or stream impacts they had to meet a fairly stringent set of goals that sometimes couldn't be done through no fault of their own. When that happened they were either stuck in regulatory limbo or they'd just abandon the project and hope that we had bigger problems to deal with other than going after them. My hope is that with a mechanism for awarding partial credit for a project that is meeting most of its goals we will have fewer people trying to abandon their projects or, worse yet, cover up the impacts that would trigger mitigation in the first place. I had four interns in 2019, of them I managed to retain 2 of them as full time employees and the other two reapplied to do another year of interning with me this season - that's my first 100% retention rate on interns (and they are getting so much better, it has become serious competition to be one of the four we pick every year). And finally, we did some calculations in January and are estimating that the efforts of my little group have saved water customers in the state around $4.5 million in treatment costs in 2019 alone (Hooray for positive externalities!). Personally though almost all of my big projects fell through. I had expected to start work on establishing a relic prairie wetland on my farm. There used to be thousands of acres of these wetlands in that part of the state but they are almost completely gone now. But even though I got all the excavators, landscapers and seed supply lined up my attempts to get funding fell through every time. Lots of folks said they loved the idea, but it appears that no one has funding for this kind of thing right now. I was also planning on lining up all the contractors necessary to gut and remodel my kitchen. But we never could find anyone we were comfortable with. That's probably a good thing though as work would have started around the end of February and I can just imagine having a disabled kitchen while everyone is social distancing. So 2019 was kind of a mixed bag. I'm so glad you did because I've now ordered 3 of those in the pledge manager. I just keep coming up with new ideas for color schemes.
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    Tell your first friend to file a police report, no charges, just lay the ground work in case "stalker" doesn't get the hint so she can get a No Contact order. Create a paper trail, especially if this guy has harassed others in the past. Second friend, a parent cannot move a child to another state without the other parent's permission. Have her go to the local Child Welfare office and file a report.
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