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    This topic was created so that I would not be lazy to paint miniatures regularly. In the first post, not everything is indicated. Go to the last page and vote please. Once a week I will upload a painted miniature. Take a look and vote for this week's best miniature please. Vote in the comments on this topic, please. Write the number of the miniature whose painting you liked. It will compete in the battle with next miniature for the best painting.
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    Hello everybody! Here's a figure I just finished a few nights back and got her based. She's a old, classic Ral Partha figure, Adventuress 01-018, so in that long list of Partha figures in "Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night" range, number 18. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I read out there on the Lost Mini Wiki that this was the first female adventuring type of miniature that was cast. This is in all honesty the second version of the sculpt, don't have the first one. On the bottom, she had 1976 stamped on its base so it's a nice old figure. I tried not to paint her in too bright of colors, kind of wanted her to be able to wander around with kind of calm colors. Anyways, hope you enjoy this "historic" little mini, she was a joy to paint!
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    Finished semi-speed paint of the dragon Turtle
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    Here's a bunch of giant animals from the Bones 4 Lost Valley expansion: the axebeak (44075), giant snake (44078), giant cave sloth (44079) and cave bear (44082). My typical color palette preferences tend to be fairly muted but I experimented with primary colors on the axebeak.
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    Made at last Reaper Con. Sith Lord Darth Clubtail and his loyal Stormtrooper Captain Rex Conversions are the lightsaber weapon swap, and a different tail on the rex Just quick simple speed paints
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    I previously posted a show-off thread for the male lion in this pair, but I wound up stripping him and repainting him after mistakenly ruining him when doing touch-ups/sealing. So here they both are! C&C welcome.
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    Hello all, I recently painted this miniature from games workshop using majority reaper paints. Hope you enjoy!
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    Contemplating the meaning of life.
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    Why Dad's tired and needs a nap. GEN
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    I'm late, but in my defence I was asleep when the call went out Here's Kurogane, where a weird forced perspective gave him Ghibli-esque ears.
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    Hello forum family, just wanna share with you my new set-up to make (good) photos at minis. It is really really simple: A dark backdrop, a screen to block the light on the back of the background, white paper to reflect the ceiling light. No lamps at all just the daylight and the ceiling light. 100 ISO, -0,67 exposure. I think the quality has improved (sometime dramatically) from my previous pictures:
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    And that is the difference between us. I realized the irony immediately and hit the like button because of it.
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    I thought of another one: Gin.
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    Time for cute animal pics to relief stress.
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    We did the most productive thing we could do today. Truck has been in the Dealers Shop since Friday afternoon, they called this AM to say the work was done and I said OK, we'll be in in the afternoon. Had to wait to pick it up because the HVAC guy who replaced a starting capacitor last week had to come back and replace the whole blower motor today. That was $425 we didn't really want to spend right now. Picked up truck, gassed it up and after dropping the sedan off at home we Went For A Drive. Did a big loop through the San Bernardino Mountain Resorts including a Sit Down Prime Rib Dinner at The Captain's Anchorage in Big Bear. Yes, Real Food with Real Linen Table Service and Live People to Serve It. Food was excellent, it always is there. They serve actual Prime Graded Cuts of Beef and Select Seafood. Place has a "history" as it was originally built by Character Actor Andy Devine as a mountain getaway for all his Hollywood Cronies. A high class Roadhouse near a quiet Mountain Resort. The area has grown and it's now just off of a busy State Highway with a shopping center less than half a mile away and the Bear Mountain Ski Resort about two miles drive up the street. When we decided to go for a drive we figured we would roll the dice come dinner time. We arrived at their front door precisely at 4:30 with a couple walking down the front of the building so we knew we had gotten lucky. Parked the truck, walked in, and they asked us if we had a reservation. We stated no, they said not a problem and had a table ready for us in less than a minute. They have obviously taken some tables out due to the virus and there is a big sign on the door "Must Have A Mask To Enter", which was no problem for us. Service was attentive and the beef was So Good, as were the soup, salad, and accompaniments. I couldn't finish mine so there is a hunk of melt in your mouth Prime Rib currently chillin' in the 'fridge that will be made into a Prime Rib Sandwich later. We needed the break, they needed the customers, so everybody is a winner. I hope the rest of you have had as good a day as ours. If not today, hopefully tomorrow. GEM
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    Some of you may remember that I live in the Finger Lakes Region of NY. A fairly rural area, but we do have 3 cities within 50 miles; Rochester (riots), Syracuse (riots), and Ithaca (protests). We also have 3 minor cities within the same frame; Auburn (protests), Canandaigua (protests) and Geneva (protests). The Rochester and Syracuse riots were concerning, not because of the fact that they had escalated to rioting, but because there was some looting. It's the opportunistic POS roaming through this whole story that frustrates me and frankly makes me check the locks. It takes just a niggling thought in the back of the head ... "they'll blame the looters in Rochester," ... "they'll blame the people roaming from city to city on what happens in my town," ... "they won't find me." And then the 7-11 at the thruway exit gets targeted because they close after 11pm. The outlets get targeted because they are in the middle of no where and no one would really notice until the alarms call the locals. It's easy to think you'll get away with this type of behavior right now. And that's the madness behind the opportunists doing the looting. "We can, so we will." It sucks. The problem isn't racial though. From everything I've seen, they are every make and model of human. I use that term lightly. So while I may be relatively removed from the protests and, yes, rioting, my concern in my small little town isn't large groups of people assembling it's opportunists preying. Stay Safe. As said, help and watch over your neighbors and families. Let's hope that 2020 finishes with us soon and we can be done with this "Year from Hell"™ Year from Hell™ is a Trademark of Thom Prati as it pertains to the year 2020. If you want to trademark, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, I believe they are already taken. LOL
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    It's been awhile since I've tried anything, so I'm not sure. I do agree on the gin, though. It seemed like I should like it with all its natural flavors! But instead it just tasted like I tried to drink a fancy lady's fake pine candle.
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    Do baby humans count? Here’s mine, definitely NOT TIRED And 30 seconds later... Nope. Not tired at all.
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    Julius thinks it is too hot to cat.
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    W.O.O.F's latest recruit really isn't up to much
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    Nobody has mentioned this change to the forums that I feel has affected feedback on WiP and Show Off threads. The Like button. I noticed a drop off in the number of posts after those buttons were added to the forum. Before they were there, you had to actually say "Nice Job", "Great work!", etc, which resulted in a reply, and the post being bumped up in the Unread Posts column. I think we still have almost as many people browsing those threads, but most of us (myself included), are simply liking a post, rather than actually commenting if we don't have anything else to say.
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    While repacking the box I found a few more goodies :) I just barely managed to get my additions and everything else to fit, but it's all in there now! Thank you for the goodies @Generic Fighter and anyone else who added to the box! PS. That toothbrush is totally going to be a bathing tool for the hedgehog I'm getting on Friday
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    Climbing up the front side of this magnificent Toblerone lookalike. In winter. Stupid, foolhardy Kuroneko! I was about two thirds of the way up when I had a pretty bad fall. Nothing broken, thank goodness but I was fairly battered and I realized that once I got off this lump of rock I was done with winter climbing and doing stuff the hard way. I ended up finishing the climb and heading down the easy way, which how I should've gone up in the first place
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    Painting Ma'al drakar in 7 days with size 0 brushes. Seriously, it was a glorious experience and I learned a great deal, but my lovely beastie half killed me in the process, lol. I'd repeat any of the 7-day challenges, except for that one. Regular life, probably having both MrBoot and I in graduate school programs at the same time. It was a marriage-strengthening time in our lives, overall, but man it was rough. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I'm... "okay." I originally said more here but it's more complaining than anything productive. Stay safe.
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    Here’s a pic of my grumpy old man cat being thoroughly unimpressed by a deer in our backyard and a better shot of said deer
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    One step closer to having the full Dungeon Dwellers set finished! I tried a lot of different stuff here, most for the first time! Such as... -Full NMM armor -Freehand on cloak -Painted highlights on liquid -A unique gem in the shield (Watermelon Tourmaline) -A tiny bit of OSL on the eyes
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    I am feeling personally attacked here. Y'all are listing all sorts of things I love doing! What's next? Someone hates karaoke, exercise, or middle eastern food?
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    I realized the irony of hitting the Like button after I did so.
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    I haven't been in Beekeepers for years now, but I'm a big ol' right-wing turd, so, sorry, I guess. I've caught some pretty good shade for it, too. All very polite, to be sure, but I'll be really honest and say that it can get passive-aggressive af around here. I think refusing to allow casual mention of certain topics actually exacerbates the issue to some extent. Lord knows nobody wants this to be r/politics or whatever, but you can't really respect someone and silence them at the same time. It's always been weird to me, but I have a really easy time not giving a broccoli about other people's disagreeable opinions, so I'unno. Anyway, all creative forums peak and decline. A base gathers, generally folks who're around the same skill level, and they learn and grow together to a point where the kind of general knowledge and basic advice that can be shared in an online forum isn't what they need anymore, so then they move on as they begin to apply all the craft they've learned in an idiosyncratic way as all artists do. If you're learning and growing, that's just what you do. If that's all you want out of a forum, you're gonna move on. It happened with the writing forum I grew up in. I just happened to land in the place at just the right time, a lot of us were at that Creative Writing 102 kind of level, and we had a great run where we were grappling with the same problems and learning to do the same stuff and it was easy to be helpful to each other. We'd examine and tear down a piece and study how it worked and find ways it might work better. But there came a point where we'd write a poem, and, you know, it just didn't need a line-by-line critique anymore. It was structurally sound and all the basics were there. We still could read and enjoy each other's work, and still offer critique, but it was a different kind of thing, specific instead of general. A paragraph where a page of feedback once went. New folks would come in, but there was a limit on how many times we could offer the same old intro advice over and over when we were trying to do other stuff. Most of us were not meant to be teachers lulz. The community was still awesome, though. Some people wandered off, like people always will, but the real value of the forum turned out to be the way it allowed us to pour our lives through a filter of shared interest. Like, writing a poem and attacking it workshop-style was great and all, but it was even better just to have a chance to shoot the breeze about what was happening at school or work or at home or in the world, and have writing and lit and all permeate it. (The forum eventually died anyway, as the site enacted changes that drove us all out, but that's a whole 'nother story.) I'm in a similar spot on with painting minis, I guess. I pretty much peaked, don't have the talent to get better but know what I'm doing wrong and all, and when I paint, which is rarely, I'm not really worried about getting better, as such. And I don't really have any insight to offer anyone else. I like looking at minis and stuff tho, and I still come here (again, sorry lulz) mostly just because I like pretty much everybody and generally find interesting the stuff y'all talk about.
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    @Pingo this is a hobby forum, it is to be expected not everyone shares the same views on life/politics/religion etc. I respect you and I love to see your work, maybe we don't always agree on everything but that's also fine, people can learn from each other's view. Consider this: Maybe this can be the forum where you talk hobby and relax, if the beekeepers thing is too much, then leave just that. Not everything in life has to revolve around one thing. Plenty of political forums out there, why not just hang out here and relax? It might be good to take a small break from world events every now and then after all. Unwind here and talk politics in Beekeepers or if that's making you uncomfortable seek out a political forum for that and enjoy the art/miniatures/fun stuff here??? Just a thought. Stay safe, hope you're alright.
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    I was a spectator at a two person canoe race. One of the competitors said his partner called off sick and asked for a volunteer to partner him. No one else offered so I did, even though I had never canoed before. We came in 6th out of 19. My cousin who was also racing came in 15th and he had trained all summer. When I got out of the canoe I was so spent I almost fell flat on my face in the water. Luckily someone caught me and helped me to the shore. Glad I did it, but never again!
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    Being a guest on a "reality" TV show.
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    College. I mean, I graduated, but I sure wouldn't want to go back.
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    Horseback riding is the closest thing, probably. I don't usually think of things in that way. Like, I may never get around to doing something a second time because of a lack of enthusiasm, opportunity, or need; but I'll rarely think, "I won't do this again, even if those conditions change".
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    Jr probationary WOOF member resting from ball practice.
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    This is a Kyogin Oni from Artisan Guild. She's one big mean girl! Printed on my Elegoo Mars Resin Printer. WIP here as she's part of my Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon Project. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/page/13/
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    There's a gameplay video on YouTube for the Commodore version; I will not link to it for fear Ladystorm would take me to task for linking to exposed highly pixellated boobies. It does stand as a rather amusing example of what our ancient forebears of the mid eighties thought of as entertainment. I am a member of a Facebook group, Fans Of The Dead Games Society. It's a discussion group for people who enjoy older RPGs that are no longer in print or supported. Great place for hearing about obscure old games and discussing them. I ran across a photoshopped picture of "The Samantha Fox Role Playing Game" in my archives, and for a lark, created a front and back cover in MS Paint, printed them, and glued them to an old children's book I bought at a used bookstore for a buck. Then I posted some pics on the Facebook group. I figured anyone who was interested would Google it, and figure out I was joking. Turns out that if you Google it properly, you are led back to the Reaper Forums, where I posted the original photoshopped picture and an extensive review of the game two years ago, and promptly forgot about...... HERE, where everyone KNOWS not to take me too seriously. Several people assumed the game existed (not noticing that Tom O. Bedlam was talking about a game reviewed here two years ago by one Dr. Bedlam) and started scouring eBay for copies. I've spent a couple days now PMing people and apologizing and hoping they weren't too irate or frustrated about the joke....
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    SWMBO and I have this week off work. Been getting a few things sorted out around the house - today after the dishwasher install guy had been I replaced the kitchen tap (we had to empty out that cupboard for him to work, so figured I might as well take advantage while it was empty). Dishwasher was replaced because the old one had had it. And it was an old one, the installer said it was about twice as old as the house, so was probably already used when it was installed here. Also been doing a bit of work in the garden. On the weekend we visited some people who had come to the wedding who happen to also run a nursery. Got a few tips as well as a couple of new plants.
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    These make much more sense now.... My housemate is allergic to most alcohol, they get the hangover as soon as they start drinking. It's very odd.
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    It's fine, I have no adverse reactions to Scotch, Rum, or Tequila.
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    Hopefully, luck is on their side throughout this whole process.
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    I'm not a good critique"r" when it comes to miniatures. As long as you've got the paint in the right spots & it looks great, it's a great mini + hey you actually put paint on a mini! That is something that is very hard for me to do anymore. So your one up on me when it comes to that. I'll leave you with this:
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    It was Monday. It was also a little rough for a Monday, but some of that was leftover from the weekend. I once restored a server’s hard drive by swapping out the drive’s controller card and then copying the drive’s contents, sector-by-sector, to a new drive. I still lost some data due to bad sectors on the drive but that was expected. I forget what analogy I used for this at the time. Maybe it was a quilting analogy. Anyway, it wasn’t fun and was another time I spent almost the entire night working. (If I remember correctly, I took a nap around 4 am, woke up around 5:15 am to catch a bus home so I could shower, change, and then catch a bus back to the office.) I proved I can do it but I never, ever want to do that again. (Moral of the story: Monitor your RAID volumes. Monitor your backups. Make sure your boss gives you the time to set up this monitoring.)
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    It was about getting around one of those restrictions about eating red meat during lent. The first Bishop of Quebec posed the question to the theologians of Sorbonne, and they replied that beavrs lived in water and were thus fish, which meant it wasn't a sin to eat them. Weird yes, but Quebec did invent poutine afterwards, so they more than made up for it.
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