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  1. finished my newest scenery! it's small, but it still took plenty long enough. the green toxic spill is poster plastic glued into a puddle shaped cutout, then painted over, then with realistic water poured over it for a hard, shiny surface. The spill part coming from the pipe is hot glue. the telephone pole is hand cut from wood, and the insulators on top are hot glue bits that were cut into insulator shapes and some painted aqua (i also collect insulators in real life lol). the wire is just... wire. the whole thing is carved from foam with sand for texture and bits of modeling grass and moss sprinkled on it. the green is supposed to be radioactive so it is reflecting off of everything, not so sure i did the green reflections properly :-P anyway, i hope you guys like it! i am no where near a pro but i did my best.
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