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    I love seeing all of the new painters posting their work. It is great to see new blood starting this hobby (or at least new blood posting pictures here). It looks like you have good brush control, your lines look crisp and clean, the eyes are well done and the eye brows are solid. I think in your next piece you should start playing more with washes. It looks like you used one on the cloak. Armor is a great place to learn washes, especial chain mail, it is very easy and makes the armor appear to have more depth. Thanks for sharing.
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    Welcome in mien freund... You must travel with me to Alderan and learn the ways of The Force. Keep practicing, you'll get better and better. Plus there are lots of good resorces here at Reaper. Trust your feelings loaba, let go your conscious self... SK
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    Nice use of color. What are your plans for the base?
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    I truly despise GW's style. It's solely personal opinion, obviously, but their style really sets my teeth on edge. The one exception is their LotR line. Those are some beautiful minis, but I wouldn't say they're any better quality than Reaper. Reaper, like any other company makes some figures I don't like. Some of their minis are somewhat over the top (giant anime swords, etc.), but they produce far more minis in a style that I do like. However, as others have stated, the biggest difference to me is the quality of the company and the people that comprise it. GW's customer service may be good, I've never had occasion to find out, but I can guarantee it isn't better than Reaper's customer service. But GW's other practices turn me off even more than their figure style. 25 dollars for a resin man-sized figure simply because he costs more points in their game? Gimme a break! On the other hand, when the price of tin started climbing, what did Reaper do? They gave their customers the option of buying many of the figures in a lower-tin-content version to help bring prices down. Now that is a win!
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