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    Krylon only makes ruddy brown (rust), black, white, and gray. However! There is hope. Recently, Liquitex, the old tried-and-true maker of oils and acrylics for artists, has unleashed a brand of spray paints which appear to be perfect for this application, are water-based, and do not shine like regular spray paints do. From what I've seen, they go on very much like the Army Painters do. The good news? They have a whole range of great colors, with medium and light versions to compliment base colors (as if they had us in mind!). The bad news? They are very expensive ($11.99 a can), and they are exclusive to Michael's - ugh!! Probably the worst of marketing ploys, as I have yet to encounter a Michael's that regularly stocks anything at all, and indeed, my local Michael's ran out of the best reds in the line almost immediately, and have yet to restock any of them.
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    I have always strayed away from brush priming. But I am always looking for reasons to try something new. Any advice for me on brush priming that can help me keep my miniatures details strong? Like, should I thin the brush on, for example. Or, always mix it with this product or that. You get the idea. lol Thanks, -Fitz
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    I 100% agree with this. I already have a ton of metal (not literally, but figuratively). Seriously, though... I have a lot, so I love the idea of grunts, army packs... the malvernis guys, the anhurians... love the skellies and the orcs that are already available. A co-GM just bought almost the entire line that is currently out. We have a pretty decent group now (8-9 regular players) and with all the table-top action, we want HORDES. :) The benefit to this is the plastic doesn't break as easy, so the figures can be tossed into a box a little less "politely" and still keep the swords, spears, and arms intact. At least, that's one of the big draws for me. If I had to make a request, I would say please make the basic grunt warlord minis, DHL army packs, and ... wait for it... BANDITS. WHERE ARE ALL THE BANDITS?! We need a few army packs of ruffians for ambushes, caravan robberies, and the like... -mb
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    I'd like to see some of the more expensive monstrous metal sculpts that range in the $20+ area normally...Eldritch Demon, Demons, Devils, etc.
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    I know that you have stated that the focus is going to be on hero figures in the rampup, but really what I need cheep figures for is for bands of monsters. You know that any DnD adventure is going to have scores of Kobolds, Orks, Trolls, Skeletons, Goblins, Lizardmen and the like. In fact in my recent adventure I decided to venture into sculpting my own minis because I couldn't find Bullywugs or Mudmen. I don't mind dropping a bit of extra cash on a really nice metal hero figure because he is going to be on the gameboard 95% of the game, where as my kobolds may play a genorus 10% of the time. So what would i like to see for Bones? MONSTERS lots and lots of monsters. Even better if a set of monsters like skellies for instance came with bits to convert weapons, shields and the like. But I love that you have ventured into this. HUGE potiential....
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    All the rest of the larger D&D-type monsters
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