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    Haven't painted any fantasy figures in quite a while. I painted this up for a fantasy game project I am starting.
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    Here is my interpretation of Tyree Spellsinger. I would like to give my idea on how I cam up with the color scheme, but unlike a lot of you all, I do not really plan anything prior to putting paint to a mini. All I say when I picked her up was a Red gown. From there I saw the green Crystal balls. I thought the black hair, staff, and boots would look best with the red so I tried that. For the base, as I kind of do every base, I started with a platform the mini could stand on, then just started adding green stuff and and other materials until I thought it looked good. Tyree was about 8 hours total work. Not bad for a figure that will go up on eBay. The photos did steal some of the bluish gray highlights out of her hair and away from the edges of the red, but I have to live with that as long as i have the camera and set up I have. Anyway, hope you all like her. Comments and Critique always welcome 6/22/12 - Well, per the suggestions, I worked on the skin and pictures and here are the results. I think they are better, but there are still things I want to work on for other miniatures.
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    Looks like the best person to answer this question is Bryan himself. I will ask him in a PM and see what he says.
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    At Origins I got myself wrapped up into a couple of non-Reaper projects for GenCon. I'm still not sure how much time it will involve once I get there, but I have to keep options open. I have decided not to run any Reaper stuff this year (other than the pick up game with MiniCannuck and his buddies).
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    Welcome back. Your photo's are looking much better. The colors are nice, like the blues (though I think you should look at ways to add some lower down on the figure as people's gaze is only going to look at the top 1/3rd of your paint job) work really well against the blacks and silvers. I'm with Inarah and Buckland as this looks very metallic. It's a cool effect if done on purpose. I think my biggest complaint is that the base looks bland compared to everything else as it doesn't look like it really got painted. One thing you'll want to try doing to improve your skills is not always relying on dry brushing for highlights on things like the robes and such. Dry brushing works well when there's a pattern (bumpy skin or fur) or when you want something to look like metal (weapons) but you should try using regular painting methods to bring up the highlights now.
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