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    Let me first say that I don't know how qualified I am to give you a critique as your skill level is above my own. There are a lot of things I like about this paint job. The two things that most stand out to me are the leathery look of the cloak/robe thingy and the highlighting/shading of the green cape. I will be referring to these pictures the next time I try to acomplish those effects. As for the metal, I like the tarnished effect. IMHO the markings on the back/top of the sword and the hilt seem a little too bright for the tarnished effect. To me, it looks like they are glowing, which might be the effect you want. The markings on the front/bottom of the blade look right to me. Thanks for showing your work.
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    Dig!! I wish I had posted as eloquently.
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    The model has a Wonder Woman vibe about her. I like the color choices on her, and the staff. The eyes are intense with the blacklining, and I would be nothing but polite to her if I ever met her. She looks all business.
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    I like the base. The paint job is good. My only nit is that she needs eye shadow to make her eyes stand out more.
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    Schweeeeeeeet. Now I hope they sell a blue zillion, thus causing Reaper to begin to consider other boxed sets released with links to other rules cards...
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    That's cool. He looks all mossy, like he's been sitting in his cave too long, and now he's come out looking for something (or someone) to eat!
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    Interesting. I suggest giving it a glaze of maybe a purple or something. It would tone down the stark white a little, add a little creepiness, and give it a little more depth.
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    The costuming section of the convention page for next year says Dark Carnival, Steampunk, Gothic. http://www.reapermini.com/ReaperCon
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