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    That is a nasty-looking crab! In a good way, I mean. Ishil
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    You are right. You just need a more gradual transition of colour. Its about 1 drop of brown to 1/4 of a drop of white (maybe less). Thining it down also helps because it lets the lower level of the colour shine through better. Keep in mind this is still the "easy way" of blending. For the real way to blend check out Ali McVey's videos here (note she uses 2 brushes, 1 for each colour she is working with, and pretty much everything that has been said about colour and paint thickness still applies).
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    Wow, that's awesome! This is really cool! I never on a million years would have come up with that color scheme, much less made it work so well. Fantastic !
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    There was this cool box set of ninjas, but very hard to paint... In fact i think i dropped one but could never find it.
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