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    Here is Arianna the Fairy Princess, a sweet model by Sandra Garrity. I sculpted longer hair so they'll overlap on the wings.
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    You want a real kickstarter project for Reaper? How about one to purchase the equipment to produce Bones in their facility.
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    Nice work on both wolves you've posted here. My local place didn't have any of these in stock when I was there last, but I'll definitely be picking a couple of them up when they get some in. Without needing to pin and glue arms on, I can actually see myself getting them painted! :)
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    All right so it took me longer than I wanted, but I've done a few things since my last post here. For one I went over and cleaned up the lousy highlights. Note I took care of the white that you see after I spotted it in the picture. The brown highlight was also a little brighter than I wanted, but it still looks good. I had one more werewolf left, but before I tried out blending I first practiced it on my first werewolf I painted a while back. Honestly I thought these highlights look better than the next werewolf. So ya. I didn't expect my first attempt at blending would be so great, but I'm still excited to learn how and practice. :) I had a hard time smoothing and blending the highlights, but I still think it's okay. Still need to touch up some of the final mini, but anyway thank you all. :)
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