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    The last of my mousling gifts have finally been painted for my co-workers! Okay, so the Mtn Dew jug on this one may seem a little out of character, but the gal that this one is for really cannot handle any amout of Mtn Dew, so it was kind of a joke. We can just say that this little guy is actually a modern mouse who attended RCon and stopped off for an extra large Mtn Dew on the way. Look for some more human-shaped minis from me in the upcoming months! Thanks for checking out my stuff!
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    So here is my latest mini I've painted. I think it turn out okay, but I felt like there was not a hole lot I could do with this one. :/ Anyway any advice please share. btw I've already gone back and painted those parts were it looks like the paint go rubbed off.
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    Hellwiddat. Gimme 28mm, and I'll put a whole fraggin' DIORAMA on that cake!
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