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    This has to be the longest thread in the reaper forums ever.
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    For miniatures it can only be mint condition if its still in the blister. Its hard to price miniatures, it all depends on if anyone is actually looking for what you are selling when you sell it. There are a few miniatures out there that everyone is always looking for like the GW metal (lead) giant from the 80's that will bring between $700 - $1,000 on eBay. The Doom miniatures are tougher because they can fall off the radar, or you just miss when everyone is looking. I once sold a RCon 1 Sophie and only got $20 for it at a time when it was going for over $60 on a regular basis. My timing was bad. Watch the buy it now auction and see if he actually manages to sell it at that price. EBay auctions are a crap shoot, you set a price and hope it does well, I typically start items pretty well so it looks very attractive and then just depend on the competitive nature of humans in general to drive the price up. I have been pretty successful at that. There is no "this will work" answer for you. If Doom is on everyone's radar it will do well, if its not you risk letting it go for a trifling amount. You can protect yourself a bit by starting low and setting a reserve price. Just be aware that when eBay charges its fee it will be based on the reserve price not your starting price.
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    Dark elves are iconic and I like Reaper's versions of them. I'd like to see a few of them myself, personally.
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    General opinion is that other tombstone with the wings is Rautheros, a very big demon with four arms. Stupid auto-correct on ipad
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    I'm still waiting to decide what exactly I want to pledge for, but I've alreaedy accepted that it's going to be a couple $. I will guess/hope for a set of civilians. I can see cheap civilians being a great item for Bones. GM's always need tavern keepers, politicians, and innocent victims for their players to encounter, right? Whatever comes down the pike, the list of goodies is already incredible!
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    Wait a minute???? Qwk is actually suggesting to someone about giving up coffee! Get outta here! I can almost see him selling the kid for metal/bones, but giving up his coffee, no flippin' way!
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    YAY! GIRLS! Love me some Klocke ladies. I have half of these painted in metal already...but I am so overjoyed about getting them in Bones.
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    It's not obsessive - it's needed! Everyone knows that you have to watch the ticker and concentrate really hard to make it go up. Either we'll reach a million or I'll have an aneurism! Must... concentrate... on... more... minis......
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    I think in 15mm that requires 36 - 40 miniatures per unit and you can't play with less than 10 units is about the way to go. Army painting is when the lead piles really start to accumulate.
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