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    For starters, we would like to thank Reaper for their generous donation for our troop’s, Learn to Paint Minis, a look at a new hobby. Thank you, Reaper. Our Troop is a small troop of six boys between the ages of 14 and 17. For the month of February, they decided to look at a hobby and chose one near and dear to my heart, fig painting. I will gladly accept any input on my photography. I built my own light box, and for this shoot used a white backdrop. I plan on printing out or ordering some better choices shortly. The boys will all take any constructive criticisms you might have. I will post each boys picks along with one of my figs and our Scoutmasters as well. Thank you in advance for your time and input.
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    Our next fig is by our Scout Master. 21yo and a artist at heart. Week 2 Progress
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    Our next fig is Spiderman. Spiderman is 16 and it is his first attempt at painting a fig. Week 2 Progress
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    Our first is Bitro. He is my 16 year old son, and this is not his first attempt at painting figs. Week 2 Progress
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    Please see our troop's WIP. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47582-troop-145-learn-to-paint-foray/ But as promised here is my 3 yo sons first mini.
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    My own is cave troll bones that I received in my RCon '12 Swag Bag. Week 2 Progress
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    Our next painter is Ursa. 16yo and it is his first attempt at painting a fig. Ursa has been busy with a school function.
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    Like a goodly number of people, judging from the trade thread, I don't have a great deal of use for the Chrono minis coming in the Bonesalanche. I mostly play fantasy RPG, where one seldom runs into dark future heroes or smokies. But at the same time, I felt it unseemly to complain about these being included since I was otherwise getting a great deal. And the cybermonkey amused me a great deal. But now that we're nearing the Bonesening, I'm trying to work out half a painting plan to get these many minis done . . . and I find myself looking at the Chronos and thinking I should be careful with where I put those because they look like a lot of fun. I can use them to break up the workload of the "for duty" minis. I might get a WWG modern city set and build a display for these poor Bones, so they can hang out and look cool even though they don't see much service. I think they're going to be fun, and refreshing, to paint for its own sake. And I hope more chronos make the trip to Bonesia, too.
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    id send the cyber monkey at your group for fun. hes an alien!!!!!! or the monkey could walk into the room and say "come with me if you want to live"
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    Protip for buglips: Throw IMEF Marines at your D&D players. Make all sort of "realistic" but totally unfair firearms rules. Ignores armor. Deals 3d10 damage. 18-20 crit range with x4 multiplier. Roll that damage for each round of the burst. If they somehow manage to overcome that... give their future armor nearly complete immunity to medieval weapons.
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    While the Gith are the Githyanki of Dark Sun, the Gith have been changed by Athas so the yellow skin is no longer true. They are illustrated as having the same skin tones as the Belgoi and the DS monster manual describes them as grey skinned (it happens I checked all of this last week when figuring out how to paint my Gith)
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    My goal is to have a nice GREEN troll when I am done. I wanted to show the boys how washes, and glazes will effect the tone of a base coat. My next step is to wash all of that Yellow with a Blue ink.
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    So, win/win. Why is this win/win? Shouldn't we want more people in the hobby, especially normally-underrepresented groups? Well, if somebody looks at the cheesecake and has enough of a problem with it to leave the hobby entirely, then I agree it's win/win. Because I'm all for also producing non-cheesecake models but if somebody is that easily offended by my Red Sonja and her band of scanty bandits then I don't want them in the hobby. They're the kind who will woof and complain and nag until I don't get to enjoy my 80 years of pulp weirdness anymore, and then they've ruined my enjoyment of the hobby, and if they're going to be that way about it then I don't think I need to be accomodating at all. They can get stuffed or find something else to do. But somebody who says "I'm cool with the cheesecake, because I can also enjoy my fully-armored totally realistic Elf Princess and everybody's happy" is welcome to join in the fun. Accomodation means I get something, they get something, and fair representation - not "buglips isn't allowed to have big-boobed barbarian chainmail bikini girls because somebody might be offended". That's not accomodation, that's just being an elf. Begone, tyrant offendee, let not yon door hit thee on thy way out.
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    My Winter Exchange person is getting my Single Model entry. As soon as he gets it I'll be able to submit the pics in the appropriate thread.
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    The next wave of posts. First, Buliwfy Dankil as played by Koarlap Bloodhand Next, Cardolan, Ranger or Belsarause dy Raveneye Silas, Male Cleric depicting the paladin Taliesin Balderk Fitch, Halfling as Cade Highhill The next few have no name beyond their "given" names and are, respectively, Lonnia, Female Duelist, Bjorn, Dwarven Warrior, the middle wraith of the DHL Wraith 3-pack who has been repurposed as a fae folk type being, and the Manticore. I tend towards bright colours for my fae creatures and characters and like to use thin washes to slightly alter the color of something. On this one, in addition to attempting a facsimile of OSL, I washed in violets, lime greens, and a nearly water wash of metallic silver to set the black of the cloak off. This sculpt gave me trouble. There was very little to work with on the majority of it, so I had to improvise and treat it more like skin all over. The face, as befitting a Manticore, proved very expressive and remains a favourite facial endeavour.
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    Day 4 of the Ogre. Mostly fiddly little bits got done today. Lots of touch ups. Tried mixing a color to look sort of scar/woundish, may have come out too pinkish. Oh well. Perhaps I should have taken a look on line to see how others do that first... I think all that is really left is to put a little drybrush on the grey fur, and to do up the rest of the metals. I always save them for the end of the session and ran out of time today cleaning up my other mistakes.
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    I did the trim and gold NMM on Ororo to a marathon of Portlandia. I'm amazed there are any straight lines at all. No pun intended (they gender bend a lot on the show). Well, it's the Northwest. We have to do SOMETHING to keep ourselves entertained during the nine months of the year we go without sun.
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    I'm not really happy with him: I think I will make the arms and wings darker with washes.
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    Okay.. slime worm has been sent out..
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    A chef , warlock , scholar, beekeeper & drunk gnome I think would make a killer 6th set
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    Yeah, since the illusionist came out nothing like I had in my head, I've moved onto a more specific scholarly image I'd love to see . Also a warlock sounds awesome!
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    I've always played D&D as having a good dollop of cross-genre action, with gates between worlds and crashed starships making almost anything possible. I'd like to see a lot more Chronoscope/non-fantasy figures.
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    Nicely done! I have to say I'm rather partial to barbarians.
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    Well, the good thing is that there's no new kickstarter exclusives so you'll be able to pick up everything you want gradually, after they're made available online. The thing you want to make sure you order right now is your troll(s) from the first kickstarter. Then your favourites, or maybe as many of the bigger mini as you can afford, the armoured troll, the mounted minis, as those probably will represent the most $savings by buying them now as opposed to post kickstarter.
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    Among the bigger companies, even going back to Partha days, cheesecake being overrepresented has never been a problem. It might be more prevalent amongst smaller, or boutique manufacturers, but that's niche-carving and doesn't apply. There's not even close to a shortage of realistically armored and proportioned character pieces. I could find several hundred practical girlies without much effort - heck, even within my own collection, and I'm a cheesecake fan, the practicals outnumber the scantyclads and virtually all I buy are women and monsters.
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    No you are looking at a blue base coat with a fleshtone wash.
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    And with what other fig can you really get away with just painting plain white eyes.
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    I am a veteran painter of 20 years, and I want to know what Spiderman used for his Barnabas because that's the look I want.
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    The video on his Kickstarter page was so amazing. I would just love an unedited video of him painting everything from now on. And the end when he looks down at the dog is hilarious.
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    That's a great recipe for the anchor work - thanks for sharing! I hit upon something pretty similar when I did a rusty anchor a while back, but yours definitely came out nicer than mine!
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    I have a -10 to save vs Gnomes. And I rolled a 3... Only have a -5 to save vs Trolls (and any other big smashy monster types) so only have 3 pledged for so far. I'd really like to see a green before ordering another another armored one.
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    So, win/win. John Carter rules of combat. No matter how bad-elf you think you are, you will never be as impressive as the guy who does all the same stuff with his wang flapping about.
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    "I'll thumb wrestle you for the last fry. Um, arm wrestle. Yeah, arm wrestle." If you look at the shot from the other angle... It almost looks like the hand is backwards on the arm.
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    Reminds me vagely of the old Warhammer Warbands rules. You could get chaos gifts in the form of sci-fi weapons so your chaos warrior could end up with a bolter or las cannon. I think the rule was, if it was greater than strength 8 it was considered magical.
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    The more I've been looking at the Chrono figs, the more I'm liking them as well. I threw the new 50287: Caine, Cyber-Troll into my order last week to go with. I've been taking a break from GMing our group for a while (I was busy with the whole moving thing) and as others have been doing fine with the fantasy GMing, I'm starting to get a hankering for running something modern/futuristic. Need to find a decent system first, but it'll definitely have some IMEF marines in it.
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    I'm planning to have my Chrono bones fight in gladitorial combat. This will amount to me throwing some dice (possibly at the minis) then anouncing a winner. The loser will be placed in boiling water until his/her bones melt.
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    Dude, I used to mow the lawn of a guy who had a face just like that Manticore. "Hey, kid! Grass lookin good. Go da store, luh, and see if dey'll let you pick up some beers for me."
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    A couple of factors on my part. They still haven't delivered on their first kickstarter is a big one. Also I just don't like the starting pledge levels, I have no interest in the goblin figures so having to get them isn't a plus for me, I've got to go in at least at $50 before it's interesting and even then there is only one figure unlocked for four slots and I don't want 4 mermaids The get everything for $100 may end up being a great deal, but the figures need to be there first.
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    When I was working for a company that built gauges and tachometers for marine equipment, we made our parts in-house. We had machines on the smaller end of the spectrum for making the plastic parts, and the molds were costing us something like $20,000 for pretty simple molds, stuff like gauge housings (basically plastic cups, two per mold) and indicator needles (six per mold), although our molds were meant to be running up to eight hours a day and making up to a thousand pieces during a run...
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    I would like to see demi-human versions of a couple of current minis: A male dwarf version of P02950B: Cleric w/ Hands Up (this mini just screams it's a dwarf, except it's human sized). One detail I would add to the mini would be the addition of a full-length scapular to the robes. We finally got a dwarf wizard version of Gandalf - I'd like to see a medieval monk dwarf. No weapons or armor - just perhaps a simple holy symbol around his neck. A male halfling version of 03011: Alfonso, Musketeer. Instead of the pistol, I'd say add a main gauche or a buckler shield. Halfling would of course be barefoot, unlike Alfonso.
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    One of the few 'celebrities' I've met who has genuine charisma pouring out of him.. Really nice guy and his art is epic..
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    I like this. A lot. Really. Great execution in in realizing your vision for this miniature. I wouldn't (didn't actually) have seen it but it is perfect. The skin and and the NMM are the strongest features, but the everything just ties together so well. Bravo.
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    Wow! A really soild paintjob. The skintone is very well done and I like the touch with the gore. The colors work well together and he looks serilously bad elf.
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    The NNM is breathtaking as well as the skintone.
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    Gorgeous paintjob. I wish my gaming miniatures looked like that.
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    lol yeh i put a kodiak warjack together last week and glued my middle finger and pointer together . so yeh im not friendly with super glue atm
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    The main goal has been revealed http://dungeoncrawler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=975&p=4104#p4104'>http://dungeoncrawler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=975&p=4104#p4104
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