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    A little present for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day, I painted up one of her favorite creature types! He is also my second entry in the theme category of the Winter Wonderland contest Overall, I LOVE the details on this little guy and I kind of want to get another to paint with some different colors. Maybe like a blue-ringed octopus! C&C welcome
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    I don't normally paint this fast :). The Revenant as well as this guy have both been recently released from the Shelf of Shame after being partially completely for...a while. The Koralon are nasty critters in the same genus as the Aliens/Tyranids, hehe. As always C&C welcome!
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    Heh heh- since it's Valentine's Day, here's a fun twist: I've decided it's time to let GW know my life is moving in a different direction. We've had good times, rough patches, makeup painting sessions, and spent lots of money trying to impress each other. It's just not working out. GW, I'm just not that into you. You've been such a good friend; been there for me when I needed elves and space marines in my life, but I just can't see this relationship going anywhere. I just don't feel like you listen to me anymore. I've changed over the years, and I just don't feel like you're willing to change with me. I've also met this really nice RM. RM really understands me. RM has paint that doesn't dry out, can you imagine that! GW, it's not you, it's me. I am a fickle female gamer, not in your demographic anyway. I know you'll meet the right customer someday, don't worry. You can do so much better than me. I'll always remember the good times. Happy Valentine's Day, Reaper!
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    T-minus 45 days and counting!!! Excitement building! Bases ordered. Desk cleaned. Ordered new china cabinet so that current ' IKEA bookshelf aka makeshift china cabinet' can move to office/painting room to be used to hold Bones. Kitchen nook happy. Office happy. Bones soon to be happy. Wallet unhappy, but no one asked wallet's opinion anyway.
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    Many of the samples are not a mistake. In fact, Anne has gone around the shop asking for interesting color ideas on more than one occasion.
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    That's a really nice display, my wife didn't do anything nearly so romantic as painting up a brain eating squid monster for me. :(
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    Thank you! I made the arch and platform using air-dry clay and the icicles were the tines from a clear plastic fork, broken, heated, and smoothed out
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    Took her out for lunch today and during a lull I pitched the idea. All she needed was Holmes and bobbies vs iconic enemies and she's willing to give it a shot. You have no idea how huge this is, she's not a gamer at all (beyond Words with Friends, etc).
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    I don't know whether to be sickened by you pun-plastering people or proud of you.
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    Did I read that right? It sounds like LARPing that turned into a real army.
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    I love this sculpt, especially the way he's stroking his tentacles like he's trying to figure out what sort of sauce goes good with my brain. Ha, joke's on him. My brain is well past its sell-by date. Somebody's gonna have a tummyache!
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    And a second entry for this category makes 2 for each! The mini is http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Bones/sku-down/77020'>77020: Bathalian and the arch/platform were sculpted by me using air-dry clay and a pair of nail clippers to created the spaces between blocks! Icicles are made from the tines of clear plastic forks and the snow is realistic water mixed with baking soda. Penetrating the fortress of the ice giants was difficult, but with his advanced psionics, no more-so than destroying his master. His powers began to swell at the apex of the great mount. The temple was awash with arcane energies, pure ice magic ready to harness. Standing in the center of the circle, the runes would alight, one at a time. Each one describing and enhancing his power. Staff in hand, his began to channel this power. To call the winter. A winter to destroy the surface dwellers. Ice, and snow, and death! He feared his own freezing demise at first, but felt nothing but the powerful chill of magic in his veins. This place would project him. Change him. He would become more...
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    I actually kind of love her as is... the combination of pose and face says "You want me to make you WHAT? GOD." Just all snark and passive-aggression. Love it.
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    So my wife allowed me to throw my money at a Completionist level! Yay! Interestingly (to me, anyway), she was logged into KS when I pledged, so technically, she pledged! Mua-hahaha.... -DD I was also pleasantly surprised to see they were going to be in metal. For some reason, I kept expecting them in Bones plastic..... 0.o
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    Glossy pages! Glossy pages! It's the first CW I've seen with glossy pages. It's like, classy! I may have even rubbed it against my face a little. Okay, a lot. Are all future ones going to be this nice? Because I will totally load up on these and give them away like I'm recruiting for a cult. I love The Leader!
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    They shall come... I've got double vampire + extras coming in March, an order in with Eastern Front Studios, nearly 200 more coming from the trollforged kickstarter, all the Imbrian stuff, and another 10ish from SuperFogeys . Figmentia sets in...
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    You need more minis, 'Cruits.
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    All of my unpainted minis fit in one part of the computer desk I use as my paint station. I'll grab a quick picture now... Here is an overview of my unpainted minis along with a general shot of my paint station at large. Although, technically, that rainbow colored flail snail is finished, so he's not part of the unpainted posse. Same goes for that blue tentacle on the far left.
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    Did I read that right? It sounds like LARPing that turned into a real army. I'm getting Ender's Game flashbacks... or vice versa, I'm not entirely sure. This desperately cries out to be written up as a fantasy series.
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    Slime worm has been delivered..
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    Are you sure? I mean, it's not, but are you sure it's not? I mean at this point we're into the goblin version of transfinites, so isn't it something like Aleph0 x 2 being Aleph0? As far as the video? Sounds like a disgruntled former employee making [stuff] up. I know quite a few very, very good painters. Some like Reaper, some hate it, some use it as part of their arsenal along with GW, P3, Vallejo, whatever. I have also judged painting competitions for many years. In all of that and all the painting I've done, I've never seen or heard of anything like the specific problems he's talking about. Other than that, though*.... * Yes Mrs. Lincoln, but other than that, how was the play?
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    Love it, looks fantastic. Kudos on the story (in the WW thread) as well, it's a nice touch. Way to go!
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    You clearly meant Martin Mauve.
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    Have some fun, and suggest "Martin Red". See how many people you can drive nuts thinking it's a misspelling of Martian.
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    I suspect my collection is a lot smaller than I previously thought. I just sort of hid it all away - but I think when I'm imagining great, vast hordes of white metal minions I may be thinking of times past . . . before the Great Prunings. Anyway, I have to clear some space before I can take some pictures and clearing snow murderlized me. I'm content to sit here and vegetate, having expended my last reserves of energy boiling my new Flits.
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    She's got it on the DVR. Although our favorite Holmes is the new BBC Sherlock with Cumberbatch, he's so perfect for the role and the interplay with Freeman's Watson is phenomenal.
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    Very nice. I've got a Syntha VOID army waiting to be finished after my Chronopia one.
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    Nifty mini. The red and black is spot on! Great work. And the base is not bad either :)
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    love the colors and the blending is spot on!
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    Dear GW, It's not me, it's you. Call me shallow, but I think you're starting to show your age. While you still have your nice mini moments, you're just too high maintanance for me. I won't lie, the only real fun I've had in your gene-pool of late was with your sister, ForgeWorld. I know you like to think that you're the only fish in the sea, but that's just not true anymore. There are many fish, and most are far less abusive on my wallet than you. It's been a blast... at least up until the last ten or fifteen years. I wish you luck and bid you 'adios', that's Spanish you know... my new friend Corvus Belli speaks Spanish...
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    Beautiful blending! Great job with the red!
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    Nice! What did you use for icicles? Did you make the arch? Excellent color choices! Well done!
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    Well done! His tentacles look cold. :) The icicles and snow look great!
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    I want to know how this example of mad science experiment turned out. Does brake fluid evaporate? Pictures please. No befores, but I'll get some pics when I extract them. Even if it's a sodden glob.
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    Awesome paint job. The work with black and with white are impressive. The skin tone is great too.
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    I was aware of the PDF's, just not that I could get a physical copy (for some reason I figured they were for stores/distributors). Now I'm going to have to buy *more* stuff so I can add this to my (free shipping) order. Hmm. Spending $25 on mini's to save a dollar or two for shipping. Yeah, I'm doing this right. :)
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    You can mix both colors and paint it over the the line where the color meet. On the yellow side you paint after it with more yellow and on the green side with more green than yellow. Thin the paint with water. (äh, no, she shows defenitly in the other video the blending steps...)Girlpainting talks about another video she made about using wet blending, I think there will be more explanations how to do it.
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    It's a really fun demo game that gets even better the more terrain and such that you have. I suggest, if she likes the first play through, to use some cardboard rectangles to represent buildings and go all crazy with making alleys and such.
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    Wow! How have I missed these up to now? Thank you, buglips!
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    I have to shovel yet more snow, but when I return from my polar expedition I'll see if I can oblige.
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    Man...if you just got her into gaming I will owe you in such a huge way. I've been trying to figure out a good intro for her, since she doesn't dig most of the stuff I have.
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    It can take time to turn a hobby into a career, or even just alternate income. I've got a lot of friends that are published authors, traditional sense not ebook only, and it took many of them years of constantly working to get to the point where they sold a book. The lesson really is don't give up, continue to improve your craft and you'll succeed. Keep on trying to impress companies as the people may end up remembering you and seeing the progress you've made could stick with them and impress them even more in the long run. You've also got great advice coming in from two sculptors that more then likely went through the same thing you're going through right now.
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    Well people's different interest in the hobby is why I'm trying to mix up the categories this year. There will always be an open, anything goes, category though for people that want to enter but don't care about all the other stuff we require for some of them.
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    It's a hobby, it demands nothing but however much time and effort you feel appropriate to put into it. That's one of the great things about hobbies. If you're looking to do pro work, or enter a number of contents, then you'll probably need to make the trade off. But until you take it to the next level, there's no reason to do anything that's not fun.
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    @Cash They got a fun free intro scenario with rules on their website that's one side Holmes\Watson and the other Jack the Ripper. It's worth playing even if you're not getting the game as it's pretty fun.
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    I think they're a bit hit or miss, but I really want Chams al Majid, one of my favorite sculpts.
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