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    Hi everyone, Here's the model I've been working on this week. It's the Snakeman Champion sculpted by Jason Wiebe. I could find two painted version of this model on the Internet, a blue and green one and the coral snake version of ZILLA here on Reaper's forum. I wanted to paint it differently and since it's a big guy snake, I choose to paint it as an Anaconda. I didn't use the secondary weapons that were supposed to be fixed on it's back. Instead, I added pointy plates to it's armor. I also wanted it's kama to look like Mayan sacrifice knife made of jade and obsidian. Comments and critiques very welcome!
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    Fun weekend project. Had the Lily mini sitting around since Christmas waiting to be painted, got inspired by CashWiley's posting in the February challenge thread, and then spotted the air elemental at the FLGS on Friday. My first attempt at painting dark skin. C&C welcome.
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    Here is my entry into the Winter Fantasy Theme contest (already posted over there). Miniature is 14575: Tierdeleira, Priestess. The name is representative of the idea (hence the autumn leaves in the snow), and also covers the fact its my first try at getting snow on a mini's base. :) So here is "First Snow" I'm not too happy with the snow, but I am happy with the overall composition of the miniature and the rendering of a dark elf with white skin instead of the usual black. I would perhaps of liked to get the entire miniature more white as was my original idea but the end result of this one is something I'm still happy with in the end. The mini is basically White, Purple, Dark Elf Skin, Brilliant Blue, Saphire Blue, Marine Teal and "Sample Pot" that is faintly blue grey (like Rainy Grey got a little too much blue in it). It isn't obvious from the pictures but there is also a small mis-cast in the mini, the left eye is missing filled with bubbly metal. I didn't notice until I was well into painting her and the area was just too small to do anything to with a knife so I just used paint to make it less obvious, but any close examiniation immediately reveals the problem.
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    Liking the way the leather jacket came out on Frank Buck, in my last post, I decided to try something outside my normal comfort zone this week, and go with a couple of western pieces from the Savage Worlds line. As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown tumbleweeds welcome. Gunslinger, 59007 Texas Ranger - 59023
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    Needless said i need more contrast, Im working on it! One of many Wips on the table! And as for the baked scuplty and the stamps! Ive had Quite good results! sorry the pic dosent show many of the details.
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    So today I decided to tackle a project I've been wanting to do for a while. I took my Stonehaven Highwayman, and painted him up like Vash the Stampede from Trigun! Now, it's not a perfect match, but I just went with the basic color scheme, including giving his glasses yellow lenses . I decided to practice a bit more steel NMM on his gun and dagger. C&C welcome
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    had to do some base mods to make him fit the Razig Army a bit better
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    And the wifey has done some more workey on the weekend. She got a rather spectacular Rage Drake done, she did want to pass some props on to BulldogUK who's a chap that painted up his miniatures a few years ago as he supplied the colour scheme (we've been looking at his work for detail and such).
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    Tyden basecoated (and some lining with thinned walnut). Running around chopping up goblins in a bikini means she's probably pretty tan. Since I've already done several Tanned Skin-based models, I went for Bronzed Skin this time around. Going back to my redhead formula, but I'm going to try and glint it up like I did Anduriel, maybe push it more into blonde due to the sun. Won't know til I get there and start playing around. The rest is kit 3 recipes. Apologies for the weird pics, playing around with different ideas for that, too :)
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    http://goo.gl/DiaVF It will change your LIFE FOREVER
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    Might as well enter this bad boy.. I've got others I am working on too... Slime Worm.. Special thanks to Fanguad for the pictures..
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    She-Hulk Pinup (aka Nymph from LTPK4, part P02741A). The shells and sand were collected by my kids during a beach cleanup in Crystal Beach, Texas. WIP s start at post 130 in the LTPK4 thread http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46281-opengroup-wip-l2pk4/page-9#entry675010
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    I was really inspired by CashWiley's Ororo Munroe that I decided to make one of my own. The figure below is composed of two minis, the Reaper 65022 Lily Dancing Girl and the WotC 40096 Air Elemental as her base. I had to reposition her left arm so that it would appear that she was spinning rather than sliding, and of course the broccoli base is history. And here are the WIPs
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    Probably wouldn't be tossing the boxes quite so vigorously, either. I mean, it's okay for you - you're used to dodging bricks. But if somebody else, maybe on of the newer people, is a bit slow in reaction? BAM! 20 lbs of metal right in the kisser! I'd ask how many boxes all the add-ons come in if somebody got them all - but that's a rather more complicated thing since everybody probably got something different and how those arrive to you for reboxing to consumers is probably a whole different animal. However, if you should happen to know that answer anyway then I am very curious.
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    This is pretty much the core of where I am as a painter. I'm still relatively new, so every new skin tone, every material type is new to me. Every model I paint has something I've never tried before and I try to push it forward a bit, too. With my exchange mini, I think I counted four new techniques. People like my flesh tones, so I radically changed the way I paint flesh to try to improve what I'm already decent at. With Ororo, I pushed my success with NMM gold and then pushed it even further by adding NMM gold freehand trim to the cloth. Also, I've been amassing a small cache of minis so I have an interesting assortment to choose from when selecting my next project. I've yet to lose passion, though life has intervened twice on me. First time was thirteen years, luckily the second time was only a little over a year. Now I've been going for almost 8 months and loving it. Also, I intersperse painting with my myriad other hobbies, playing guitar or video games (Rocksmith and Sleeping Dogs mostly right now), spending time with my lady, going to concerts (Stephane Wrembel coming up next), etc. Even on guitar I keep things mixed up by playing many genres and styles, with different physical guitars to keep things interesting (my classical is radically different from my Gibson SG, for instance).
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    I like the comparison of glazing to watercolors. Since I favored watercolor over oils back in high school, it makes sense I've been drawn to glazing, I guess. I haven't really tried wet-blending, just doesn't seem to click with me theoretically. I did have some success with two-brush blending as well (won a small contest, even!) but it's a bit awkward and I'm holding off until the G&G brushes come out to give it another shot. I paint in a hot, dry room during the winter thanks to my woodstove, so that influences things a bit. I'd have to radically change up my thinning due to the amount of drying retarded I'd be adding to do either wet blending or even two-brush.
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    I use multiple thin coats. Nerve damage has rendered my brush control on a level of herding cats and a mistake with a thin layer is easier to fix.
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    Sealed, matted, and attached. Small discoloration from the glue that I will need to touch up.
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    it is soooo cool. I love Ororo. There is a reason why a friend of mine yesterday told me he don't like surfing on any site selling reaper miniatures or having painted versions of them. It is really bad for the wallet...
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    Whelp... now I know how I'm painting up my highwayman! :D
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    Very nice, love the use of the air elemental for this
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    I don't have that data, but I do know that of the almost 18,000 orders, less than 600 of them are exactly identical to each other. Almost all of those is an order of just one Vampire Level, and nothing else. The other just about 17,000 orders are all unique, what with about 80 different options that you could choose one or more of, that's 7.15*e118 possible options, and you guys sure seemed to use as many of those as you could! We live to annoy, that and you guys gave us too many great options to choose from.
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    That looks really good, very nice addition of those two models.
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    What the heck is wrong with you? The first time I heard the fox out back yelping out a mating call I thought a woman was being killed in the woods.
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    Ah, shading yellow...that's one reason I went with so much NMM gold!
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    I adore what you did with the air elemental base. The purples and blues where Storm is standing are lovely! The only thing I would recommend would be to add a bit more shading (possibly with some olive drab or a very warm/light brown on the undersides of the ribbons. You did great work and the concept is just incredible!
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    I don't like that sculpt... I love your paint job... enough to question why I do not like that sculpt (Im guessing its the weapons)
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    (several people asked for more music!! Here is another piece I've been working on: Tell me what you think! And THANK YOU to everyone supporting and sharing!!!!!!!
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    This model belongs in Warlord for the Reptus faction. If this brilliant paint isn't enough to convince Reaper, I don't know what is.
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    Niiiiice. I've been eyeing him for a while, and that cool paint job makes me want him more. *thinks* Assuming I haven't already bought him and forgot about it.
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    I love it! The blended colors looks great, especially inside the swirl. You also did a very good work on painting the skin and the base.
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    Got my stuff in the mail! So super cool. I'll post pics and a full description soon, but until then I want the list to know, I was the winner in the awesome partner lottery. On the home front, I had my mini painted up to the point where all that was needed was a finish coat, and foolishly tried to do some artsy-fartsy stuff. I will be stripping it down and restarting today.
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    A lot of it would depend on the paint job. The only thing that really makes bonemold armor distinct from other armors is color pattern. Any number of armored miniatures could be painted to look like they're wearing bonemold, especially since Morrowind showed that the armor had numerous variations of its shape, and even then the game only covered a fraction of Morrowind itself (Vvardenfell.) It would be reasonable to assume that many other variations exist. Netch leather, even glass armor could be imitated this way, and fairly effectively. Normal clothing was, as I recall, also distinguished mainly by pattern and color.
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    Meow!! I noticed yesterday the Michaels by me has a few of the smaller scene-a-rama kits reduced to $5.99. Not on sale, clearance reduced. I picked up the snow and rockmaking ones.
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    Get A Lawyer. Document Everything.
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    Exchanges are a good way for me to push my limits, but they make me feel guilty if stuff comes up along the way to slow down progress and getting it out. This increases the already extant pressure of pushing my limits, and just frays my nerve endings.
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    I have 3 ways of keeping going. 1. Put brush to mini. If I feel myself slipping out of the groove and not wanting to do it, I just basecoat and do the eyes of the first mini to strike me. Usually something I haven't painted in a while. Once the eyes and skin are done, it's a little person/monster and it needs my attention. It craves my time. 2. Agreeing with Adrift about variety. I get so bored of painting the same type of thing. Too many tentacles, too many eyes, armor, weapons, clothes, fangs, claws. I have to have stuff on hand that strikes me in order to be motivated. 3. Exchanges. Painting for someone else is fantastic motivation. You have a goal, you have a name, and you just do it for the joy of giving.
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    Glazing is my preferred approach because wet blending requires a little extra set-up to do properly. You'll probably need to add some retarder to your paint, possibly work with a wet palette, so on. Layering and glazing use what's to hand and works better for me if I have to wedge 45-60 minutes of painting in between other things. If I don't finish what I set out to do, I can complete the rest later. One curious thing I've been doing lately without realizing it is that I've changed how I highlight. Instead of starting very thin and working up to a highlight, I'll mix a little thicker and start at the brightest part of the highlight first. Then thin and work out from there in progressively thinner layers. I don't know why I started doing that. I only just realized I've been doing it. Some kind of painter autopilot. But - I can tell when I started doing that - it was the white head on Takhisis. As, thus far, this is my nicest highlighting job I suppose I might be on to something. Guess we'll see.
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    I've come to the conclusion I'd get a lot more done if I had a housekeeper. Today is Takday, but Takday might get pushed to tomorrow. I got up this morning, looked around, and realized if I don't do something about this mess I'm gonna wind up on Hoarders or something. Which with Bones is probably not especially far off the mark. Since my painting friend, whom I generously donated real estate to, hasn't shown up in seven months I'm going to assume they're not coming back - or at least not with enough frequency to justify the expended space. So I think my first task today is to annex that area for my own use. I've already put a cookie tin of Bones on that desk, with instructions to start trouble. Then, once the riot is in full swing, I'll send over some of my paint to restore order. A real nice paintkeeper mission. By the time I've annexed the land, there won't be anything the League of Painters can do about it. Fait accompli!
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    I would consider the gas money from Arizona too. I figure eighteen hours there at 80mph. It is dooable. Snitchy sends.
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    hell I would consider making the trip from Arkansas, it's only a 5 hour trip on an insanely boring road and maybe two and a half tanks of gas.
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    I live in Wichita Falls, I would totally spend the gas money to save you the shipping costs!
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    add daughters to that list girot In my case I'm just simply spread to thin to have time to do everything I want and with painting being my largest time sink along with tinkering with the guitar They tend to get neglected until I have Hours of spare time to sit in one spot, The upside Is I have been able to scratch my gaming itch at work on the weekends while im not busy. I forgot to add I need to pull the gas tank off my phantom and replace it, the dent from the wreck i had in 2011 is starting to rust, then need to add a forwarding kit and vance and hines short shot pipes. also want to pull the stock exhaust off the camaro and upgrade with a highflow catback exhaust system... Soooo much to do Sooooo little time and money.
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    I'll go hit up a FLGS and watch a couple games of whatever. Sometimes a good book or a good movie will also recharge my brain. Video games and/or alcohol are painting cryponite though. One method I've been wanting to try is this: when you just can't keep your brush moving or your eyes focused on minis any more go take a break. once rested find something you've always wanted to try and go do that for an hour. You could go learn how to use an air brush. Use a bit of sprue to try (or practice) some NMM. Find a bit of plasticard or the outside of a blister, prime it, and practice your freehand.
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    That's what I'm talkin about! With sufficient variety, you can literally paint whatever suits your fancy and just let your imagination roam across your collection to come up with neat ideas to work on. The Bones KS is gonna keep me loaded with inspiration for years to come; I literally have multiple projects already planned out for several minis from the KS. I really also want to stress the importance of pushing your abilities and trying new things liberally. You're going to mess things up, you're going to get frustrated, and you're going to look at something you've done and think, 'this sucks'. But the bottom line is you pushed your comfort zone and are breaking new ground.
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    Hey, you're right! It is! Actually I now think the apparent error is my own doing. In the original pose she looks like she is doing a slide across a floor, in which case there is nothing wrong with the physics of the hair and the dress. It is because I reposed the arm and have implied spinning that it now looks inconsistent.
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    Wonderful paintjob I agree with Patrik that the light source used in the photos is too bright. Usually takes me a couple tries to get lighting sorted as well...
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    What do you mean? well, IMHO a very limited palette and no darklining whatsoever make your paintjobs rather illegible. there are no focal points and you haven't separated different elements on your minis. Don't want to say these are poor paintjobs, just pointing out what perhaps could be improved next time.
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