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    Well, here is another re-paint of a fairy sculpture, also a commission. Since the last one was done up in such warm, almost autumnal colors, I went with a very different feel here. Also, I wanted to get as far from the original color scheme as I could. This time I had the foresight to measure her height before I mailed her out and she is a little under 150mm scale- yes, that's very big for a mini. I find there are some advantages to having larger minis to work with, but getting smooth blends takes forever this way. I've posted her on Cool Mini for anyone who cares to vote.
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    It's due to backscatter. Basically, the plastic is slightly translucent. Light penetrates a short way into the figure, and is then reflected back out, scattered slightly. This makes the surface look softer than it is.
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    He might then quit for a better job, unless they paid him in company stock. There's another idea, have Reaper sell shares to raise funds. I'd buy in. --Chris www.chrisvalera.com No, no dear gods above and below NO! That is what has made GW what it is - giving up control to a board of stockholders is a bad, bad BAD idea. There is a reason that companies started by ex-GW folks don't go public. The Auld Grump
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    This was a quick 3-hour paint job, for my Mutants and Masterminds character, Gale Force Fury, Master of Wind. "When trouble calls, G.F.F. is your B.F.F" - yeah, she's that kind of superhero. "Gale Force Fury, Away!"
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    Hey Gang, Been a while since I posted. Back to real life and teaching for me, so very little time to paint in the past few weeks. However, I did manage to get one figure done. This is a commission piece. The client was happy, so I'm happy. Though truth to tell, there are a lot of little things that I'm not wild about on the finished product here. Oh well, next time. Pez:zombie:
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    No! Not the pitchforks! Here is the initial stuff... Big box of awesome! Six plastic bags, each filled with more plastic bags... This one is big and hard to miss so I'll put a pic up of her first before moving on to the other million or so minis. She wants you, Buglips. She told me so. She can overlook that you are a goblin (very big of her) and your stanky shoe collection, as long as you're not Canadian... oh wait... I'll put some more pics up as I open the packs.
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    Got the shipping notice yesterday, or the day before, just received it today!
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    You know, I never thought about it . . . but if I have to wonder whether my mad rush to grab the first 29 did make me, for a little while, the person with the most Bones? I mean, it's only 100 . . . but how many other people bought as many multipacks? We may never know. I bet I'll be the first one to finish painting the Kickstarter, though. I was thinking the same thing!! Lol. You're definitely the quickest boneser. Pity I ran out of paint. That's holding everything up while I wait on a resupply. This is the first time I've run out of paint in like 8 years or more, not something I'm used to. So from now on I'll keep a closer eye on it so I can plan out logistics better. And lo, all was lost in Bonesville, for want of a bottle of Earth Brown.
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    Personally I'm absolutely disappointed with this KS due to the fact that my order has not yet been hand delivered with an accompaniment of singing, ice cream, and cake. I don't think fireworks would be too much to ask either. Thanks for posting the pics of this. Just makes me happier with what I'm getting.
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    A big problem with KS in general. My guess is that because these companies are run by gamers and not accountants they have an awful case of Gamer ADD. Potentially unlimited money plus lots of ideas isn't always a good idea.
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    Re: RangerThief Noface - I saw it as "no face" as well when I first saw it and had a brief, crazy thought that he had to be censored to keep the surprise. Then I realized that I'm ridiculous. That's not terribly difficult. He only has 20, after all.
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    That looks exactly like my bf's knife and he pulls that out to cut everything! Suffice it to say I'll be banning that knife from the "unpackaging party" when mine arrive! He won't like it, but those are my minis, so I won't let my babies get disfigured by it! Am I being too overprotective?
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    I found a unboxing video of the vampire box. Enjoy it!
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    Here's another mini I painted as a Christmas gift but only just recently got around to photographing~ Mini #4 was painted as a gift for my mother, who isn't really into geeky things, but loves my artsy hobbies. I went with something classy that I thought she'd enjoy (who doesn't like pretty ladies on horses?) and that wasn't too obviously D&D related. Fun fact: Because of how I had to base her to fit her inside of the baseball display case, when you look at her from behind she looks like she's about to fall off of her horse~
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    It seemed like the unboxing video guys didn't really look too much into the minis they were getting - which is a fun way to do it. xD I too, worried for knife-guys fingers. Having two younger brothers, one of whom gave me an emergency room visit because of being too young to play with a sharp object and me being too derp at that age to not reach for the pointy end, I'm kind of paranoid about sharp things, though. But, you guys. You guys. .... I just saw the way they laid them all out and started to get mildly panicky. I have more than twice what they showed in that video. What have I done??? (From the perspective of a complete and total newb.) [i don't regret my purchase at all, but, holy cow.]
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    More minis mounted on arthropods. Praying Mantises. Centipedes. Wasps. Seriously, imagine a warrior mounted on the back of a praying mantis and tell me it wouldn't be several distinct kinds of awesome.
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    Yeah, I'd say something like that. They were probably working their butts off to get things done in time, and all the minis are white - if I was packing the kits I'd probably get the first one or two correct and then progressively get worse as the shift went on. Then I'd go home and have nightmares about little white plastic people. Millions of them.
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    Keeping Reaper a family business works fine for me.
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    If there's a mistake, then nobody should feel bad about contacting Reaper to sort it out. I think they'd much rather know they could make you happy than for you to not be happy but just not want to say anything. They back their product, they know mistakes happen.
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    Yes... counting... Pew pew! Hack hack! Die black orc scum! Rawwwwr!
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    So my parents are showing symptoms of benzine poisoning, (bloody nose dizziness vomiting and so on) Exxon has agreed to cut them a check for $160 a day for a hotel/food for them and their cat + any and all dr bills for the moment without any forfeiture of future compensation rights. On the bright side my daughter seems 100% fine so that's a load off.
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    Bag four is up! Lots of goodies including some sexy evil type ladies... Possible problem! Two undertakers means twice the player character deaths, but also that I either got an extra, or the package had two of one mini and zero of another put in! Hopefully it is just an extra. If so I'm happy to mail it back to China for redistribution... ok not really.
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    Bag two! I should note, the bags aren't numbered.. I'm just numbering them as I go for reference. Bag three as well! Note the wings are not attached to the Griffon, finally something to put together! The griffon is leaning a bit too far to balance with his wings attached. The wings fit snug without glue, but I can't think of any reason not to glue them eventually. This bag also has the cool ghosty bits.
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    The entirety of the first bag... The fiery stuff, some chronoscope and Sci-fi goodies... Some fantasy stuff with big lizards and they ain't scared to put a bunch of familiars on one big sprue! So far everything looks really good. Flash seems fairly minimal. The are definitely some that will need a hot bath and re-bend though! On to bag two...
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