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    Finally, the last of my pre-Kickstarter kobolds! Now all I have to do is wait for the additional 24 coming in my KS shipment. In retrospect, doubling up on Dungeon Attack may have been overkill.
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    I'm currently playing in 2 different 4E campaigns. When I was invited to the second one, I was told that most players were going out of their way to play not only classes that they might not normally choose, but races that were unusual. As a result, we had a Gnoll Monk, a Dragonborn Bard, a human druid whose animal form is a litter of kittens, and me, a revenant, gnome fire elementalist sorcerer. I realize that the OSL on his back is a little goofy, but it's my first-ever attempt at OSL, and first attempt at flame at all. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied. I honestly never noticed the bubble on the back of his neck until I took this pic, and now it's driving me NUTS.
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    Hi, first post here. I haven't painted anything in about nine years, but for some odd reason I got excited by the Bones Kickstarter and bought in. So I'm kinda re-learning how to paint, which isn't easy for lots of reasons. One of the last things I painted before shelving my paints was this guy, which I think is a Reaper mini; So to ease myself back in I picked up an Asylum pre-painted bugbear and re-acquainted myself with dipping, matte coating, and textured basing; Pre-painted plastic has come a long way since I quit painting. So once my Bones arrive I hope to show off my own paintjobs. Thanks reaper for getting me back into painting. :)
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    I'm out of Dark Age Stuff. Brom is one of my fav artists, so I may pick up some more in the future. Most likely I will go back to a few of the reaper minis I have. Being fairly new at this, I have started noticing that people mention quite often that they tend to have hundreds of unpainted minis, I'm trying real hard for that not to be me, but I can see them building up fairly quickly already. I hope you enjoy :)
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    This thread just cost me $88...10 days sooner than expected. I got impatient and got L2PK3/4/5...and 2 more minis.
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    I spent about 2 hours each on the first 2 elementals, they will all be used on the tabletop. I had just bought the 3 Army Painter inks, so I tested them on these. I like the results. I love this one from Lance and Laser "Elementals - Earth and Water" set. Its partner is somewhere unpainted in our figure stash. Ral Partha elemental from 11-426, very classic pose on this one. Here is the complete set, the Fire elemental was painted by my husband around 1990, using enamel paints. Sadly, he doesnt paint anymore , but he does help me with gluing, assembly and basing . The ugliest earth elemental ever is definitely this one by TSR, part of the "Elementals Air and Earth" twopack from 1983. I didn't think he deserved more than an hour of paint time. Here he is with his partner Air elemental that I painted in April of 1994, this air elemental was why we bought the set: Group shots are always fun:
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    Speaking as someone who was always about a foot and a half shorter than all the others in my gaming groups (okay, a slight exaggeration, but I was shorter than all of them except for one adorably petite woman, and some of them were more than a foot taller than me), I do not mind variations in scale at all. On my WiP shelf (okay, paper plate on the sideboard) I have that Reaper Rex Future Hero, and he looks big indeed next to the Hasslefree Space Marine Libby. But she looks heroic too. It works for me.
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    basicly, if it has the words 'Sandra Garrity and Dragon' attached to it, I want it in bones
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    Hey guys... look what I got today! Wait for it.... Wait for it.... BAM! Looking these over I'll definitely be picking up 3,4,5 in the very near future. Really nice resource. Damn if that little guard mini did not have a lot of flack and flash on him. And a rather large mold line. I think the mold might have been misaligned a bit. Meh, still fun for practice!
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    Is it too late for Reaper to redesign their packaging? Now I want a Bucket o' Bones!
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    Some things are ill-suited to community WIP threads.
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    Color experimentation. Hopefully soon I'll actually get some painting done (stupid neck...) and see how he looks once his hat isn't white :) He may move toward a blue-grey eventually. I have a LOT of Goblins to paint...
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    What a bunch of Mousling haters you guys are! Sheesh! Poor little Mouslings never hurt nobody. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Just for that, gaze upon this year's convention miniature, and beware her evil eye!
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    Gawd I hate how that shield sits on his arm. Definitely a case of ... gah ... just ... let me do it! (RAGE) It would be right if I could assemble it. You know if you boil it, the bugbear's shield will pop out without too much fuss, and then you can either putty the hole and add another weapon, or reposition as desired. Halber
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    I want at least half of their range. I had to clamp down and just go for the best bang for the buck, a couple of the starters. Though one of those is Dryndraig because those just look sooo awesome. In a couple years, getting these all at retail is going to slaughter my bank account :)
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    Bones could use ice monsters in translucent. Ice Elementals, Ice multi-legged lizards, 2" Ice cubes, Ice walls.
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    This is one of my scratchbuilt tabletop fantasy town/shire gaming pieces. I have (5) other such pieces completed (with varied other structures). All are constructed on a ceiling tile base and are in the 12" x 12" area in size (some slightly larger...some slightly smaller)...I also have another (6) buildings that are completed but not mounted on any base(s). This building stands about 11" tall.
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    It would appear that Kentucky Fried Chicken is soon to start a huge advertising campaign for their push to boneless offerings. The tag line is to be "I ate the Bones!" Little do they know that eating Bones is a sacrilege, you can paint Bones, you can modify Bones, you can play with Bones, but you do not eat Bones! http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2013/04/05/kfc-kentucky-fried-chicken-boneless-fast-food-chicken/2011419/ I apologize in advance if this should have gone in another forum!
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    I'm guessing Reaper bones are healthier than KFC bones. KFC deep fries everything, I boil my Reaper bones.
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    I have some idea. I just finished reading this:http://www.culinate.com/books/collections/all_books/swindled It makes me grateful for my hippie parents and their homemade granola-wholegrain-homegrown veggies ethos. Will add that to my reading list. When the girls are a bit older. At present I still have slight baby brain. The sugar though! So much sugar and salt in everything. Makes everything taste so weird! Homemade food all the way :)
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    My recommendation for people tackling the kobolds is to do them by sprue. That gives you three different ones at one time, which is a small enough number that you can basecoat them all in one go - but is also varied enough that you don't go bug-eyed painting exactly the same bit in succession. That's my plan for the 24 fresh ones coming.
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    but you're still the wrong gender for best
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    I have some idea. I just finished reading this: http://www.culinate.com/books/collections/all_books/swindled It makes me grateful for my hippie parents and their homemade granola-wholegrain-homegrown veggies ethos.
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    Bones: they're brush-licking good!
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    The great Bones painting race of 2013. It needs rules and regulations. 'first done' should only count for part. Quality should also count as a part of the decision, perhaps a point system based on speed, quality, bribery of the judges etc. Then in case of a tie, we can add in Nethy and/or Kaly as a tiebreaker mini
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    I just want this one to finish so they can move on to the Old West one!
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    It's a relatively minor gripe, and overall it was a better idea to extend the deadline at extra cost so more people could join in. The KS itself was only what, a month long? So easy to miss if you didn't happen by, I nearly missed it myself and only happened on it while I was here looking at something else. In the end, it's all about sharing the Joy of Bones.
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    I confess I added stuff (Mierce saying Ardrae Mawr would ship with the April wave helped as I need some more KS deliveries soon to keep my addiction under control)
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    Coming at it with absolutely no materials, though, I'd recommend buying the paint kits. It's the easiest way to get paint, brushes, etc. in a hurry - plus free instruction. 1&2 for sure, 4&5 if you can, and #3 if you want to go for the lot. Either way you're facing some lead time getting your materials together, so if you're going to have to do that anyway then the paint kits are a better option than trying to cobble together a list of individual materials.
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    Deep breaths. You need: Soap, water, old toothbrush: to scrub the bones. Mold release residue will keep paint from sticking. Hobby knife. I swear by an X-ACTO knife with a Z series blade. This is to cut away mold lines and flashing. Optional: plastic hobby files for filing down mold lines. Paintbrush: this deserves its own topic. Natural fiber, Kolinsky is the best. Paints: people have done well with cheap craft paints but RMS paints make such a huge difference that I really think they are worth the money. The learn to paint kits come with 2 metal minis. Paint, paintbrush, and instructions. The main difference is you really need a file for cleaning up metal minis and they need to be primed. Bones don't need to be primed. The learn to paint kits are a great value an a good place to start.
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    This kick starter hates international buyers.
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    I thought you said we should have a poo!
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    Hey, those are some pretty nice and creative gobbers . . . Wait a minute. Is one of them Blue? Kill it! Kill it! Kill the blue scum! Why are you just standing there? Bring me THE FIRE!
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    Yes definately HeroQuest, though it may have been marketed under different names in different countries. They aer pretty good minis for one piece sculpts. My favourites were the Ogres in Against The Ogre Horde, multi piece figures with different heads and weapon hands, very sought after on ebay nowadays.
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    Consider the coloured stone idea nicked.
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    I am so ignoring the reality of Hirst Arts and the concept of minecraft in mini hobby form. TIG, we generated a new map last night and these guys don't do imports (my last server would import major areas, towns, etc). So we're basically at square 1.1, the first houses and stronghold up and lots of work ahead. At least a week or so before things start looking pretty :)
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    Not to worry Buglips, I've got a picture of Lilac and his/her/its friends....
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    Thank you...you may be correct...(Hero...Dungeon)...I just know they are plastic and were in a boxed set.
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    I have found it to be the fastest and easiest way to code tabletop gaming pieces...and I feel that it does not really detract from the piece (to any great extent).
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    I see HeroQuest figures in there, are you sure you mean Dungeon Quest? Your skeleton group I think was from there too. I guess they could be from more than one game. Solid work as always. Clean, totally perfect for the table.
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    Thank you. These older figures have always been my favorite and they do look nice (painted) on a gaming table.
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    I'm gonna put my money on ObsidianCrane.Dudes a machine Now this is getting interesting.
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    It was the Scoutmaster in me that cringed. That knife would have been in my pocket until he had re-read safety and shown me the proper ways. I wonder how long it has been since he sharpened that knife? It should not have taken anywhere near that amount of force. Perhaps he has dulled it on his own bone?
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