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    Jasper's friends come over to find him curled up sleeping on a huge pile of bones. He cracks an eye and says, "I smell your air, thief." My friends are likely to come over and find me unconscious under my slightly less huge mountain of Bones.... My girlfriend got hers today, we will be, umm... 'inventorying' her haul tonight. (We just got home after a night of Celtic music and Guinness....) If I have any missing from my small mountain I intend to place an order with Reaper so that they may include the replacements with another order - save them that little bit extra on shipping. The Auld Grump
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    I managed to use a narrow exacto blade and a screw driver to get a bunch of it out.. fits a lot more snug now.. just got done boiling.. here are the gaps after a dunk in hot water:
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    Not sure where else to put this, and I didn't want to start a new thread. So here's the big 3 and a vamp (plus a giant skeleton to boot). Haven't inventoried the vampire yet. That comes next. No missing or broken pieces with the big guys.
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    Just watered down black, and a steady(ish) hand. So after the PCs had to make a noisy, obvious exit after burglarizing a wealthy estate they were sent out of the city on a sand barge, a ship that could sail on the Sea of Silt, headed for the city Tyr. On the way their boat was ambushed by a group of giants (giants are tall enough to walk through the silt) I decided to make a custom D&D Floor tile in lieu of using a wipe board. Here's the boat I made for a fight on the Sea of Silt against a band of giants. A better top-down view. Most of the giants had an attack that could shatter the deck, so I also created "broken deck" tiles to go along with it. If a player was knocked onto a broken tile they fell through to the cargo hold, and had to run back to the top. As it turns out, the giants were attacking cargo ships under the orders of a defiling wizard. They took a pit stop, and decided to apply the boot to him, medium style. This is Cazalet, Plague Priest, and painting him posed an interesting challenge since he's clearly wearing chain & plate mail. I painted the plate as though it were leather (I gave it the same design as a desert animal, a Crodlu) The chain was a slightly different task. To me it looked a little like knit, or crochet, so I figured I'd try to pull off a cloth look, and chose green to tie the sickly pallor I was trying to go for. ~Muninn
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    Final inventory: Not missing anything, thank goodness, and everything's in good shape, meaning no missing limbs or parts. I also got extras of each of the NOVA corps except the female. They were in their own little separate baggie outside the main Vampire box, which makes me think the bag got chucked in by accident. Ah well, thanks for the extra minis! :) What's funny is that on the shipping invoice, there's even a note about extras: "If you received more than you ordered, congratulations! You now have a nice something to give away to a friend. (We don't need to know.)" Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Jasper's friends come over to find him curled up sleeping on a huge pile of bones. He cracks an eye and says, "I smell your air, thief."
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    Figured now that these are going out, I'd get this started. I'm having a bit of trouble getting the front planted foot in the slot (I think i need to trim down the plug)
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    Here she is! I sculpted the base. The WIP is here in my running thread. I had a lot of fun with this one. C&C always welcome! (I think I will take it to a competition, so if it needs a lot of work, let me know!)
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    I think you actually WILL be able to take a bath in your minis, good grief. Oh, sorry, I said the "b" word, didn't I? I mean, um, bury yourself in Bones. Okay, so now that I have all my shiny new paints, it was time to put the final touches on Gramp E. Bugbear. First, for his tongue, I mixed half a drop of Blood Red (huzzah for having primary colors!) with a toothpick tip-ful of sapphire blue to darken it up a touch. It ended up too dark, so I mixed back in tiny amounts of the Blood Red until it looked right. (no separate pic of this step, sorry) Next, I used straight Yellowed Bone with the 20-0 brush to go over his teeth and make them a more natural white. Unfortunately, I wasn't as steady as I was the other day, and he ended up with huge front teeth (I wish I'd taken a picture, it looked kind of ridiculous). So, I pulled out Pure Black and tried to patch up the edges with my 30-0. It took a lot longer than I'd expected, since unfortunately my Pure Black is on the watery side, but eventually I was able to get his teeth looking decent again. Since one of the paint kits I got included a bottle of Reaper's Brush on Sealer, I did a lot of reading about how glossy it turned out, how many coats, etc. since I was a little uncertain of the durability of the craft paints I used. I used my trusty 5-0 and started out with a very light coat of undiluted sealer on top of his head. The result was...extremely interesting. As I painted the sealer over him, I noticed that it left colors...deeper, somehow. Richer looking. Particularly the dark colors, and especially the black. The result was that his skin and bandage look better, but his loincloth and fur look a bit worse, since the highlights on the fur aren't as obvious now, and the shadows I painted on the cloth are now even darker. His mace also got a bit less shiny, since the black under the drybrushing shows up more now. On the other hand, I'm a lot more comfortable handling him now, since he has what feels like a thin layer of plastic all over him now. Also, he has just the faintest sheen, but it's not too bad. If he weren't going to be a tabletop grunt, I'd make the effort to find some sort of matting agent, but I'm okay with how he looks now (even though I think he looked a bit nicer before the sealer). Here he is, all finished! Lastly, I kind of wanted to take a picture with Sir Forscale just for laughs, so I dug through my Vampire twice before thinking to check the list. Sadly, he wasn't included, so I had to settle for his friend, Wizard Forscale. Huzzah! My first mini is finally done! So, should I do my Vampire Bones WIP here, or make a new thread? I'd like to change the title of this one, but I can't figure out how to do it, and I figure all the Reaper peoples are way too busy to worry about something like that. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Here's another update. I worked on the left side of the base. This time I'm sculpting the stones while the putty is still fresh. I intend to add housing like that all along the walls. I will then add some decorations inside, namely skulls.
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    Hi Gang--just thought I'd post a pic of my sculpts in progress. I've never sculpted mini's in my life but, I was so inspired by a certain mini I was forced to try and make my own. They will be a set of 4 - 28mm Viking Berserkers. I'm learning as I go. I'm working with reaper armatures--green stuff--and toothpicks. I think that so far they are coming along pretty good for a first try. However, I could give you a very long list with things that I'm not happy with. The thing that's driving me nuts is trying to figure out how the pros get their sculpts sooooo smooth.(?) I've ordered some better tools so that may help. I would love some feedback...(hurt me please)....I love critics....bring it.... I'm not too easily offended. :)......the thing is I really want to get good at this....so a little advice would be greatly appreciated as well.
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    Well I hope he didn't tell them anything.
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    About twenty years ago I painted this Thunderbolt Mountain Miniature. Its big the size of most giants.To help sell minis I put lot of my stuff in a local comic store (I had a big ego and thought my stuff was the bomb How wrong I was). Anyway under his one I put a small story about the guy in the blue helmet escaping some dungeon after being whipped and killed the jailer on his way out.Fast forward and after having this guy on my self forever and a day I finally got inspired.The guy in the blue helmets returns with this Reaper Mini
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    Hmm... I wonder if the xp you would give is related to your post count... ;)
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    Fully assembled. The green stuff for attaching the far side wing is still setting up which is why it is propped up. The near side wing was attached yesterday.
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    Two brush blending EXPLODED ONTO THE REAPER FORUM in this EPIC ONGOING WIP: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45525-firebrand-drone-studio-mcvey/?hl=%2Bfirebrand+%2Bdrone
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    Wow! Thanks for all the kind words, everybody. I've been working on basecoating Flit today. The body is Carnage Red and it is taking more coats than I expected for even coverage. I think I have it worked out now. The dorsal spines are in Walnut Brown. I'm not sure whether to go with the brown for the belly scales or to do the belly in yellow or orange. Unfortunately, were I to do that, the belly would have to wait until my new paints arrive with my Kickstarter package. (Currently, I'm working within the confines of L2PK1 paints.)
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    Poor guys. I'm so sorry. Hang in there, Flood victims, Bones victims, victims of Circumstance...
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    This is the first time I've ever posted any of my miniatures. Here are some of my best work. Alastriel the Elf Sorceress is my most recent (and best yet).
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    Bryan said this on the Kickstarter comments about half an hour ago. It must be very frustrating for them over there, and I hope they're not too headachey. Oi, folks, we know you're doing a huge amount of work and things happen. We're grateful and we understand.
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    Finished up the base coat more or less, still a bit of clean-up but I'll catch that as I go. Trying for a more subtle eye than I usually do, I hit the sockets with a little flesh wash and liked it, so I slapped in some rudimentary shading with it. I'll go back and bring the base coat for the flesh back in most spots the wash covered. Then the eyes, looking off to the same side as the wife is looking (where do you think that pesky canine will be?). Definitely tougher to eke out painting time in the summer! I'm pretty worried about the deadline on this one.
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    Starting this one too.. the wings join through the body (pics later) aren't fitting right.. it looks like the socket has some extra bonesium in the bottom corners and so the plug of the other wing+leg won't seat completely.. there also appears to be a large gap in the chest where the plug side (wing + leg) joins. This also appears to be cause either by the plug not seating properly or the bottom part of the neck or the upper thigh on the wing+leg section needing some minor reduction for fit
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    I haven't gotten mine as of yet, but I heartily support this thread!
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    Also we don't have anything better to do.