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    Just finished painting the Cthulhu bones mini and it was so much of a blast I just had to share it! I'm really happy with how the bones paint up honestly. You can't really see the detail until you start painting them. Once you do however you will wonder how you managed to get them for the price....
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    Tom Meier of Thunderbolt mountain sometimes has his children do design work for him. He's started a line of Theoland minis (including the infamous 'Slug-eat-your-face' and Ninja Cannon) and Noraland- whose primary infantry are the Fairy Princess Ballerinas you see here. These minis are tiny, and their faces are so expressive.
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    Since seeing the Bones Elementals as an add-on option, I have been plotting and planning my very own magma elemental! Whooo!!! Also since I got 2 sets, I'll probably do a traditional earth elemental to satisfy our Druid's tendency to hang around in wild shape... unless I can talk the DM into allowing a magma elemental... inspiration: Anyway- prepped figure by washing with soap and water and trimming mold lines. used sanding needles for hard to reach areas. Put on a basecoat of walnut brown (see- don't you just love walnut brown!?) and started in on some simple shading with blood red and saffron sunset. I originally intended to use carnage red but grabbed the wrong bottle. Oh well. Blood red it is! I intend to really make this guy glow. Anyone who wants to play is welcome! Elemental party time!
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    I went to Hobby Lobby the other day looking for large wooden circles to use as bases for the large dragons (Kaly I'm looking at you). I couldn't find any wooden circles in the 6" to 8" size. On my way out, I saw these cake seperators. They come in a variety of sizes (I picked up 3x 6" and 1x 8"). They are very sturdy. You have to remove the the holders with plastic snips ( I chose to use an older pair because the plastic is strong). They also had really neat Roman type collumns to support the cake, but I couldn't convince the Mrs. that they were a "need".
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    And he's painted! I forgot to take a piccy before I varnished him, so its already worked its magic and fixed my layering. His head was bascoated with Vallejo Jade Green, then I washed it with Saphire Blue, reapplied the Jade Green and added some 1:1 Jade Green/Pure White highlights. The staff was basecoated in Blackened Brown, then drybrushed with Oiled Leather. Unfortunately my drybrushing skills seem to be getting worse, so I went over it with a brown wash to tidy it up. The gem was basecoated with Blood Red, then highlighted with Vallejo Orange Red, Sun Yellow and Pure White, only the dot of white at the top really shows up, but it looks okay. Just need to do his base, he'll be the first mini I test my new basing stuff on:- If only I knew what I'm actually supposed to do with this stuff! Don't know when I'll get some more Bones done, now I'm finally back to regular painting sessions I thought I deserved a treat, so I moved this to the head of my painting queue:- It might take me a while.
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    If one more person in the Kickstarter comments section who has their order tell those of us waiting to 'be patient' and to 'get over it' I'm going down to the local school and kicking small children. Yes it's easy to smile and tell everyone else to smile when you have your fracking items. Grrr!
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    How's it coming along Darsc? Here is a pic of a T-intersection that I just finished. Its going slow since I'm working on a bunch of different projects at once :) I think I'm going to make up a big batch of wash when all painting is done and go over the walls lightly all at once. The green girder things attached to the light tubes are from Pegasus Hobbies Hexagon system I believe. I just could not resist since they fit perfectly. Next piece I'm going to try some rusty diamond plate sheets bolted down to the floor as repair patches.
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    And here we got a Witch hired sword for Mordheim. Also from the Reaper Kickstarter.
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    You certainly notice it the first time you find out a figure isn't quite as solid as you thought and a small drill bit goes right through into skin. Not fun.
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    Those were cookies? I thought they were exotic animal patties. If I'd known they were cookies, I never would have touched them. Also wouldn't have wasted all that time on fruitless expeditions to discover the elusive creature that pooped rainbow-colored chocolate chips.
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    I was planning for RC2014 when everyone else was planning for RC2013.
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    I do hereby enter Basil Rathbone (aka 60148: Sandru Vhiski).
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    I realized a truth today. I'm never going back to metal miniatures.
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    an Auld Grump Pathfinder miniature
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    Here's a blast from the past. A classic vampire from GW. This paintjob is a couple of years old, but the mini is from days long gone. GW is making some great stuff (and bad) these days, but my favorites will always be the older models. Thanks for looking.
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    Don't feel silly. I start planning my next ReaperCon while I'm at ReaperCon.
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    My biggest concern is getting carried away with the pinning and pinning my finger. I've already done that with other plastic minis Seriously, be careful folks.
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    Welcome to the world of basing. I'm glad you've realized that there's a large supply of stuff out there for free as it pains me to see people paying for stuff they can get for free, or much cheaper at a home repair store, then through the hobby channels.
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    D'awww okay. I'll hug my cats instead! Yeah, that'll show 'em.
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    If it helps, I can't believe it either. And if it helps even more, outside of Wyrmgear all the Bones I'll be painting for a couple of weeks look to be the ones you could buy from the online store already. So... well, really it's almost like I don't have them at all. Except for Wyrmgear. I sure am glad to have some skeletons and zombies to paint instead of orcs and goblins, though. So by the time I'm moved on to painting real new Bones, everybody ought to have their stuff. And yes, I did do this on purpose so I could kill time while waiting for other people to be able to get in on the funtimes. It's just not the same unless everybody has their toys.
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    You mean you don't fill your nose with paint and sneeze at it? 'Cause that's totally what you should do.
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    A friend in Auckland (New Zealand) had his box turn up at work this morning, no prior emails, no warning, just dem bones to sit on his desk all day taunting him until he can get home to unpack them. Biggish order, 2 vamps and one of each extra. My generous heart is happy for him, my jealous heart hopes he suffers all day. EDIT: Turns out he did get a shipping email about a week ago, the tracking link had nothing until the day the box arrived. Sadness now, I've had no shipping email which means my bones are at least a couple of weeks away - maybe - who knows and optimism in the past has been a mistake.
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    Airbrush. I thought about getting an airbrush just for him, but I decided to torture myself with a #2 and lots of patience instead.
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    I picked up a rather large wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby last weekend ($9.99). It's 11x17 oval, but it fits Kaladrax perfectly when I mounted him to the back left of it, his tail curls around the outside edge all the way to the front. He really owns it, I'll post pictures soon. I just keep forgetting to take them to post on the forums! Here's the pic of him mounted on the wooden plaque.
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    I'll definitely make sure to stop by tomorrow.
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    His right? I have two if it's his right. But if it's his left, then we could trade. He's actually kinda creepier with two of the same hand and his thumb in the wrong spot on one. It's like he tried to mimic a humanoid, but just didn't quite get it.
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    Thanks for all the comments! This may be shocking but my primary brush on paints are Apple Barrel (yes the cheap and admitidly crappy paints). The rest was airbrush Iwata and Vallejo paints and vallejo washes. The tentacles weren't really that tough but I can see the bouncy flimsy nature being a pain without an airbrush. This wasn't my first bones but deffinately my first that I did more than speed painting on.
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    I just posted my find. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/50564-bases-for-the-big-dragons/#entry745851
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    First of all...welcome to the club. You will find many friendly members who are great with loads of friendly tips, advice and information. I state this as a fact (since I am also new to the group, having joined in April of this year). I love your figure selection (Reaper #3531)...I also have this figure as 1 of 12 true Gypsy looking miniatures that I am working on/collecting for my own (Gypsy nomad traveling band) project that I have been working on the past month or so. My concept for this figure is...she is dancing around the campfire which has a semi-circle of logs (that people can sit on to watch her dance)...and my color scheme for her is a red/burgundy skirt with yellow bottom trim with art work...black vest top with white trim...gold jewel works. Look forward to seeing your painting progression of this figure (no matter what concept you decide on). Again, welcome to the fold and hope you enjoy yourself.
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    Or from Hangar 18: http://www.hangar18miniatures.com/photo-backdrops/
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    I believe this is where I downloaded my backdrops from. It's just a piece of paper as well, printed at home on my color laser printer.
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    Yeah, it's a good paint job but that face casting is jacked. Reminds me of Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden.
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    Been searching the forums, but haven't seen an instance of this yet... How about a Half-Ogre Bard?
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    Those are lookin great Anne! You need to smooth out your blends a bit but otherwise things are rolling right along.
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    Agreed on that guy. I think the black to white works well on the black armor and the steel but everything else should have been more natural as it's too harsh in my opinion. I think a lot of people get stuck on the basics of one base coat, shade down darker (to a near black), highlight up to a near white. That a good way to learn as it's easy to work with that type of contrast but it's something I think people should focus less on after their comfortable with shading and highlighting. I much prefer someone like Ana (from chestofcolors.com) over about half of what you see in the 9+ rating on CMoN. Here's a bust painted up by Nameless, I really like this piece as it shows how he's shading with color and only using a very dark brown where it's almost a liner instead of a shadow yet everything is placed where you'd expect a dark shadow. Lot to learn from it. http://chestofcolors.com/gallery/nameless-works/collected-works/miniature/image/shaman-bust-jmd-miniatures/
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    Is there any chance of some one from reaper clearing this up? I would think it would only take a phone call to find out where the packages are and why.. Then ks update to the backers? I don't want to sound pushy or anything
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    Yeah, I always thin a bit after the basecoat on Bones. A lot of colours won't give you the results you want in one coat, so you want to be able to go over them once or twice without building up a thick gunky coat of paint.
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    yes and no, Bones Do Not Take Well to thinned paints, Now after you get your base coat on you should get in the habit of thinning your highlights as it makes controlling the paint a bit easier imo.
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    I would prefer clear translucent and try to paint it with Tamiya clear yellow, orange and red.
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    Amen, brother! I was just thinking about this, because this mini popped up on cmon's "blast from the past": http://www.coolminiornot.com/323559 For those playing along at home, go study that and come back. Hi! Welcome back. I'm not a huge fan of the trend of pushing everything down to black and up to white when it's taken to that extreme. There's a lot of really nice paint jobs that I think are marginalized by how distracting that style is. I think that's one reason I've been trying to also use colors for contrast rather than tonal value, though be assured I'm working on that, too! Just not to the extreme like the dude I linked.
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    Had an awesome 5 player game yesterday. 4 ties, vader in an advanced and a firespray vs 2 x-wings a y-wing and a YT-1300. The imps consistently rolled two or three evade on 3 dice (not even using focus to achieve it) and won with only one lost tie.
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    I like the way your son thinks, he's got a good sense of humor.
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    I see you likin', TS. Don't be surprised if it still ends up in your mailbox :p It's been sitting on my kitchen table for months...I can't believe the old lady hasn't asked me why it's there.
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    Anymore, all of my metals get an undercoat. White metals usually get a blue of some kind and yellow gets brown (and I just discovered that my phone was partially subsidized by UPS, since autocorrect believes "brown" must be capitalized. Taught the dictionary otherwise, so that's fixed). Right now, I have a mini on my desk that I'm trying an emerald undercoat for steel. Olive is kinda my go-to for brass and some golds, ever since my true metallics class at Rcon. So don't be afraid to go nuts!
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    Yeah totally fixable, its a 1 step back thing, and as noted will let me make 2 steps forward easier. (But first Samurai...)
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