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    Huts made from coconut halves, here seen as a Cytherean Parrotman village occupied by invading colonial British forces. The hardest part of this whole thing was cutting the coconuts into even halves. The tastiest part was eating the coconut meat. The doors were just two parallel hacksaw cuts up into the shell and then snapped off with a pair of pliers. The post and lintel are bamboo skewers, washed with brown ink.
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    Miniature 1 for the month was this classic Citadel (Games Workshop for you young whippersnappers) official AD&D Umber Hulk, yes in the late 80's this is what Umber Hulks looked like (though I didn't worry about checking for colours). The second miniature I finished was the likely leader for most of my Sisters of the Blade forces for Warlord, which is appropriate as she is one of their warlords anyway (and fairly unarguably their better one). Not really happy with these photos but its enough for the forums here, I'll have to reshoot before posting to the Inspiration Gallery.
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    Egyptian Queen 2594: Egyptian Priestess I am not sure of the concept art or the sculptor's inspiration, but I took mine from the classic Frazetta cover art: Egyptian Queen,
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    Another addition to my Nefsokar force. Simple figure, simple paint job.
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    Grognard the Barbarian 2247: King Angus Stormhand This figure will be going out to a lucky participant in the Summer 2013 Exchange, and per the recipient's wishes there is no gore and the figure is based simply for handling during game play. I took my inspiration from Frazetta's classic Conan the Destroyer.
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    Yeah I need to replace one of the globes in my room, it doesn't effect painting but it seems to be messing with photos (at least with my camera, guess I need to tweak settings on it again..) Thanks for the feedback :) So I finally finished the model that probably terrifies my usual DnD players more than any dragon, for no enemy has brought the party to its knees wuite like animals, giant snakes in particular! For extra amusement I finished painting it while "watching" the 1982 Conan:The Barbarian :) Reaper: 02675: Giant Snake
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    Hey Reaper peeps, I've picked up my first Bones figure, the Ogre Chieftan and I'll be shooting video of the entire painting process and posting it here via my youtube. Here's the first video: Now, that's just me ramblin' on about the mini and why I'm shooting video on this project without any painting, so if you're only interested in the painting parts, just skip this intro here as it's just a monologue and I tend to go on about my favorite subject, minis, if I have a platform to do so. I'll be posting a video once a day, about 5 times a week until this project is done. I'm going to go into detail about everything I do on this mini regarding the paintwork, all filmed in HD here in the studio and I'll try to be as verbose as I can be about whatever it is I'm up to while painting this guy. Sometimes in painting videos, the painter can get pretty quiet, I'll try to keep to words flowing to make it so you're not just literally watching paint dry. I'll learn as I go but that's my plan. I'm not aiming to do a tutorial this is more of a step-by-step looking glass into my method for tackling something like this in my way. I will explain what I'm doing as I'm doing it but I won't be going into basics or anything. So if you like stuff like this, stay on board as there should be something worth watching here when all is said and done.
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    Multiple posts in one. Cheek knees ... wooldings ... futtock shrouds ... gahh. Okay, actually the book on building ships is pretty cool. I just love an excuse to say "futtock shrouds." Futtock shrouds, futtock shrouds, futtock shrouds. Whew. I find the vocabulary of ship building still a bit dense, but seeing how they work and running my fingers (mentally) along the models is helping. I have had some ideas and things are (as usual) changing. I had a difficult time finding hardware small enough for 28mm scale at the hardware store. I have the smallest screw eyes they make, and they still seem a bit clunky. I don't have a model railroad store or anything like that nearby, so I was wracking my brains to think of what could be used. Then I remembered jewelry-making supplies. Craft stores sell little baggies of tiny chains, clasps, rings, earring parts, and other extremely useful doodads, as well as small pliers, cutters, and other useful tools. They also have small to microscopic glass beads, very useful for embellishment, glass floats on fishing nets, tiny bottles and jars, etc. I also found little packages of minuscule stick-on gems for crafts and fingernails which I hope will come in handy. The major change is in the sails material. I had been planning all along to paint the sails, but then a yard or so of some silk organza fell into my lap (It was supposed to be for a garment, but it didn't work out.). Silk organza is like minis-scale window-screening, a stiff, transparent fabric made from fine silk so tightly spun it's like little wires. The nature of the silk tends to make the colors shimmer, and if they make all the warp threads one color and the weft threads a very different color, it will shimmer with iridescence between the two colors depending on the lighting and the angle. That's what I've got. The threads one way are an intense deep blue and the other way are a pale bright green. It looks like this: I think I would like to make the ship's sails out of this just for its beauty and otherworldliness, rather than painting imagery. The moiré effect visible is an artifact of having more than one thickness of the fabric. I am considering taking advantage of that, too. I have started drilling and fitting the flagstaff at the back, the mainmast, and the bowsprit (I decided to wimp out and put the bowsprit in horizontally after all, as both easier and better support for the main sail). I am using a hand-cranked drill to try to keep dust and bodily injury under control: The flagstaff will be a common kitchen bamboo skewer such as are used for shish-ke-babs. I'm checking the angle here: I decided to paint the mainmast a deep blue-black, several coats of plain black and then a layer of phthalo blue to give it a deep intensity, then a gloss varnish. I started with a simple stain of thinned-down black on the principle that acrylic paint soaked into the wood is less likely to chip later. It doesn't look like much to begin with. While I've been doing this I have also been giving the whole ship a couple of coats of gloss medium as a protective coat for the painting. It's not a final coat, really, but it is a little bit of insurance to protect what I've already done while I work further. I brush it on and smooth it out as it dries. I don't know if it's the best way to do it. It does take some time and concentration to keep the glossy stuff from foaming. This is the stuff that needs to be smoothed out with a very wet soft brush, frequently wiped clean, before the paint dries: I am also adding painted details to parts of the ship as the ideas come to me. These are reflections of the "monitors" at the back end: I tested the bowsprit as mentioned before, horizontally: And here are the various masts and staves tested for length: Mainmasts had ropes or iron bands around them because they were often made from partial sections of cylinders put together. These were called wooldings. I started doing the ones on the mast with some gold lamé craft thread I had from some weird old project. I just noticed I did them a little wrong, but I can fix them easily. The loose ends are an artifact which will be removed. I tried the mast in with a woolding just to see how it looks. I decided to make the bowsprit bright red and bind it in place with brass wire. I laid in Mars Red for a foundation color, glazed over it with Quinacridone Magenta, and applied a gloss glaze. Here are the parts as they are at the moment. (My husband liked this picture because the slightly rumpled brown parchment paper I like to use under my work area makes it look like a beach scene.)
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    Continuing on. Two (very) quick paintjobs of the War Dogs that I got from the Otherworld Indiegogo campaign. One of the eyes on the left dog came out kinda wierd on the photo. Looks better in person.
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    And because I have a handy shot now; My current Sisters of the Blade force hanging out on some Ice Wind Dales tiles from WotC.
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    Here's a bunch of cake toppers I did recently, tooled out with similar weaponry. Best zombie fighting weapon I can think of.
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    Ever since my grandson saw the movie (300)...he has asked me to paint him a spartan miniature...he also plays on an international flag football team that are called the (Spartans). So this piece was painted for him and mounted on a varnished walnut display base...He requested that I keep it simple with no trees, flowers, etc...just the spartan warrior with helm, shield and spear (like the characters in the movie). FIGURE...Ral Partha (Titan # 01-108)...circa 1985-86.
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    OK, it's been awhile since I've posted anything, but I just completed this bust. Not familiar with the character, but a Google search indicated he's some kind of perpetually pissed-off warrior dwarf. Picked it up from a vendor (Bobe's Hobby House) at the Dallas LoneStar Figure Show back in March. Resin cast with good detail. Facial features have a chiseled, angular look about them - much like the illustration I found on the interweb. Not sure about the scale; maybe 120mm / 1/16th bsed on head size. Primed with Floquil Model Railroad Gray Primer and painted with Reaper Acrylics. Scaled back on the highlights some when the hair and beard started looking like it belonged in a women's shampoo commercial... Questions and comments welcomed. Slainte, Glen
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    Don't know if this guy has a product code yet, but it is the Bones version of 3065: Kellen, Nobleman Adventurer. This was my first experiment with Bones painting from the Kickstarter. I did a quick base paint, a little drybrushing and a wash to bring him to tabletop standard. I had a lot of problems with Dullcote over the weekend, which is why the back of the cloak is such a mess.
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    Aug Weak 1's progress on the barbarians This figure reminds me of Den from the movie Heavy Metal. The remaining figures will just have to limp along through the rest of the month, as I paint other stuff.
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    This is in reply to a requested scale shot of the Ral Partha Titan (posted earlier today). It shows the size of that miniature vs. a standard Reaper male figure and a standard Ral Partha female figure. I hope that this meets with your request.
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    I feel that there is nothing that I can tell you that might be of help or interest to you as a neuroscientist about my miniature modeling career. As I have stated in past postings...I do everything with an artistic eye (both visual eyes & my minds eye)...be it making a junk pile...doing serious weather on a building...doing a landscape for a vignette. I work on a piece until it " sings " to me! I also don't care about actual correctness (as a member pointed out in my Streets of San Francisco vignette...that I had the wrong type of streetlight for San Francisco)...the streetlight that I used looked proper and in place...it " sang to me "...so I used it (correct or not). I can see something that clicks in my brain and I start seeing (in my minds eye) the varied possible looks that I can do with the seen object...I sketch and see how it can all come together...if it " sings "...I have a possible project. I guess that I was born with this ability/talent...who knows. I can't give you anymore insight into this topic. It may sound like I have a few screws loose...but that is how I approach all my modeling pieces.
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    I'm curious as to whether or not you have a large number of swallows in your area.
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    You see? You see what happens? I start an entirely innocent thread about the over abundance of dwarf kickstarters. It all starts quite civil and we discuss Elves and some nice models, but then it has to descend into talking about where to buy Dwarf Zombies. You people, you're Dwarf obsessed!
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    For me, the problem isn't so much the wait (which is still killing me, but I can deal with it) It's more that unlike the US and some of Canada, it seems that smaller orders (which you would believe are easier to fulfil) are being pushed to the back while bigger orders are being prioritised. For example, I'm in UK and only ordered a Vampire, Elementals and Mythos Monsters. Quite a small order I would say. But when I see people with 25/26 items including multiples of big things (Kaladrax or the Vampire itself) it's a bit disheartening to be left thinking "Why is it so hard to send my stuff if you can do theirs?" So couple that feeling with the wait and the lack of news/updates/reasons, I'm starting to despair a bit. However, all I can do is sit and wait like so many others.
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    It depends what you mean by "pooling." It should settle into the cracks and crevices to lend definition to the mini, but you shouldn't have great puddles of it just sitting there, or it'll dry funny. For the most part though, you can't go too wrong with just slathering it on there as a beginning painter. Really, the best thing to do as a new painter is experiment. Play around with washes. Try thinning one a whole bunch, and one not enough, and then slather it on, or use the lightest touch you can manage. Eventually you'll find a happy medium that works for you. No one can describe exactly what to do, especially given that every painter has a slightly different style. Pay attention to the techniques others describe, and be sure to ask questions when you have them, but there's no substitute for practice.
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    whoot! just finished the froghemoth! sooooooooo excited! really happy with how the big fella turned out and i had to holler. pics soon!
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    Don't know if this belongs here, but anyway... I landed in hospital for over 1 1/2 weeks because of an indefinable infection and as part of this, my eyes got infected as well. So for anyone who wants to paint bloodshot eyes, here is my eye as inspiration
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    May I ask?...What would be the proper thread (if thread means Forum topic title)? Since I am not versed in the varied nomenclature that is used on this member site! I think Cash was talking about the thread (original posting) in which it was asked for so that it was with all the other pics and comments talking specifically about this figure. ub3r_n3rd...if that is what he meant...I do not know how to go back and post photo(s) and/or texts into/onto a previous posting. I know how to reply (as I am doing here with you) but I have no idea as to how to post (if I needed to) a/an additional photo here. Please excuse both my ignorance and stupidity in this matter! Not a problem, I'm happy to help you out. Go to your original thread that you started with the original pictures of your nicely painted figure and reply to the posts. You can add pics by doing this: 1) Click on the "MORE REPLY OPTIONS" down at the bottom of the reply screen 2) You'll see ATTACH FILES directly below the posting screen now. Click on "CHOOSE FILES". 3) You can now pick from your computer hard drive the picture(s) you want to add to the post which will show up right below this posting screen again, above the attach files. 4) Look to the right of the file and click on "ADD TO POST" to add it to your post and then finish up by hitting the "ADD REPLY".
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    May I ask?...What would be the proper thread (if thread means Forum topic title)? Since I am not versed in the varied nomenclature that is used on this member site! I think Cash was talking about the thread (original posting) in which it was asked for so that it was with all the other pics and comments talking specifically about this figure.
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    LOL. I've already used these for the merlock lookin models and the Deep One model. I might just use the Sahuagin profile for both the merlocs and the angler fishlookin dudes, but add a Su ability for Transfixing Light...
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    Ether one should work http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/monsters/sahuagin.html#_sahuagin http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/monsters/skum.html#_skum
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    bulette treant werebear/rat far east archetypes (samurai, ninja) *Edit* Oh! And Umberhulk. I have an umberhulk mini, but that was in the days when even the big mosters were only two inches tall. Now, with the new minis having larger scale, he's hardly any bigger than an orc. *Edit II* And a shambling mound.
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    Here's another SBH battle report from our club. I wasn't playing, but the animal warband is all my figures. Reaper fans will note the inclusion of the entire Legion of Justice and Caeke and a Satyr among various other woodland creatures. Full report here: http://chicagoskirmish.blogspot.com/2013/08/dark-days-of-qaarra-session-4-raiding.html Unfortunately the other side won. In the "exploration" phase of the post-battle sequence, the opposing team was joined by a "Blessed Paladin", so my friend just walked over to the store's Bones rack and picked one up. Gotta love Bones for when you need a figure quick! Hopefully he'll have it painted at our next game in two weeks.
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    Lord Buckram, Archeologist: "It's odd, Sir Reginald. Each and every village we discover has an even number of huts! There must be some strange evolutionary principle at work here, or more dire, an alien intelligence." Sir Reginald: "Nonsense. 'Tis simply random chance." LB: "I would hate to think that these people scavenged their huts from the leftovers from . . ." SR: "GIANT COCONUT CRABS! AHHHHHHH! RUN!"
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    Wow. I'm totally backing your next project. Not a huge fan of dwarves, so I skipped this one, though that Ranger is incredible. Your sculpts are beautiful, the speed at which you release them and fulfill commitment is incredible. Keep up the great work.
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    Well, not really, Murko. They aren't selling them to retailers until they have the Kickstarter orders all filled. That means they don't make any money on the bones until they've gotten your bones shipped out, as well as the Undertakers. I guess I am kind of assuming they like to make money. I guess that's kind of an assumption on my part. But I think it's a pretty safe assumption. The company was founded by accountants, for crying out loud. They have every financial incentive to get things mailed out. For some reason, this isn't happening. Unless Reaper hates money all of a sudden, this has to be something outside of their control. Now, you want to take issue with their lack of communication on the subject? I'm right there with you. While for the most part, I think they've done a pretty good job on this Kickstarter, I think they've really dropped the ball on communication since shipping started. They seem to be operating on the theory that they shouldn't give out bad news until they've got it fixed. Unfortunately, no news is worse than bad news in this instance. As some people have said, a simple "There's been a hold up on the remaining international orders. We're working on the issue as fast as we can" would help a lot. Right now, people are getting the feeling that Reaper doesn't care. Based on my dealings with them, and the way they've gone over other problems during the Kickstarter, I don't think that's true for a minute. But I can't fault others for coming to that conclusion.
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    It looks good. Is this a larger scale figure then?
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    I just came across this photo gallery of X-Wing pics and had to share. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/with/8711030037/#photo_8711030037
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    I've added two more to these, but alas - the coconut had turned and was not tasty.
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    I love the coke box partially covered, the fire extinguisher, the light over the door, all the tiny details that just make this a beautiful design.
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    Thank you guys...and Catdancer I'm just finishing up my scene pics soon
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    I also recommend it highly, I have run it for my husband and son. First I ran a hack and slash fantasy dungeon run, and right now I am running them through a fantasy campaign in Kalamar, using a modified Kingmaker rulesystem. My son's character is the rightful heir to this small country in the Renarian Bay, and he has to take back his lands from his evil uncle, while keeping his subjects safe from brigands, humanoids and other monsters. So far it has been a blast to run and play, it is so easy to take any module from any system and just use the maps and the fluff, while plugging in Savage World monsters/opponents. Anyway, all the products we have bought from Pinnacle has been really well written, with quality artwork, solid bindings and interesting content. We recently bought 50 Fathoms, and it is an awesome setting. Yesterday some Hellfrost books arrived, and just paging trough the encounter book, I saw a ton of content I can easily use in my current campaign.
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    And this is why you have a blog. They steal from your blog you can sue them. You see they can re-post the link all they want but the material remains yours. I'm sure YouTube has a similar provision in their ToS but the day they exercised it would be the day YouTube died.
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    mmm, coconut... [runs to the fridge, ...]
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    See, I knew I was justified in keeping that cocnut shell around. For four years >.> *steals idea*
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    We got them yesterday. Wowie are they beautiful! Thank you very much for these beautiful dwarves! The sad thing is they have to wait a while to get any paint on them, poor dwarves
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    Just for my own personal information, as I'm also very new to painting - but I thought that pooling in the cravases was the purpose of using the washes? Now I get the impression I've miss understood how to use them correcty :/ Also great work on these two! I ove the new one, coming along so cool!!
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    I know what you'd like, Beagle... zombie dwarves!
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    Now that is a properly painted Cthulhu. 'Just tabletop standard'? It is awesome!
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    Well, so far, the halflings I've sculpted are a bard, paladin, barbarian, cleric, wizard, monk, samurai and ninja, with a ranger and a druid still in progress...
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    Update on my human highwaymen: Soon done! Some highlighting/shading left on two minis, and I need to pingo-paint the rest of the bases and the tray :) I'll probably make one more tray of these guys, with bows and a leader or two. Ooh, what about a horn-blower? :D
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    I'm not usually fond of really old school stuff, but your paintjobs are really great.
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    Wow these are great. You've got a way with skin as that Cyclops is inspirational to say the least.
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