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    Here she is! This is meant to be painted to a tabletop gaming standard. Lots of fun and lots of airbrush practice.
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    Repaint of an existing mini... great thing about older "practice" minis... you can practice over and over :)
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    Hi all, this is my entry for the team painting challenge. When Metalchaos posted his excellent version of these guys, I had just finished the Shrine and ready to paint the Pygmys. His color scheme was similar to what I had in mind, so I decided to go with a lighter skin tone (based on the olive skin triad). There were still a couple of bits I wanted to fiddle with, but I had to cut it short to submit it. Hope you like it. As usual, C&C are welcome! Edit: spelling
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    Hi all, this is my entry for Themed category of the Pulp painting contest. Compared to the movie, I switched the colors of the sash and pantaloons, to give it a bit more color. This was kind of a speed job (7-8 hours, that's FAST! for my standards) so I did not fuss too much with the black and used metallic for the sword's blade and crossguard (P3 Pig Iron, washed with black ink and thinned walnut brown). The skin is based on the MSP Olive skin, but compared to the Pygmys, here I started from Russet brown and went up only to Olive skin + a little bit of olive skin highlight. The base is Cthulhu mansion (or something like that) by Fenris Games Comment, critiques, remarks, etc. are very welcome.
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    He talks about Australia, but it could just as easily be New Zealand, or any number of other countries which are unlucky enough not to be the U.S. (no doubt the U.S. sometimes gets shafted too, but I'd bet its infrequent by comparison) I'd like to say we get used to being "picked last" for most things, we certainly understand that there are (some of the time) reasons for it which are out of a company's control. But I hope people can understand that when we put our trust in a company that we think might treat us differently... only to have those beliefs shattered... we get... disappointed... to put it lightly... very, very lightly. Wow, I missed that PA arcade post but it's so true. I was at PAX Aus and despite is pouring down with rain (I spent most of each day walking around in sodden shoes and wet socks because I stupidly decided to wear suede heels. Oh how stupid am I...) and there being thousands upon thousands of people cramming into every corner of the Con in big lines - the overall air was so positive. Everyone was so thrilled to have their own Con like this -in Australia- that nothing was going to dampen (bad pun) their spirits. I'm not questioning Reaper's motives at all, but from the start it seemed as though they were fairly going to work between U.S., Canada and RoW. Things reasonably beyond their control came about which understandably pushed us a little bit back the queue, but their lack of communication and current inaction does seem to indicate a 'who cares about those few remaining overseas people' whether it was their intention or not. Especially given some of the comments that TheBucklandBrewer specifically pointed out, the ' those figures don't package themselves' 'and we have a factory to run' Gee, that's great. I don't really recall any comments like this while you were packing U.S. orders, are you trying to make us feel bad for simply wanting our figures that others have had for months and expecting the same level of service you provided them with? If I could come and help you pack Bones, I would!
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    Paizo puts a lot of details in their art, and Reaper faithfully captured it in this sculpt. This was, by far, one of the most challenging paint jobs I've attempted, but I must say I'm (mostly) satisfied with the results.
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    Horace "Action" Jackson Craft light for window effect. First mini after a nine year hiatus!
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    thanks man, I thought the skirt looked pretty good when I was done. Just got to touch up his head with some stuff now. In the meantime I did a few more of my boneses.
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    Here's my second version. I think the shades in the gray rocks don't show up as well in these pictures, but they're there. He's meant to be mostly dirt instead of all rocks, hence the brown and the tufts of grass.
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    I call this "I hate cows!" Aliens are always coming to Earth and mutilating cows. There's been a long standing estrangement between bovine and alien. The aliens claim cows are always horning in on their action. It's udderly ridiculous. The cows response is a surly "MOOO!" and a burst of methane. (You didn't know they communicated with smell did you?) Now without further ado: Front view (please excuse the glare. It's nearly impossible to get pictures of this without it): The alien is a reaper special edition 2011 figure from "Terror on planet X" (SKU 1517). The saucer is made from the container panty hose are sold in. On the bottom and top are repurposed plastic parts from a milk container (the seal and the pull ring for the spout). The seat and dash board were sculpted from Sculpey. My thanks to Bob Ridolphi and Froggy for their inspiration.
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    Along came glow-in-the-dark spiders! Drows from House Kenafin Beware house males! The spiders, crystal base, mushroom, and cleric eyes all glow.
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    Straight from the Temple of Doom: the Thugee Cultist Compared to the movie, I inverted the color scheme: red pantaloons and black sash. Kali Mah! Kali Mah!
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    Love the super bright pink...it adds something to the 'that's just not right!'-ness of it.
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    (finally) Finished my entry for the painting contest, team division. A blue dragon and his (blue) kobolds: Opinions? :) I don't like how all the highlights turned out, but am glad I finished all of them :) I'll post some more pics later, fninally some time off! :D
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    Here are some barbarian figures I am working on this week I am basing this figure on a character on the Khanutu woman from a Star Trek episode called Private Little War And here is a shot from that episode:
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    I am in the process of painting (for game play) some older figures (vintage, if you will) from yesteryear. I love painting these older figures...for some reason, I feel that they have a certain character to them that for some reason is lacking in a lot of the modern era figures/castings. Posted here are the following miniatures; PHOTOS 1-4...Ral Parth (Giant Skeleton # 02-940) circa 1985... PHOTOS 5-6...Grenadier (Death Lord # 150) circa 1986... PHOTOS 7-10...Alternate Armies (Chicol The One Legged # CM19) circa 1992... PHOTOS 11-14...Grenadier (Beholder # 104) circa 1984... I hope that you like these old figures...I have the next (4) mounted on sticks & will prime them later today.
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    This is my entry for the Pulp Themed Competition. She was a lot of work, but I learned a great deal by doing her. I did a detailed W.I.P. also http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49983-olearys-wip-thread-of-everything-reaper/page-4#entry750121 I've enjoyed painting Pulp so much that I've bought more Reaper Chronoscope Pulp and am participating in a Pulp Painting Club. Can someone tell me how to link to text as I have no idea how to do that. Also I have no idea why this added that attached Thumbnail to the bottom and I can't get rid of it. My apologies.
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    I've got a second one of these in the works, but finished this one today. Again, meant for table top, so not meant to be super high quality. The crystals in particular...I've done better.
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    Did some work on the candelabras: And a closeup because I like how the gems came out, again :P Note that the gold looks a lot less like candy in real life, it's night here so no good lighting. And the two altars a bit further along: Painting that jade on the fountain, and now following it up is making me come up with this whole deity thing in my head. I'll have to write stuff down soon so I can use it :P
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    This is another one of my older fantasy figures that I just finished. I tried to keep the look of both the figure and the base very bland, barren & bleached. I executed the skin color of the mummy (the way I would envision it)...a grayish rotting green flesh with corpse maggots in the eye & mouth (but executed in a dull dark aged feel, look and manner)...did the same with the cloth wrap...I hope that you feel I succeeded in my attempt. FIGURE...Grenadier (Mummy Lord) # 512...circa 1986...
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    So I knocked out the Shadow from my Vampire Pledge first. As always C&C Welcome.
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    A couple of things here. 1st. This is not excess glue we're talking about that can be wiped up. This is the glue holding the foam together being soft enough that it allows the compartments to shift just enough to expose the tacky sticky glue. It's not something that can be cleaned up with goo gone unless one wants to disassemble all the trays, and even then you'll likely end up with more of a mess than you started with. 2nd. Assuming that you haven't overlooked the problem in your cases and your glue really is not tacky, then that indicates there is definately a production problem. This is something that is not noticeable at first glance, and I'm very thankful that someone brought up the issue here before I started putting painted minis into my cases. And I'll add a 3rd. Like the problems with some of the Bones figure, there is no obvious way to fix this at first glance, and by discussing it here and bringing it to everyone's attention, perhaps we can resolve it. Where you see whining, I see a group of people attempting to work together to find a solution to a problem.
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    Team ORC: Orcish Reconnaissance Contingent. United in their quest for Elvish blood and Doombat on a Stick. Yum! (these are the bones orcs)
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    Slowly starting up the project again after a two week absence. Only the one miniature finished this week. I’ll have to quicken the pace for next week since wave one of the Otherworld Miniatures Indiegogo campaign arrived when I was away. 48 unique figures (counting familiars, treasure loot miniatures, henchmen and character miniatures). Hopefully I have some of those finished until next week.
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    Have had too much going on this week to get any painting done (in other news, I still hate Chev). Today I could have painted, but decided to slip home for lunch instead... When I got home Marty was guarding the box. She seems to be channeling some strange power, possibly from exposure to that much Bonesium. I'll report back if she starts shooting laser beams out of her eyes or anything... They really can pack a box! I am NEVER playing against a Reaper employee at Tetris. And this is as far as I got with unpacking....going to be long, glorious night of inventory taking.