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    So I managed to finish my first kickstarter bones mini! This was my first try at OSL. I also just this week gained a new camera and I am still getting the hang of it.
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    I just started painting miniatures in July, and the very first figures I painted were the L2PK1 ones. I then did a few more miniatures based on what I learned from that and I just finished the L2PK2 yesterday. I thought I'd post some pictures here and hopefully get some feedback on how to improve. I have the L2PK3 and I've ordered 4 and 5, which I think I'll actually do first. I've read through some of the WIP threads and the NMM looks like something I should have more practice before trying. These were all done using the paints from the first 3 L2PKs plus a tan sample bottle. Here are the Giant Rat and Swordsmen from L2PK1. Since these were literally my first miniatures I followed the instructions very closely. I needed some familiars and small animals for a game, so I did these next. I was inspired by the image from the Gallery for my werewolf, and I just noticed that the paint developer at Reaper uses it as her Icon so now I know where it came from! These guardsmen where done using very similar techniques as the Anthurian Swordsman, just different color cloth. The look of dry brushing screams SKELETONS! So I bought some to practice on. I like the Bronze Age look I got from adding a bit of brown to the antique gold from L2PK2. And here are the L2PK2 results which I just finished yesterday. I got ahead of myself and missed that the skirt was supposed to be blue, but I like having it all green. I'll take the metal washers off once the weather cools and I can get a coat of sealer on them. These are all for table top gaming, but I really want to have good looking miniatures to play with. Clearly the first thing I need to do though is get better lighting for taking pictures of my future minis to post.
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    That is true, learning what things look like and different artistic techniques can be used for many different things. Slapped some more colour on Damien tonight, including some roughly applied OSL effects to work out where my shadows will fall when I start shading.
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    And every adventuring party needs treasure!
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    Starting off the month with the Human Male Magic User from Otherworld Miniatures. A case of "well, at least it's done", although now that I look at the photos he did come out decent. And here's the full part gathered!
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    AMAZON ARMY PRIVATE COLLECTION...This is the (4th) figure of my Amazon army. FIGURE...Citadel (Big Mama's Series - vintage figure)...Sorry, no SKU information. NOTE...This is the last figure that I will post for a while...have to wait till my ordered figures arrive...also, the next two that I am currently working on...can not be posted due to topless status...(Darksword Elf Warrior DSM 1164 and Hasslefree Gayle leaning on spear HFH015).
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    *sets trap* *catches owlbear* *pours cereal and milk on it* "It's not working! It's only made it very upset!"
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    A bit rough on the steel work. Still haven't gotten comfortable with nmm yet. Usually I blend it a lot better, at least, but trying some new colors and need to tweak them a bit I think, a couple need a gradient step between them. Went back over the fur again and shade/highs for the axe handle. Pretty much done pending the base. Probably up over ten hours on him, that nmm is time consuming stuff.
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    The Throne base is now finished. I glued sand around every skulls and added a skull on the staircase step to complete the ensemble. Thanks for your help and suggestion on this one, using sand was a very good idea, it will definitely prevent overhang and it will add textures.
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    I've also been working on some real bone bones. It's amazing what a difference a wash can make. Not really going or anything too fancy on these guys, except for their shields.
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    Me to wife: what to you get if you cross a bear with an owl? Wife: A Bowl. Fair enough.
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    I'm stuck on call this weekend, which pretty much means I can't go anywhere...but I can paint! NightyKnight challenged me over on Wamp, so I've been working on my eeevil black dragon. My goals are to get better at painting black and figure out how to make a swampy base. Here's what I've got. Don't worry- the dragon's nowhere near finished, but I got tired of painting black (ugh. highlights highlights highlights. Stupid dragon skin and having to do each individual scale. ugh! Why did I choose black. I hate black!) so I broke out the sculpey, etc. Sculpey relaxes me. It's so much less fussy than green stuff. I raided the garden for wood bits. The tree is actually the root of some weed I managed to get around to pulling up last week. The open space in the second pic is meant to be where the swamp water will go. Now I've got it all base-coated: This project allows me to use some fun stuff- like the crackle medium for simulated mud. And of course- water effect!!! The question is, do I want to mix some brown or black into my water medium to make it look murkier? Here's my composition dilemma. I can't figure out exactly where to put the cypress knee-thingys More? Less? Skip the knees altogether? I like the idea because it will break up the monotony of the swamp water. Plus swamps are always full of stuff. Or at least the interesting ones are. Something like that. Here's kind of a few ideas for the knees: I'm really excited about the adventurer's footprints! I tried to use the crackle medium around them to try to look like drying mud, but I don't think it stands out much. Also- the gray rings painted on the ground and that one log are meant to be from the dragon- I think of black dragons as bringing decay and death. I also made some mushrooms and some reeds, but I'm waiting for them to dry. Thus, the posting break I'm taking!
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    The fiancee and daughter are away this weekend, so I decided to get some work done on the 02793: Arianna,Fairy Princess that I plan on giving to my daughter for her birthday. It went really well, and I got a lot more done then I was expecting. Only thing that I'm not really happy with is the face - I think i need to figure out how to do these eyes, they're sculpted differently than anything I've done before, and I'm not really sure how to handle them. Excuse the crappy photos - the girls have the good camera with them, these were taken with a cheap webcam.
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    Well, 50-55% of the population at large is female. .... I'm not saying it's more than it should be, just more than is normal for minis. I agree, minis are proportionally more male. I think it's down to wargaming - most armies are pretty much all men, most tabletop wargamers are men, so male figures predominate. I think Kickstarter changes that around a lot though - although there's a lot of wargamers on there, you also see a lot of roleplayers, painters, and a huge number of board gamers; and they have a much higher proportion of women. So I think doing a minis release via Kickstarter lets you sculpt more female figures that you could do for a normal minis release. Well, I can't promise it'll get done in time - I've got a lot of work to do for clients this month. But I'll do my best! It's a bit unconventional looking anyway, so you might not like it... Owlbear! I've never seen a miniature that looked like the owlbears in my head (yes, I've got owlbears in my head!) so i decided I had to sculpt one. cheers Michael
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    I know everyone was complaining about how some bones seemed to be lacking noses. I just don't understand how people can be so prejudiced against aliens. Take for example Ellen Stone, green skinned gunslinger with the pearl handled 6 shooters. Really now, are you going to tell her that she was cast wrong? Crappy cell phone pictures. Only just noticed that I didn't paint her neckerchief, and her shirt is going to need another touchup or two to get all the green off of it.
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    So as I've been getting back into the swing of painting more frequently (as opposed to occasionally dabbling), I've been mucking about with some of these new-fangled teknologies you crazy kids have been inventing (Why, in my day, we painted with Testor's and we liked it, by gum!). One thing I got my hands on was a jar of Army Painter's Quickshade - the soft tone, and I figured I'd see how it works. I've been working on a couple of the Reaper Bones trolls (bought specifically to test primed vs. unprimed painting), and an old Chainmail minotaur skeleton that were both close to complete (or so I thought. So, I opened up the can, and away we go! Thing One and Thing Two got blooped right into the can, using a pair of bent-nose pliers I have for such purposes. Unfortunately, there really isn't anywhere in this apartment to really shake the minis off - I was using the cover from a stack of CD-Roms as a shake hood, but the results were less than awesome. I tried brushing some of the quickshade off, but... I actually really like the way Thing One's plague boil ended up - it's really creepy and icky looking, and I decided to leave it glossy and wet-looking. Other than that, however, it's definitely way too much quickshade on too many parts of the mini, in both cases - although not quite as bad as I first thought. So, learning my lesson (I hope?) on Mervin the Minotaur, I used a brush and tried to brush on the quickshade instead - with, I think, much better performance, although if I'd known how much it was going to stain the existing topcoat, I likely would have been more aggressive with my use of ghost white? I've decided they are, basically, almost done - I want to do some touch up on Thing One's base (where the quickshade apparently lifted up some of the not-quite-as-dry-as-I-thought paint?) and some general touch up and maybe a little extra highlighting and drybrushing on Mervin. But these have both gotten two coats of Reaper brush-on sealant, and are pretty much good for tabletop, I guess?
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    No no- it's beautiful! Don't make sad face! Don't change it! Ignore the automatic message from the Cult of Purple!
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    Everyone activate your pitter patter alarms STAT!
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    The first two kits are all about the fundamentals. Kit 4 reinforces them, and Kits 5 and 3 use those basics to show you some neat new stuff. Questions on how to improve at an early stage can be tricky to answer, mostly because so much of improvement is just tied up in practice. The more you paint, the better you get. And the more you learn your tools, the more creative you become with them. For some people, this progress is rapid. For other people (like me) it's slow. I mean, where you have started is better than where I was after ten years of doing it (of course, it did take me 14 years to get around to buying any learn to paint kits). So the only two tips really worth much at this stage for your goal are: 1. Practice, practice, practice 2. Contrast, contrast, contrast: darker darks and lighter lights. If you're like most people, this will be a bit of a bugbear for a while. It can be intimidating. Even after the kits my first 30 miniatures still looked flat because I was afraid of going too far with contrast. But while there is such a thing, it's harder to overdo than underdo. Tsuko the muscle monk is good for practice here, deepening his shadows and bringing up the highlights. Laurana has less definition, so she's tougher. How you go about making adjustments as you learn is a personal choice. You could practice on Tsuko, even stripping and redoing him a time or two while you figure out things. If you're worried about keeping up volume of painted production for game use (my primary concern) then you can build in new experiments and lessons as you move forward through more miniatures. But the bottom line for this hobby is that everybody's got the Right Stuff to do it. Sling paint, have fun, and the more you do the faster you'll start amazing yourself.
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    Wow that skin went from 'wtf is that? Primer?" to 'amazing' :)
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    Just do the base pieces and suggest that's a good start then you too can add a piece every year for your mom. Keeps the whole thing special and a true collection as opposed to a single gift.
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    played around for about an hour after work, added some black lining, cleaned up the bone work and added some more sapphire blue on the left side of the neck, Be warned these large mini's Eat paint... I'm still working on the color for the throat plates / wing membranes, If you get in and look at the wounds you notice there's two layers. the deeper layer looks is muscle and the upper layer looks to be skin/fat, as you can see in this first pic I'm going over the upper layer in fresh blood as compared to the carnage red for the muscles, also using it for the gore/tendons on what's left of the crest.
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    Insomnia struck again, so I touched up a few places on Tanya that I'd missed in my blacklining frenzy. I also contemplated the next step in Etune's conversion, namely removing the sword from the kobold and transferring it to her hand. My plan is to slice the sword off above and below the kobold's hand, then superglue the bits in the appropriate spots on her hand (I still want to have a usable kobold mini after this). My question is this: For those of you who've done modifications before, will pinning through her hand be required for keeping the sword together on Etune? Or can I really just glue the top and bottom of the sword onto her hand and call it good? Note: this is a mini that will see use as a gaming piece. Reference picture just for fun: And here's a decent "preview" of what I'm hoping it will look like when I'm all done. I accomplished this by holding the kobold directly behind Etune, which is how I discovered that the scale on the kobold's sword was perfect for what I had in mind. Seriously, their hands are practically identical in size and shape. If it weren't for the "bracer" on Etune's arm, I'd have simply swapped hands on them and patched up the seams with Apoxie. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Thanks to another topic about Sophie, I was poking around on Miniature giant and found Harapan, the elephant warrior disaster relief mini. Who doesn't seem to be sold online anymore, at all. I really like elephants. Really, really, really like elephants. And I would be ever so very happy and pleased and grateful and joyous if you'd make this fine fellow available for the 12 days of reaper. That's the only way I can see me getting him, even if he was available on mini giant, I'm just not spending $40 on something that small. http://www.miniature-giant.com/harapan-elephant-warrior-tsunami-disaster-relief-discontinue-Reaper-Special-Edition-SE-sku-1411-c-410-p-2-pr-15.html
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    I'm trying to base stuff roughly suitable for skirmish games, and let DnD take care of itself :)
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    Beautiful work, Cash. BRB time for me to go practice layering.
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    Itar's Workshop swears by PaintWorks Taken from their latest update: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/554948184/itars-workshop-dungeon-terrain/posts/585208
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    That nmm is already better then I can do.
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    He's looking absolutely gorgeous (in a way that totally does not decrease his manliness in any way whatsoever)! His cloak-thingy in the back looks so real, I keep expecting it to start moving again. The skin is AMAZING, I also wasn't sure where you were going with it before you started the shading. Cool idea. Not that I've ever done this before, and you've probably already noticed this yourself, but maybe the reason you don't like the back of the shoulder pad as much as the front is because the highest highlight is much larger than in the front, and because the nice dark edge you have in front isn't as dark in back (this might be just due to lighting/ the way the picture turned out). If the imaginary light source is above and slightly behind him, though, then the larger highlight in back makes sense. Look at me pretending to know what I'm talking about. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    We've got your back Tre. Live and learn.
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    Beautiful colors!!! I really like where you're going with the skin! Maybe some purple? Maybe not- it might dull that pretty glow. + extra likes for good measure!
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    [ --Pauses to check with Inner Child-- ] Got this answer: "..No, but if there were you could color and no one could tell if you went outside the lines .... and they go next to White because Clear is even more pale than White.."
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    Well, 50-55% of the population at large is female. I'm so pleased with how well the 1st KS was fulfilled that I can pretty much guarantee to back a second. The 1st KS has by far been the easiest KS I've ever backed in terms of expectation of fulfillment and delivery. You guys are top notch. If you're so pleased you should start painting them. I want Adrift WIPs back!
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    Wow. That's really striking OSL. Sets a great mood. Bravo.
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    I'm just wondering... am I the only one who hears xylophone music in my head when I paint skeletons?
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    Yay owlbear! I was hoping it might be, I've got an unhealthy passion for that ultra-aggressive freak of nature. Looking forward to this!
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    Kodiak I am right there with you. Scale IS an important issue. When I set out to found RBG I wanted to create the most internally consistent range of fantasy figures availaible in the market. It has been an uphill battle all the way and there have been MANY times where I wanted to just give it up and start swimming with the stream so-to-speak by sculpting " heroic " proportions. Every time I try it I just cannot help it. I think ti looks " wrong ". Krule Bear....... I understand your frustrations, believe me I do, but I want to make sure one thing is clear. The delays in production have never had anything to do with my business management skills. Without going in to too much detail about it the delays lie in the hands of the production service. I have no way of influencing or managing Ed's resources. The production has always been in Ed's hands in total. He has known exactly what he needed to deliver from the beginning. When we began production I told him that I needed at least 500 of everything as soon as possible and even though that number did not fully encompass the entirety of what was needed to finish the fulfillment I thought that it was more than enough to get the ball rolling. ED did not deliver upon that initial order ( and still has not yet on some items. ) until our big fallout back in April. I sent Ed the exact count of all items needed between April 14th and April 18th. I am nto exactly sure of the date but it was between those dates..... I did not receive another shipment from Ed until May 25th and that shipment was only for the Gynnade Krigare ( Armoured Elites ) bodies. That was the last shipment I have received from Ed until just recently ( I think it was the 27th or 28th of August. ) when I received the Bodies for the Aenglish, a few of the Conradt Weapons sprues, some of the Yrsa figures, robert figures, and Whistelock figures. This is beyond my ability to control . I am along for the ride just like the backers. I wish that there was something I could do, but there is not.
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    Go to your FB page and copy the address at the very top of the page. The address box should be on the very top of any page you are on, on the left side of it will be the back and forward arrows, on the right should be the refresh icon. Just left click on the address box with your mouse and it should turn blue, then right click on it with your mouse and open a little window and click copy. Come back here or where ever you want to leave a link and left click where you want to put it on that page, then right click to open the little box and click on paste, then Bob's your uncle there you go. If you still having trouble send me a friend request at Coab Evans and I can put a link here for you and check out your page and figures. Coabeous
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    But you can post the link on these minis. Just saying...
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    The sand was Monkeysloth's idea, can't take credit! It looks awesome!! When can we buy one?
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    Heh... I originally read that as "Hobgoblers", and was picturing anthropomorphic turkey men... Interestingly enough, they do have a turkey mini...
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    Nice and clean paint job on these. I have a ton of GW stuff including a Chaos Beastman army, so I appreciate seeing how others work them up. One critique from someone who is not a fan of NMM: you might want to deepen the shadows on yours. The highlights look about right, but the "low-lights" as some call them are not dark enough to my eye. Of course, I don't do NMM on models, only canvas, so I could be completely wrong.
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    Nice to see some Bestigors! Great paint jobs. Never played Fantasy, but I really do like their models. They're pricey all right, but still buy them from time to time just because the sculpts are so sweet.
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    Thanks for looking and for the comments! Helps me to see these with fresh eyes. As for Games Workshop, I've never played their games, but if others enjoy them that's fine with me. I find those stores they run in malls to be ... weird. I think I remember the first time I walked into one, thinking, "cool, a games shop in a mall," and walked out thinking, "That was the least fun games store I've never been in in my life." I've never had reason to change that opinion. It's like walking into a comix shop that only sells Marvel. I was lucky enough to start gaming before these places existed.
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    It's not a spelling mistake. He's on a Forums Quest for an answer, so he's activating it like the Human Torch: "Forums Quest-on!"
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    We post links to other companies all the time. ReaperBryan said something about rising waters and boats one time... Buglips would probably have the exact quote. Thanks for the info, I will definitely check out TurnKey (which my tired eyes read as "turkey" minis and I actually got excited about...). Hopefully you have some of the ones I wanted
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    Well, I think glueing should be enough, but pinning would be stronger. I would glue, but I am lazy ;-) .
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