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    Yay! My first sculpt finished! It's not so great to look at, but I made it, and that's something I couldn't think of myself doing not so long ago =). There's a lot that I would change or do again in it, but I need it for my game next week (and another one too, gulp), so no time to be too picky! I have to say this community is awesome, as I got so much help and inspiration as a total beginner in my WIP thread. You rock! So it's sculpted with Green Stuff and the base is just cork from a wine bottle. It's possible I'll revisit this paint job later, but I'm in a hurry now because of the game it's needed in, so the painting took only about two hours. It's easier to post a pic of a mini I've just painted, but now that I sculpted this too, I don't know what side to show of it... So I'll post a ton of pics! =) Thanks for looking!
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    Another Bones miniature completed, i'm quite pleased with the nmm on the knee protector and belt and the fur worked out quite well. C&C as usual very welcome.
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    Again, credit to Corporea for the idea, here he is all painted up: And under UV light with the tubes and tanks glowing: Did I really need to upload the images again? I added them in the WiP thread, but the attachment links I used there wouldn't work here Might pick at him a bit, like most of my stuff, but he's done for now!
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    AMAZON ARMY PRIVATE COLLECTION...This is the (7th) figure in my Amazon army. FIGURE...Reaper (# 03559)...Zala Natar, Huntress. Hope you like...
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    ARRRR! Ye scurvy scallywags, I present Barnabus Frost yer Pirate Captain (77132)! This is completed mini #15 for me. This is for the summer mini exchange and I tried really hard to get him looking as good as possible, I hope the person who gets it likes it. C&C welcomed and appreciated!
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    Not sure if this fits the show off section so I posted it here instead. I have been making a farm board for my two sons for a few months and it has coincided with painting some Bones so I thought I would show off the creation here. Defending the house from untold nasties. The people inside the house. Sleeping quarters And a full overview complete with a car!
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    Do you work for the NSA in your free time? Shhhhh! You're not supposed to mention the ree-fay ime-tay in front of the eaper-Ray eeps-Pay....they are still in trauma recovery.... It took like like 5 minutes but I cracked your encryption, NSA!
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    I always like to see parents getting their kids into the hobby. I try to do the same with mine. Great looking terrain! Don't know if this is useful to anyone, but I picked up a large box of styrofoam-like bricks at Michael's Crafts that are the same style and size as the blocks in your pics. They weren't very expensive (price escapes my memory at the moment), but they were already base-coated so I was able to spray paint them without them dissolving. They look almost as good as Hirst, but were much cheaper.
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    Well it's been a few days and I have done a bit more painting. First up is Dain Deepaxe (77074) I am pleased with how this has turned out. Probably the best paint job I have done on the bones so far. The sculpt is great so that helped a lot. Picture from the front And a picture from the back And for something a little different using the painted bones in a model house with my two sons. (There are more pics in a different post) That's it for now comments welcome. Hopefully I will get a few more done before I have a week off on holiday away from my paints.
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    There's this guy, but he's quite pricey in metal, otherwise I'd buy him. Neat sculpt, though. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D If he comes out in Bonesium I'm buying 3. 1 as a croc, 1 cut legs off and convert number 3 into a basilisk. It will be seriously awesome!Tis is a very god example of why stuff like Dire animals should make it into Boneseum. I'm going to need at least 6 of these myself. Same thing with the Dire Bear. You could do a Wild Things stretch goal For these sorts of models. This post makes my hearts sing, for some reason...
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    I was all excited to start the new nmm recipe, I've done a bit of research (aka looking at cool pics) but not quite sure how to pull off the helmet, hemispheres are tough, yo. Then at break yesterday I started laughing, drawing a quizzical glance from the old lady...the covers of the paperback Against a Dark Background is all nmm with all kinds of shapes. I've been carrying my inspiration art around for a week without even thinking about it! Then I got home and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game was on the stoop. Failed my will save, spent the night playing around with that. I only get a couple of nights to paint a week, dernit!
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    Do you work for the NSA in your free time? Shhhhh! You're not supposed to mention the ree-fay ime-tay in front of the eaper-Ray eeps-Pay....they are still in trauma recovery....
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    A high kick from a Halfling could land in a very uncomfortable place. "What... like the back of a Volkswagen?"
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    The hottest part is blue, because it is burning CO2- or CH-Radicals. If you burn other elements, you can get violett (potassium), green (boron, copper), red (calcium) or yellow (sodium). Does that mean if we burn Unicorns we get Rainbows? Might be worthy of testing in my opinion!
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    Well, since he is just a quick mock up anyway, and most of the stuff seemed to be quite well attached, I just painted him up. Didn't take long, as you can probably tell, but I think it came out OK. If I can be bothered I might pick out e.g the cogs so they stick out more, and some other small bits, but for now I'm done. And in UV light, I guess it's hard to tell, but those things are really glowing: If I look at him from 30cm or more away I can't see all the errors so I'm happy with it. The muse called and I answered :) EDIT: Link to show off thread: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51341-cheesegear-clockwork-rat/
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    So yesterday sucked. I actually remembered the paints I needed, but then work was a big messy ball of stress (all due to changes another group made). It finally calmed down a bit just before lunch but then at 11:58 we had an unrelated production issue, and of course I started on call yesterday. That took care of most of my lunch. With what was left I glued Judas's right upper arm back on and played with some Molten Bronze paint since oneBoot was talking about it in her WIP... Today's been a bit better (other that the 5:40 am call this morning). I did a bunch with Judas over lunch, although it doesn't really seem to look like much on the pictures.... I did a bunch of touch ups on the edges of the armor. Based the hair in pure white. Made a wash of Nightmare Black for the hair. Washed the armor with Secret Weapon's Armor Wash. Did some highlighting on the hair to decide if I liked those colours. I think I do. Touched up some base colours where I got wash on them. Also did some work on the red on the cloak while waiting for washes to dry but didn't bother taking pics of that. It was just cleaning up anywhere I marked it up while taking the cloak off.
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    Do you work for the NSA in your free time?
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    You clearly didn't get not-Lolth from the first KS whose legs are an entirely different and more rigid plastic than the usual Bones. Bring on the huge spider, I'll certainly want at least 1.
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    Fantasy Kill Bill and Burning Unicorns, keep talking like that and Buglips will show up! Actually the next inn I make is going to be called the Burning Unicorn, I like the sound of it. I better make a light box next,the flash just kills minis in photos. Thank you again for the compliments! I forgot about the big fight I just had with my wife for a second. Now to go on a 2 mile run, blah I'm getting too old for this. I can't complain because I have so many friends that run marathons. Seriously people God made couches for a reason!
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    Speaking of Ylvis' other videos - this one is a contender for the Trinity. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GxkBDJajg4
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    I like the painted mini's. Especially the colors you are using. The hottest part is blue, because it is burning CO2- or CH-Radicals. If you burn other elements, you can get violett (potassium), green (boron, copper), red (calcium) or yellow (sodium).
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    I picked up an extra shift at the hospital last night for some serious incentive pay, so my next KS is basically paid for if I do about the same amount of damage on this one. I'm looking at picking up an extra shift on Saturday during the day just in case I go a little crazy.
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    The creature is really cool, but the paint job on those eggs keep drawing my attention. I love their look.
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    I really hope the sales data for Bones supports the case for lots of cavalry and Centaurs. A fairly large (12 or so) Centaur warband is something I've wanted for years. The problem is that buying them in metal is so cost prohibitive that I've never broke down and even bought a single one. Over the years I've thought about simply converting them from plastic wargaming figures, but again, the scope of the project has held me back. But Centaurs at Bones prices? Those I would buy. I understand why centaurs haven't been a good seller in metal. It is great that Reaper has a few, but I wish they had more - even though I know the market and sales data doesn't support it. I really hope that A) Reaper will put at least one or two Centaurs into KS2 and B) the resulting sales data of those minis will lead to more to come.
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    Got my exchange mini all finished up last night. I just need to pack him up and ship him off to my partner! If anyone is interested, he can be seen in my show off thread. Here' s a link directly to him.
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    I have all the terrain paint I will ever need. Paid 50¢ per 8 ounce pot for it. Mostly from Home Depot. (There is this endless supply of amateur interior designers people trying to get HD to mix the exactly right grass-green, taupe [desert tan], just so subtle browns, or perfect blues to put on their walls ... and the process produces lots of unloved, unwanted terrain paint in little plastic cans.)
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    Very nice. Is that a real stick as the tree?
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    Another gorgeous Amazon catdancer, if it wasn't for the hair she would remind me of Loana, Raquel Welch in "One Million Years B.C." Keep'em coming! Coabeous I'll ask around and see if anyone carries El Viejo Dragon, 1/43 scale, miniature figures state side.
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    I'm interested, just poor! Still, I need to go back this before it ends. I was debating whether or not I need more paint, but after spending yesterday painting terrain, the answer is an obvious yes. Also, I got some 6mm buildings painted yesterday. They look nice. :) -Dave
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    Bryanzilla! Run! *Flees* @Buglips: *cheerleading squad* Gooooo!
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    I think the fuzzy owl?, beaver? small rodent? slippers in the backgroud reallys shows of the scale! Nice job on the HA build and I think it is great that you are including your children in this great hobby!
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    There is a store in the Fayetteville area... At least I hope it is still there, as there is a group of us meeting there on Sunday, September 29th. It may be a shorter drive for you (as compared to me, driving down from Greenville, SC). Check the post in Off Topic for Southeastern get together... ETA: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/50353-southeastern-casters-party-next-meet-sept-29th-2013-treefort-games-atl/page-2 There's the link to the post... Treefort Games is the name of the place....
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    My goal is to have an Amazon collection of (24) figures that are currently on the market and that I like...the problem is that some of these can only be found on foreign markets/from foreign firms and I do not deal with foreign markets/firms...I deal only with firms that are location in the USA...so I may never realize my goal of (24) figures. Oh, I hope you find some local store/company then which might import those foreign figures for you!
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    Oh, Marvel comic heroes/villains and miniatures, what's here not to like? Lovin' it! I really like how you blended that juggernaut's colors.
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    This is a really cool project Thrym. I'm really digging all of these different golems being reinterpreted over to heroes and/or villains. Keep up the amazing work man!
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    A nice addition to the harem...I mean...army.
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    Wip picts now! Just kidding....maybe...lol.
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    I like! You have a very nice collection here, any idea how big of an army this will be, or is this an ongoing collection where the sky is the limit?
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    Marvelous! Great interpretation of a classic Magic critter. Wonderfully painted, too. Mad skills.
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    I'm sure they will. Patriotic pirate for the win. Digging the deep blue.
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    *dies* I love slivers. Well. The old ones with their cute pointy heads. Heee. Also, all the envy for being able to sculpt!
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    Very nice paint job. I like the blue fire/ice elemental.
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    I finished up on Captain Barnabus Frost last night, got a few touch-ups on him, got his base painted up with a second coat, and then sealed him with testor's. He can be found in my show-off thread now (link in my sig). I then started on 77120: Vaeloth the Hellborn Paladin for a member of my Pathfinder group who is playing a Tiefling Inquisitor. As you can see I used some walnut brown to line him out here. I decided that I really wasn't happy with him even having a shield as the actual PC just wields a 2-handed greatsword. I went to work removing the shield and modifying the bonesium to look like the back of his other arm using my hobby knife and some very careful cutting. I realized that I was really lucky that I didn't cut myself and that I really need to find a thimble for this kind of delicate work with a sharp knife. I slapped some Sun Yellow on his eyes, continued to use it as a base-coat on his face and hands, then used some walnut brown to line out his eyes. I then put a couple of coats of Fresh Blood mixed with Tanned Skin on top of his exposed skin. I think the reddish color really looks good. I didn't want him to be a RED red, but rather a more muted color that would look more natural (as if a Tiefling's skin color is natural). So I'm trying to decide what color scheme to go with on this guy for his armor, animal cloak, etc. I'm open to any ideas that anyone may have out there. C&C welcome and appreciated!
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    Wow, this ended up being insanely awesome! The base and everything... Great!
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    They look all good! Great job with the conversion and freehand!
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