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    A few weeks ago, I posted the sculpt of this guy. Now he has paint. The players managed to bypass the dungeon where he was lurking, so I guess he'll have to wait until I find another time to use a betentacled monocular stalagmite.
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    I've been working on the miniatures I received from the recent Red Box kickstarter. I really do love these minis and I think that I really leveled up in painting with these ones. I also started to experiment with water effects. The lighting isn't as good as I would like - so I'll need to work on my set up, but I just really wanted to share these. First up is the Bolverk the Bold miniature, I painted him up to look like the Barbarian Class from Diablo II and III Barbarian4 Like with all Tre's miniatures, the tiny details on this were absurd but also a joy to paint. Barbarian3 I had a lot of fun with the fur Barbarian2 And I adore the He-Man style belt he's rocking Barbarian1 Next up is this Elf Ranger type that I painted up in the vein of the Elf class from the Dungeons and Dragons Arcade Game Elf2 I had a devil of the time with the legs and it shows, but I think otherwise it came out really well Elf1 Elf3 Then there's this gnarly Orc or possibly Half Orc Wizard called Gregor the Crooked that I absolutely adore. This guy just radiates evil. OrcWizard Looking back I wish I had done more to differentiate staff and skin, but thems the breaks. Orcwizard2 I can only imagine what sort of foul magicks are locked away in the grimore of his. OrcWizard1 Last is this Viking Warrior Shield I had a lot of fun with this one, both painting and basing. Shield3 After taking this photo I realized there was an easy spot on the cloak to fix, so I did that - but only after I had put away all my photo stuff so forever will that shame be remembered in this photo Shield2 It's really great to bring these miniatures to life - they're just so full of character Shield1 Thanks for looking, I still have some more to paint and post (including a bunch of the wraith knights, and the orcs when they arrive in the post!)
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    One of a variety of things I've painted over the last several weeks, somewhat haphazardly between rehearsals and getting slammed at work. I like how he turned out, literally took me half of Disney's Mulan to paint. The grey background of the light tent washed a lot of the highlights out, so there's also a pic against a dark background. There are no fancy techniques of any kind involved in this guy, not even a wash. He's all drybrushed. The players took him down in two rounds, but it was a fun encounter.
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    Another fairly quick paint. Based on a CD with a lot of Pumice Paste. Not a lot to say...took less than three hours spread over several days. The players haven't faced this one, yet. Should be good when they do.
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    So a while ago in my Bones painting at work WIP, I was painting this guy: (no, he's not finished yet. I took him home when I went on vacation, and he's still sitting on the shelf, right over there, waiting for me to take him back in and finish him...I think he's starting to get annoyed about it too.) Anyway, I mentioned the BLA (Bovine Liberation Army) from a long ago D&D game I'd run. This brought up the song "Cows with Guns", which somehow I'd never heard. Well, ever since then I've had an idea brewing in my head, and with my most recent Reaper order arriving, I was able to start working on it. I waited a bit to post about it. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do the sculpting, as it is pretty much completely new to me. But it turns out that Bones are so easy and fun to hack apart and play with, I'm having a blast, and the sculpting doesn't seem "too bad". I did take pictures along the way, to document the process. So in the beginning, there was a minotaur fig. He look kind of like the one up above there, but without the colours. Then I started in with the exacto. The first thing I needed to see was if I could give him a pair of pants. I'm going for a modern (perhaps slightly futuristic) version of the BLA, so I want him wearing some camo pants. So I hacked all the armor off his left leg to avoid making it too bumpy or thick, and applied some Grey Stuff. This turned out ok I think, although I really wanted one of those rubber tipped shaper things all the Cool sculpters are using. Picked up one of those yesterday and did the rest of the pants today. The tail was getting in the way too much so it had to be removed for now. I'm trying to decide if he needs a tank top next, or if he's going bare chested. Thoughts? So as I had so Grey Stuff left over, I started playing around with basing ideas. Looking at the pose, I thought he'd look cool with his left foot up on something. As I keep my Bones in drawers very close to my desk, it didn't take long to find something appropriate for a revolutionary bovine to be trodding upon...The Man If you are wondering where the officer got that fine pistol from, it was from this "innocent" bystander: And finally. here's a shot of all the bits. Put those together and you get an idea where I'm going with this...
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    Well, good. I can handle lead, pewter, plastics, resin minis. But concrete minis? I fear they'd chip.
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    Okay, I need to post the Pictures of the fig: 14574: Yeti Shaman, Icstd (Jason Wiebe) as painted by Sliksham, that arrived today for the Summer Exchange. The top down shot is an attempt to show the great job that he did with the base as well as the awesome job on the fig itself. The colors are great, crisp. The hide even has shading to give the impression of dirt rubbed into the fur. I can only hope that my pictures do it justice and that my exchange is as happy with what I am painting. I plan to work on the shading, and highlights this coming Friday Night Paint Night, for the fig I am painting. With the intent of putting it in the mail on Saturday. And to Sliksham Thank you very much.
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    I got my Mini the other day and absolutly love it thank you Amalor Myrnnyx .
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    thought id share some shadowsea stuff i'd painted a long time ago here. these were the models that really got me to appreciate Olley's style; now im a fan.
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    The Bones Bathalion (77020) figure had a lot of detail on the edges of the cape. Since this is just tabletop I didn't spend a lot of time on that detailing. Fun figure to paint, I just blacklined the transition and painted the basecoat straight on with no primer. (And I did in fact finish this figure before Buglips had his Bones speedpaint epiphany...) These Cowboys are from the Black Scorpion Miniatures Tombstone 4 set. They have a lot of character. When I get them all painted and based properly I will post a group shot. And last but not least, A Ral Partha Orc shaman (All American Line, 12-011 Orcs), to go with my Bones Orc horde. I had lost whatever he was supposed to have on his hip long ago, so he got a horn from Reaper 2638: Adventuring Accessories.
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    The standard that I use for 'tabletop quality' is 'looks good at arm's length'. For a gobbo... I do not need to put in the pupils. The players are not likely to be picking up and admiring his paintjob, or the tattoo on his arm. For my evil airship pirate captain, pupils, buttons, and epaulettes... and a tattoo that reads 'I Was Young, Drunk, And In The Navy.'*.... The Auld Grump *Pure hyperbole - but I saw that tattoo once in real life, and it has been riding in my memory ever since.
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    We could just start the Bones 2 Kickstarter without them. We pledge money but Reaper doesn't get to know how much. Later when they start adding stretch goals, etc, we will slowly reveal how much money has been pledged.
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    And here we have Battlecat. First freehand on the stripes.
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    Recently my better half was inspired to dig out his Shackled City Adventure Path book, do some minor setting conversions and start up a Friday evening campaign. I decided to roll up a female paladin of Thor, which was fun because I haven't rolled up a new character in a while. It took me a few days to remember that I needed to paint a miniature for her. Whoops! Looking through the Reaper catalog didn't produce a large number of female humans wielding war hammers. Especially if wearing normal clothing was also a requirement. Eventually I concluded that it was time to face my fear of conversions and do a simple weapon switch. Because the Trista sculpt was both so perfect for a paladin and in the box full of minis already in my house, she was the chosen candidate. Halbarand conveniently had a war hammer to donate to the cause. I figured if I was going to do a Bones conversion, I should do a WIP for the whole project to balance out how much time I spend just reading the forums. I used OneBoot's sewing pin method of creating a hole to pin the war hammer on, because my quest to buy a pin vise at my FLGS ended up causing more problems that I haven't sorted out yet. Plus a heated safety pin was a very easy way to poke a hole in her small fist as well as the handle of the hammer. I used a random jewelry making piece of wire that I already had, it was the right thickness and easy to cut. The only problem ended up being that some soot from my hot pin made the glue not stick to her hand right away. After a few tries I did succeed and now I'm the proud owner of a female paladin with a big, bad war hammer. The shield isn't actually attached, I pried it off originally to make painting her easier. I'll glue it back later. Next I just need to paint her, which will be a learning experience for me. My attempt to paint Sir Forscale in Bones ended up obscuring a lot of detail, so I need to develop a lighter touch with the paint. Suggestions are welcome...
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    What's this? Shadowraven attempting to do a WIP? Why yes,that is exactly what it is. Let's see if I remember to take pictures as I go. So awhile ago, my favorite though saddly not so local game store had a box of old Partha minis on for half off. Of course I picked up a few. This guy was the first I decided to paint. Primed white, seemed like the way to start. I have however decided, in the future, I will use a spray primer on guys with as many nooks and crannies as this. Picture showed spots I missed, I think I got it all now, but if I find a missed spot as I go,I will not be surprised. and the first layer of what I am certain will be many. Sun yellow mixed 50/50 with pure white, and thinned with equal parts water to paint. It is odd, going from white down into colour rather than highlighting up to white. I am going to try and bring it up through to fire orange, but I am wanting to make him look extremely hot, and bright, which is different from the few other fire effects I have ever tried, which were more of an orange/red/black. For those in the know, is there anything I should do to make him seem to glow from within?
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    when I say finished I normally don't care about the base, when I stop feeling lazy I'll finish the base and break out the camera to get some high rez pic's in the lightbox. there's a Decent amount of shading on the bones that isn't coming through in this light btw.
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    not the only one. are you my mummy?
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    Ours was the Secret of Nimh. :)
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    Reaperbryanは本当にきちんとしただ 彼はブライアンの肉で作られています 我々はreaperbryanを食べている!
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    2lbs of dice makes 20 dice. You've only got 20 dice.
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    Talk about a consumer driven company project. We're just gonna raise a crap ton of cash, dump it on you and then see what we get!
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    On to the cloak. Or cape. Or whatever. I started with the front. Didn't want anything too dramatic on there. If the light is above it really shouldn't have a lot of light on it, right? Just used the new blood triad to highlight the folds a bit, and anywhere I thought might catch a little more light. At lost I mixed the colours to get a intermediate shade to make the transitions smoother. Then I got to the back. Had a lot more trouble with how light I wanted to bring things up. So I ended up going to probably the lightest I will go and blocking that in. I'm fairly happy with the placement of the highlights, I think I have them about right. Now I'll need to work my way back down to the recesses. I'm thinking tomorrow may be a wet(ish) blending kind of day... Still digging the Nightmare Black though.
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    For today's unknown mini, I'd like to do a comparison shot. This is the first mini I ever painted, back in about 1985 (ish). It's an Orc from a Lord of the Rings miniatures line (I think). It's okay to laugh, I was 9. And here he is circa yesterday:
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    I define tabletop as having all the same elements without the extreme precision or spent time as display. Although sometimes my tabletop turns out better.