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    Here's a pic of the stocking, courtesy of Reaper's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152049724823057&set=a.231594338056.132902.209356218056&type=1 Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I gave notice earlier in the week that I would be locking the thread. There is no way for a Mod to know that someone is actively posting while a thread is being moderated. I chose to split the thread for continued discussion. Several pages of posts, about five of them, which requires every single post to be individually selected for moving, quite labor intensive. you are welcome
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    Your plan seems unduly risky. I shall implement it at once.
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    I've played in home campaigns and in organized play campaigns (Living Greyhawk, Living Forgotten Realms, Pathfinder Society), but I'm usually the guy with an unpainted metal figure on the table. Even when I'm using a painted figure, it's a figure that I painted for some other purpose and is "close enough" to represent my character. In Living Greyhawk, I used a Warhammer elf to represent my main character throughout the character's 16-level career ... and then I sculpted a figure of her for Reaper. (That's this figure: link to Forum post.) Now I've decided to customize and paint miniatures specific to my characters in Pathfinder Society, so I've created this thread to show them off. First up: Thaalo. (Character build: fighter / sorcerer / dragon disciple, total level 7.) He's an Ulfen ("Scandinavian") human, but his parents raised him in the desert land of Osirion ("Egypt"), so his skin is tanned and freckled. He generally fights unarmed but carries a bow (for ranged attacks) and a longsword (for dealing slashing damage). The base figure is 60005 Arael, half-elf cleric (link), a nice lightly-armored figure with the lanky build, stern face, and long hair that I had in mind for Thaalo. I removed the sword from the figure's hand and sculpted a cestus (spiked boxing-glove) over the stump. I cut away most of the existing scabbard (at the left hip) and turned it into a pouch, but later decided to add a sheathed sword... on his right hip. The sword, bow, and quiver are from Reaper weapon packs; I put some putty over the blade of the sword to make a scabbard, and then glued the weapons into place. Other conversions: remove the pointy ears and patch the hair, add "Nordic" braids, make his eyes a little less deeply set, and add putty over the boots -- basically just sculpt them thicker. (The boots got compressed during the moldmaking and casting processes, and looked a little fragile. Now the figure should be more durable.) Conversions took about 6 hours in total. The priming and painting also took about 6 hours -- with a disproportionate amount on the face and hair. But I like the facial expression that I achieved, and I painted scales on his neck/jawline and left hand, since dragon disciples develop tough scaly skin. Thanks for looking, Derek
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    I sculpted this Pathfinder master spy in 2011, but just now got around to painting her. I used the "official" colors as presented in the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide. Reaper already owns a version of her, painted to an excellent standard by Martin Jones (also in the official colors), but I like to paint the figures that I've sculpted. I did most of the painting at the Reaper artist gathering in October -- the new Reaper High-Density color Witchcraft Purple (#29841) proved to be ideal for these rosy purples -- but the figure sat unfinished until I painted the base last weekend. I sculpted the base from putty. It is supposed to be a stone-paved hall in the manor house where she has infiltrated the masquerade ball. The steps turned out a little crooked and shallower than real steps should be, but ... maybe the manor is suffering from an incursion of Chaos and the floors are warping. Yeah, that's it. I would advise her to watch her step, but I'm sure she has a good Dexterity and several ranks in Acrobatics. (Edit: In case you missed Jabberwocky's award-winning rendition of this figure earlier this year, check it out: link to Forum post.) Enjoy, Derek
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    One of the awesome benefits I have in marrying the man I did is that his father is a dentist. Since we visit roughly every 6 months, I'm actually getting my teeth cleaned and checked the recommended amount! :D I'm not nearly as wise as you, buglips, since I only had a single wisdom tooth form (I'm also missing 4 regular molars; the adult ones never grew in, so I got to have all 4 baby teeth removed by a dentist who was learning on me, yay...). Bad news is that mine will also have to come out. The day after Christmas. Everyone assures me that since it's on the top, it'll come out easy and I'll heal up quick, but we'll see. I'm still gonna milk it for all the sympathy and free ice cream I can get, regardless. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    For those like me who need a handy photo reference for planning purposes, here's a picture of each mini: Dec 6: 01526 Madame Gorgonzola, 2013 Convention Mousling by Gene Van Horne Dec 7: 01523 Reaper Con 2013 Ringmaster Sophie by Derek Schubert Dec 8: 03543 Santa Mousling by Gene Van Horne Dec 9: 01504 Reaper Con 2007 Sci-Fi Sophie by Werner Klocke Dec 10: 01402 Magnus, Wizard of Hope by Werner Klocke Original link Dec 11: 01503 Reaper Con 2006 Bourbon Street Sophie by Bob Ridolfi Dec 12: 03296 Snow Goons by Jason Wiebe Original link Dec 13: 01513 Reaper Con 2010 Biker Sophie by Gene Van Horne Dec 14: 01512 Chainsaw Mousling and Zombies by Gene Van Horne Dec 15: 01502 Reaper Con 2005 Cowgirl Sophie by Bob Ridolfi Dec 16: 01405 Christmas 2001 Sophie by Werner Klocke Dec 17: 01501 Reaper Con 2004 Sophie by Gael Goumon
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    I made it back to Isabeau tonight. The surcoat is pretty much done. (Well...nothing is really done, just painted to the point where it has to be done in order to get something else done.) I started with creamy ivory with a touch of midnight blue, then added more midnight blue for the shading. Highlights are creamy ivory with linen white followed by just linen white. Once the paint sits overnight, I might add another highlight of pure white. I also laid the groundwork for the NMM on the greaves and sword. I'm feeling adventurous. The steel/silver has a basecoat of cloudy gray, while the gold bits have a basecoat of oiled leather. Jasonator's comment inspired me to choose midnight blue as the base color for her undertunic. It looks like it fits well into the overall color scheme. I'll need to remember to add it to the steel to help pull the various parts of the figure together colorwise.
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    Okay, Two things, First thing; This is the process I use for SUPER rusty armor/weapons, I picked it up from a video I'm still trying to track down again... (d=drop) Step one; Dark Redish Brown ( 2d Muddy Brown + 2d Gory Red + 1d Pure Black basecoat; Step two; "Speckle" Dark red (Splattered Crimson), dry-brush consistency of paint on brush; Oops. No picture of this step. Might have deleted it because it was too blurry. Step three; "Speckle" Orange (Lava Orange), extra-dry-brush consistency Step four; Drybrush/Speckle Silver (Honed Steel), extra-dry-brush consistency And the final product rust wise (figures not done); (the guy on the right is my personal favorite of how the silver turned out. the key as with most painting seems to be a very light touch - a little goes a long way.)
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    You continue to be an inspiration both as a sculptor and painter. I think I'm going to start mushing green stuff into any eyes I don't like. I mean on minis. Not people, because that would be wrong.
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    The pile of minis is haunting me, despite being somewhat organized. I have a habit of starting multiple figures at once, and then hoping they are seen through to the end. Thus this thread. Larger projects will be in separate threads, but my day-to-day...who am I kidding...week-to-week work will be here. To start: Isabeau Laroche in Bones. I love this sculpt, and the Bones version retains much of the sharpness of the metal version. I worked on her for a couple hours last night, cleaning up some mold lines, putting down a layer of brown liner to pull out the detail, and starting in on her face. Here is the progress so far: I decided to not use my normal caucasian skin tone bias, instead going for a palette based on Gina Torres' and Halle Berry's lovely skin. Google and Reaper's Power Palette are awesome. Since the brown liner tinted everything a little grey-brown, I first covered her face with linen white to provide a good foundation for the skin, then lay down a midtone of blond shadow. The palette I ended up with is: Base: Blond Shadow Shade: Oiled Leather and Chestnut Brown Highlight: Tanned Skin and Fair Skin I really need to get my good camera out, but hey, these are WIP pics.
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    And as I was painting my Secret Sophie this weekend, I decided to try some translucent one. Here it is. The Dark Green on it is presented to you by Clear Green from Tamyia (really easy wash to do it, REALLY hard to take it off from the brush). As always, critiques are most welcome.
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    So I finally decided to tackle Cthulhu last month, but I wanted to do something other than traditional green scheme. So where he is. *Disclaimer* I am in no way a professional painter, nor photographer. Judge quality accordingly :) Also, I still have some touch up to do, particularly with the base. But he's pretty much done.
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    This fella's been WIP for far too long, so I got him finished up tonight. Basically, I decided I wanted several different colours on him but I didn't want it to look like an explosion at a clown college. So, I went with four colours, with each colour repeated on three panels (when in doubt with a colour scheme, I use the Rule of Three). I think it worked quite well, and with the servo droid I finished tonight as well it puts me over half way to completing the renegade robot gang - only another servo droid, a robodog and the combat droid to go!
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    The recent (and long awaited) arrival of my Judge Dredd rulebook has got me on another Mega-City One painting kick! Finished up a couple of renegade robots today, here's the servo droid. I couldn't resist adding some gore to the chainsaw after reading a nice and simple tutorial recently. I decided not to go for a full-on splatterfest, though, it would have been quite easy to go overboard. I really like this model for reasons I'm not entirely sure about. I think it's the strange combination of the droid's non-threatening design and the huge chainsaw it has for a hand.
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    Samurai Pizza Cats, anyone? My wife made me find it for her.... It hurts.
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    I don't have any molds, but I did find this tutorial on how to do them effectively. I'll see how it works out and let everyone know.
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    It's 40 below here, right now. If these claims to "almost never having problems with year-round paint shipping" are true, I have a feeling that I'd be among the 1% of customers that DO have a problem when ordering paint in the winter. It's cool, though (pun totally intended.) I found 65 dollars worth of Duergar and Dark Dwarves and other minis to make my total. I'll just have to wait 'til May before I can order paint. Fun thing about 40 below, I don't have to translate from celsius to fahrenheit for you guys, because 40 below is the same for everyone! ...Actually that's about the only fun thing about 40 below.
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    I do believe that is how it works Willen. Are you going in for the $65+ to get the stocking and get yourself free international shipping? I... might do that. Depending on how long it takes to ship, there is a friend coming from Canada on the 21st, and this is a promotion of the 9th, so it could work. I need to convince the Mrs... will work on my charming cute puppy eyes tonight ;)
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    So recently my wife has been on a Christmas craft kick. Wreaths, yule logs, all sorts of stuff. But especially snowmen. She found something online about making them out of socks are rice. It started with one. Then it went to this (those guys are around 8 inches tall...it's a big window...): And last night, this was waiting when I got home. Two questions spring to mind. 1) Should I be worried about the impending snowmanpocolypse? 2) Is there a Warlord faction for snowmen? I might finally be able to get her to play... On to the Gnomes. Today I focused on touching up the base coat, washing all the browns and greens wit soft tone ink, and highlighting her hair. These Gnomes take a fair bit of time, for being so tiny. Still, good progress today. I'll hopefully get some work done on Wyrmgear and his base over the weekend.
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    Nice to see Nyan Nyan and the Ogre proving quite popular. Finished my Tomb:- I'm happy with how the outside turned out, used a new colour combination for grey stone (Walnut Brown/Alien Flesh, Alien Flesh, Maggot White) which I think worked quite well. Inside could've used a bit more care and attention but I wasn't in the mood. Still don't feel up to doing any detail work, so I tackled a bit more Kaladrax:- I've finished 75% of one side (the other 25% is for holding), hopefully tomorrow I can get 75% of the other side done and then finish her body totally on Sunday. Her head, hips and remaining two legs have had their first coat of Oiled Leather, getting their basecoat solid and giving them a nice brown wash is another job I hope to finish over the weekend. I'm getting close to the point where I will have to decide just how much tail I'm going to use.
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    Bobby Jackson is sculpting Troll Slayer Sophie. His first IIRC.
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    The Paintin' o' th' Bones continues, this time with a disgruntled and overladen hireling bearer. It's #77141: Townsfolk: Oswald the Overladen by Bobby Jackson. I have another one of these guys which I will paint in a slightly different colour scheme, and with another forehead-number, just to differentiate them. I'd like to be able to build a whole caravan of these exploited and heavily weighed down peons, ideally each one an individual, but for the moment this is the only one of his type that Reaper produces in their nice, cheap, plastic.
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    Next up in the Great Paintgasm of '13 is this cute little guy: Bones # 77038: Hell Hound. I think all that kerfuffle along its back is supposed to be flames, but I decided to paint them as bone spines, because that's just how I roll, folks. I live life on the EDGE!. Also, I'm not entirely sure what the rows of studs at hips and shoulders are supposed to be... demonic shoulder-nipples, maybe? Anyway, I painted them as metal bolt heads or something. The green colour scheme is less hell-houndy and more jungle-camoflagey, I think. It was a quickie paint-job, and it does show a bit.
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    If this scammer were dragged out into the street and publicly beaten, other scammers might heed the warning and back off. I hate to say it, but I think society lost something with the lack of public punishment/humiliation for crimes. Just an opinion.