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    I have an excuse as to why my mini painting has been a little slow, I'd been working on a new comic project that came out this past Thursday: Dynamite Comics' 'Legends of Red Sonja' issue #2. (My name is even on the cover! Eeee!) I drew a story written by fantasy author Tamora Pierce, it was so much damn fun! I've been published before but this is by-far my highest profile gig to date, plus I adore the character of Red Sonja and it was such a treat to be able to draw her so early in my comic artist career. I still have goosebumps!
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    I did my best with her, but found her a bit confusing to paint. The Raek was my second attempt at a model I painted and posted earlier this year. Hopefully I am showing some improvement.
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    Swamp Troll: Between Orcs, Goblins, Undead and this guy, I'm getting really comfortable working with green skin :) Washes applied to base only, no drybrushing. The skin tones were built up from shadow to highlight using thinned paints. Skin: Swamp Green > VJ Yellow Olive > Blond Highlight Cloth: Walnut Brown > VJ Leather Brown > Blond Highlight Eyes: Sun Yellow Hair/nails: Pure Black > Stormy Grey > Cloudy Grey
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    Did your parents ever do the "Christmas and b'day gifts combined" thing? I have another friend who's birthday is in that range, and they totally did to her. Oh nonononono! My baby brother has a birthday close to Christmas, and when we were little he always got cheesy "combined" gifts, poor kid. I felt so sorry for him! When one of our children was born less than a week from Christmas, we vowed to always make birthday celebrations solidly differentiated from Christmas ones. That one receives a full complement of birthday presents wrapped in proper birthday paper (and a cake and a proper party with friends, even if it is a few weeks away from the real date), as well as just as many Christmas presents as the other kids, who do see the fairness of it.
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    Why-fore are you describing my wife? On topic, I've got things together for my recipients (yes plural, I am an over-achiever) and am getting ready to pack them up. However I'm not an over-achiever enough to paint them up as I've been working nights and weekends the last week and a half (and I started college again) so my brain is going *whirrrrr, clang, sputter foom* But there should be much coolness to be had. You know, if you're one of my recipients. But you won't know, will you?.
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    Mr Chimpy McChimperson is all done! I couldn't resist including a little cross-comic reference: Overall I'm pretty happy with this little ape, though I kind of forgot what I was doing and fluffed the jeans, and I think maybe the belly sticking out should have been covered in black hair. Not sure if the bloody bat is too much; I may be overdoing it with the gore lately because I have a recipe that I'm really happy with. Also, I need a better name for him than Chimpy McChimperson. Maybe... the Bear Chimp?
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    My coffee is made with Irish Cream, thank you. Also, found out we should all get a bonus this year (despite having to lay people off...?); apparently the minimum bonus is $250. Why, hello, Reaper. What lovely figs you have.... ;)
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    I think you should just go with 'special' >.>
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    The correct answer would have been, "Eat this, and die. It's not for you." To the point, and indelibly etched into memory. ;)
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    Hey Everyone! I know I have not posted pics in forever and I have missed being here. I have been super busy (which is a great thing). Figured I would drop by and say hello. Hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays so far. Here are 2 of the most recent pieces that I have completed. Hope you enjoy them! Also in other news: Metalhead Minis has a new website: www.metalheadminis.com and a Facebook page! facebook.com/lynstahlartist =)
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    Here's mine... 2013 Core Set x1 Narthrax Dragon x1 Unleash the Kraken! x1 Gelatinous Cube x1 Greater Demons x1 Water Elementals x1 Hill Giants x1 Demon Lords x1 Dungeon Decor x1 Blightfang Dragon x1 Cinder Dragon x1 Expansion Set 1 x1 Troll Slayer Sophie x2 Master Series Paint Set 2 x1 Dragons Don't Share x1 Expansion Set 2 x1 Thank You Set x1 Cadirith x1 I have alot of catching up to do with everyone else, since I'm new to the hobby, so I ended up with quite a bit.
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    Meet Nistilar Minore, Dirivita's least favorite wandering mage. Let's just say his moral compass doesn't always point north. Power is all he's interested in and he'll do what he has to to get more. Alternately welcomed and banned in Avengaard he has placed the city in danger almost as many times as he has aided in it's defense. A powerful ally, but keep your eye on him. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.
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    Here are some pictures of a minotaur I made for one of my Blood Bowl teams. He's pretty big for the game, but reposing the plastic minotaur was a whole lot of fun. The colors match the other minis on the team. Here he is:
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    This was in the swag bag from ReaperCon 2012...
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    I didn't go as crazy this time unlike my order for KS1, my roomie and my DM got some stuff thrown in with my order too: 2013 Core set x1 Unleash the Kraken x 1 Mouslings x 1 Oh, Rats! x 1 Gelatinous Cube x 1 Dungeon Decor x 3 Troll Slayer Sophie x 1 Narthrax Dragon x 1 Dragon's Don't Share x 1 Expansion Set 2 x 1 and the extra stuff my friends tacked on: Troll Slayer Sophie x 1 Lords of Darkness x 1 Gelatinous Cube x 2 Unleash the Kraken x 1 Hill Giants x 2 Dragon's Don't Share x 1 Thank You Set x 1 Barbarians x1 Narthrax Dragon x 1
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    Originally, i was set with: 1 x Core set 1 x Lords of Darkness Now, i added: 1 x Dragons Don't Share (awesome set ) 1x Dungeon Décors 2 Thankfully, i succeeded my Will save and did not add the Expansion Set 2! I would've like to add it but, 2 other kickstarters recently set my gaming budget back for awhile!
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    See, my second order was almost entirely Christmas gifts. Simplifies everything.
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    There is a stereotype of a Navy Chief that has them, cup of coffee welded to hand, going about their daily business. I do not live up to that stereotype. I rarely drink coffee. I'm more of a soda/iced/hot tea/hot chocolate kind of guy. I tend to save coffee for emergencies (or dessert) and I take it blonde and sweet. Awesome wife however, isn't responsible for anything she says before her first cup in the morning. Thus, while I don't regularly drink coffee, I make one heck-of-a cup.
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    Yay, we're outliers! I'm actually kind of glad that the pledge manager didn't go live right after the KS ended, otherwise our bank account would have been in some serious trouble. At one point, I was up to $300 on the pledge calculator, and had included things I wanted but didn't passionately want, such as Verocithrax and Blightfang and Caedrith, since the enthusiasm for them here was highly contagious!! Now that I've had time to calm down and think semi-rationally again, I locked our pledge in for: 2013 Core Set x1 Narthrax Dragon x1 Heroes and Villains x1 Gelatinous Cube x1 Water Elementals x1 Mister Bones x1 Master Series Paint Set 2 x1 Mashaaf, Great Old One x1 Troll Slayer Sophie x1 Khanjira, the World Breaker x1 Dragons Don't Share x1 for a total of $235, which is $35 more than our original pledge. I just couldn't say no to Mashaaf and Heroes and Villains, and I died inside a little when Husband asked me to give up the Gelatinous Cube during the KS, so I snuck it back on here. It's a birthday present to myself next year, okay? I then filled in the corners with an extra Mr. Bones and Sophie so that it would come out to a nice number. I can't justify the $50 for CE2, even though I like most of the minis in it. The only ones I'm bummed about not getting are the translucent purples, and those can wait until retail. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Yep, exactly what Dave said. Guys remember things like that better, short and sweet and full of threats...
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    We had the 10 second conversation about it when I purchased it! He was with me. "Who's this for?" "This is for my secret Sophie." "Oh, okay." I managed to get some more today so no punishment is required. I even finished my painted miniature that my person is getting. I want to show it off so bad!!! Grrrrrrrrrr.
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    The Marvel Golems are Complete! With the addition of Thanos finally being completed, the SIX Marvel Team Up Golems are now finished. I present to you: Marvel Golems - Heroes The Thing | The Hulk | Colossus Marvel Golems - Villains The Juggernaut | Thanos | Doctor Doom Thanos will be sent off to Show Off later tonight when I have the photo studio back out. Will Hulkbuster Iron Man Earth Elemental be enough to tip the scales against some of Marvel's most powerful villains? Hmmm. Maybe I can make a Reaper Bones based Marvel Army. Interesting.
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    Kaladrax is stalking! Don't really like how the back leg on the other side is just dangling in mid-air, I get why it's like that but it doesn't stop it looking weird. I'll learn to live with it though. Some more half-finished guys have made their way from the box of shame to my painting table:- From left to right: Barbarian Girl, Steampunk Knight, Viking Gnome, Steampunk Dorothy and Biomancer. My current goal is to finish these guys, plus the ones already on the table and Kaladrax before I start anything new. I doubt I'll be able to resist temptation for very long, but I'll try. Since he was the furthest along, I tackled the Viking Gnome today:- Being so small, he's hard to photograph. Was expecting to struggle because of his size, but he's turned out okay. Only problem I had was his mouth, got Walnut Brown all over his lips and I just couldn't get them to match the rest of his face again. When I finish his base I'll try and get some better piccys. Not sure who to finish next, either the Devil Knight or the Orge.
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    That's the reason why I pulled the trigger. If I had waited any longer I would probably be adding options right now...