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    Isabeau Laroche is one of my favorite Klocke figures. I used the bones version as practice for the metal figure, as well as my first venture into NMM-land. The steel came out ok, the gold not so good. All together, though, she came out as I pictured in my mind. Comments and critiques are very welcome. I'm looking to improve.
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    Just finished painting Ingrid the Gnome today. Tiny is not the word for this miniature. Reaper Bones with lots of fine detailing.
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    First up is Josh: Painting the hoodie I couldn't resist a nod to Belichick. The casting of the left eye pitted, so I just did the best I could there. Next up, Phil: And finally, Ned: The area around the left hand/top of the gun/scope is all bumpy and miscast, so I did the best I could to detail it with paint. My first try at camo, more freehand wood grain. These guys were all a lot of fun to paint despite the mediocre casting. I tried a bit of freehand on each of them and was trying to work on painting faster and more accurate (to spend less time fixing/cleaning). I didn't really keep track of time like I intended, but I'd say maybe 7 hours for the three of them. Hope you enjoy them! WIP here
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    thx Anne I've done the whole soviet army with the redtrimmed bases..just to give it a bit more of Themed look i'm pretty happy with how they look and my ulterior motive was it makes it very easy to collect my figures off the board when we're done playing, were as the guys that do seamless flocking around the edges sometimes seem to really blend into the tabletop terrain :) I spent some more time doing the highlighting and detailing on the Phantom I ended up adding some marigold yellow(orangie yellow color) to the fresh blood to do the last slight highigts on the cloak..they're hard to see but I think they work without changing the tone of the cloak to orange to much. for the leather trim i used lonestar leather over the russet brown and just added some linen white to the lonestar for the highest color on the mask strap and glove. used some gw auric armour gold on the handle and cloak buttons then used armor wash to shade them and some newgold and pearl white to highlight. The sword I used runefang steel some washes to shade and tried to use polished silver to highlight but I'm really struggling with the brighter colored reaper metalics..they seem more flat then metalics..I love all the other paints but something about the metalics aren't working well for me. reguardless the sword needs some more blending between the shading and the brighter silver..its abit to abrupt . for the black boots and shirt and cloak collar I just used noir black and blended in some stone grey progressively till just a touch of line white and stone grey for the tips. for the hair I mixed some lone star leather and marigold for the mid tone and then some linen white to it to highlight the hair..seems pretty good as a sandy brown coloring so here it is pretty much done except some tweaking of the sword.
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    Ok, I think I can call the Gnome and Automaton painting done (until I mess something up mounting them....). Scrapbot got some touchups around the eye and some shading on his sack. Engineer got highlighting and metallic goggles (sorry Willen). And the weapon master got her highlighting too. And just to really show the scale of these little guys, here is a group shot, with Sir Forscale. Up next, bringing in some wood before it gets dark, then mounting some figures and planning where the rest go and what bits might still be needed.
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    I have a puzzle fanatic friend that I have been holding onto a puzzle for him for a few years. Remember when they had the joke puzzles with two pieces that didn't go with the puzzle and you were short two pieces? When you finished, you had to contact the manufacturer for the missing pieces? It has been more than five years since I bought it, so he got that for Christmas this year. 1,000 piece puzzle and he called me last night ranting at me. See, when those came out, everyone got him one as a joke, so he thought he knew all the puzzles that had that "feature". For me, it was a little surprise as the wife knew I had ordered from Reaper. She intercepted the packages and gave them to her family to wrap up for me. It was a nice surprise to unwrap them! Thankfully, I did not get anything that could have offended anyone, although the chainsaw Mouslings came pretty close.
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    I'm watching, Wazowski, always watching.
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    Here are three figures I painted to finish out the year with just 24 left to go. I plan to take photos this Thursday of all the figures from the Vampire Box that I have painted with the unpainted ones mixed in to show how far along I have come. buckyball 24 LTG
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    Kids are great, really they are (I've even got three myself) but if you don't feel like it's time for you don't succumb to outside pressure to have them. Enjoy your married time without children because it's a whole 'nother ballgame once they arrive. Hopefully your mother can get grammy time with your cousins little one. Also, speaking purely from my experience dealing with young sailors, having a kid is not necessarily a reason to get married. If a relationship isn't that great to begin with, children won't necessarily make it better. As always there are exceptions to everything but that has been my experience. I hope everything works out with your Brosin One.
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    Ok! Goldar the Cranky is done! He's making his list, checking it twice, etc etc... I expect if you're naughty, you'll meet his axe. My particular version is Bones, so his face was a bit of a challenge. He seemed to be missing his nose. No worries. I expect it was frostbite. As soon as this Yule season of Reaping is over, he's planning a nice vacation to sunny Barbados. He tells me Christmas is his least favorite holiday. Something about lack of heated seats on his sleigh and some very independent reindeer.
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    Mmm... the only problem with days off, especially rare ones, is that if you catch up on your sleep you feel like you've wasted it, and if you don't than you're too tired to do anything, anyway! Many thanks to those willing to exchange letters, your offers have been noted and I'll send out a PM with more information as I get a little closer to deployment time. SWMBO discovered "The Big Fat Quiz Show," a (very) British comedy on the year (or decades) in review. I... may have actually hurt myself in laughing. 2013's quiz was pretty funny, but the Big Fat Quiz on the 90s was hysterical.
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    I am greatful that my group seldom plays games underground. I can't afford this right now, no matter how much I want to.
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    Well the first of my orders arrived this morning. The Good: - I ordered a couple of Learn to Paint Kits and asked them to put synthetic brushes in which they did so I was very happy with that. - My Bones stocking was in the box - no bones models I didn't have already but that's fine as I was more or less expecting that since I was a Bones 1 backer. The Bad: - My Biker Sophie is missing from the box! Everything else is there and she's on the invoice so she appears to have been the victim of a packing error - I've already emailed Reaper about it. - No extras like Christmas Wreath for me - but again it was a hope rather than an expectation so no biggie, and I can hope my second package has a surprise. The Ugly: - My sad face upon realising Sophie was missing. Hopefully the replacement will be sent soon and I can attempt to improve my visage for the benefit of my family.
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    Hah!!! Hilarious! Should have painted up some pooling blood.... hmmn... maybe if I have time later... In the meantime, I'm calling him finished! Here are the last few WIP shots: I decided to go with gold bracers, mainly because I'm still trying to figure out how to paint gold and need the practice. I figure his axe can be his silver bell! I sculpted some rocks and a little present. Here he is done: I'm still working on NMM. I'm always afraid to push the contrast and add those last really bright highlights. I did end up using the Christmas wreath green on his waist-cape. I posted him over in the Santa Barbarian Contest, but I figure I can also just put him in showoff. I'll try to load that link later.
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    Last Knight, You're just camping here waiting to pull the "like" trigger aren't you? That was what, one minute flat?
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    Holy Carp! Those look Fantastic! Seriously. Wow! I've got the Zombicide series of games and I know these minis. They are small with realistic proportions making them seem even tinier. I can't believe you were able to paint them up to this level.
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    Just found out my cousin, who I closely consider my 'brother' is having a baby. @[email protected] We only just met the girl a few months ago, equally decided that we hated her...okay not hate, just disliked. Heard he was in the process of dumping her and lo and behold, there's a baby soon to be had. Fortunately my mother raised him right so he's marrying her and taking responsibility but now I don't have anyone to live through vicariously. ALSO this now makes me the last adult in the family without any kids and I'm the middle child. @[email protected] And if he doesn't have a baby girl then I imagine the 'MAKE ME GRAND BABIES" from my mother is going to increase substantially. DANG IT!!! YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE BRO!!!!! /sobs
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    Col. Kane has a few openings in his play by post game down at the bottom of the forums. Just sayin'.
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    Today I basecoated everything. I'd really rather be making more stuff for in the background; I still want to add a lantern, a river with a platform and a barge delivering the wings, the list goes on. But at least this way maybe I will have a version 1.0 by Tuesday. Heck, I could probably stick these in there like this, forego any points for painting, and make the background more awesome. Very tempting... Wyrmgear also got a black wash. And he's already adopted an appropriately crazy look: I hate how photographs always bring out all the mistakes that I didn't even see before...
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    And now we play the game where SigmaOne is too impatient to wait for the previous layer to dry before applying the next layer. It looks almost like a base. At this point, I'm going to call it a success with room for improvement. I'll let it dry and do a little more drybrushing; then seal it with diluted white glue and give it a few coats of dullcoat. Edit: In this pic you can see the line where the plastic below his feet meets the base; if I get ambitious, I may try to fix that.
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    I got my first introduction to D&D in highschool, where I got to play AD&D 2e, but had a few boxed sets before then even though I didn't know what they were just cause they looked cool and I enjoyed reading about the places and looking at the maps. Since then I have been the DM for my brother, friends, and pretty much anyone around me who says "Hey we should play D&D". I would KILL to actually roll a character and play any kind of table top RPG. It's fun being the DM and creating everything but I miss not knowing and seeing where someone elses adventure takes me.
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    Here's the cave troll with walnut brown over the rocks and sand; looks like I didn't make too much of a mess of the flock in the process. The paint is not quite dry, so it's a little shiny. I also touched up his feet where the ballast peeled the paint off. He is accompanied by some unfinished rats that I started last week. Right now I feel like I'm just painting in the gaps between travel and other obligations.
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    The present came out lovely! I really need to try some green stuff, it looks like tons of fun
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    and his PbP has me. So really, what more could you ask for?
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    Fantastic! I love the look of the camo. And the logo- go Brady! Really lovely work. Nice and clean, which helps to accentuate the sculpt details. Great work with tough casts!
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    These do look amazing. I think what jumps out at me the most is that the pants and shirt especially on the first two look so incredibly realistic. Very nice work. When you say freehand wood grain, do you mean that you freehanded those lines on the baseball bat there?
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    oh well, santa and helper mousling are fun to paint up. Still, they just aren't gypsies (or Romani if you prefer)
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    Thanks to all of y'all. I've put together a tremendous (tentative) list that I can work from. Thanks for spending the time. I appreciate it. I'll post my purchases tomorrow.
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    Does Hobby Lobby only sell single bottles of Vallejo or do they also sell sets? Do they sell the various acrylic lines of Vallejo (model color, model air, game color)? I was wondering the same so I gave them a call. I didn't realize they are closed on Sunday. I'm gonna call around and check tomorrow.They're the Chick-Fil-A of hobby stores. HA!
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    Does Hobby Lobby only sell single bottles of Vallejo or do they also sell sets? Do they sell the various acrylic lines of Vallejo (model color, model air, game color)? I was wondering the same so I gave them a call. I didn't realize they are closed on Sunday. I'm gonna call around and check tomorrow.They're the Chick-Fil-A of hobby stores.
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    Does Hobby Lobby only sell single bottles of Vallejo or do they also sell sets? Do they sell the various acrylic lines of Vallejo (model color, model air, game color)?
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    Tabascojunkie, Rastl, Spike, and Frosh in the same post. Did I miss the beginning of the apocalypse? If Jester shows up, I'm heading to my bunker.
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    I so wish this was a cheesy sega-graphics side scrolling butt-kicking game. I would play the holy carp outta that game.
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    So I was a little bored, for those who bought into Impacts Chibi line (and some SDE and more), here are Heroquest Monster cards that should work nicely. They are 2.75 x 3.75, if you want, I can upload 300 dpi versions of the cards to another hosting service, but this works well enough for most people. http://imgur.com/a/lWWr3#0 I dunno if I'l do any more of them, I also have the templates if anyone wants them.
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    Very pretty! I love that base on it =D
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    Got some more painting done today on the female Guard. She is Azure Bonds? from the old Forgotten Realms collection. Not sure who made it. Threw out the package. I still on the fence of what color to paint the belt. I feel if I use silver it will be to much on the mini. A dark brown should break it up some and I planned on painting the boots that color as well.
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    Yeah I just went back to school and am not looking forward to paying for books. My first class did not require books (Living in the Information Age) but the other 12 will. At least I don;t have to pay tuition. Depending on what classes you take and what books are required I may have some matches for you. Let me know if you want me to take a look.
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    Nice work on the colors and the base...
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    These little guys look suitably villainous. Good job!
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    For full disclosure, i also use paints from various manufactures: started with craft paint pots left over from the old piant by numbers picture kits, moved to Liquitex artists paints which i am stll using 25 years later (their newer Basics line does not seem as good as the old line for minis), some testors i never use, a couple Tamiya clears (red and smoke as recommended by everyone on CMON for fresh blood), old Citadel (same style bottles P3 uses now), 2nd wave Citadel/GW with the screw caps(the caps sucked, so these all dried out and have been pitched), VGC, VMC, Vallejo Air and misc, RMS, P3, ArmyPainter, and a few off brands. Most of my VMS are darker shades to supplement my existing brighter Liquitex paints. Since you are looking at a good deal on VMS these are wht i use the most: Reds: Burnt Cadmium Red (seperates the fastest of them on me) Black Red Greens: Cam. Olive Green German Dark Green Browns(used for skin mostly): Basic Skin Tone Sunny Skin Tone Medium Skin Tone Brown Sand (most used) Greys: Ghost Grey(bluish shade) Wolf Grey (bluish shade) Sky Grey Silver Grey Ivory Black (have not used this yet, i got it because my Liquitex back finally went empty) I have also started using Vallejo Glaze Medium to thin all my paints after seeing the great results TrystanGS gets with it. I highly recommend the Vallejo Air Metallics. I also bought Vallejo metalic medium which comes without tint for an upcoming project, but have not used it yet. I still have several bottles of thick GW mithril Silver that will probably last a lifetime when thinned to the proper consistency. For yellows i have not been happy with anything other than little pots of offbrand stuff i found that work great. In general I find dropper bottles to be much more convenient for my sporadic painting efforts as i can get repeatable blends (at least until the tip dries out and plugs ;-( ). I find i waste too much paint using pots of paint and am moving my old paints into dropper bottles. Oh, and if you do not have it, get a bottle of P3 Coal Black as it is an excellent highlight color to bring black areas to life. -Mike
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    701 i think i completed 3 this year. Great looking mini.
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    The most important thing one brings to Gamotopia is the willingness to play games till you're on the brink of starvation, exhaustion, dehydration and insanity.
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    Okay, I finally got to confirm my pledge. I added the Thank You pack and paid the extra 20$, I have a confirmation of such but the email I got from Reaper did not have the thank you listed... did I or did I not get it?
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