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    If you're here and you're reading this, then that means I've successfully moved the forum to its new home. There will be a little bit of a transition time as I gauge the capability of this new box. I may be upgrading it in the near future if we overwhelm it (which means another minor bit of downtime, but it'll be no big deal). So, welcome. Kick tires, all that.
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    I am both amused and terrified by what I just saw.
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    I was envisioning more just a really big one of these: I can attest to the danger of their claws and teeth. They can spin pretty fast too.
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    Ouch Damenace. It seems those import charge levels haven't increased as fast as the prices of things has. --- So I went out and got Skyrim last night, and it's all your fault One Boot.
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    Ting (formerly known as Titi... ): Another scorpion tail beastie...
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    Yay! We have now returned to our normally scheduled program... Already in progress.
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    Single Dragon 1st Place -- Odinsgrandson Participations prizes: Darius Greenwell Janciolds SamuraiJack Von Krieger Thanks to everyone that participated. I hope this was a fun and reward contest for all of you. There will be a new contest starting tonight that will run though most of Feburary and I'll link it in this thread once it's started.
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    Here are the winners! Diorama 1st place -- Vulture for "Cat and Mouse" http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/49646-here-be-dragons-2013-diorama-entry-thread/?p=817438 2nd Place -- Jonishi for "Wyrmgear and the Gnomes" http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/49646-here-be-dragons-2013-diorama-entry-thread/?p=817312 3rd Place -- Willen http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/49646-here-be-dragons-2013-diorama-entry-thread/?p=817035 Participation Prize -- Carnacki the Ghost Finder
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    If only that were true, then there wouldn't be that stupid 16 and pregnant show on MTV.
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    Hurray, I'm back! So, my tablet issues seem to have cleared up... right after my parents offered to take me out and buy me a new tablet. And they decided to play things safe rather than risk me being sorry, tabletless, overseas, so they got me a new tablet anyway. I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note (10.1"), along with a bluetooth keyboard, since it doesn't have a docking station like my ASUS Transformer TF300T did. This is taking some getting used to, but is very cool thus far. In more important news, SWMBO seems to be feeling better, my fever's been up and down all day but with the exception of some dizziness I haven't really felt ill, and the rugrat is playing video games on the couch right now. She's still around 101â—‹, but she's a lot more responsive today and isn't complaining about aches and pains. And the forums are back, huzzah! I haven't been able to get on all day, the Transformer (here out, OldTab) was showing a blank page everytime I checked back to see if they were back up. Weekend's closing out decently enough, knock on wood.
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    My favorite, the Tislop. I helped him with it a bit, but the core idea is his. A family of Tislops dig a 10ft deep pit, and one of them covers it with its body to disguise the pit. When prey gets close it tries to knock them in the pit, where the rest of the Tislops attack it with sharp needle spines on their fingers, until it is dead and can be eaten. He also envisions future alternate versions of Tislops like a lava Tislop that covers lava pits, and swamp Tislops that cover bogs.
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    Clawing...has different sized claws, doing different levels of damage...
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    Corgostise... This monster attacks with a tornado spin with extended claws that shread its opponents for 2d12 damage!
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    My son spent a lot of time reading monster stat descriptions from his D&D books. I recently gave him his own copies of the Expert, Companion and Master rule sets to go with his basic books. So he had lots of research to do...lol. He then sat down and made monster pictures and stats for some of the other monsters mentioned in his original map. He didn't want too much help, and did most of it on your own, while I answered a few questions he had along the way. Here is what he has come up with. I continue to be impressed with his creativity. He keeps saying that he wants to write his own version of D&D, that is better for younger kids (I think so he can play with his 6 year old sister).
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    When my nephew was four he invented a game played on a chessboard that used all the chessmen and the checkers too but it was simpler than either chess or checkers. I have always thought there should be a version of Warhammer Fantasy for younger kids. Geared toward using all the neat action figure toys that seem to be produced in endless varieties, in accordance with the latest animated movies, and at all sorts of scales. Call it: "Toyhammer".
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    Get well soon LK! In other news, customs finished playing with my minis and I picked up my 12 days of reaper! Order was complete and some cool bones in the stocking. All in all nothing to complain about except for the 25 euros import charge...
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    Friendship has some repressed emotional issues to deal with.
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    This is really neat Girot. Can't wait to see your finished minis I both love and hate that store. Love because of the fairly reasonably priced minis, and hate because the female predators are so feminine looking. It's like they've never read the comics... darn horny fanboys
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    That is seriously the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I knew there was a reason I avoided the brony culture like the plague.
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    My bad, I meant to say that I'm using Warriors as Praetorians. They are the right size for it, when compared to Hasslefree's "Sci-Fi Troopers". I just need to flesh out their cranial frill a bit. I'm use the AVP Arcade Game as my point of refernce for unit types and color schemes so there will be a bunch of different stuff. Razor Claws is going to be loads of fun!!
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    *gives out some Likes so people can test*
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    I'll just use this bobble head to represent what I got. Slap it so it nods "Yes" and show it each item as it nods. Keep going until it stops moving, even if you have to repeat. Again.
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    I'm getting an error uploading images to the Show Off forum after the board move. No specific error, just "This upload failed." I tried both the advanced and basic uploader. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Ub3r's list is awesome. I was lucky enough to stalk some of those threads before even posting. As for a frustrating mini, I totally got over one of my own (the nymph from the 4th Learn to Paint Kit - LTPK). My suggestion would be in those situations to focus on 1 thing you're happy about with the mini, and one thing you'd like to do better for the next one. Also if you've written off a mini, that's a good time to experiment with techniques you want to try on other minis you may care more about. That way you have an idea of what you're doing (or at least one thing not to do) when you try it for real. I've already slated the nymph for a few experiments in basing. But stepping away to work on something else, and then focusing on a couple of really specific details made me feel a lot better about what happened. Which reminds me, I should get to lining while my basecoats are still damp enough to re-activate.
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    I was envisioning more just a really big one of these: I can attest to the danger of their claws and teeth. They can spin pretty fast too. I've never met a corgi who did anything deadlier than widdle on my foot out of sheer excitement. Chihuahuas, now... errgh. I'm not even sure a chihuahua is a dog; based on my experiments, whoever created the owlbear did the same thing with a piranha and a rat, and out popped a chihuahua...
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    The specimen turned out great. Nice job.
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    Will be announcing the winners later today. The forums were down when I tried to do this last night so once I get done with the podcasting stuff I'm working on I'll get everything announced. Just a FYI: If you want feedback you will need to PM me. It's gets too hard to keep track of the requests in thread. Thanks.
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    I really like all the cool alien stuff that they have.....in the UK! I just hate having the shipping and handling cost my first born...
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    I think Iron Head Ned is gonna be the next I work on should be pretty straight forward..gonna try to do abit different tone of brown for the coat He's a fun looking guy to do I think. Here he is primed up and ready to basecoat and just as abit of a progress so far on the EOD figures, long way to g,o but as a whole I think they're working out..I'm trying to not use the exact colors over and over ,was worried about the dusky skin for the pants for example..but it looks pretty good as a group so far. the Green Plantern is definitely the least unassuming of the lot heh.
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    It's also a highly (or should I say ridiculously low) unrealistic amount. Might as well pocket that money for all the good it will do. Should be around the same amount as for layout. $300 will probably be enough to get them someone who advertises their services as 'editer'.
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    Great news! In other news, much productivity is being lost. Buddy introduced me to a new FB game. Kinda cool, fantasy charecter leveler. Been active for less than 2 weeks so improvements keep coming. Have to see how long the obsession lasts. At least I'm starting to paint Damien in between attacks.
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    Yeah, I'm in for a vignette and a single mini. Vignette's done, just waiting on the entry threads to pop up.
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    Well I have started off the years painting with some more Empire of the Dead Peelers from Westwind Productions. Next up is the Black Mariah and a selection of other Peelers. I now have enough models to play a simple game and see what the rules are like. Comments Welcome Mark
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    But until you're an adult huan, you can't have your own little humans, and little humans are awesome.
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    Some nice work on these last few figures. I quite like the reds on the Phantom, and Tatu has some nice tattoos; that's one of my favorite things to freehand, they can be loads of fun. Plant guy came out really well. Nice job on that shirt, the dingy white effect came out very nicely. I might think about doubting some dirt into the hems of the jeans, he seems like he's in an environment that might happen. Is Green Plantern from a particular line for a game, or just a random figure?
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    That sounds like an epic feat on an epic mini. I'm sorry it took such a twisted series of misadventure to complete, but the finished piece is REALLY STUNNING. GREAT WORK!
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    Are you sure? She has the pose and the impractical shoes
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    I don't have this conversation in my head... I have it with my hubby! I told him about this contest and he had me start looking up songs on youtube. I'm like, but I already have an idea! So now, in addition to my single mini, I am hopefully going to be adding a diorama. The good news is, I've already started work on it, so I have a better chance of finishing it on time, unlike the other contests I entered. *crosses fingers*
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    Just checked here and getting the same result. All the notifications I have are prior to the move though so I've not been able to check if those post-move link to the correct place. Me too. My links are also pre-move. I also had the same result when I tried clicking on notificatoins: "So-and-so liked a post you made in 'X' thread." Also have had lots of weird issues with forums not loading when clicking link from main site.It's fine if I use email links or bookmarked links.
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    Just checked here and getting the same result. All the notifications I have are prior to the move though so I've not been able to check if those post-move link to the correct place.
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    I went to the "Notification Log" page. Then I clicked a red letter link that said, "post you made". It took me to the top level of the forums instead of taking me to the whatever thread where someone had either quoted or liked something I'd written. [ SFX: ...tires being kicked... ] It is looking like none of the links on the notification log do anything but redirect to the top level of the forum. (Of course, it is probably just me... or my antiquated equipment... that's what it usually is.)
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    I just tried it to test and received the same error message. I could selected the picture, but when attempting to attach it to the post Upload is failing.
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    Yes, it is. That was going to be it's name, but my wife suggested Savage Storm after last week's weather.
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    well he is half man half plant :) odd's a good assessment
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    She looks wonderful DF, love the base and the butterfly too.
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