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    so now that I have uploaded my entry for Wamped IV I can reveal this project that has been ongoing for some time now.... Here she is in all her painstaking glory. I call the piece: The Enchanted Forest. I would love to hear what anyone has to say about this. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
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    I agree. Gaming is pretty much a niche hobby. The greatest games and gaming phenomena have been generally brought about by grassroots efforts. And one by one, they tend to get co-opted as creators try to grow their companies, and then things go banana shaped as the businessmen and bean counters take control of something they don't really understand, but feel competent to change around. I could name several examples...
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    I've come to the conclusion that any hobby related business is probably best served by being a private company (in any form of legal structure). When it becomes publicly traded it then become beholden to the desires of the board, which is interested in keeping investors happy, which most likely runs counter to the desire of the hobbyist customers which then become displeased with the company and stop buying product or buy less product. This doesn't sound familiar at all.
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    Here is another of my finished mini's. Alias from the Ral Partha Forgotten Realms D&D Set. I though the hair came out rather nicely. I changed the cloak from red to blue so she could match my guardsman. I read on another thread the preference is for separate thread for mini's to make for easier searching. I guess my question is since these aren't Reaper mini's would it be better to make a separate thread for each. Or one thread for the group? Comments welcome on either this question or my mini.
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    Golden Retarder + Liquitex flow aid is working great!
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    In imitation of all of the big boys I'll try starting one of these myself. Index of finished stuff: 77004 - Cave Trolls 77009 - Werewolves 77029 - Unicorn 77005 - Ogre Chieftain 77011 - Fulumbar 77048 - Mocking Beasts 77043 - Eye Beast 77032 - Oxidation Beasts 77185 - Large Earth Elemental 77168-71 - Vampire Package Golems Random stuff: Cheesegear, clockwork rat
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    With GW having all sorts of issues right now, this would be the perfect time to invest in bringing Warlord to the mainstream. Take advantage of the situation, and customers going "what the hell," and give them a solid miniatures game that is plays well, and is a lot cheaper.
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    Yeah, I know Mouseguard (the RPG at least). My daughter is a lot into RPGs as well (I mean, she is very familiar with our hobbies, and she is always wanting to play). I really like to GM for her too. First thing was, when she was like 4-5 yo, I made up an RPG for her based on the Powerpuff Girls... I was trying to find those pics, but instead found some others to depict her geekness ;) For example, we were taking pics and then she said: "Dad, Darth Potato Head is force chocking me!" Of course, she was first trying to fight him: The Dark Sith Lord prevailed, and celebrated... Now, do you know what is more interesting that waiting for a video to upload to Youtube? EVERYTHING. It's taken like 4 hs to get to 50% :( I'm gonna take a shower, make myself a sandwich and paint some more.
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    Ok finally got around to finish basing some of my WIP's. Here is the Warlord Crossbowman I painted up to add to my hodgepodge guardsman group. The black and white were fails in my eyes. But they were a learning experience in blue blacks. Thanks for the look and any C&C you feel the need for.
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    http://www.collegehumor.com/post/6948313/these-creatures-are-living-proof-aliens-exist-and-this-planet-is-terrifying Pretty awesome stuff here.
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    Reapercon. It's a magical place.
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    First up for now, the not-Remorhaz. Tidying this guy up took hours and hours. I think I spent 2-3 hours just trying to remove mold lines, then washing and straightening and filling gaps. Painting was all done today, but I'm kind of stuck. Is something missing? c&c please before I start basing etc! I kinda feel he's a bit boring, at the same time I don't want to introduce too much color. I tried using a few purples but I ended up liking the blue/white thing better. As I'm not doing the scales all firey, like angry Remorhaz' are supposed to have, I'm quite pleased with the eyes to try to introduce the fire-theme of the monster. You can probably tell he's pretty much a copy of the one by Shannon in the store images, but hey, I really liked that one :)
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    I dreamed I went to Reapercon. It was located on a sunny island, under a nice wooden picnic shelter on a grassy knoll. There were picnic tables, painters, miniatures and crowds milling about, happily chatting. The island could only be reached by an old-fashioned train, complete with a steam engine. At the time I remember trying to figure out if I needed a round-trip ticket, or if I could just stay on the island. I'm not looking forward to reapercon. Not at all. Nope.
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    They are draped down over three sides of the base. Its just you can only see the one from this angle. I've thought about putting some dirt on them where they drape and planting some grass there to add more interest to them. I understand the mushroom thing. I was trying to evoke a little of that alice in wonderland and disney look so mission accomplished. I wanted an element of fantasy beyond the dragon and I was trying to tap into that aesthetic in order to achieve it. I appreciate your honesty about it though. Its really useful to hear what people don't like about something, much more so than what someone does like.
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    I love the cloak freehand, and it is a tidy piece with great color choices! Great tree too. I am not a fan of the mushrooms, sorry. Perhaps they remind me too much to Alice in Wonderland, or Disney, but I have kinda like a rejection syndrome to mushrooms so big in a diorama piece :( The tree root looks odd too. I would like to see other views; it is the only thing coming out of the base?
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    Yeah, don't sweat it... if you don't like it you can skip it, but I think you can actually learn to love it too. When you have a finely crafted base that elevates your painting... that for me is awesome. But of course, I enjoy building things and am always tinkering with pose, base, etc... more than the painting. I need to work on my painting more, but perhaps I enjoy the craft side a bit more. I spent more than two hours today touching up a face and hair, and it didn't end up nice. I don't know how to paint fast, or get the results I want :( And sometimes that is disheartening (is that word ok?), but merely because I need to build up my level up to a standard I can enjoy. Perhaps that is what it is going on with you and basing right now?
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    Ouch that's a bad miscast. I was thinking it was something like some pits or itty bitty bumps that could be smoothed over. Yeah glad you are asking for a replacement unless you plan on making the miscast a feature like having a bad wound there or a mask on that side of her face. As far as basing/painting goes we all have our preferences and I can understand you just wanting to paint. All I'm saying is that as amazing a painter you are I think you could be an amazing baser as well if you wanted to be, but just like painting it takes practice.
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    Did you try the brush on sealer trick to smooth the miscast? I enjoy basing now, it took a few tries before I realized how much fun it is and how many liberties I could take to give the whole figure that extra oomph. Keep at it, I think when you get a really nice figure with a really nice custom base that you made it's a whole new level of cool.
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    Well, here's big C at stage 2 of his basecoating: The idea here is that he's green (obviously). His underbelly/tentacles/mambranes/etc will be done in the undead skin triad, his chitin in Cryx Bane Base/Highlight, and his claws/spines/horn-thingies in bone-ish colors. His base is done, and he's on a 120mm gaming base with a bit of water effects.
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    DarkHunter Grand-master Kirk Kail, Dog of Temple
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    You have such a fun way of explaining things, and a great attitude too, it's always a pleasure to read your tips 'n' tricks. Glad to see this thread. Also, Mouse Guard! That's one of the few Penny Arcade comics I can directly link because there's no profanity or material of questionable taste. As for flash on Bones, I don't try too hard on it anymore. It's too easy to slice into detail with a knife, and the results are... questionable at best, at least for me.
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    GW seems to have that effect on a lot of people
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    I just shared her in my thread http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51587-the-good-the-bad-and-the-fugly/page-13 painted her years ago, nice job
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    Looks like I may have just scored a solution to my paint storage overflow problem. I've received the ok to take home a small acrylic display stand no longer needed at work. I think the Reaper bottles should fit... But I won't know for sure till after work once I get home.
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    Thanks! It's not really about speed, though, it's about drying times. On small-ish minis, I can usually knock out 2-4 every other day. I'll work on one, then switch to another while the first dries. On larger minis, like Cthulhu, Nethyrmaul, Kaladrax, and Wyrmgear, it will be the only one I work on (since it has so much surface area that the part I started on is dry by the time I finish it). There's no time to paint another mini at the same time. More progress: Chitin, eyes, and gills basecoated. Now it's time to go back and touch up the green and ghoul skin.
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    Mind Blowing execution on this. Looks like a coordinated balanced montage of color. Can't imagine creating that balance of patterns !
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    Continuing my work on old Ral Partha miniatures, here is another one. Any one out there with advice on where to look for old mini's? Current Progress I tried to go higher in my highlights than I normally would. This has shown me that I need to work on blending.
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    What a great, slightly belated, Birthday present for you my friend. Many congratulations
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    Cool figure, nice paint job on her. Yep the overall preference is to do a consolidated WIP thread for all your works in progress. The other preference is to have separate show off threads for each figure you finish. Then make sure to tag all the basics like manufacturer, model number/SKU, and name of the figure so that others can search them out easier. Anyhow, great to see another taking the time to post their work. I look forward to seeing more. Happy painting!
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    It's all brush work. :D
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    Thanks! I'm pretty stoked and super happy with the finished product. There are always things to do on a mini and this one is no exception but I'm pretty satisfied by what I have done here. I really tried to tie the whole piece together and make it look like an organic whole. We'll see what they think over at wamp but I'm happy with it regardless.
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    lips make a point much better than paper towel....
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    Oh, I love the finished version! The mushrooms echo the cloak pattern nicely. Fantastic job with the tree! Good luck over at wamped!
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    Let us not forget, GW is still solvent. There is no reason to think they will disappear. what we are seeing here is a market correction based on their slowing earnings. Now, they need to sit up and take notice of the fact that their stock has dropped in value because it reflects a weakness in how they do business but it doesn't directly effect their day to day business directly because they are not issuing new stock all the time. After the initial sale they see no money from their stock and investors.
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    Spectacular! Love this whole piece.
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    yeah. Pingo can probably come along and tell us all the reasons why we shouldn't put our brushes in our mouths, but let's just leave it at "poison bad" and call it a day
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    Right, bit the bullet and reserved my hotel room. Alea iacta est. Gonna be a long drive from Tucson to Reapercon, so I may snag base lodging at Goodfellow in San Angelo for Tuesday night.
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    I'm new to the online community but have been painting as an hobby for years doing tabletop quality painting. I'm wanting to start an online compolation of all the mini's I have painted and add to them. I've never done an blog or web page before and not sure if that would be best of if I should start with an post in the Forums here and add to it. Suggestions?
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    Welcome! To answer your questions: For works in progress that you want to get some feedback on I suggest a compiled thread in the works in progress section. For finished figures I suggest you put them individually in show off threads within the show off section of the forums. You'll probably want to tag (add name, product number, and manufacturer) each figure so that others can search by those identifiers. Other than that have fun, seek advice, and paint!
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    Unfortunately, I generally paint too fast to maintain a WIP thread. The Ironmonger is up in my Show Off thread. EDIT: As promised, it's time to work on the big C.
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    because they were a fast growing company, with good projected return on minimal investment. or a while GW stock was quite cheap, but growing. Buy low,sell high
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    Finally! OG glad to see you joining the cool kids table and do your own WIP thread. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
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    I like it a lot. especially the skin, do you use brush or airbrush?
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    Works fine. I'm having trouble making the spectral summons look good, so I've already stripped it three times.
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    Dr. B, I think you win this topic.
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    Thanks guys! I just tried something different: while working on a very simple base for the civvy there, I filmed myself, while explaining what I was doing. Hey, I am home alone, I can do what-e-ver I want!! Let's see if it uploads fine to youtube, and I can do some editing there. It will show how I did this:
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    Wow, Catdancer! Congratulations!!
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    Very sweet! Congratulations Catdancer!
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